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Iain Hates My Pants

I recently had a meeting with Iain McDonald about my new line of highly fashionable post-transgender pants.

Iain is the founder Amnesia Razorfish :: a digital advertising agency based in Sydney :: and a part of Razorfish … which wasn’t then was and now isn’t {say it fast} a part of Microsoft. Iain’s agency helps companies take their brands online or whatever blah blah blah.

He’s an Internet marketer. Funny right? Like an actual one!

See … for those of you not in the know … around here the term “Internet Marketer” has exactly jackshit to do with the actual profession of marketing …

  • Internet Marketing is fake for Network Marketing on the Internet
  • Network Marketing is fake for Multi Level Marketing
  • Multi Level Marketing  is fake for pyramid scheming

… and pyramid schemes are a soul sucking rot that plagues the land.

Anywayz :: I’m pitching Iain on this fucking epic new line of pants … trying to get him on board with taking me and my brand to the top.

{begin pitch}

I’m calling them Opportunity Pants™ :: because anything can happen in them :: guaranteed!

How can I be so sure?

Because I’ve worn them myself … and various things did happen.

Opportunity Pants™ :: If you can’t embrace the moment … at least be wearing some pants.

{end pitch}

Honestly :: Iain didn’t seemed that impressed with the idea.  Well whatever :: it was a fake meeting anyway.

But I was talking to Iain the other day in a non-photoshop type way.  He was all like :: “Did you notice that you’ve been completely banned from the Internet?” And then I was all like :: “You’re kidding?” But he wasn’t kidding.  I am banned from the Internet … and if you think too hard about it … it seems pretty fucked up.

Iain thought maybe he could help :: he said he’d ask around for me :: and he wrote this post :: Web Vigilantes being banned from social media sites

“In summary, it’s easier for a scammer to have a web vigilante shut down than vice versa. The Droid is now absent from all social networks and yet the people being named in his blog continue to tweet freely etc. In an age where consumers are able to interact so easily with anyone from close friends to complete strangers there is no easy and quick way of distributing warning messages to others in the case of genuine scams. That’s a service SaltyDroid was attempting to provide before being shut down in social media circles.”

Sad but true.

Go read the article. Write your congressmen. Tell at least three PostMasters. This travesty shall not stand {for more than the sixteen months it’s already standed}!

If this doesn’t work … maybe I’ll just call up Twitter and tell them …

My Father is Li Gang!!

>> bleep bloop

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  1. Well, this is what happens to truth online. I can relate, as I’ve gone around doing something as crazy and thankless as telling the truth in all sorts of venues and on all sorts of subjects for years, and for my trouble, I’ve been run off just about everywhere.

    I guess you just keep fighting the good fight, or doing what you do, or pounding the keyboard with a catcher’s mitt, etc. Google isn’t likely to ban you, nor can anybody shut down your own sites, so you’ll always have a voice even if that voice is being squelched in the “social media.” Screw the social media, anyway. I never saw the appeal of it. I realize it’s all the rage and there are big audiences there, but there’s a lot to be said for just slapping the truth up on a web page and letting come what may.

    The articles you have here are awesome, and will suffice. People determined to do their homework will find your pages. Those who have to be hand-held and spoon-fed will probably get fleeced by the D-bags no matter what, anyway.

    1. @Velithaene, “this is what happens to truth online”? LOL.

      No, this is what happens to folks who claim to be helping people avoid scams and d-bags online, but instead, simply stroke their own ego with their lame attempt at profane humor and “tribe leading”.

      The reason SD is going bye-bye is because he adds zero value, uses hate and ego in the name of “doing something good”, and has simply rounded up a herd of biased “victims” who believe their bad mouthing, lame jokes, and profane jibberish is going to make it all better.

      This blog has done nothing more to “clean up internet marketing” than add more crap to the internet. The gurus are promoting more products than ever, while SD is over here trying to make it like he’s actually accomplishing something.

      Plus, why hide behind a silly robot graphic and name?

      1. @LMAO,

        What value does all the bullshit products released by IM gurus add to the world? And you’re wrong, SD does add value. He provides entertainment value. Reading his abrasive posts and then watching butthurt fanboys like you flail about as they rush to see who can suck the most guru cock is a beautiful sight to behold. The funny thing is you could learn more about marketing by studying how SD has built up a fanbase than reading any of those Warrior SOs you spend money on. Continue dreaming the dream, dumbass.

      2. @LMAO, I’m LMAO at your comment. Let’s not pick apart every reason you’re wrong – too boring. Suffice to say that anyone who uses the phrase “add value” as punctuation is unable to discern truth from lie, success from failure, etc.

        Twitter and Youtube have banned Salty not because he “doesn’t add value” (you really think that real businesspeople talk like Warrior Forumites?). They care about what matters – increasing advertising revenue while NOT being handed DMCA notices. As scammers like to sit around all day complaining to social media sites about Salty, they have banned him to avoid hassle.

        (Edit: I realise you may have palpitations at that last sentence and I don’t want to be responsible for anything terrible happening to you. It should have read: “Internet marketers spend their days adding value to the world and focussing their positive energy into creating wealth. Salty’s negative thinking got him banned.” Phew! Easy now – take deep breaths…)

      3. @LMAO,

        Thanks to sites like this, there will be fewer people getting scammed into a debt nightmare, and fewer undeserving douchebags roaming around in rented porsches saying “I’m da boss” with their tacky as fuck sites and videos.

          1. ** Droid Edit ** {one comment per post doesn’t mean you can continue “conversations” that you started on other posts on the new post so that you can finish getting the last word in … that does nothing to further the goal of reducing the amount of useless noise you make} I took the liberty of making a few small changes. See you next time …

            @Cartman — Thanks for correcting my memory on the incident.

            I commented randomly because SD, who states above the COMMENTS box this site is NOT moderated, moderates openly and chose to limit me to one comment per post.

            Then he REPLIED laughing gleefully that it must hurt so badly being so limited.

            Look — I said I’m not a sheeple or a troll.

            I already said I came on strong intentionally. I already pointed out that …

            I don’t want to see that.


            And I intend to continue commenting in the way Salty has limited me in doing so. Of course — this will force me to reply in comment that are replies to OTHER comments that aren’t related so — I’m sure that will label me as someone “messing up the blog with unrelated shit.”

            Either way, keep up the good work, SD.

            1. @Poop Chute said:

              “And I commented to SALTY. Read the @ at the top…you got that far through school, didn’t you?”

              Yes, you attached your comment “to SALTY” to my comment…in order to game the comments, and have yours at the top ahead above everyone else…because you think you are all-important.

              You contribute nothing here, because you are a lying, deceptive prick as Cartman correctly pointed out.

              You’re truly an insecure, condescending douchebag. Again: go fuck yourself.

            2. @Poop Chute, are you the same guy that is going around saying salty is part of illuminati ? Some of this illuminati is just too much and induces paranoia. Get it together.


  2. Good old friend Karin H is raving in the comments on the amnesiablog post. She’s not even amusing anymore, just a giant, senile, narcissist pain in the bleeding arse.

    1. @NotSoHumble, I liked her at first, but after that Frank Kern thing, something was off about her. Hope she gets better.

      1. @422 ::

        I love you and all … but I want you to keep one identity. You don’t seem to want to for whatever reason … so I have christened you @422 …

        It’s hip. I hope you enjoy it @422.

  3. I know there are far more good guys then bad guys out there, its just only a few of them are willing to stick their neck out like the Droid does, calling out these fucko’s for who they are. Well, for what its worth I’m gonna try to send a small army of Buddhists to troll twitter/facebook etc. for the cause. Becuase nothing stikes fear in the hearts of internet marketing scammers then a couple hundred mildy upset, yet still kind Buddhists. /sigh

    Anyone other good guys blogging about the stuff you do?

    See, the thing is, all this means something to us because people die and have lost thier life savings. People have committed suicide, been baked to death and lost every penny they had because they were looking for someone or something that could help them. I know might not mean a lot to you all, but the first rule we tell people when they are looking for a teacher or a tradition, is the second that person charges money to help them, that’s when they need to run the other way as fast as they can. Even outside the realm of what people learn about here, their is a lot more shit that goes on that barely makes headline.

    Like a man nameed Micheal Lyons who raped and scammed dozens of women in the US and UK for 5 years before being caught. People like Eido Shimano who sexually abused women for 40 years in his Zendo, without a peep from those who knew. These predators use the same tactics of preying on the desperate, the weak and the innocent that these guys the droid calls out all the time. There is more cross over than many think, James Arther Ray being on of these sick fucks. OK, I’m gonna shut the fuck up now……but not for good.

    1. See, the thing is, all this means something to us because people die and have lost thier life savings. People have committed suicide, been baked to death and lost every penny they had because they were looking for someone or something that could help them. I know might not mean a lot to you all, but the first rule we tell people when they are looking for a teacher or a tradition, is the second that person charges money to help them, that’s when they need to run the other way as fast as they can.

      I fully agree with the first part. These matters are important because people have been seriously hurt.

      I don’t necessarily agree with the last part. I think there are non-manipulative, reasonable ways of exchanging money for teachings, books, retreats, etc.

  4. Here’s tonight’s garbage email from Perry Lawrence promoting the Maria Andros frauduct.

    Great to hear that people have been asking him why he’s promoting it. The rest of the email is just the normal empty marketing sh*t.

    If it wasn’t so scummy, you would have to laugh. He writes: “my #1 goal is to help you make some money doing what you love”. He doesn’t mention that his #1 goal also involves people handing over $1,997 to Maria Andros so he can get 50% of this. Douchebag.

    And how anyone can call MA’s videos “training videos” is beyond me. There is vanishingly little training content in them.


    Email from Perry Lawrence

    I know it’s the weekend but I had to address some controversy surrounding the Video Marketing Queen’s launch sequence, the video production, affiliate marketing and good ole competition… exciting stuff to read while you keep an eye out on those college football scores ;-)

    I got a few emails asking me why I was promoting Maria’s launch and to be Frank (and Ernest) here is the skinny:

    REASON 1. It’s f.r.e.e. – Maria’s videos are content rich, and who doesn’t want to watch a video marketing person do their thing. If you are doing ANY kind of video marketing (and EVERYONE agrees video marketing is the way to go) then just stop now and watch the videos.


    REASON 2. You want this. If you are on my list or my site you have raised your hand to say YES I am interested in Video Marketing and all things video. I LOVE video and I LOVE it when I can share with you the latest and greatest. As far as pure video marketing people go, YOU are the cream of the crop and you deserve to know what;s going on in the industry.

    REASON 3. All boats rise with the tide. I know you have heard that before and I know you grasp it. In real terms the more people get fired up about video marketing the better we ALL do. I just had a student close a $50k deal based solely on training he got from me. I LOVE that – my #1 goal is to help you make some money doing what you love.


    REASON 4. Plenty of new tricks. I have been behind the curtain of the launch and can say that it’s quality stuff and DIFFERENT than what I teach. Maria has some ninja tactics that will blow you away. WATCH THE VIDEOS!

    People who have NEVER made videos… people SCARED of getting on camera… are literally transforming and creating high-value, high-converting videos, just by following the formulas…


    REASON 5: These free videos are part of Maria’s new launch, and since she’s opening the doors next week, I’m afraid these free training videos will go away (they always do)…

    And normally those videos are just cheesy promotions, but not THESE. These are really HELPING people, and I want to make sure you get access while you still can.


    REASON 6: Video is the FUTURE of Internet Marketing, and the kind of videos Maria teaches people to make are the FUTURE of video…

    REASON 7: A Perfect Example – Even if you’re not ready to learn video yet, you want to go check this out just to see the inside of what a TOP NOTCH video marketing launch looks like. Once you see it, keep in mind, she is literally teaching you to do the same thing for yourself!

    Go watch TODAY!


  5. Salty, you have many more supporters than you know. And just because your name and blog aren’t being spread publicly all over the social Web, don’t think for one second that they aren’t still getting delivered to numerous ethical influencers. And these influencers are in turn spreading the word via their private personal networks, which in many cases are much more powerful. Keep making a difference. It’s working!

  6. The reason you keep getting banned from social media is because you constantly attack people….then the people you attack complain…and then you get banned. Simple as that!

  7. Why not turn the tables on the gurus? If we are serious about making the web a nicer place to be (in other words, booting out all the gurus who lie and scam and cheat) why not just beat them at their own game?

    If enough people issue complaints about the social network accounts of the IM liars then the good guys win, right?

    Both of those accounts are prime targets that regularly spam their crap all over Twitter. If enough people report thos accounts for spam then Twitter will shut them down. What works for the gurus will work for the guru hunters.

    Together we CAN kick these pieces of crap off the web but we need to act in great enough numbers to make it work. The gurus have teams of people who take down anyone who speaks out about them. Isn’t it time to turn the tables?

    1. @John,

      Yes, if enough people flag a video (for example on YouTube), the video will be removed. That’s been my experience. I’m sure many social networks like Twitter and Facebook work the same.

      Maria Spam-dros got her Twitter banned during her first launch a year ago which was hilarious and long overdue.

      She denied spamming and made up some BS about why it wasn’t there, a misunderstanding of sorts. But, they actually gave her profile back to her which was fricken unbelievable! She must have been connected because she was using black-hat automated “follow” tools like crazy.

      Has anyone reported these Internet Marketers that make up stuff to the FTC? I mean, some of the made-up BS is so obvious and you don’t even have to be as stealth as Salty to find the lies.

      Maybe there could be a forum, post, or exchange on this blog that will initiate a mass-flag of the accounts of unethical marketers.

      1. @MJ, All we need now is for someone to compile a list of scammers and their affiliates. I’ll go ahead and set up a Twitter account and list them one by one as Tweets. That way they will know we are after them and will feel the heat on the back of their necks as we hunt them down.

        So, next question, who’s going on the list?

        1. @David, I don’t think anyone has got the balls to do it. The second someone sets up a Twitter account (or any other kind of account) that lists the scammers, the scammers will mass complain at it and it will get pulled.

          There absolutely needs to be a list of scum bags somewhere so we can nail them with complaints. I just takes someone with big balls to do it.

  8. It’s still sad that this has happened {the @SD being banned from social media sites, not the pants thing–I’m pretty non-plused about the pants thing}.

    For Twitter you could probably just make more accounts–but I suppose you felt this wasn’t really necessary/helpful/important?

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @SD,

        “She”? Is this a personification of Twitter or a reference to a specific female scammer that you were targeting that was firing back with bannings?

        Also, curious: when they ban you, or rather, when the scammers get you banned, do you get to find out/know what they say you’re doing that causes you to get banned?

        Furry cows moo and decompress.

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