Anik Singal NumberOne FunTime Testimonial

... opportunity anik

Y’all wouldn’t believe the shit I’ve been up to … expecially because I’m not going to tell you about it yet.

Muh ha ha?

Meanwhile :: back at fucking StupidTown … Anik Singal needs our help!

Says he via email today …

There is nothing to buy, in fact,

I want to GIVE YOU an opportunity

to do something for ME!

I guess taking is the essence of giving :: that’s something the Buddha once said … meth-Buddha {he’s not quite as chill as the normal Buddha}.

Anik wants to give us the opportunity to give him a testimoanial

As a valued subscriber of me, Anik, I wanted to do something special today.

I mentioned this on one of my previous Marketing With Anik coaching calls and I’m finally ready for your help.

I need you to create a VIDEO testimonial for me.

This testimonial can be about how much you’ve enjoyed my training, the money you’ve made online in result of my teachings or anything in general about your positive experience having been a part of our coaching and training!

If your testimonial is the bestestest :: then u can haz the jackpot …

TOP 10 chosen winners will get UNLIMITED ACCESS to ANY product we release.

That means EVERYTHING we offer from the low end to high end.

Easily valued at $10,000 OR MORE –if it was created by me or my company, you get FREE unlimited ACCESS!

OMG :: OMG … omg!

Offer accepted …

… u welcomes Anik Singal … {poop} guru of {poop} gurus.

Please pick me for the win!

>> bleep bloop

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  1. I was surprised about you being able to make mr. Singal Anik funnier than he makes himself but many money making products he told me about told me about miracles that can happen.

    Also I found all the Aniks at

    1. @Spongebob, And lest we forget, Joe recently came out with a special offer of his own archives: seven years of “hypnotic gold” — his interviews with a whole passel of hustledorks. (I wonder if his friend James Arthur Ray is among those.) Sez Joe:

      “This is a breakthrough of historic proportions.

      “The seven years of interviews are a storehouse of wisdom not unlike the legendary library of Alexander the Great.

      “Am I overstating this?

      “I don’t think so.”

      And Joe would never lie to us; after all, he is The Buddha of the Internet.

      Meanwhile, back in the lab… I can’t wait to see what the little robot will come up with next.

      1. @Cosmic Connie, That’s hilarious – it’s kind of like someone trying to SELL their trash instead of taking it out to the curb. How long before he starts selling used “Hypnotic Vacuum Cleaner Bags” containing “magic dander?”

    2. @Spongebob, now that would be pure entertainment gold. What’s up with all these gurus pissing and shitting their pants? Did they not get housebroken?

  2. I’ll say this is quite funny… BUT does it cross a line to make fun of a person who actually has crohn’s disease…

    That part is a little messed up…

    1. @Funny ::

      Not as messed up as using it in your exploitative marketing materials :: which is how I know about it … and why it’s part of the joke.

      But yeah :: it’s totally messed up … welcome to the salty droid.

      1. @SD,

        Say now, I’m not a famous law school grad like you, but isn’t paying for testimonials, um… what’s that word… fraudulent?

        1. @Unicorn Army, More sad is mr. Singal’s not-cutting-edge paid testimonial like the Aymen-JV-page bonus commissions when he told the jv-people:

          “We’re also doing something special as far as commissions.

          They are set at 40%, but here’s how you can earn a whopping 50% commission…

          1) Mail 2 times in the pre-launch and 2 times during the live launch – An extra 5%

          2) Make your own video testimonial (you can refer to the Arbitrage Conspiracy report’s content) and allude to how much buzz there is about this “new level of revenue potential” since these secrets were exposed in Vegas.

          If you were in Vegas at the event, talk about that, and how amazingly mind blowing and game changing it was for you – An Extra 5%

        2. @Unicorn Army,

          No, but the “material connection” must be clearly disclosed. If you watch enough TV, you’ve probably seen the ads and infomercials say “paid spokesperson” or “real customers compensated for their appearance.” Reviewers who receive free products have to disclose that. It’s all spelled out in the FTC’s 16 C.F.R. Part 255:

          Anik doesn’t mention providing that disclosure in his directions. He does write, “[I]f you WIN one of the 10 spots, you may be featured in a future page,” so the only people who might be featured are ones who will have won free frauducts. It’s likely all his testimonials will be non-compliant.

          Now, the testimonials would be completely fraudulent if the people providing them hadn’t use Anik’s “training.” The Droid said this email went out today, and he had it in his cold robot pincers today. I know SD has sources all over IM, but that just seems like Anik sent it to his entire list and not just customers. Although the Anik Needs Help page isn’t linked to from that website’s homepage, it’s public. There’s no validation, and it doesn’t say entrants will be checked against their customer list.

          Actually, there’s a ton of contest-related fine print missing. Real marketing pros wouldn’t release a contest page this devoid of legal boilerplate if the prize was the last slice of birthday cake in the office kitchen.

          1. @Lanna ::

            I think you’re mostly right about that … but … it does seem pretty fraudish to me as well.

            If it’s done with intent to deceive … and he knows that there is no basis in fact for positive testimonials … then I’d call that fraud.

            But nobody wants to do anything about rule breaking or law breaking so what’s the difference anywayz I guess.

            The contest-related missing fine print is a big no no.

            And finally :: I signed up for his list during the Lethal Impossible Mission Commission fake movie launch … so yeah I’d say that went to his whole list. And I’ll bet ya that mine is one of less than five responses … even though it was such a generous offer.

            1. @SD, I know I’ve NEVER purchased anything from Anik, or been to one of his events or worked with him other than opting in twice — and I got TWO emails from him offering this “deal.” One for each opt-in.

              It’s DEFINITELY a total customer list sweep.

            2. @SD,

              Regarding the number of responses to the email:

              You’re probably right. And that’s one of the other (there are so many) super duper sad parts of this whole IM-MMO world: they lying skewed perception that there are many people “in the audience” so to speak when it make actually be only a very small number. There’s usually no good way to get a sense. Although some of those little facebook/twitter/stumbleupon/etc plugins give the game away.

              For example, you read the blog post and it speaks of legions of fans, but you look at the number of Likes or Google +1s and it’s at 0 or 1.

              It’s all tumbleweeds as far as the eye can see.

              Furry cows moo and decompress.

            3. @Jack, Hi Jack. I was thinking about that testimonial site and Fiverr, and maybe instead of a testimonial they could do a anti-testimonial? Maybe there could even be a contest for the best anti-testimonial.

              I was thinking about how there could be 100 anti-testimonial videos of people telling how they never bought anything from Mr. Singal, and how none of them got rich because of Mr. Singal, and how none of them want him to sit on their furniture unless it has a vinyl cover on it.

              I haven’t figured out the prize for the best anti-testimonial just yet. I was thinking maybe it could be one of the vinyl furniture covers, maybe.

    2. @Funny,

      I’ll say this is quite funny… BUT does it cross a line to make fun of a person who actually has crohn’s disease…

      That part is a little messed up…

      I hear what you’re saying. But just stick around on the site a little bit longer–or go check out this site to see what Mr. Singal has actually done, and currently does.

      I’m usually not ok with making fun of people with disorders. It seems like a low blow. But, by far, the lowest of low blows is conning people (especially old people or the unemployed) out of all the money you possibly can and using your disability as a “crutch” to make people think, “hey if that disabled guy can do it, so can I!”

      Doing that is wrong.

      And the purpose of this site is to satirically and cynically ridicule evil, bad, nasty fraud artists, many of whom are probably sociopaths.

      So… In summary, I don’t think it’s a big deal to make fun of Mr. Singal’s leaky poopy problem.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

  3. Hilarious video!

    P.S. This Anik guy certainly does a great job of looking like a total douche. Maybe he can make a high-end product out of it. Or maybe he can offer some tennis coaching idk.

    P.P.S. All product ideas mentioned are copyright free.

  4. Oh, Anik. I remember his WSO, some guy complained that the package didn’t really contain his high-end $2000 system but just a teaser (or something like that), to which he responded that he’d happy to provide the full program for free in exchange for a testimonial after the customer made $300k with the teaser bit.

    I’m surprised nobody called him on his bullshit, but then again, it’s the WF we’re talking about. The only place where the typical response to $17 auto-money-buttons is “Well, the software isn’t THAT bad”.

  5. I think this says a great deal about what these fraudsters think of the FTC rules to do this so openly…no doubt his site violates the law

    …and his email to the affiliates asking for testimonials for an extra 10% is a complete violation

    Like salty says nobody is watching or even caring so why not be right out in the open

    Anik could care less what anyone thinks let alone the FTC

      1. @Jack, warning about him in blame-the-victim mode (not to mention promoting scam-ewa-network), but seems to get the point about Anik thru well.

      2. @Jack,

        I like Amit’s (the guy from PPC Classroom) comment on Anik here:

        Amit: LOL. He’s not doing anything shady. He likes openly SCREWING People.

  6. You know Salty is insidiously mindfucking with these scammers when grand daddy Eben Pagan starts using the trademark Droid punctuation [::] in his emails pitching his latest “intimacy intensive” seminar co-hosted with his wife, the “genius” relationship expert.

    Well, he uses an extra colon, but the “inspiration” is obvious.

    From the email..


    ::: Heres Whats Going On :::

    blah blah blah

    ::: Heres What To Do :::

    blah blah blah

    1. @M.T. Mind,

      So you’re saying that after all that fun with Anik, Pagan now also has…

      (puts on sunglasses)

      …colon issues?


  7. The first Webinar I ever signed up for was Anik Singal’s. I read about him winning a business award from what I thought was a reputable source. Even though I’ve been in business for years, I thought I’d take the time to see what he had to say about Internet Marketing. When the Webinar concluded… I wanted to kick myself for wasting so much time.

    It was the typical pitch, “Others are robbing you, but I’m here to help you… etc., etc.” The lure of easy, automated money was the basic jist of it.

    I vowed I’d never waste my time listening to another webinar again, because they’re basically all the same.

    I made an exception last week when I read about a guy giving an “information only” webinar that had a “cutting edge” system he wanted to share…

    At the end, it turns out he was priming people to buy into a franchise “opportunity” coming out in several weeks. The price tag was starting at $15,000.

    The good thing is, I really believe these guys are starting the feel the financial crunch as people are spending less and less money on “opportunities” in general. Most people no longer have the “luxury” of dropping a $1,000 on their credit cards (or more) in search of easy, automated Internet riches. That’s a GOOD thing!

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