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Herbalife’s Mexican Laundromat

By |September 26th, 2013|

It’s not fucking good to speculate :: best leave that to the empty heads at the cable news networks … cause it’s kinda their jam. But sometimes a fake robot has gotta speculate :: because certain sorts of stories […]

Profit and Loss

By |September 4th, 2013|

Not many families can functionally recover from a five-figure loss :: but Herbalife CEO Michael O. Johnson and his family certainly could … because he’s spent the last decade profiteering handsomely from hundreds of thousands of other {much poorer} […]

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  • Herbalife Vision Values Propaganda

Herbalife Vision Values Propaganda

You know how Chairman Mao had everyone carry around a little red book :: to help remind them that their thoughts were not their own? Yeah :: it’s just exactly like that … except […]

  • Suck and Swallow

Suck and Swallow

Dirt bag :: piece of shit :: fuck stupid cog in the sick machine … John Swallow … may be set to resign as Utah’s Attorney General.

The Deseret News …

Embattled Utah Attorney General John […]

  • HerbaMoobs


This fucking awesome fake robot site has been down for a month {terrible timing I know!} :: and basically … I blame Perry Belcher … even if the causation is rather attenuated at this […]

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