Mark Shurtleff SEO Congress Twitter Am I Not A Man?

Something wicked this way comes.

Mark Shurtleff is not my father … SEO.

I’ll hint to you about secrets if you listen close. {closer} … {closer}

Mark Shurtleff mostly uses his Twitter account to illustrate his old man ignorance.

That’s not the hint :: that was just a sentence about Mark Shurtleff’s ignorance :: Mark Shurtleff’s Twitter ignorance to be more specifically SEO.

There’s […]

Arresting Developments

Vitaly Borker has angrily pissed on his last pair of knockoff Dolce and Gabbana’s. Just eight days after The New York Times detailed the sketchy/insane “business practices” of Decor My Eyes :: the bunghole borscht aficionado was arrested in his Brooklyn home by agents of the United States Postal Inspection Service.

The New York Times once again …

“Vitaly Borker, 34, who operates a Web site called […]

An Asshole Decors My Eyeholes

If you’re not wearing Versace 2049 Sunglasses :: then you are shit. I know it’s harsh :: but seriously :: you are one of the dirt people.  When the plague comes {and it will come} :: you will be the first to die … because the plague respects $300 fashion accessories.

If you search The Google for “Versace 2049 Sunglasses” :: the […]

7 Ways to Respond Maturely to Criticism

Copyblogger’s Brian Clark no like me.

Me so sad :: me want to cry. How will me ever succeed on the blogs now?

I’ve been critical of Brian Clark’s vapid message :: his parasitic existence :: his censorship of dissent :: his being a big fat unreasonable bully :: and the total uselessness of his useless products.


Even worse {for Brian Clark} :: in spite […]

Scribes of Silence

Scribe SEO :: the first two words of this post are Scribe and SEO.  It doesn’t make that much sense.

Remember when I already used this photo?

Its file name is :: copyblogger-sonia-simone-brian-clark.jpg

What a lame and stupid file name. Back in the before time :: it would have had a fucking awesome name like …


… delicious! Those are file names you can […]

Kajabi Scam Fraud Review Sucks Refund

Kajabi Scam Fraud Review Sucks Refund.

Dot com.

I should do a review of The Syndicate’s latest frauduct Kajabi :: for the good of the “community” and the “industry” … ready :: set :: go!


1. Kajabi is a scam.  Hello?  Duh!

2. Why in the name of fucks fuck would you put your business data on servers owned by Andy Jenkins? Forget […]

Ryan Deiss Scam Ryan Diess Scams Ryan Deiss Scammer … SEO

Ryan Deiss’ Perpetual Traffic Formula :: just take a moment to savor the name :: Google that is … I’m talking to you Google GOD DAMN IT. Savor the fucking name!!
“What name?” asks the spirit of Google via a Lily Dale medium.
Great question spirit of Google :: Ryan Deiss’ Perpetual Traffic Formula …
{savoring} {… still savoring} {… savoring […]

RipOff Reporting Reporting

I’ve recently noticed that there are a lot of scams out there. Surely there is something we can do about it! At first I was like: “I should definitely send a letter to the Post Master about all this.”  But then the Surgeon General warned me that the Post Master might cause cancer of the fetus … and […]

RipOff Report Report

A whole fucking week without me!  Oh lord how you must have suffered :: stuck contemplating the trivialities of your own banal existence :: void of humor and style :: lost like an ugly child at the State Fair … wandering around in pig/chicken shit … crying out for your momma and licking the residue of liquid cheese from […]

Inside Dot Con Secrets

Russell Brunson has had a rough life.  Growing up :: all he had was everything :: and you know how hard that can be. Okay maybe you don’t {loser!} :: but that’s your own fault for not manifesting the right kind of parents.

The High Priest of Mormon hypocrisy fought his first round with The Salty Droid last November.  Unfortunately […]