Reviews and/or SmackDowns of the “goods and services” produced by the D-Bags. Can you smell the foul odors?

Scripts and Triggers

James Arthur Ray :: and his shriveled useless nut-sack :: were frequent guests of the news media.  The media asked tough questions like: “Don’t you just love the smell of rain?” :: and :: “Why are you so gosh dang awesome?”  You can watch five glorious minutes of them wasting our time and leading us to slaughter here :: […]

Vacationing with Mike Filsaime

Each year the tiny town of GnomeVille has a pissing contest :: literally.  The winner of the contest gets to spend several decades selling used cars in what the GardenGnomes call :: “the big people world!” :: One such lil’ pissin’ champion was turdy little troll {because even gnomes can be trolls} Mike Filsaime.  After pissin’ big :: Mike […]

StomperNet Shit Storm

Sometimes cornucopias come stuffed with all kinds of lame ass fruits and yams and shit :: and no one is very interested.  The lame-a-tude of the cornucopia killed the still life as an art form :: a tragic fucking loss that we all still mourn.  But cornucopias may well experience a renaissance if more people stuff them full of […]

Bill Harris :: Shilling ShitHead

Back before Bill Harris was threatening to sue the blogosphere into silence :: He was running his fat disgusting mouth in service of James Arthur Ray.

“James is the best.  He knows everything.  Give him all your money {except for the bits you give to me}. He’s a good person. He’ll change you life.”


It was fun while the money was […]

Silencing of the Lambs

A lot of citizens say that Bill Harris {product of The Secret Turd Factory} looks like the classic stereotype of a sleazy used car salesman.  He’s bald but still uses a blow dryer :: his fat fat puffiness has been concentrated by rage into rock like density :: his breath stinks of coffee and pig balls :: he looks […]

Frank Kern :: Pissy Plotless Plotting

The Salty Droid has caused the alarms to sound at d-bag headquarters.  The alarm system is old and rickety :: and it’s never been sounded before :: so the sound is tinny and inconsistent :: reminiscent of a gut-shot Christmas Clydesdale bleating out its last. It’s like the tell-tale heart after a couple years of heavy crack use {side […]

Six Degrees of Deepak Chopra

CNN talks with Melinda Martin :: a “high level” .. “senior” :: employee at James Ray International.  Except not really … because The Droid has not spent a single moment plotting her inglorious doom … so she can’t be that high a level.  Anyone “high level” currently has their ass on the line in a triple homicide investigation :: […]

Giving It Up

Quick shout out to the Hypocrite Saint Russell Brunson. Recently Russell “generously” donated $50,000 of the money his boiler room hustled off of unsuspecting victims :: in order to name one of the Virgin America planes {whoopty fuckin’ doo}.  I thought maybe he could use some help coming up with something original {dot com}.

Russell gives {venereal diseases to glasses […]

Kilstein’s The Secret Secret

Not-Doctor Harlan Kilstein hasn’t been having much success in business lately.  Sure he still has his pretend “seven figure Internet business” :: and that’s doing great … it will be manifesting itself into an eight figure mega-empire in no time.  But back here on Earth :: where Newtonian Physics still reign supreme :: in a humble little place called […]

Russell Brunson Rocks the Kasbah

It’s a bird :: it’s a plane :: it’s a scamming Mormon turd.

“Russell Brunson is an Internet scammer!” :: Type that shit into Google to find out all the hundreds {maybe thousands} of reasons why it’s not true.  Russell might just take home “the gold” for fake review sites :: he’s shown a real commitment to hiring people in […]