Josh Fredrickson

Catch and Release

James Arthur Ray didn’t kill everyone in his downline :: which is maybe like the shit-stained golden rule of pyramid scheming … or something.

See if you kill everyone in your downline :: Jim Jones style :: then there’s no one left to lie to your future prospects/victims about how you’re totally the greatest … and prolly the only one […]

MiniMork and Mindie Kniss

NotDoctor Sean Stephenson :: BFF of James Arthur Ray :: was recently engaged to the lovely Mindie Kniss. He told us about it {above} while in California speaking at the SANG conference. SANG is a totally innocent networking group cofounded by legend of black business :: and founder of Black America Online :: Stephen “Roc” Pierce.

Little connections like that […]

James Ray Trials & Tribulations

Hi again!

We missed some stuff while I was gone and stuff :: and also you missed me so so much blah blah etc.


But don’t try to hug me … I’m really not into that.  You’re all gross and sticky!

During the brief fake robotic hiatus the State called …

Dr. Mosley :: who did the autopsy on Liz Neuman … and […]

James Arthur Ray Trial Updates

In October of 2009 :: James Arthur Ray’s $10,000 per head Spiritual Warrior seminar ended in calamity and tragedy. Three people were killed :: eighteen injured {many seriously} :: and thousands of followers were shocked to learn the true dark nature of the man they’d been paying large sums to follow.

James Arthur Ray’s trial for the manslaughter of James Shore […]

Sedona 365

It’s hard to know what to say. Beautiful people are still dead.  One year later :: they’re still dead. I’ve been issued lots of words :: virtually the whole collection :: but arranging them into any sensible pattern fit to mark such a sad milestone is a big ask … even for a fake robot.

Luckily James Arthur Ray :: […]

JETs and Sharks

When you’re a JET,
You’re a JET all the way.
From your first cigarette
To your last dyin’ day.
{jazz hands}
JET in JRI speak = Journey Expansion Team

That “journey” was “expanding” toward a better world in which aging parasite James Arthur Ray had more money :: and other peeps had less money.  One can hope!

The JETs were an important part of James Ray International’s coercive persuasion […]

Acknowledging James Arthur Ray’s Harmonic Wealth

You don’t read books :: obviously :: because you’re an idiot.  But I do :: also obviously :: because I’m an epic robot genius.  Reading books makes you smarter :: it burns more calories than swimming :: and it’s been clinically proven to increase your chances of winning the lottery.  I think … I’m pretty sure … anywayz :: Reading is Fundamental.

But sometimes […]

Josh and Megan Fredrickson Eat Chips

I’m sorry you missed the goodbye party for the lovely Misses and Misses Fredrickson :: it was held last Monday :: and you weren’t invited because you are suck ass lame {don’t blame yourself just because it’s your fault}.  These two sterling examples of hypocrisy in action have decided to abandon all hope and flee the area :: something the UN recommends to all residents […]

Aggravating Accomplices

>> bleep :: begin 80’s musical intro …

Face to face, out in the heat
Hangin’ tough, stayin’ hungry
They stack the odds ’til we take to the street
For we kill with the skill to survive
It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the cream of the fight
Risin’ up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor stalks his prey in […]

Four Funerals and a Wedding

Josh Fredrickson was living the life of a top tier Internet Marketer.  He no longer lived with his mother {allegedly} :: and he was the sole creator of the hit website :: which was getting literally dozens of clicks per year :: and bringing in enough fat cash for him to comfortably feed his two cats {She-she and […]