Reviews and/or SmackDowns of the “goods and services” produced by the D-Bags. Can you smell the foul odors?

Kilstein’s The Secret Secret

Not-Doctor Harlan Kilstein hasn’t been having much success in business lately.  Sure he still has his pretend “seven figure Internet business” :: and that’s doing great … it will be manifesting itself into an eight figure mega-empire in no time.  But back here on Earth :: where Newtonian Physics still reign supreme :: in a humble little place called […]

Russell Brunson Rocks the Kasbah

It’s a bird :: it’s a plane :: it’s a scamming Mormon turd.

“Russell Brunson is an Internet scammer!” :: Type that shit into Google to find out all the hundreds {maybe thousands} of reasons why it’s not true.  Russell might just take home “the gold” for fake review sites :: he’s shown a real commitment to hiring people in […]


The initial television “news” furor about the DeathLodge has subsided into an awkward silence. Every outlet ran a :: “Three People Dead, Dead, Dead … tonight at 11″ type story.  But the more complicated story {which would require ACTUAL fucking journalism} remains untold.

Perhaps they are reticent to tell a tale which so starkly frames their own chronic negligence :: […]

Annihilating Kilstein

Not-Doctor Harlan D. Kilstein has very little to be proud of in his miserable excuse for a life.  His “career” in education was suspiciously short and full of bridge burning failures.  His unfortunate body shape {known as The Mutated Potato} makes waddling his tremendously lumpy ass a necessity. His digestive system was described by one imaginary {and quite unprofessional} […]

Goodbye Internet Marketing

In the central halls of the Doofus League :: evil glasses are being raised {pinkie out} to toast the end of The Salty Droid era.  “Boys :: James Arthur Ray’s life ending exploits have delivered us from the righteous retribution we so richly deserved :: Three cheers for murder :: Hip Hip”

Also many pleas from The People :: {small […]

Messages for the Dead

Colleen Conaway was bussed to the Horton Plaza Mall by the staff of James Ray International.  She never left that mall … but the staff of James Ray International did leave.  They went back to the hotel as if nothing had happened :: leaving her on the floor :: unidentified.

That night they threw a fancy party :: they laughed […]

Mark Fabiani :: Whoring BlowHole

“They” say behind every good criminal you’ll find a great spin-control PR man :: or maybe they don’t say that :: it actually sounds pretty stupid.  Who can afford a PR man?

“Now Mrs. Johnson, I know the police are saying that Tyrone was driving under the influence again.  But the police say a lot of things.  Remember Rodney King?  […]

Who’s Your Daddy?

Oh Noes!! In terrible news for fans of stealing people to death :: James Arthur Ray has ‘decided’ to cancel the remainder of his events for 2009 :: {link}

“In the days following the terrible accident, I struggled to respond in the right way.”

Which of the following does not accurately describe a ‘right way’ to respond?
a) Man the fuck up! […]

Super Schlub

Thank the gods that someone has finally sacked-up and started taking a stand for the little guy on the Internet :: Sticking it to the heartless scammers who abuse the webz to part nice people from their money.  Of course we all know the mighty warrior of which I speak ::
:: Harlan D. Kilstein ::
Angel :: Humanitarian :: Mother […]

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Long Trips to the Mall

Colleen Conaway died at the Horton Plaza Mall on July 25, 2009 while attending a James Arthur Ray event in San Diego.  As I’ve previously reported … this event was not previously reported.  Colleen’s death was treated as a suicide by the local press and law enforcement.  That is unfortunate :: because the circumstances surrounding Colleen’s death darkly foreshadowed […]