… you can’t make money online.

Can YOU make career replacing money online?

If you’re asking yourself that question :: then the answer is most definitely … NO!

Fuck no!

Not even close.

Forget about it.

But can you make enough money online to help out with your bills … maybe take some of the pressure off your life?

Almost definitely not.

You can use the Internet to help you sell goods or services :: but as it was before the Internet …

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Salty Droid 2012

Fake robot :: year four … totally done already!

My goal for 2012 was to rid the world of evil … so that’s a fail.

But I did achieve some lesser objectives …

— I wrote a song about a manatee and some twinkies

— I made a hit movie for a maker of hit movies

— I hated a book

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Fuck You Leonard Coldwell Motherfucker

Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor Leonard Coldwell :: board certified PHDoctor … has had enough of me. Last time I talked to him :: and he didn’t have the man-sack to talk back to me … I was calling him Barbara. He loved it :: in a sexual way … allegedly. But I guess it’s not fun to threaten someone who offers to die in the streets :: and let’s face it …

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Goodbye SaltyDroid :: Hello Boring

Do u love this blog?

Well then fuck you :: cause this ain’t no blog … and if you really loved it you’d’ve already known that.

Here’s how to blog :: in five easy steps …

1)  write an opening sentence that attempts to be quippy … and fails

2) add a couple of lines about this or that problem … or this or that cat

3) talk briefly {or ad nauseam} about something you read in some other publication somewhere


3) talk briefly {or ad nauseam} about someone else’s blogish opinion about something they read in some other publication somewhere


3) just talk shit ad nauseam about whatever :: nobody fucking cares anyway …

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Sonia Simone’s Shame

Sonia Simone and Naomi Dunford are BFFs :: they bonded early {and often} over their mutual love of other people’s money. In a 2008 post on Sonia’s typepad blog :: celebrating her one whole year anniversary in blogging … she gave a shout out to the unlovely Ms. Spider Dunford …

The now-infamous Naomi Dunford found Remarkable Communication right around the middle of September and showed up for the first time in my comments.

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