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Syndicates on The Verge

So I’m totally famous now … I can haz u monies?

Last year Engadget left AOL to become The Verge :: because AOL is like one of the stupidest things that’s ever happened … and if you breathe in their fumes for too long you’ll turn into a raging idiot addicted to teeth whiteners. Says David Carr in his NYTimes […]

Anik Singal NumberOne FunTime Testimonial

Y’all wouldn’t believe the shit I’ve been up to … expecially because I’m not going to tell you about it yet.

Muh ha ha?

Meanwhile :: back at fucking StupidTown … Anik Singal needs our help!

Says he via email today …

There is nothing to buy, in fact,
I want to GIVE YOU an opportunity
to do something for ME!

I guess taking is the […]

Lethal Commission Impossible

Anik Singal has Crohn’s disease! Doesn’t seem too relevent … but it must be super important since he can’t stop talking about it on his about page …

“Anyways, long story short on the health side, I’ve had major problems, spent weeks in the ICU, had many surgeries – but through this entire time, I FOUGHT. I refused to give […]

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