Lethal Commission Impossible

... thrice the momma's boy

Anik Singal has Crohn’s disease! Doesn’t seem too relevent … but it must be super important since he can’t stop talking about it on his about page

“Anyways, long story short on the health side, I’ve had major problems, spent weeks in the ICU, had many surgeries – but through this entire time, I FOUGHT. I refused to give up. I specifically remember one day about 2 years ago when I was bleeding profusely and in tons of pain in the ICU and when my nurse came rushing in to help me, I was making jokes and passing lines at her :) I remember her saying “In the last 5 years I’ve been doing this, I’ve never seen anyone with your attitude…”

I’m 100% convinced that if it was not for my fighting mentality, I would NOT be alive today.”

I’d feel like pitying him :: if he wasn’t such a fucking hero. A hero out there conquering all sorts of stuffs mind you :: not just the chronic intestinal inflammation …

“My sophomore year in high school I tried out for the high school tennis team and was laughed at. I was on the FIRST list of players to get cut. I didn’t even make it in the top 30. Needless to say I was very distraught. Many would quit, but I refused to. I started taking lessons and playing up to 4 hours a day.”

Tennis lessons :: musta been tough … but Anik’s a fighter so he pulled through. A lot of kids wouldn’t have had the courage to be afforded the privilege of being able to afford the privilege of tennis lessons :: but needless to say … Anik’s a fighter. Get out your debit card mommy :: Anik needs to overcome his adversities … RIGHT NOW mommy god damn it.

Anik Singal :: fighter :: hero :: occasional sufferer of bloody diarrhea :: tennis lesson victory seeker :: momma’s boy :: and unicorn guru … has featured here once before … mentioned among a bunch of bastard’s purported to have utilized the services of fat face failed wrestler Russell Brunson’s Idaho boiler room. Those were fun times :: it’s fun to take everything from people.

But now Anik Singal wants to help you succeed just like he did :: except in a whole new way that doesn’t even involve milk-fed Idaho fat boys. It’s called Lethal Commissions …

It works like this :: well :: I mean :: it’s hard to explain :: but basically … you get commissions. “Commissions” is just fancy entrepreneurial spirit talk for when other people give you money for stuff you didn’t even have to do. You keep taking these commissions until you don’t want anymore monies and you just want to give back by moving to Cambodia and making sure all the little girls have a copy of People magazine … or something.

Lethal Commissions is brought to you by ClickBank :: and affiliate manager of secret millionaires everywhere … Gotcha Sean McAlister. Some of the swipe copy from the JVpage

What if I told you a guy went internationally to find a software and in the process there were car explosions, pretty girls, poker games and a torture scene…

Sounds unbelievable right?

Yeah :: sounds sweet … who doesn’t love torture?

I’ve secured a free movie pass to one of 2011’s BIGGEST blockbusters.

Watch as this guy finds the secret commissions responsible for over $852,931 on the internet.

And he does with no remorse.

The no remorse part sounds true anyway.

How can this guy just go around being reckless and uncovering these types of profits off the internet?

$852,931 has been found and it’s WAITING for you.

Seriously, watch this movie.

It’s to “die” for…

Between the making of the lethal banners :: and the writing of the lethal swipe copy … the secret system improved its yield by $30,508. Can your lame ass secrets do that?

Lethal Commission is not just a fake product that can’t possibly help anyone … it’s also a movie made in India. If that doesn’t make sense to you … it’s because it doesn’t make sense … but that doesn’t mean that it’s not happening …

Lord Shiva have mercy!


>> bleep bloop

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  1. Holy shit this is retarded.

    I remember getting blasted with one of the guy’s offers on WF – you can get a $1997 product for just $47! Well, “discounts” like that aren’t that unusual in the IM space; still I had a closer look at the thread, turns out, the product is split up into 4 parts, and to unlock part 2 to 4 you’ll have to part with an additional $397 (each) or give a testimonial after you made $300k, which is what the first part was about.

    Back then I thought how disgusting I’d feel about myself if I’d be making such a dishonest offer, but after watching the trailer…the guy is clearly missing whatever part of the brain is involved in inducing feelings of shame or self-criticism, so no wonder he’s doing what he’s doing.

    Still, here’s hoping he’ll at least be able to compete with movie classics such as Daniel der Zauberer or Baby Geniuses 2 and not fuck the thing up before it hits box office.

    1. @Clark, if you learn to read, maybe you would have discovered the terms and conditions before Blaiming anyone fr your own mistakes. What’s your parents excuse?

      1. @Jason Megan,

        Dude, don’t try to lecture people on clerical skills if you can’t write for shit.

        Guy said he sold a 1997 product at a discount, yet the posters said (and he confirmed) he didn’t. That’s lying, end of story.

        1. @Clark, Very good, so guys word is the gospel. Great justification. What a looser. Evening classes are available for lateral thinking or if that’s too expensive try Edward de bono

          1. @Jason Megan, AKA Anik “no balls” Singal. You’re a horse shit lier. The only person you’ll be flying out to Las Vegas is Billy Bullshit.

    2. @Clark,

      The related bikini shoot videos posted by Anik on YouTube partially make up for the damaged caused by viewing this “trailer.”

      Anik would have a better business model charging his IM Syndicate buddies for arranged marriage trips to India than selling lethal unicorns from Las Vegas. Maybe Anik and Debbie DeAngelo could team up on the venture.

      1. @Babe Watch,

        Well, no surprise there. After the affiliate party (“models” included) Filsaime and friends gave, or the girl Koenigs hired for his mastur-mind with the Syndicate, there shouldn’t be any doubt about the fulfilled sex lives of IMers.

        Not that I’m against bewbs, but the combination seems kinda icky, like making money by selling bad dating advice to mid-age virgins…oh wait.

    1. @Slowly Waking, that’s really funny NOT , another tattoo infested man who can only get his significance by showing off his tattoos. My god how successful !!! Get a tattoo on your forehead that says NOOOOOB, then again everyone already can see that your a NOOOOOB. don’t waste your money.

      1. @Jason Megan ::

        Ha! Oh gosh I’m laughing about that. @Slowlywaking’s comment was already funny … your part really completed the epicness though.

        I think friend that you’re a bit unsure where you’ve landed.

          1. @Jason Megan ::

            You’ve landed :: oh over confident one :: in the middle of a complex story :: your ignorance of which :: combined with your language usage :: is making you seem a hilarious fool that you probably are not.

            Not that I’m complaining … I’m just letting you know.

  2. Wow, trrrruly dis is an enticing movie film of incredible average intelligence. It’s a shame I have no speakers, I’d buy his frauduct straightaway, just in the hope 852,931 is the girl’s phone number.

  3. Anyone else see a megalomaniac?

    …and he’s not the only one.

    Their technique is obvious

    Stage success and everyone will believe it’s true

    Stage acceptance by the mainstream and everyone will believe it’s true

    Stage whatever you want them to fall for

    Basically fake it till everyone accepts their delusions of grandeur, power and wealth become the worlds reality

    They do not need everyone to fall for this sham to make this a profitable con

    Sure they fleece the uninformed but what makes this ALL possible is INFORMED stay quiet..

    Want to know what finances all this megalomania?

    You and I

    Buy buying it and not stopping them

    Please notice the money they now spend to get the scam to appear even more realistic

    Please take 10 minutes and keep reporting these people:


    1. Sorry for the misspell…and a bit of a lecture.

      Salty I think you need to write articles like this for all the big bullshit launches. Just list all the lies in great detail and get it on record.

      I also think we should start a collection to advertise this site. There’s a ton of cheap traffic that would target the exact people who need to learn about these scammers

      At the very least maybe an affiliate type set up so the banners/ads we run comply with you and the laws.

      Lets take this fight to the people and expose these lying sacks of shit.

      I also think we create petitions that target AG’s that don’t do anything

      What 99% of these guys do wrong is lie in their advertising…that’s how they will go down legally

      The articles you write can be public proof of the lies…the traffic we drive will take this to another level

      We don’t have to force anyone to donate but I’m sure people will.

      At a bare minimum will you supply a few banners we can run to drive traffic to this site.

      I will gladly share in this space places to advertise for very cheap traffic.

      Something with this kind of mass appeal is very inexpensive advertise.

      I’m talking tens of thousands of hits per day.

      If you need better hosting then we can donate for that

      anyway my two cents…thanks for giving me the opportunity to vent

      1. @Shit Storm,

        You’re making this entirely too complicated.

        IMers need two tools to survive–an autoresponder and a payment processor. If you’re looking to cripple an online scammer, that’s where you do it.

        Autoresponders are what IMers use to send email blasts to their lists. Although some IMers have some sort of self hosted means of accomplishing this, most use a commercial service like Aweber or Constant Contact.

        These autoresponder services are VERY sensitive to spam complaints. And the reason is this: If an autoresponder like Aweber gets tagged as spammy by an email provider like google or hotmail, their emails will get flagged and sent to spam folders.

        This results in delivery rates plummeting.


        Suddenly no one wants to use their autoresponder service anymore because THEIR EMAILS WON’T REACH THE INTENDED AUDIENCE.

        So the short of it is, if an IMer uses, say, Aweber as his autoresponder and his account suddenly gets a flood of spam complaints, Aweber will ban him from using their service.

        This creates absolute HAVOC for the marketer, who must now find a way to export his list, which may number in the tens of thousands of email addresses, and get up and running with another service (which may then require the IMer have his entire list RE opt-tin and confirm that they want to receive his emails, resulting in him losing a good portion of it.)

        Bottom line? If you’re looking to cause problems for an IMer, sign up for his emails repeatedly with different email addresses and then send his emails to your spam folders.

        Now I’m not ENCOURAGING this, mind you. Although I do happen to know someone familiar to y’all who does just happen to use Aweber…

        So, you know …

        The other half of the equation is attacking the IMers relationship with his payment processor. Payment processors DO NOT like excessive chargebacks. Get enough of them, and you get dropped as a customer.

        Of course, most people can only do one chargeback or so a year before their credit card company will refuse to take their side.

        But anyone with an established credit line can easily get his credit card company to side with him and execute a chargeback against a business.

        By the way, those chargeback’s usually cost the company on the receiving end about $35.

        Again … just sayin’.

        1. @Mad Max, You neglected to mention that anyone with a “good relationship” with their credit card company needs to first read the fine print before initiating a chargeback. It states, in most cases I’ve seen, that you must first make every “reasonable” effort to contact the merchant and rectify the matter. Not saying the processors will worry about that or that chargebacks don’t sting…

          Same goes with spam complaints.

          It’s kind of tough to get a spam complaint very far if you first DOUBLE opt in to the list.

          Sorry — I can tell your heart’s in the right place but your plan sucks wind and could get the people trying it in trouble with their own credit card companies. AND they would run the risk of the merchant fighting the chargeback, proving they were never contacted for a refund first and winning…then you just bought a scam product and you get to keep it.

          1. @Head Honcho,

            Almost all these guys run moneyback guarantees. Heck, Clickbank REQUIRES it. 60 days, no questions asked.

            If it runs through Clickbank, buy and refund. Clickbank is cracking down on high refund rates.

            If it’s through a different payment processor, buy and refund. If they resist, go to your credit card company. If you have good credit and have been with them for awhile, they’ll execute the chargeback.

            As far as the double opt-in, spam complaints still count. As do complaints about profanity. They take that stuff seriously.

    2. @Shit Storm, My god your a ad genius, go to Sachi and Sachi they will take you n for your discovery. Duh

  4. 27 like this
    2 talking about this


    those are earth shattering numbers…and he’s giving away a copy of “Facebook fans stampede”, so you will be able to duplicate them…angels sing!!!

    The video embedded has a total of 26 views [[uploaded Oct 17, 2011]]…..0 from Facebook [[maybe 1 since it could have been a late view, it wouldn’t show since it shows the first top 10 view sites]]…

    [[megaphoning]]…people….for your own safety…stay clear of the Facebook page, or you could get killered by the stampede of fans [[/megaphoning]]

    1. @_cartman_ ::

      I counted about 2500 views total on all versions of the video before I posted :: but even though Indian-Americans are supposed to be good at the maths … Anik seems confused by counting.

      Subject: [JV] CRAZY 40,000 Views & Leaderboard..
      Reply-To: jv@lethaljv.com


      The Lethal Commission Trailer is actually
      getting out of control! We now have had well
      over 40,000 views in literally a bit over 3 days!

      My personal goal is 100,000 so help out!

      Plus the trailer is getting amazing reviews
      and really getting people excited.

      1. @SD,

        Plus the trailer is getting amazing reviews
        and really getting people excited.

        Being featured by Salty Droid seems to have gotten Anik really, really, really excited.

        Oh how I love to read the word “really” in a sales pitch. Really I do. Six little letters that convey such intense emotion without actually meaning anything*. They really get me pumped!

        I’d swear on a stack of soggy Twinkies that Anik is half a genius.

        *NLP practitioners argue that words ending in “-ly” have hypnotic, trance inducing effects. Eff-ly You-ly Harlan Kilstien! Really! (I have got to get off that guys mailing list.)

    2. @_cartman_,

      if you caught it on his squeeze page the FB like button says 29K
      he must really think everyone is a sucker

    3. @_cartman_, fucker has 34 like now… he is going up in the world – screw him and his 40k likers (read gullible assholes) on facebook. Now that death ray has gone and Jerry Hicks has GONE I think Anik is a worth a few messages.

      1. @CitizenNoir, _cartman_’s page shows affiliate of Anik – not Anik’s FB account. Only place I see 40K+ likes is mr. Singal’s main page:

        40,190 like this
        376 talking about this

        Can’t find fanpage for Lethal Commissions – he has ones for other stuff he made up:

        So seems the big-40K-likes are across all products & other-stuff.

        Still barely many views on YouTube vids:
        Total LC views < 10,000

        Was wondering – did he ever make any claim of getting the Likes specifically about Lethal Commissions?

    1. @Rafael Marquez,

      As a long-time Bollywood fan, I want to know where the naff song and dance numbers are ???
      It just ain’t the same if the hero fails to burst into song and hoof it up at a pivotal dramatic moment.

      Expectations rudely shattered–again.

      1. @stoic, Such intelligence. Salty droid should open a social network platform called salty nooonbs . You will have gather all the greatest minds in the world to share their thoughts

        1. @Jason Megan ::

          What do you think n00b means?

          … and as a follow up question …

          Do you understand that failing to use l33t and spelling it “nooonbs” is EXACTLY what a n00b would do?

        2. @Jason Megan,

          Oh, Jason Megan, I do hope you will stick around to educate me some more—I think I am going to enjoy this.

          Wrong post I know, but I failed the psychopath test too.

    2. @Rafael Marquez,

      He has coded a new software. It’s raking in millions of dollars . . . to make money.

      Dollars are money!!!

      P.S. I’m looking forward to my free life coaching assessment from Jason Joe Bob Megan. Bring it.

  5. As the honourable :) Meyer Rothschild once correctly said – “Assume the appearance of power and you shall be given that power.” Same for everything else…

      1. @Jason Megan,

        Mickey Mouse is a fictional character, like most IM personalities and their “products”, by fictional I mean they don’t do what they say they do.

  6. I laughed. I cried. I shat myself silly. Two turds up!

    (Joking about the last part. I actually shat myself serious. Yes, it was a somber day for those involved in changing my Depends and cleaning the mess under my chair.)

    (What can I say, I’m a sucker for classless poo jokes.)

    Come on — the trailer was funny! This guy should give up IM and jump into the Funny or Die space of the Interwebs.

    When Anik looked his most serious, gun-wielding, dressed to kill and ready to maim, was anyone else picturing little brown streams of poo trickling down his tuxedo clad legs?

    I chuckled uncontrollably through the whole thing. Which is sad because Chron’s disease is no laughing matter. (Because laughing can cause extra abdominal tension and pressure which can stir up already inflamed and irritable bowels.)

    1. @You’re so silly, Of all the posts I’ve read so far yours is the one that most worries me. If a nooooob can make fun of someone’s medical issues and actually beleive they are funny, it must be time to visit a shrink. You seem to poo very easily, even while watching a trailer. Your obviously disrease ridden in your mind. More than likely on welfare, overweight, tried making money online and failed dismally, and your only source of significance is to make others look worse than you so you can feel good about yourself. Sorry bro your a sad little wannabe, I suggest you IM. A new website that you can make , called http://www.imashithead.com , as you probably can’t read , it’s http://www.Im a shithead .com or alternatively sell used diapers

      1. @Jason Megan ::

        It’s not about making fun of someone’s medical issues :: it’s about how Anik is predator fuck who is hurting innocent people so he can live his parasitic lifestyle. And it’s about how he tries to garner pity for a health issue that has nothing to do with his qualifications to perform the services that he so richly charges for … something we were just talking about …


        But you are right that @You’reSoSilly was the meanest. He’s quite mean :: sometimes I have to smack him around when it gets misdirected … but when directed at a dead inside pig like Anik Singal … I find it quite amusing.

        1. @SD, oh so you follow Anik Singal around watching him and his lifestyle. Wow you must be such a busy man with lots to do. Why don’t you focus on cleaning up the scum in your local area instead being a macho man online. Don’t talk, go and do something. How pitiful. I can imagine the kind of mind set you have , poor and proud bumper sticker on your car.

          1. @Jason Megan ::

            My “local area” is the Internets. And I promise you that I know much more about Anik than you know about my impoverished bumper stickers.

            1. @Jason Meagan

              The central struggle of your parents was to let their hopes for you outweigh their fears. Unfortunately all their fears were realized.

            2. @SD,

              I’m thinking Jason Megan and Anik Singal are one and the same. Sure sounds like it — or else his brother, or best friend, or…..

    1. @Holy Sh-, that’s probably only because you didn’t get this heart-felt poem mr. Singal sent about to his list-members back in September:

      “There once was a guy,
      Who was told a great lie.

      He Work really hard,
      all day, all night.

      He started at the very bottom,
      washing cars as he got em’

      He worked all the way to the top,
      thinking “Wow, now success will come!”

      7 years had passed, he sat down to think
      “Wait a minute, I lost my life, in just a blink”

      “I did it all, even night shifts like a bat,
      and yet, all I’ve done is gotten really fat.”

      Then on one day, on a trip in July,
      He was shocked & amazed by a particular guy.

      That person was me, my name is Anik
      I remember the day we shared Gin & Tonic.

      I heard his story and felt his pain,
      Decided that day, I’d teach him my game.

      I looked him in the eye and told him this:
      “Give me a few months and your old life,
      you’ll never miss.”

      He didn’t seem to believe me,
      but he had nothing to lose.
      “Fine, show me what you got
      and I’ll follow you like a goose”

      Today I’m the proudest to tell you this,
      here’s his latest video, you’ll cry if you miss:


      He’s become a huge success, the best
      of my students. Today, he’s out there
      creating his own marketing movements.


      Jimmy, it’s true you now make a lot of money,
      but I’m the happiest that your life is finally sunny.

      I’m glad to see you’re giving back to everyone,
      The video you’ve made is matched by none.


      Talk Soon,

      Anik Singal
      Lurn Inc./JuJuQ Inc.
      Read my Blog at: http://AnikSingal.com
      Friend me at: http://Facebook.com/AnikSingalcom

      I hope you enjoyed this poem, the story is true.
      His amazing strategies can really help you.


      1. @Jack, I should have took mr. Singal’s afflinks out but was thinking they were too bizarre for having the “poembyanik” in the url. It should get enough thumbs-down for it not to matter anyhow.

  7. It’s the Chewbacca defense! [wikipedia.org]

    So… It’s a movie that’s obviously fake which is sort of acting as publicity about something that’s supposed to be real, but which is pretty clearly fake.

    If this keeps up, pretty soon my brain is gonna melt. Maybe that’s there plan.

    It’s a good thing you’re a robot, @SD.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  8. When I found out about how I could make some easy money online I got
    up onto mr. Singal’s list, but mostly he just sends me puzzle-mails that
    I still can’t figure out yet.

    Here are some I’m trying to cut out pieces of and put together to try
    to make some sense from them:

    First I found out from mr. Singal about making big-money
    by clicking buttons when he sent me this:

    “Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 12:42 PM
    12 Clicks from Install to Profits.”

    It was about a free money formula somebody
    named Philip Monsour wanted to tell me about.

    But I told mr. Singal it was too many clicks for
    me, so he sent me this one a few days later:

    “Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 8:21 AM
    If the sound of making $6914, $16,936
    or an impressive $21,211 a month for
    spending just 2 minutes and 7 buttons
    sounds like something you need.”

    In that one I found out about a man
    named Mark Hardy who made up an Instant
    Cash Empire by stealing a computer disc
    at a bar and then giving me the secrets.

    Also it’s when I thought maybe mr.
    Singal wasn’t telling me the full story about
    making $21,200 with 7 buttons and started to
    lose my confidence in him.

    I think he figured out about me and maybe other
    people not trusting him anymore, because he went ahead
    to build-up our trust for him by making us a video
    for us exposing the lies about the simple-click-money
    software and the liars who sold it to me.

    It was one of the more confusing puzzle-emails to
    understand but I went with my gut idea of trusting
    a person who told me he’d been lying to me to see if
    the puzzle-trail had an end somewhere. Plus he told me
    to go ahead and make a little less money faster when
    he sent me this one:

    “Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 5:59 PM
    If you could put up a site in about
    60 seconds and then NEVER touch
    it again – would you care if it made
    $33 a day or $548 a day?”

    It turns out that lot of people got tired of
    the one-click software that made too much money
    for them and mr. Singal wanted to tell me about it, too:

    “Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 1:42 PM
    My friend Justin Michie, feels the SAME
    way that most of you do. We’re tired of
    the “one click softwares that make you

    But I think they got a good vacation from it, because
    20 days later I got another puzzle-mail from mr. Singal
    that didn’t make sense to put together with the other

    “Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 11:12 AM
    There’s a new software that makes jv affiliates and link
    swapping as obsolete as the floppy disk.

    Imagine cash flowing into your accounts while you kick
    back on vacation?”

    In that one I found out that the Instant Cash Empire guy
    who made the 7-button Instant Cash Empire software had made
    me some more push-button software with his “weirdo programmer

    “Completely automates
    everything you need to do to make money online – a push-button solution
    to a truly unlimited income…Creates an infinite amount of niche sites
    at the push of a button… and they’re already monetized”

    It made me want to rethink about my understanding of infinity and also
    find out more about Mark Hardy – who I found out is just a PAID ACTOR
    and is really some people named Andrew & Chris Fox.

    It made me mad that mr. Hardy was just a paid actor and was thinking of
    giving mr. Singal some of my mind every time he sent me one of his
    new jv-affiliate emails that were obsolete now, but he did his old-trick of making me trust him more by telling me he had been lying to me when he sent another email later on about bad-people using Paid-actors:

    “Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 11:13 AM
    I’m pointing fingers..
    That’s right, I’m pointing fingers at
    the ones that KILLED INTERNET

    The lies. The actors. The actors who
    make fun of actors. It’s just TOO

    None of it is still making any sense to me yet, but the more I think about it the more I think the only way to make sense of putting all these puzzle-email pieces together is that maybe somebody hacked into mr. Singal’s account and started sending out bunches of random emails.

    1. @Jack, I think he is sending you puzzle pieces, but probably for different puzzles. Maybe he got all mixed up when he was creating all that wealth and influence…or maybe it is because puzzles like this are created out of unicorn parts (which magically change shape at will), and you don’t have enough imagination (and bullshit glue) yet to be truly successful. I might suggest drinking more, because as your intelligence level drops, these ideas make a lot more sense. You might have to stay drunk a long time to make this happen, but for a phantom income of $16,936 a month (a number OBVIOUSLY REAL, because it is not rounded off), aren’t you ready and willing?

      1. @Martypants, I found more puzzle-pieces in warrior-forum – one person shouted out about that:

        “I’m glad they’re stressing the content needs to be unique – so many crap website builders have came out that just promised overnight riches with recycled content.”

        and I think probably he has meant it about the crappy-auto-spam-site-builder Affiliate Jackpot made a person named Anik Singal that mr. Singal told me can make me “$33 a day or $548 a day?” in 60 seconds.

    2. @Jack,

      Or maybe someone hacked into Anik’s brain and planted the Crohn’s virus there too–so now he has the incomprehensible bloody diarrhea at both ends.

    3. @Jack, holy crap that was hilarious. (we’re still doing the poop jokes, right?). I was laughing so hard on the train I think I frightened people.

    4. @Jack, I found out about from Anik why I can’t get the magic-click-money software to work and it’s now because I have some sort of mindholes going about in my whole mind, so it can’t be whole because of the holes.

      So now Anik has told me about that the Future Of Wealth isn’t about magic-stolen-money-click CDs or robot-money-stuff, but it’s about some sort of EyeWealth Magnets which I think are good, because mr. Singal told us they are “based on SCIENCE”.

      He also tells me about, “Start a series of SUBLIMINAL audios every night that will literally change your life overnight!” which I get confused about, because I don’t know how I can get my life changed in one overnight if I have to go about listening to them every night? Mainly, it just is making me scared because he told me now about that something digs mind-holes in my head when I’m sleeping.

      Best for us, though is I don’t have to go poking about in my head to find my mindholes, because I found out about that I can get mr. Singal’s software that…

      “automatically finds your “mental holes.” It literally does all the work for you. All you do is answer a few questions and within three minutes it tells you exactly where they are and the exact steps you need to take to fix them.”

      I think some affiliates will be glad to find out about the magic-affiliate-threshold more-cash-for-the-vendor idea when Anik tells them: “We have a minimum threshold of $100 in commissions for our monthly payout.(modified date: 6/3/13 from $250)”.

      It’s from a http://futureofwealth.com/jv/ page, which seems to maybe have something about mr. Singal running around saving people’s lives I think is what the video is telling me.

      “Future of Wealth creates your own personal plan to living the life of your dreams. The system almost automatically lights law of attraction on fire by harnessing it’s true power (when it’s combined with the Law of Focus).”

      I think I did found out about where mr. Singal got the idea of something taking over the brains.

  9. You guys are the retards – seriously? Making fun of a guy’s health issues? That is not cool.

    As far the movie, I’m sure there is a rhyme or reason to it all. I doubt it’s just a movie that ends with a buy now button.

    Too funny.

    1. @LovesSaltythingsinmouth, Probably it sounds like you don’t like to read enough about it, so I found some inspiration for you:

    2. @LovesSaltythingsinmouth ::

      Don’t say “retards” … retard.

      Making fun of people’s health issues is seriously not cool. If the above video inspires you toward readership :: then you can go read all about how uncool you just were …


      … for shame.

    3. @LovesSaltythingsinmouth,

      “As far the movie, I’m sure there is a rhyme or reason to it all. I doubt it’s just a movie that ends with a buy now button”

      You doubt? So does that mean you are making your comment without actually watching the video? No offense but, did you even read the post? It kind of explains the reason for that mess of a movie…scamming people out of money by selling them crap fraudulent products.

    4. @LovesSaltythingsinmouth,

      You guys are the retards – seriously? Making fun of a guy’s health issues? That is not cool.

      Not all things are equal. I mean suppose the guy had stage IV cancer. Would it be ok to make fun of that? NO! But we’re talking about Crohn’s disease and we are talking about someone who seems to be milking his health condition for all the sympathy he can possibly wring from it.

      IMHO, using one’s condition to garner sympathy just so you can get in their face and throw an info-frauduct at them is way un-cool. But YMMV. *shrug*

      As far the movie, I’m sure there is a rhyme or reason to it all. I doubt it’s just a movie that ends with a buy now button.

      From what source do you derive your certainty? I don’t know if the movie simply ends in a “buy” button, but the movie’s primary function/purpose is clearly to entertain and fascinate the viewer so that they’ll be driven towards Anik Singal’s site so they can watch videos of him trying to sell them the “real” stuff. It acts as a huge notoriety/publicity generator/funnel.

      It’s just like how kids’ cartoon shows are, in effect, long commercials indoctrinating the children to want to go out and buy the action figures of the characters they saw in the show.

      Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if Singal came out with an action figure next. Oh wait–that’d be a physical object, and the rules of IM-MMO say that you should stick with “info” products because the cost to produce is so much lower (and therefore the scammy profit margin can be so much higher).

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

    5. @LovesSaltythingsinmouth, Actually I think it is a movie that ends with a buy button. A 3 minute “hollywood movie” made in India.

      1. @Donk, Actually, I think it’s a full-length movie that’s set for “release” tomorrow, Monday, November 7…and the three-minute movie is the “trailer” holy-boly-pollywood style. He even held a “premier” in Vegas the other day.

        Sheesh. Watch the stuff. Study what SD is showing you instead of just shooting uneducated crap back and forth, willya?

        1. @Head Honcho,
          I had a hard time believing it, myself, so lets go easy on Donk. Seriously, who would do this? A full length spy movie, and the MacGuffin is some kind of lame marketing software?

          A full length spy movie and the MacGuffin isn’t even a MacGuffin, but rather is the whole point of the film!?

          I had to watch it twice, and still wasn’t fully convinced it was more than a trailer until I saw the “behind the scenes” video farther down. Google didn’t help much, because the software is called lethal commission, and there’s just a billion similarly themed domain names about the software.

          So, yeah, file under (almost) too stupid to be believed.

          1. @Grover Lembeck, yeah you guys are right. My bad. It was a hollywood flick that ended in an exit pop. These morons have hit an all time low with this one.

            1. @Donk, Yes! You are correct, sir. This is an astute observation and I apologize for any earlier harshness in my response to you.

  10. Evidently this forum is for people who have nothing good to say about anyone or anything, most of you are probably hate your parents and too and I’m sure have had no financial success. For anyone to make a joke about someone’s illness and think your funny is a sign of the level of stupidity on this forum. It’s like a min cult and the followers will say and agree with everything that he says. That probably explains alot. The bottom line is that the product has been cursed down by you intelligent folk before its even been released , that’s pretty smart. Keep up the intelligent discussion, let’s all talk about poop, wow I’m so delighted to be so enlightened. NOT

    1. @Joe Megan ::

      Hi India!

      I really wish there were more Indians here … it’s not fair. India doesn’t like robots or something? It’s bullshit! Go tell all your friends about how much you hate me … and tell your mother of course as well … and tell her to tell all her friends … she prolly knows everyone. Maybe by working together … we can make me more popular.

      1. @SD,
        Something tells me you are going to find out @Joe Megan’s identity.
        And when that happens, hell hath no fury like a robot scorned…

        Poor Joe

    2. @Joe Megan, Anik I’m sorry to illuminate you in public, but your movie looks absolutely terrible. I’ve just sent it to a mate who is a movie buff. His response: What the f**k is this s***e. His words. Sorry man.

  11. I enjoyed the trailer but a guy who supposedly knows marketing and earns millions makes me wonder how he only has 571 views on youtube.

    Heck it doesn’t take a genius to start something viral on youtube so I wonder what happened to his marketing skills to generate views and traffic.

    1. @Not a Fan of Anik Signal,

      Getting offered the “Facebook Stampede” ebook on a FB site with 27 likes is even more sad, yet somewhat hilarious. What kind of stampede is he talking about? Bunny stampede?

    2. @Not a Fan of Anik Signal,

      Like all guru’s his marketing skills are confined to sending an email to a list.

      If this software is so tremendous as he pretends it is why not usethta to drive all the traffic you need.

      Anik is a scammer just like Kern and the rest of the IM guruscammer set

    1. @SD, I’m doubtful the most of all about when he pointed down to his pants at end of video and said he was going to make my jaws drop.

    2. @SD, definitely a psychopath or sociopath or something-opath.

      To spend this much money to rip people off is very scary…

    3. @SD,

      I know the guys and gals of IM love to take photos of themselves being important at important IM events, so where’s the Maria Andros-style, hillbilly-prom, red-carpet photos in front of a branded Lethal Commission backdrop from the supposed October 26 premiere? Was it just a sausage-fest in Anik’s mom’s basement?

        1. @Not a Fan of Anik Singal,

          Sean Donahoe has posted a pic along with a press release at EmailWire.com. Evidently Sean is an IM Suckcess Center, which I don’t understand but might be preferable to being a bottom, and he’s also a Commission Commando, which I think means he earns his keep when he’s not wearing any underpants.

          I’m gonna try to embed the image:

          If that didn’t work, click on the EmailWire.com link for it.

          In the photo we have:
          The guy who delivered the backdrop to Anik’s mom’s basement
          Anik Singal
          Madhurima Tuli, actress and red bikini gal
          Sean Donahoe
          Sean’s sister and her husband

          Just kidding, I don’t know who those unnamed people are. Anybody?

          Oh, and The Times of India reported they were set to shoot this piece of shit in mid-September of this year, implying the whole thing was shot, edited and scored in less than six weeks, so you know it’s quality!

            1. @SD,

              The couple on the right are Sarah and Chad Nicely.

              Chad’s tagline is “Tips and Strategies to Make Money Online . . .” and the tagline for his tagline is “Nothing But Pure Un-Edited Original EXCELLENCE.” I think he’s a little light on excellence and heavy on the unedited part.

              He’s the ADD Marketing Group bozo listed as the contact on the EmailWire.com press releases – both the first one putting people’s names in quotes and the second one misspelling “wave” in the title.

              (On his About page [linked to his name above], he says he’s into “Cute little Batista’s.”)

              In this October 31 post, Chad writes:

              I just came back from Las Vegas and man that was amazing. My wife and I left last week and came back just a few days ago. We hung out with Sean Donahoe as well as some other very big marketers. The reason for our trip was to attend the “Red Carpet Premier” of Anik Signal’s Lethal Commission’s which launches in a few days.

              That wasn’t sufficient name-dropping, so Chad throws in the President:

              What we didn’t know is that President Obama had landed an hour before we arrived. We looked out our window and saw Air-force One right beside us.

              I thought that would be the dumbest, most easily proven lie ever, but it turns out Obama really was in Las Vegas and really does fly into McCarren with the rest of us shlubs.

              After that, Chad rambles on about how, rather than enjoying Vegas like actual Web marketing royalty, he sat in his hotel room and built a shitty Powerpoint titled – editors get your barf bags ready – “Learn How to Loose The Biggest Weight!”

          1. @Lanna, According to Times of India we can look towards more exploding-cars-making-money:

            “Noor and Singal have been very quiet to leak their big plans for 2012 that include major Hollywood and Bollywood films.”

            One thing we can hope about is fact that “big” is a relative term when we think of a man of Anik’s stature.

            1. @Jack,

              Well, I hope that Anik beefs up his personal security before putting a toe into the Bollywood shark pond–its apparently very heavily mob-controlled.
              And, unlike their celluloid counterparts, Indian mobsters aren’t that bothered about naff song and dance routines–or snappy IM hooks–when collecting on their own lethal commissions.

              Maybe he should stick to the Hollywood meat-grinder and the corporate sharks there, where life is still cheap but not quite as rock-bottom cheap.

    4. @SD, Ok, I know I’m not supposed to make fun of people with serious diseases and problems, but at 1:15 in that clip he makes juice shoot out of my nose.

      I am such a child.

    1. @Oh know, it’s the syndicate again ::

      I’d go with “one big rotten scam” … every year more than half of their speakers are total garbage … and the other half should be ashamed of themselves for associating with :: and enabling :: total garbage.

      Maybe next year they’ll ask me to speak about how half the speakers are blood sucking predators … I could do like two hours of name naming and specific sin exposing. Heckling and throwing stuff will be allowed … but I’ll still win … and half the attendees will demand a refund. The truth is a bitch.

      BlogWorld … call me.

      1. @SD, Sickening isn’t it?

        Blogging is such a potentially powerful thing that has genuine uses but it’s become this sort of make money tool that the scammers have swarmed all over. Bastards, every single one of them.

        1. If you want to see the corruption of blogging, take a look at the man crush WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg has on Tim Ferriss. http://ma.tt/person/tim-ferriss/

          You see these relationships a lot in the IM and blogging arenas. The successful introvert hooks up with the questionable extrovert. Care to guess who gets the better end of the deal?

          1. @Blogging Bromance ::

            Wow! That makes me feel so fucking icky.

            I said something about this once …


            … but I didn’t realize they were like boyfriends and stuff.

            Tim just got a publishing deal with Amazon too. People are so fucking stupid. None of the justifications I give for falling prey to these deceptions apply to people in positions of authority or leadership while acting in those capacities. Non-emotional due diligence is your fucking societal RESPONSIBILITY.

            Oh well … at least some of those pictures will be funny once Me v. Tim starts. Maybe Ma.tt can add his own to my stack of 50+ bullshit DMCA claims.

            1. @SD, Looking forward to “Me vs Tim” very very much. He single-handedly funneled millions of people into the web

            2. @SD, Uh…what kind of “publishing deal” do you make with Amazon? They’re not publishers. They’re a bookstore. Unless something has changed — and I don’t doubt it given that shit changes all the timez.

            3. @Head Honcho,

              The New York Times reported:

              Amazon moved aggressively Tuesday to fulfill its new ambition to publish books as well as sell them, announcing that it had signed Timothy Ferriss, the wildly popular self-help guru for young men.

            4. @Lanna — Thanks for that. Missed that somehow. Now it makes sense.

              @SD — I’m another one who can’t wait for the “Me vs. Ferris” bout!

            5. @SD,
              Wow, Tim is a titan, and apparently clean, though clearly bullshitting.
              There’ll be fireworks, and something’s telling me a 4-hour week empire will fall apart badly by pitbullesque robotic hands.
              Looking forward!

            1. @Jack, Hi Jack, I really don’t understand the point of having a four hour body, because I’ve already got one that works 24 hours. That’s an extra 20 hours, and no book to read.

    2. @Oh know, it’s the syndicate again,

      As with all widening conspiracies, next thing you know, Salty Droid will have Seth Godin, Hugh McCloud, Andy Beal and Malcom Gladwell’s faces on his homepage calling them scam artists as well.

      1. @haha whatever, Doubt on at least one of them – Gladwell – but what you call is what qualified medical professionals label the anti-Pinocchio-Syndrome.

  12. I hope the movie isn’t any longer than the trailer if they expect anyone to actually watch it. That was painful.

  13. I hope he bonuses on me with a complete guide on how to go to India and get an action movie trailer created for the cheap. That way I can use it for my Internet Business teaching coaches, how to coach coaches in the art of coaching entrepreneur entrepreneurs.

    1. @Butt Weight There Is More! ::

      I sure would be upset to find out that the people in India weren’t paid upfront and in full for this debacle.

    1. @Jason Jones,
      Me too. So what? (Actually, I like real men, not grammarless wimpy pathetic wannabe scammers.)

  14. That trailer left out some important details I think. Like, how many cars do you have to blow up to get the commissions? I am sure that there is some limit to the number of cars a person would have time to blow up in a day, especially if they could not run really fast. Maybe he outsources that to some place where cars can be blown up cheaper.

    I also don’t understand why they would be playing poker though if they really could make that much money blowing up cars instead. I personally don’t think I could really get into blowing up cars myself, because money isn’t everything and I would feel sorry for the cars.

  15. Oh my. I couldn’t pass this one up.

    Item 1 – Does this trailer make any sense to anybody? I mean, usually a trailer tells a story. That’s kinda what movies are supposed to be…stories.. This seems like a collection of film-school-reject-d-movie clips set to the “trailer” style in Final Cut Pro.

    Item 2 – In that stupid “behind the scenes” video from India… did your stunt driver almost take out a light pole? When real film makers set-up stunts they’re done in a very controlled environment on closed sets with lots of protection.

    Item 3 – WTF does his movie have to do with his scam?

    My intuition tells me that Mr. Moviestar isn’t too bright…. and soon his bloody farts will be the least of his problems.

    Time for your close-up!

    1. @Wannabe Producer,

      From what I’ve got out of it, Anik plays some kind of Bond knockoff who’s sent in to steal/recover the magic software that Sanchez uses to rake in millions of dollars (which he then uses to make money).

      If you’re dealing with the kind of story a preschooler could come up with while learning how to tie his shoe(monie)s, maybe giving out random bits is the only choice that keeps the editor from killing himself?

      I’m curious how much the movie cost him though, after all, the product placement isn’t quite subtle enough to attract anybody except the most die-hard IM crowd with the least amount of critical thinking.

      1. @Clark,

        I think that we are supposed to be so bowled over by the glitz and glamour of the very first ‘mainstream IM movie’ with its own premiere, that your credit card hops out of your pocket and delivers itself into Aniks payment processor all by itself, with no human intervention (like giving it some considered thought) involved at all.

        A bit like the way the movie was made– throw enough bloody crap at the wall and some of it will stick.

      2. @Clark,

        It doesn’t help that Singal has to be the worst casting for a Bond-type role of all time!

        I made myself watch the trailer twice – that line ‘the name is Singal’ and then gracelessly pulling the gun out – it has to be some of the worst action movie acting I’ve ever seen, even by Bollywood standards. I laughed the whole way through.

        Since we’re now sure that this is a stupid idea that will make no money, maybe Frank Kern will produce an ‘Easy Rider’ rip-off, where the characters start a pyramid scheme as they journey through Georgia in an SUV. Mike Filsaime could go further back in time for his feature film, perhaps playing some sort of primordial life-form incapable of thought, communication, or movement. It wouldn’t be very exciting, but then Mike Filsaime isn’t very exciting. Just putting some ideas out there..

        1. @208-577-6210, Don’t you think Frank Kern would be better in “Deliverance?” It wouldn’t be very believable to see him as a sheriff, but if they rewrote that one sheriff scene (you know which one) and made Kern a mullet, that would be perfect.

    2. @Wannabe Producer,

      Item 1 – Does this trailer make any sense to anybody? I mean, usually a trailer tells a story. That’s kinda what movies are supposed to be…stories.. This seems like a collection of film-school-reject-d-movie clips set to the “trailer” style in Final Cut Pro.

      In a way, the trailer makes sense to me. The trailer successfully tells me that the movie will be a mixed up jumble of second rate action and no plot. Makes sense!

      Item 2 – In that stupid “behind the scenes” video from India… did your stunt driver almost take out a light pole? When real film makers set-up stunts they’re done in a very controlled environment on closed sets with
      lots of protection.

      I didn’t see the “behind the scenes” but the stunt driver almost taking out the light pole would be consistent with the films’ over (lack of) production quality.

      Item 3 – WTF does his movie have to do with his scam?

      It’s underpants gnomes time…
      1. Make B movie
      2. ???
      3. Profit!!

      Nah, actually I suspect that he’s thinking that the movie will generate publicity and curiosity and that a certain percentage of the curious will click on over to his site where they can find his “real” videos on how to make eazy internet moniez in the really real world for really realz… and you can too!!!

      Now whether or not that idea is going to be successful is really hard to answer. I mean: it looks blatantly stupid, but almost everyone here is on the other side of the glass so to speak. E.g. if I watch a “psychic” surgery, it’s obvious to me that the guy’s fingers aren’t going into the body because I already know how the trick works.

      For those that don’t yet know how the IM-MMO trick works it can be hard to spot because the wishful thinking kicks in. Once we cross that point, once we decide to just trust that what that person is saying is basically true, then we’re all just kids again being told the fib about Santa Claus. Except this one’s a bit more expensive. (Just ask Dave Navarro.)

      Where was I? Yeah so it’s hard to say if his plan-that-looks-ridiculous will “work” for him or not. In order to “work”, it’d have to pull in more money than he spent on it. At least that’s how it would work with normal advertising. But since this is a scam, not a business, I don’t even know what metric should be used to determine “success”. Maybe if you manage to accumulate $1 mil+ in a Swiss bank acct and escape to a non-extradition country? *shrug*

      Scammer types usually don’t do long range planning very well to begin with. Just ask Ponzi [wikipedia.org]

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

    1. @You’re so silly, I don’t understand about why he is selling the step-by-step process when he told me many times the way that I can make big-millions with the magic-click-button software while on vacation? It also makes me not understand the INC Education Award, because I don’t think that clicking the buttons takes too much training, really.

  16. If he stuck finger up bottom then he no have to worry about cron and he would still have hand number two for tennis and shaking of other gurus.
    I no like the movie because it didn’t have angel jolly and brad prat but he make a good try anyway with those other peoples.
    I think his software will go much better now that it got movie as part of the sales because that always make people make much more muny.
    I go buy two copies now for me because if I have hard failure on my pc I also have nother copy to start up when computer fixedup.

    Thanks you for help mister Salty Hemroid

  17. Anik’s problems with counting seem to be getting worser …

    Subject: and the Oscar goes to (Anik?)


    YEA RIGHT! BUT, I do have BIG news.
    TONIGHT, 12 PM ET (12 hours before
    everyone else) – you can watch the movie!

    So, Sunday night – midnight EST.

    The trailer has now been watched
    over 175,000 times on our site.
    We’re expecting a huge audience
    when we release – SO YOU’RE
    getting the first chance.

    It’s just a few hours from now, so
    get ready!

    Anik Singal

    I watched like 3 minutes of it …


    … it starts with a dumpy short little Anik chasing a dude through the streets. It seems like he has a hard time running because of how his fat ass throws off his balance … but he still catches the guy … then he murders him … so that’s nice.

    It’s not like it’s great … but the production quality is just high enough to make Anik’s horrible “acting” stand out highlariously.

    1. @SD, I couldn’t understand at 1:16 – was it him saying to Anik, “I try alot to get off your list with no sucess – please kill me”?

    2. @SD, wow, that was like SyFy Channel Original Movie levels of hilarity. Is he putting this out on DVD? I have stoner friends who would love this shit.

  18. According to a “pseudo insider” of Anik`s program this is the greatest shit!


    However a guy in that scam forum asked:

    So this guy is selling a product that delivers tons of “targeted traffic”…

    Then why Anik doesn`t use those same “traffic techniques” to deliver tons of traffic to his promo video…?

    Just curious…

    Jimspeed (Anik`s insider replies)

    200,000 views in 6 days isn’t enough targeted traffic? That’s what our movie TRAILER got..

    And today with the full movie- we’ve gotten almost 1/2 that in just 9 hours…

    The guy who asked the question replied:

    Can you show me the link of the video? BTW I am refering to the youtube video…


    1793 views…. not a lot of traffic…


  19. @SD,

    Uh… wow.

    How do you say, “We’ll fix it in post” in Hindi? This epic was directed and probably also edited by a guy named Noor, who’s the Indian equivalent of McG except without most of the talent and all of the money. It was most likely shot with super-cheap crews who aren’t even up to Bollywood par. You can see reflections of the set lights in almost every shot (look at the sunglasses and the car windows) – major sign of inexperience.

    I’ve gotta say, some of the character actors in the first 8 minutes (that’s as far as I got) were pretty good. They almost made Anik and his complete lack of acting ability look like he was shot separately and edited into the movie later.

    I read somewhere (in what appeared to be a “press release written in really crappy English) that this is Anik’s first “Hollywood film…” and that he has “big plans” for his next “Hollywood Bockbuster” in the works.

    Pop the corn, I can’t wait!

    1. @Wannabe Producer, @Wannabe Producer, It means you didn’t get to make the movie premier then? Me either, because I don’t see our names on the Lethal Commissions movie premier guest list here:

      He stacked up a bunch of people. Top one is the man named Jamie Lewis that I get so many magic-click-button-riches software from and is one of the first to post in Warrior Forum Lethal Commissions review forum shouting about that:

      “Ive got Lethal Commission. It builds a site then does automatic SEO for that site.”

      which makes me rage-filled-up about my SeoMoz payments because they tell me I have to do work for it.

      Next by Jamie Lewis is the man called Adeel Chowdry who tried to get into the movie business I think to according to
      this site which shows him stealing-then-changing a George Clooney photo to use on his sales page.

      On next level of the Lethal Commissions Pyramid triangle we can see people named:

      Andrew X, Corey Lewis, Winter Valko

      Andrew X told me this not so long ago:


      Want a good offer to promote?

      Baller’s Club is making History!

      Jamie Lewis is the man behind this one and
      it’s converting like crazy!

      Get in on this for your chance that the
      $5000 grand prize!

      $47 – $97 – $97 on CCBILL

      I didn’t understand why it was called Baller’s Club. Also I don’t know too much about CCBILL, but found out about CCBillfrom Wikipedia when it told me it won many awards, like these:

      2011 XBIZ Award – Billing Company of the Year-IPSP [8]
      2010 Cybersocket Web Awards – Best Billing Company[9]
      2009 XBIZ Award . Billing Company of the Year[10]
      2008 XBIZ Award . Billing Company of the Year[11]
      2007 Cybersocket Web Awards – Best Billing Company[12]
      2006 XBIZ Award . Billing Company of the Year[13]
      2006 Cybersocket Web Awards – Best Billing Company[14]
      2005 Cybersocket Web Awards – Best Billing Company[15]
      2004 Cybersocket Web Awards – Best Billing Company[16]
      2003 XBIZ Award . Billing Company of the Year[17]

      Also, I don’t about the CCBILL awards there, but found out XBIZ award is:

      “XBIZ Awards are given annually to honor “individuals, companies, performers and products that play an essential part in the growth and success of adult entertainment”.

      and Cybersocket from wikipedia tells us about that:

      “Cybersocket Web Awards are internationally recognized awards for LGBT websites associated with the adult entertainment industry. Awards include the most notable adult entertainment personality, porn star and gay adult film.”

      I don’t know about why so many pornography awards for the IM billing company, but I do remember many emails from some of the Lethal Commissions pyramid people telling me about something called Stripped Down Profits which told me about an ex-stripper making easy money online.

      Corey Lewis & Winter Valko send me many emails to make me easy-click-rich, but I’m too stupid to fall for them according to many of the IM-promoter-people.

      Next-level of Lethal Commissions Pyramid are

      Sean Donahue, Jani G., Matt Callen, and Brad Callen

      Jani G. can make people millinaires for just $10,000 according to these:

      Also, he told people about getting free FaceBook ads but many people didn’t like that to get the free ads you still had to pay for them and they couldn’t understand about that they were free if they still had to pay for them, including a man who said:

      “It’s like saying you can get a Pizza Hut franchise free using an insider secret…and the secret is you need to do well with the franchise so you make a profit-offsetting the cost you pay upfront.”

      Also, according to a Copy Nazi here some people didn’t like that the product they paid for wasn’t there after they got it:

      “Yep – March 11. But apparently these guys are saying they’ll update the software by then. Meanwhile a good third of the site is missing content – Vids/Forum/PDFs. You really got to wonder. One JV I spoke to said he made 100 sales on the first day and had 70% Refunds on the second.”

      Final pyramid-people on Lethal Commissions movie premier invite are:

      Socrates Socratous, Huey Lee, Dan Brock, Justin Miche, Paul Ponna

      Dan Brock made a product for me and other people called The Paid Survey Authority to tell us how we can make extra money with paid surveys if we pay him $47 – but I can’t decide about if I should also pay him for the $147 upsell to make more money or if I should save my money for some more magic-click-money software.

      I think Justin Miche is probably Justin Michie who tells me many things I can’t make sense of like:
      “Russian Robot Impregnates Alien” (but I didn’t see anything about it when I clicked the link).
      “You just made another sale!” (but there wasn’t the sale he told me about when I opend the email).
      “Do nothing and make $137 a DAY!” (but I looked around and somebody said, “I’ve just bought it and when logged in to members’ area I found nothing!!!!” so maybe it’s how you make $137 doing nothing that way?

      Also sometimes he tells me (private)-ly that I’ve been “selected” and my time is almost up – which scared me at first because I thought he was predicting my death with some sort of magic-software he found from some weird-o programmer that hang around the Lethal Commissions pyramid-people so much.

      1. @Jack,

        Also sometimes he tells me (private)-ly that I’ve been “selected” and my time is almost up – which scared me at first because I thought he was predicting my death …

        Funniest line of the month so far. I’m nominating you for a porn award!

      2. @Jack, I started looking about my-email & thru websites for people who so often send to me about the easy-click-money products I look forward to regretting not buying so much and found out a good discussion and the easy-click-rich Ex-Stripper Haley Milano videos, too. Many names I see from the Lethal Commissions Pyramid-people.

        Videos here make the discussion make some more sense:

        In discussion here:
        Stripped Down Profits review – its a pile of stinking poop people who got email-help promotions to tell them buy the product get more mad than I can remember being for a while and they start to name names of people sending the promo-help-go-buy-now emails:

        Adeel Chowdhry
        Alen Sultanic
        Andrew Wallace
        Antonio Guiditta
        Bill McRae
        Bill McRea
        Brandon J. Scott
        Craig Kaye
        Dan Brock
        Daniel Brock
        Devon Brown
        Dylan Loh
        Jani G
        JT Martin
        Justin Michie
        Mark James
        Paul Liburd
        Philip Mansour
        Shawn Casey
        Steve Iser
        Steven Johnson
        Steven Lee Jones
        Tony “T Dub” Sanders

        But most interesting part for me is the man named Phil Wiley who I found out made this PhilWiley.com blog in 1997 said this:

        “In the year I’ve not been working, and publishing my own newsletter, because of illness, I’ve seen things getting worse and worse.

        A number of my ‘guru’ friends have told me (in confidence, so I wont give names) that sales are way, way down. People just aren’t buying. And I suspect that at least half the reason is that potential buyers are sick of being ripped off with rubbish products and over the top, downright lying sales letters.

        Another very well known guru friend, one who hasn’t been named here, constantly promotes products from other people in the ‘promo circle’ he’s in, and he tells me that he has to employ 2 people full-time just to get new leads because every time he mails out he gets hundreds of unsubs.”

        Also I get to find mr. Jame Lewis making some review of the Stripper easy-click-money product in videos when i was searching aroundon YouTube:

  20. Lethal commission the fool [[that means complete]] “movie”…I scrubbed it..watched some….it’s way beyond stoopit…

    the movie is Dumb…Just Dumb….I was shaken; and stirred…


    PS – you might recognize [[or not]] the reinterpretation of the Casino Royale scene where Bond is poisoned …with a twist…a washroom floor…a lot of flailing…lots of over”acting”…a stab in the neck by a super antidope [[that means cure]]…wait…no…I’m giving away too much of the “movie”.

  21. Here is an honest review of Anik`s scammy product from the oddest of all sources, the warriorforum

    Randall Christian (quote):

    Lethal Commission is NOT working at all! And NO support! I have put in 3 tickets with NO response in 3 days. Nothing but trouble with the Keyword tool. I put in the word “kindle” and get error messages like “index was out of bounds for the array” or when clicking on desktop link to start it I get “LCC34 Value does not fall withen expected range.”

    Looks like refund time!!

    source: http://www.warriorforum.com/internet-marketing-product-reviews-ratings/482848-lethal-commission-reviews.html

    Not only that the reviews are clearly fake praises of the product which look more like pitches than a honest review. They even managed to erase comments that question Anik`s crappy IM product…

    Fuck you Scammer Anik Singal

    1. @Lethal Commsion has shitty customer service, From WF-Dandies:


      “I have to agree with everyone else on this thread. I bought all the upsells to try it out and i can not even get this program to show any of the upsells. I have made over 4 support tickets and all were closed with a one sentence answer that did not fix the issue. Im now in the prosees of getting my money back.”

      “It amazes me that someone spends huge money to make his ego happy and not put any money into hiring Support!”

    1. @Wannabe Producer, They don’t seem to know the difference between a blatant “commercial” and a “movie.” Or, they just printed Anik’s press release verbatim. I’d guess both.

  22. Somebody put this post on into Warrior Forum (which I copied ahead of them deleting it):

    “Three months ago Anik launched a product called Commission Domination. Sean Donahoe developed the software for this product and Anik handled the product launch.

    They appear to be using the same formula with Lethal Commission — Sean developed the software and Anik is working the launch.

    Based on the reviews in the Warrior Product Review thread, Commission Domination was a complete train wreck. Before you spend a dime on Lethal Commission, I highly recommend that you read what other Warriors had to say about Commission Domination — a product this team released just a few short months ago.

    Here is the link for the Commission Domination thread:
    Commission Domination Review?”

    After many what-seem legit complaints the top-movie-premier pyramid man Jamie Less says:

    “All of the negative comments from visitors are astounding. It never stops eh? This is Anik guys. He’s an AFFILIATE MARKETER, not a daddy’s boy who inherited his father’s money and bought an IM list. He is in the IM industry because he is highly qualified to teach it. This isn’t your everyday crap launch so don’t get it confused. If you want to learn from a SEASONED professional, work with his tools and get somewhere other than venting and taking your frustrations out on forums, get CD. If you want to get caught up with the emotion of seeing a young guy make $16M and get upset about it, then perhaps reconsider your internet career.”

    whole thread is astounding in fact. I also now start to see the pattern of same people to come defend jv-easy-money products.

    1. @Jack,

      The level of sycophancy in the WF never ceases to astound me.

      A bunch of people claiming to have left their jobs because they didn’t want anybody telling them what to do, yet they’re not hesitant to follow and defend some get-rich-quick guru with even less noble motives. Pathetic.

      1. @Clark,

        How dare you belittle The Dream of unicorn riches.

        There are many WF members who quit their day “jobs” working as network marketers and fast food cooks to live the dream selling $17 WSOs as affiliates.

        And don’t forget the many WF gurus leeching off of European welfare benefits as “unemployed” while selling recycled WSOs for income under the table.

        Of course, there are the WF gurus who are broke college students or unemployed living at home with parents too.

        If they can’t defend The Dream and those who sell it, they will have to accept a harsh reality about their own lack of success. The cult of misery loves company.

  23. I can’t understand how people keep buying his products. Anik Singal is one of the biggest scam artists ever to hit the IM world. Anik Singal sells crap products with no remorse to idiots who keep buying into his BS.
    Please people stop fatning his wallet hopefully he will endup back in the slums of Mumbai where he belongs.

    1. @Take Heed, For summary purpose the man going in the video tells us about that Anik Singal is not a scammer – but just “dishonest and tricky”. Then he tells us to write angry-things on our wall as a help-aid.

      1. @Jack, Maybe “is not a scammer” is really code for “is a scammer,” because his subsequent description sure sounds like the definition of a scammer.

  24. To make things worse there are people who are giving fake product praises that are nothing more than “disguised pitches” for products that simply don`t work and not only that, they have shitty customer service:

    Lets see the lastest product of the “Scammer Anik Singal” called Lethal Commission:


    Here are some “honest reviews”(from link above):

    Randall Christian:

    Lethal Commission is NOT working at all! And NO support! I have put in 3 tickets with NO response in 3 days. Nothing but trouble with the Keyword tool. I put in the word “kindle” and get error messages like “index was out of bounds for the array” or when clicking on desktop link to start it I get “LCC34 Value does not fall withen expected range.”

    Looks like refund time!!


    Just bought everything and, surprise… nothing works.

    1) Paid the first upsell but the system is not giving me access to that stuff.
    2) Tried on windows xp and windows 7, both output errors when I just try to launch the software.

    I’ve posted 2 tickets about that, let’s see what happens.
    I usually give 36 hours to every support team, it’s like a limit that, in my opinion, perfectly describes a product’s quality.
    If I don’t get it working in this timeframe, well… I already know how to submit a refund on CB.


    The video says they have been using this software for months now. One would think if that was the case they would have the bugs worked out ? I did get a response to my ticked telling me they are working on the problems. Wait let me show the response i got.


    Thank you for contacting me with your enquiry.

    I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing technical difficulties with the software.

    I can advise that I have forwarded this over to our technical team to rectify and this feature should be available again within the next couple of hours.

    I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    I hope this information has been helpful.

    If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask.

    Kind regards,

    Kathy Evans
    Click2Reply Customer Support

    Not sure what features shes talking about because i complained about the installation of the software itself not working.

    I dont know how people are making websites with this software already when it wont even install without giving an error.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    There more honest reviews in the same thread, several of them which questioned Anik`s shitty customer service has been erased. There only a few of “positive reviews” particularly from this guy whose username is eljeffe77 who is basically saying how great the product is when it doesn`t work and his review looks more like a pitch for Lethan Commission than a true honest one.


    eljeffe77 is nothing more than Anik Singal`s bitch who fells forced to give a nice blowjob I mean positive review because he/she had the “honor” to check out the product

    Anik Singal is a Scammer and Lethal Commission is a Scam too!

    Lethal Commission is indeed lethal… for your pocket!

  25. Anik has been doing the rounds for the last 10 years or so. Last I heard he was flat broke in a hospital bed literally shitting his own pants. He moaned about being broke and making a comeback soon and stuffs.

    Basically another money grabbing, lying piece of shit looking to defraud people.

    Nothing better than a broke person to show you how to make money eh?

    And as for him being a secret agent….short, fat asians who routinely shit themselves aren’t real secret agent material no?

  26. Who’s-all getting up and riled about the Lethal Commissions weeknd contest?

    “Here’s what you’re fighting for:

    First Place: $5000
    Second Place: $2500
    Third Place $1000

    And your current Weekend Contest

    1. Andrew X pushes his way to #1… but
    can he hold it…

    2. Bill Mcrea – shows up out of now where
    and is climbing quickly!

    3. Paul and Antonio have shown up!

    4. Jamie Lewis- has been MOVING FAST
    up the main leaderboard and is now moving
    up to the weekend as well!

    5. Mark Roth – Right on jamie’s tail!

    6. Paul Ponna – Droped to 6th! But you can
    push yourself back up top!!

    Just so everyone knows, everyone is separated
    by just a handful of sales..

    The contest EXPIRES on Sunday 11:59PM CB
    time. Make sure you get a piece of the $8500

    And if you need swipes:

    http://www.lethaljv.com/jvtools for all your swipe needs.

    We’ll have a main contest update for everyone

    Talk Soon,

    Anik Singal & Jimmy Kim”

    It’s such an exciting-and…suspenseful email for me.

    1. @Jack, Do you think “three unknowns” from Mumbai might “come out of nowhere” at the “last minute” to “capture those top three positions?”

    1. @Pirate,

      Wow, a forum restater. Stop the presses! And if you don’t happen to have any presses, stop whatever machinery is convenient. No, but seriously, that sounds like something you possibly should maybe report immediately if not sooner.

      Remember, if you remain silent, what you have to say will not be said, because that’s how remaining silent works. Plus, you’ve got to unload that heavy burden (and that’s not what she said).

      Here’s the report form you need to fill out: http://tinyurl.com/6rt2hrk

      1. @Toodles, aka Tiffany.

        Chill. :D

        I guess you got offended when you saw comparison with the great “naomi dunford”. Don’t worry you can be female version of warrior forum rehash king “imaran nassem”. You like that Squidoo queen ?

        So what’s your next ebook strategy- copy all the stuff from salty droid and sell it under your ebook title “Work at home truths” ?

        1. @Pirate,

          Um this is Tiffany, not Toodles but I’m sure SD can investigate the IPs to see who’s who?

          Anyway, I don’t know Naomi Dunford or Imaran Nassem so I can’t comment on them.

          I do know that I each what I’ve learned and pass it along to others. Not sure how the Hub Page product from many years ago o the SquidU lounge plays a part in this?

          I was asked my many in WF to write a book on Squidoo, which I did because many people appreciated having a how to. Never wrote anything on HP.

          Other books I write are about how to be a ghostwriting, since I was profitable on Elance. I am writing an IM Writing Tips Course, etc.

          I do sell PLR content – why? Because many people have neither the talent nor time to write, and for some, it’s a money issue – they can’t afford ghostwriting, so this allows them to get good content for $1 per page.

          Not sure what skeletons you’re hoping to unearth but I respect SD in trying to always expose scammers, so if he/she/it has any questions, I’ll gladly address them – same as I would for you.

          Thanks to one of my subscribers for emailing this to me :)


            1. @Jack, damn sneeze once and it posts an empty comment.

              Anyway, what I was trying to reply above was that I would gladly fulfill my obligation to write a How to Be a Pirate eBook for him, but he might be shocked to know that:

              1. I might look in pirate forums to find out what that audience has for FAQ and

              2. I might offer the PLR rights to it once I release it :)

          1. @Tiffany Dow ::

            Really … you’ll answer my questions? Awesome … I happen to have some. Here goes …

            1. Kelly Felix … for seriously?

            2. Mike Long … for seriously?

            I might have other questions … but those two can’t be answered … and being how I am … I don’t see myself being able to get past it.

            1. @SD,

              I want to hate Tiff for even suggesting “good content for $1 per page” exists, but she did such a darn good job interviewing those two weasels. Here’s what I learned:

              The 4-hour workweek bullshit is bullshit:

              Mike: Kelly and I were . . . both talking about the 17-hour days that we spent banging away on our keyboards.

              How IM scammers manipulate you:

              Kelly: I’ve seen numerous launches where the goal was to overwhelm the customer with a “thud” factor. . . . they hope to put you on information overload just long enough for the refund period to expire.

              What IM scammers say about manipulating you:

              Kelly: . . . you hear stories from some of the guys about how they are bilking their customers, providing zero value, and laughing at how “stupid” their customer are.

              How IM scammers manipulate other IM scammers:

              Kelly: Sometimes you can be strong-armed into promoting stuff you don’t believe in. . . .

              But we love them anyway:

              Mike: I personally learned a tremendous amount from my friendship and apprenticing with and working with John Reese, Frank Kern and also with Jeff Walker.

              Kelly: John Reese, Frank Kern, and Mike Filsaime are all friends who I respect. . . I know they are good people, who want to help others.

              Scammers love deregulation:

              Mike: Another huge influence was Ronald Reagan. He was extraordinary, and in my opinion changed and maybe saved our world.

              Scammers hate it when other scammers use blackhat SEO/affiliate tactics against them:

              Kelly: It was also especially irritating when affiliates were simply doing a redirect to our sales page and they were making sales that would have been ours if they hadn’t outbid us.

              Scammers’ advice: Stop buying our shit:

              Kelly: 1) Stop reading and start doing. The best learning experience you can have is trial and error. 2) Don’t get distracted by shiny new products. Some people are serial buyers who never get around to implementing anything.

            2. @SD, Sorry for the double post – I can’t get it right here :)

              Anyway re: Kelly Felix and Mike Long.

              I’m not sure what you know about the background of my connection with them?

              1. I said Kelly was full of shit for being a “changed man” – my biggest gripe had been that I feel Rich Jerk sucked as a product.

              So he said his new course BTF was good, and if I would give it a shot, he’d prove it. So I implemented it and blogged about it all in front of everyone.

              I discovered the Core version worked well. I also tell people they don’t need Full Disclosure. I also tell people who ask me now since Panda if it works that I’m no longer sure.

              2. As for Mike? I do have problems with him. He has ignored customer’s requests for refunds, from what I’ve seen, so I have instructed anyone who asks me to refund directly via CLickBank. Mike also asked me to be involved in some TV infomercial thing he was doing, wanting the producer to call me – I turned it down.

              I don’t know the two well enough to know if their ethics are all straight. All I know is BTF did work when I implemented it, as my readers asked me to do because they wanted an honest review. I showed them my sites, etc.

              I’m also honest in telling my readers that I don’t do BTF sites anymore. I hung on to a few but the whole system isn’t my thing.

              I know I’m not up their ass, either. I did what my readers wanted – a review of BTF, I gave honest results, and I don’t do any further “JV type stuff” they’ve asked, like the infomercial thing.

              Tiff :)

            3. @SD, @jack

              I can’t figure out how to reply to Jack so I’ll do it here:

              Here’s what I know about John Reese and I don’t know what reasons others dislike him for – I haven’t read about it. I ghostwrote for John for years (non IM niches only). He always asked me for thorough content – nothing shady. He bought resources for me, instead of making me go buy them. He prepaid 100%, with bonuses – and when a scumbag guru took my ghostwriting and kept saying he’d “pay tomorrow” but didn’t, John paid HIS bill too, and prepaid tens of thousands of dollars so that I wouldn’t have to worry about bills (this was when I was first starting out and had a sick child to take care of).

              When all the “gurus” started wanting to interview me about the “Squidoo expertise” (like Yanik Silver, etc) – John promoted it to his list without an affiliate/JV link.

              I don’t know – my only interaction with him has always been that he’s very giving and where most gurus didn’t give two rats asses about content, he made sure it was good and that the information was right (at least in what I wrote – non IM).

              Maybe it was the comparison between him and another guru who repeatedly screwed me over as his ghostwriter. One promised to help me learn IM, but never did. John sent me Traffic Secrets free, answered any questions I had, etc.

              There was only one time I wasn’t positive about John – that video he did with Robbins. It was phony to me. But I did respect him that he addressed it.

              I’ll be sad to learn if he’s been involved in unethical stuff – I do read SD from time to time, but not always so I don’t know what’s here other than the time Kern and walker? were laughing at him…

        2. @Pirate, Sorry, tool, I’m not the subject of your personal vendetta. In fact, I’m known to SD.

          So…you’re using a significant post about ANIK SINGAL to sling crap at some other person who writes ebooks based on what they read? Who, incidentally, writes a book about something they HAVEN’T read about? What’s the heinous difference between that and interviewing people and working from that? If that’s the best you’ve got on someone, you are worthless.

          I’m guessing you are just another one of the WF cesspoolers, and you’re trying to use this blog to kick around one of your competitors. I’ve got news for you. It’s ALL bullshit over there!

          Go reread the post at the top of the page and rethink how your personal diversion really weighs in.

          1. @Toodles,

            It’s only a diversion if it’s off the mark, right? Well, Tiff runs in the same circles as Anik.

            Of the people on the Lethal Commission leaderboard, she lists Socrates Socratous on her Squidoo lens (in between pitiable boo-hoo-hoos about the respiratory illness her now-12-year-old son had as an infant and how her parents divorced when she was 8), says she knows Andrew X on her blog, and reviewed and publicly canceled her subscription to Dan Brock‘s Deadbeat Super Affiliate on her blog, too.

            Her blog commentators mention some of the other LC leaderboard names, too. I know that’s not entirely in her control, so I’m only going to mention one of them – one which connects the dots. Remember Sean Donahoe from the Lethal Commission press release in which “Mr. Donahoe stated, ‘I’m actually the brains behind the product itself'”? Tiff’s victim Edward loves Tiff and Sean so much he made a YouTube video captioned “Here I do a review of my mentors Tiffany Dow and Sean Donahoe,” and he posted this comment on Tiff’s blog:

            Tiffany is not the only person I am following but she is one of the best in my book.

            Dan One last thing I will mention if you still want to build your online business and do it right and stop thinking about the next dollar that will come through there are 3 people I want you to follow.

            1) Tiffany is on the first part of this list.
            buy her products and watch her videos and learn from the best.

            2) Anik Singal
            That man has what it takes to make more then 10million go look him up he has alot of great information plus he sells a coaching program that is really great. I will not mention the what it is here this is tiffany’s site so I will just mention names.

            last but least is

            3) Sean Donahoe
            Now this person also like to 2 greats above have what it takes to build a great list and keep them.

            Also by the way Sean Donahoe is Anik singals student. And he is doing very well.

            by the time I retire I would have spent alot of money on all of tiffanys products seans and aniks.

            And I know I will get world class training.

            1. @Lanna, The original commenter was just trying for a flimsy, drive by personal assault which really didn’t have anything to do with what you pointed out. That type of comment pops up here from time to time and the motivation behind them is so obvious as to be patronizing.

              What you pointed out, however, is another matter, and a bit more worthy of consideration.

              People can’t separate themselves from the trough and expect to eat from it as well. Anyone operating around the edges would do well to realize that. Of course, there’s plenty of space here for future blog posts for those who don’t.

            2. @Lanna, That Squidoo lens is a poll – I didn’t list those people :) Visitors to the blog list them.

              On my blog I mention that I know Chris X, Rob Benwell and Michael Cheney – meaning I’ve heard of them. Have repeatedly said I dislike Benwell – he’s shady IMO. The others I’ve only heard of.

              Sorry guys/girls? I’m not in the same circles. I don’t JV exchange with people. I don’t make 7 figures. I put out quality products. I don’t buddy buddy for backlinks or promotions. I only promote things I try and implement openly, or if I haven’t tried it, I’m flat out honest about that.

              When Kaye turned into a disappointment, I pulled my promotion and flat out said I didn’t like the fact that he’d turned from a good product creator (IPK) to spam emails.

              When some “mastermind” guru group invited me to be part of their group, and I accepted thinking it would be neat to brainstorm and learn more, I quit later that same afternoon when I saw what it was – nothing more than 1 person posting for another in WF about their product, followed by a series of “yeah this is great” posts from the other mastermind members, and concluding with an “aww shucks” post by the product creator.

              Very incestuous and unethical and I was disappointed that some people I had previously respected were such scumbags.

            3. @Lanna, I read about canceling Don Brock and seems she found out new, un-nice things about him.

              @Tiffany, as about John Reese – sometimes I go about my spare time wondering why he’s had close associations with so many SD-post-subjects – which makes me wonder about where he draws his line for marketing-v-conning.

              Pirate still mad about the eBook I see.

          2. @Toodles, aka Mr Troll

            [quote]@Pirate, Sorry, tool, I’m not the subject of your personal vendetta. In fact, I’m known to SD.[/quote]
            Vendetta ? I have nothing against Tiffany Dow or you. I’m here to hate the game and not the players. If It’s your job to defend such scammers then just play the game. Taking diversion to make this between you and me will hardly entertain anyone here.

            [quote]So…you’re using a significant post about ANIK SINGAL to sling crap at some other person who writes ebooks based on what they read? Who, incidentally, writes a book about something they HAVEN’T read about? What’s the heinous difference between that and interviewing people and working from that? If that’s the best you’ve got on someone, you are worthless.[/quote]
            Anik singal, kevin riley, allen says, dan brock, tiffany dow, imran naseem and other warrior forum kings and queens are all same to me in this game. SD has no rules regarding off-topic or tangent relations on any particular posts. If it helps others to stay away from IM crap, i guess SD will keep the content or else it’ll be thrown off assuming it’s troll bait. The reason you’re so pissed off while commenting on that tangent post is you have sympathy for that girl. I get that. Now move on if you have any worth in this world.

            [quote]I’m guessing you are just another one of the WF cesspoolers, and you’re trying to use this blog to kick around one of your competitors. I’ve got news for you. It’s ALL bullshit over there![/quote]
            You can assume anything you wish. You can make any news, just bring something new to the table, Mr troll.

            [quote]Go reread the post at the top of the page and rethink how your personal diversion really weighs in.[/quote]
            Go read my post again and then comment if it has any weight in it. If not, talk about it. If yes, talk about it. If you’re pissed off with that post then just cry with Tiffany or any other person you support in IM world.


            We’re 1 month and few days away from 2012 and you’re pretending as if you’re in 2005. Let me remind you that you can use proxy to comment on any random post on the internet by changing IP and making it look like from another country. If it’s too high for you to understand then just go to any tech forum and ask questions about proxies and anonymous surfing. Then you can compile ebook from those answers or just digest the stuff. As for you not knowing naomi dunford, that’s sane enough. But what surprises me is that you are not aware of imraan naseem ? It’s like you don’t know who lives next door to you. Well played.

            I have nothing against your writing business. I’m not accusing for your writing or PLR or (insert writing related projects). All that i have against you is the game- leech off on others answers and pretending to be an expert and then selling the same rehashed stuff. It’s all about *this* game. As long as you’re into this you’re bringing critics. Take it in a positive way or ignore it and become one of the people who are scamming others.

            1. @Pirate, No sorry I don’t know how to proxy my IP. Knowing me, I would try it and my gravatar would show up and I’d humiliate myself – but seriously – I don’t get why people don’t have the balls to be themselves anyway.

              I do not know Imran Neesan, sorry. I don’t know 3/4 of the people in WF, I’m there to interact with some people I like and learn from. Those are few but the ones I respect have taught me a lot in an ethical way.

              Re: products. I don’t rehash information. Squidoo book: I used my own experience paired with a compilation of FAQ – when you create a good product, one that’s thorough, you do research and yes, ask in forums, to find the answers. You want your reader to have a complete informative product.

              My PLR ATM book – my own experience. My Ghostwriting Cash book – my own experience. My IM Writing Tips – my OWN experience. I also give away lots of good stuff, like 52 on Squidoo – free.

              I think you’re hung up on that Hub Pages creation. My thinking was it would help people, like it did with Squidoo. Seth Godin even called me one day to discuss how we could help marketers use Squidoo in a non spammy way. My goal is not to game the system.

              And critics, I don’t mind – but I’ll argue my position because I’m proud of what I’ve done. I have nothing to be ashamed of. I help people do things ethically.

            2. @Jack, why do I not see a reply option in your comments? I’m having to post to @pirate.

              Anyway, YT sent me a suspension notice because I had a video titled “4 ways to make money on Squidoo.”

              The video said there were 4 ways to make money on Squidoo – using amazon modules, for example, using your own link to amazon in a text module, ad revenue, and I forget what the other one was. The video was from years ago and was just a tip video but they didn’t like it.

              C’est la vie :)

  27. Here is a rave review of Anik Singal`s coaching and how great it is(quote):

    “Someone mentioned Anik Singal. What an absolute piece of shit and his company “Lurn” are too.

    I was convinced (SUCKERRED) out of 5k for coaching and they gave me a coach, Andy Huang who could care less about me. He just got on Skype for 30 minutes every week and fed me some shit like “Oh here’s a diagram for a super duper top secret method web 2.0 linkwheel formula we’re gonna use to make money..but SHHHH don’t send this file to anyone it’s a secret!”

    It was the biggest pile of crap I’ve ever seen. People selling these formula’s on WF for 5 bucks!

    The tool even had the audacity to say “do you wanna partner up with me? When you make all this money we’ll split it 50/50″ – So he wanted me to do all the work with his crappy linkwheel system (most sites he recommended I use were down anyway..god knows how old it was) and cash in on my hard work?

    These guys are greedy assholes. Scum”

    P.S. For the record, I did take massive action but the system was awful. I wish I trusted my instinct

    Source: http://www.warriorforumsucks.com/2011/09/naomi-dunford-salty-droid.html

    1. @Anik Singal coaching is a SCAM, I think they missed some of a big opportunity to work with a Filsaime-Declared “Internet Marketing Leader” according to Simon’s Lung ideas Mike Filsaimes Affiliate Appreciation Weekend.

      “And you can leave it to Mike Filsaime to bring the world’s top Internet Marketing leaders all in one room…
      That’s right – John Reese, Jeff Johnson, Brad Fallon, Jeff Walker, Russell Brunson, Andy Jenkins, Jason Potash, Howie Schwartz, Jeff Mulligan, Tom Beal, Harris Fellman, Sterling Valentine, Jeff Dedrick, Ross Goldberg, Dr. Mike Woo-Ming, Jeff Mills, Glen Hopkins, Gary Ambrose, Jason Moffatt, Jon Walker, “Big Jason” Henderson, Shoemoney, Jason James, Keith Wellman, Joel Therien, Brian Koz, Joe Jablonski, Erik Stafford, Rich Cook, Andy Huang, James Lee and more were “in da house” at Affiliate Appreciation Weekend!

      Needless to say, Affiliate Appreciation Weekend was a tremendously insane two days of power networking… especially when all of the top players in the industry were right there, ready to exchange business cards.”

      I can make a better deal for him and give him 100% of sales of my Scrolling Captcha program because I can’t see it making any sales really, but he still has to put out all of the work and for making him feel better we can call it “branding”.

  28. Make the ClickBank madness stop, please!!! Get it out of my LinkedIn!


    1. @igorokfree,

      Spamming this site is probably a Really Bad Idea (tm, patent applied for (not really)).

      The absolute best possible case scenario that you can hope for is that you might only be ignored.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @Jack,

        I tried to take a look at @igorokfree’s site, but I think it’s better suited to your brainwave patterns.

        The mouse lexicon is fashionable
        And the wheel for the squirrel is lack.

        Maybe you can poke around and report back?

            1. @SD,

              I guess I was thinking about how sometimes they don’t just “fire and forget”. But rather, they come back over and over and just keep posting.

              Furry cows moo and decompress.

          1. @Jack,

            Here’s some sound track for ya, Jack. It might help while you’re translating the piccy into a Venn diagram. It always helps me–although I never get a Venn diagram as an end result. Funny that.


            Of course your mystifyingly magnificent brain is constructed differently–so maybe this one (which I prefer, in the deplorable absence of the squaddies version on YouTube) might aid you in your efforts:


            Or even something squaddie but non-aligned:

            1. @stoic, Still working on others, but also causing bit of marital rift, because my wife never gave me the information about The Pogues, even tho now 16 years into knowing each-other she tells me about the dancing-listening to them she did with good-friend many years back, so probably she’s hiding other music-info from me too now, I think.

  29. hahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahah (gasp for breath) hahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahah (take asthma inhaler) ahahahahaahahhaahhahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahhhahhahh (oh fuck someone call 911 or 999 or whatever)
    hahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahhahaha (***croak)

    Sorry this Citizen Noir’s pal F U Scammers he has me to finish this post off for him as he has been rushed into hospital for almost laughing to death,

    Must admit this Anik dude is a fucking amazing dickhead.


    1. @Lanna,

      Wow. He really is trying to go legit-ish. He has secrets and magic formulas and everything…which everyone knows are essential ingredients in any legit-ish business venture.

    2. @Lanna, I saw he tells us:

      “His skills and knowledge when it comes to Internet Marketing is very diverse and his techniques are underground. Till Date he has been the Author of 8 Clickbank Best Sellers, 5 of which have been number one best sellers.”

      I can’t remember about making the copy for the page, but maybe it seems like I must have done it, I guess.

    3. @jacqui, I meant he’s expanding into a legit-ish venue. He’s not just on Clickbank and Warrior Forum anymore.

      @Jack, Yeah, or else they’re using one of those article spinner things to copy your style.

      There’s tons of back-story to dig into there, for somebody with the time. Which isn’t me, right now.

  30. Great BIG JV New-NEWS! IM-Cleanup Crew comes to us soon!

    “Lewis and Chowdhry had the idea to combine forces back in November
    of 2011 when they both felt the industry was slipping a bit.”

    All the ethical-IM-insiders are all onto it, too!
    http://www.ruthlessincome.com/jvinvite.php the IM-ethical luminaries we get onboard including:

    Tim Donovan & Anthony Morrison
    Matt Bacak
    Shawn Casey
    Bill McRea

    Also, maybe these guys:

    Which finally helps me understand about the question, “Why can’t you act like a normal person?”

    1. @Jack,

      What I like best about the video is how they make it perfectly clear how willing they are to take advantage of someone who: (a) can’t afford to be taken advantage of financially (if anyone can afford that); (b) has trouble even providing a mailing address; (c) doesn’t even have internet service in his home (if he has a home); and (d) doesn’t have the first clue as to what the idiots are talking about.

      1. @jacqui, &-there’s mr. Chowdry’s stellar reputation from his GoClickCash frauduct:

        (Warrior Forum deleted most the threads for it, so it’s off to blackhatworld to get the goods)

        “I am going to unsubscribe from every marketer who sent me this sh*t. It’s so insulting.

        Obviously this formula still works, because it’s the same old c**p year after year. That’s why the guy behind it has hired an actor so he can hide behind the product, when everyone starts slating it.

        The video is hilarious, but the marketers who have sent me this are NOT. These people are just after a buck, they do not give a sh*t what they recommend as long as they make money. They are quite happy to rip people off with this sort of c**p.”

    2. @Jack, The comment from the video is true:

      Thats one lucky black catterpiller crossing the road at 2.09 – 2.21. He did look both ways at 2.17, But hey kids, look BEFORE you cross!

      Also the critter is lucky to get to escape IM-Pander-handling.

  31. Shocking video & also the shocking Anik disclaimer….


    “WE DO NOT TRACK ACTUAL EARNINGS OF USERS OF OUR PRODUCT AS THE SAME WOULD VIOLATE THE USERS TRADE SECRETS AND CONFIDENTIAL OR PROPRIETARY INFORMATION. THE INFORMATION ON THIS SITE IS OUR EXPERIENCE WITH THE PRODUCT. IF YOU WANT TO SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE LET US KNOW. FTC Disclaimer: Results may not be typical. We are still collecting data to determine what a typical result might be.As with any business venture, you run the risk of making nothing at all or even losing money. In order to run a successful internet business, you will have basic additional charges, such as hosting, domain names and autoresponders. We will recommend to you your best options and choices.”

    Many people laughed. More people cried. But also some people laughed so hard they cried and then everybody got pretty confused about what Anik was trying to tell the FTC.

  32. Jack.. Why do you have a hard on for Anik?

    You really had to bring back an old thread just because you had nothing to do?

    Maybe you should head back to jackbewildered.com and get to work on your site.

    1. @Jack Bewildered, Hi Jack. Oops, sorry…didn’t mean to HiJack this thread. Somebody needed to say it at some day, so why not me?

    2. ==========================D

      Lots of us quietly share a similar bone for Anik. When he stops scamming, happy to go back to the flaccid members you prefer.

      1. Meh- I guess to each their own.

        Some people get hard on for woman, some get hard on for men..

        It’s the way the world goes. Hope you’re in a state that allows same sex marriage or it’ll never work for ya’ll.

        Good luck with your online endeavors, I should get back to posting on my pointless website with no niche focus.

        Goodnight sugar tits.

        1. @Jack Bewildered, “Good luck with your online endeavors, I should get back to posting on my pointless website with no niche focus.”

          Does it mean about us being the same niche then?

    3. @Jack Bewildered, I like from working on my comments here when I can’t think about what to work for on my site and that’s when I thought today of telling people something I figured out today – and it’s about that Anik & Yanik are probably the same person I think!

      1. Anik. Add the “Y” = Yanik.
      2. I think they seem about same height.
      3. Both tell us about Internet Marketing.
      4. You never can come to find them in the same place at the same time ever.

    4. @Jack Bewildered, New video PROVES mr. Singal maybe could be a VAMPIRE!

      I don’t know about how they got such a good cameraman to follow the vampire movements mr. Singal does here, but mainly I want you to know that probably it’s *PROOF* that mr. Singal is a VAMPIRE!

    5. @Jack Bewildered, Just remembered about that I hadn’t come over to here to post about Anik Singal who tells us about that “money doesn’t grow on trees.” (I guess it’s unless maybe you go about clicking on the trees?)


      Somebody going by eljeffe77 I think maybe is some kind of Warrior Defense Robot, because always I see him popping up in the discussions making statements like telling Newbies not to go about complaining about things

      I think maybe there can be a Jamie-Lewis-Bot, too, because also he comes up in the places complaining about people complaining about things like newbies orgy-complaining about sales techniques and why can’t they just understand??!?

      Also, I think maybe this is some sort of proof about robots:

    6. Can you tell me about if you made a try at mr. Singal’s Bluebox Imprint I think maybe it’s called or Inbox Blueprint maybe, too or both? Is it as good as it says it is? Does it show me about how to make people go to Prosper coaching?

  33. negitive statements about anyones health is wrong. I don’t know Anik Singal or anything thing else about him, but the person comenting negitvly about Crohn’s diease was wrong.
    No problem leaving my on this statement, Debra Enfinger

  34. negitive statements about anyones health is wrong. I don’t know Anik Singal or anything thing else about him, but the person comenting negitvly about Crohn’s diease was wrong.
    No problem leaving my on this statement, Debra Enfinger

    Let me make it clearer for those who didn’t understand the start with and then if you want to debate we will. I did not see the comment about Anik Singal on this forem to start with it just lead me here. I haven’t read any thing on The Saltydroid lethal. I saw the comment floating around the web ckicked on it after it got my attention and it brougth me here. I found where I could leave a comment and I did. I rememebered his name after reading a comment but I went on to other websites, I didn’t research who he was, but it didn’t matter, in the contexts of the statement the content was a private health matter.I have no idea what is published on the Saltydroid, but now I will read it because I got a email about a diffrent person.I like to read things of entireity. If you do not read a artical or a statement entirely you don’t get the whole truth , mistruth about things and that can be damaging.

    Debra Enfinger

    1. @Debra Jane Enfinger,

      Indeed, it is a private health matter than scam artists like Anik Singal and Mike Koenigs publicize to induce people to buy things from them.

  35. Wait-a-minute. Isn’t this “My Enemy My Mind”idea just from Pogo??

    I can’t finish the video so far, but I think it shows mr. Singal’s vampire-moves to us again, and also tells us about confidential science that I think science doesn’t know about yet.

            1. @Omri Shabat, btw, maybe it’s that Anik was the replacement made for former Prosper Partners Ben Moskel and Dave Clabeaux who got special-featured at the Prosper Live but now it’s that you can find them over at this place instead:


              “Federal Trade Commission, Plaintiff, v. The Online Entrepreneur, Inc., also doing business as The Six Figure Program and Ben and Dave’s Program; Ben and Dave’s Consulting Associates, Inc.; Benjamin Moskel; and David Clabeaux, Defendants

              (United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida)”

          1. @Jack, quite a character evidence for Prosper… definitely something worth giving some public visibility in order to perhaps gain a little win in the public arena, which seems more important (and more effective) than the arduous legal struggle.

            Also, Mike Filsaime has not been appearing on Prosper’s partners page for the past month or so, although on some of his own websites he still mentions this devilish partnership.

            1. @Omri Shabat ::

              His not-royal gnomeness informed me :: not too long ago … that he was done with Prosper … and Utah in general.

              It’s hard to believe in gnomes … but I suspects on this occasion he was telling the truth.

              Small progress maybe … but still progress.

      1. @Omri Shabat, From Ripoff-Report Extortion site:


        “I received a referral from a company claiming Anik was legal. I clicked on the link and ordered the information. The website indicated thet I would soon receive my own personal link to my account. I never received the link and it has been almost a month now.

        What I did receive were several calls from (801) 371-0755 one right after the other. When I called the company back, the recorder identifies themselves as the “Corporate Office.” I did not answer the call for several days. I did answer the call one day but the company used a number with a local 303 area code and it was from the same agent whe left the messages before from the Utah number.”

        Then he goes onto some basic sales-trickery from “Condescending Salesmanship 101” course I think maybe taught at BYU now?

      2. @Omri Shabat,

        Can you tell me about if $100 CPA is the good one
        like mr. Singal told me about here:

        “We’ll be paying $100 CPA on the sale – No refunds. No
        reserves – What you EARN – Is what you GET!”

        And here he told me about:

        “This time with OVER $100,000 in prizes.. Including TWO NEW CARS and 100% CPA style commissions!”

        The probably have some kind of good back end for it.

        He tells us in a video I put below that he brought some 5 people in from all over the country and forced them
        to stay in a room with him until they launched their OFFICIAL business in just 6 hours. But I got confused, because
        he started talking to some people over on the right (left side of the video) and not to me any more, so maybe he was meaning
        for him to edit that part out of the video?

        Oh, wait, I guess it’s OK for us to know us, because he next told me about that he can put the success
        stories on the sales video.

        All kinds of money and bonuses for sending people to mr. Singal, but probably he should think about having
        the special “be unseen on left side of video” bonus.

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