The Auditioning

At least four dead people later … James Arthur Ray is back on CNN.

And he’s :: like … all sorry and stuff. How else is one to interpret the dye and highlight job?


It’s the greatest pain I can imagine, is to really care about helping people — and end up seeing them getting hurt.

… says Captain Pity Party :: in various […]

Vanity Haute Air

OMFG … I’m back bitches!


I know :: I was gone for a longish time … and you missed me muchly. How were you supposed to remember not to put your tongue on the hot stove without me around to fake robotic fake mother you?


I know.

Oh well :: I’m sure you’ll be fine … time heals all {tongue} wounds. I was […]

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Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Prequel

Do you want to see Hulk Hogan 5.0 having sex with some lady who should oughta be bein’ faithful to Bubba the Love Sponge?

Do you want Kathy Bates to hobble you with a dragon bone seriously infected with the hantavirus?

Shirly those two questions are equivalents?

Was that last question a question?

Anywayz :: turd spewing pageview whoring turd site Gawker :: whose […]

In the News

Brain poisoning manipulator Jeff Walker is product launching his Product Launch Formula for the fifty-thousandth time :: but this time it’s different … because this time the all new PLF is thrice dipped in shit. That’s more than twice the previous once!

… and you can too!

You can read Syndicate member :: and obvious scammer … Jeff Walker’s sales page for PLF.3.ShitDip over […]

+3 Open Wounds

Plus three years ago :: I didn’t find out about the death of Colleen Conaway until it was too late to stop the deaths of James Shore … Liz Neuman … and Kirby Brown. It hurts to think about how different things might have been if I’d have noticed sooner … if I’d have seen Jason Moffatt’s friend Greg […]

Anthony Morrison’s Television Internets


Anthony Morrison uses the television to tell people about how HUGE he is on the Interwebs. But most Internet people :: like you people :: have never heard of him. Loving the Internet really cuts into time spent watching shitty 3am infomercials … and fake web-star Morrison has almost no real web presence.

The infomercial is a fake show hosted […]

Endangering James Arthur Ray

FUCK YOU James Arthur Ray :: you motherfucking motherfucker!!

I’m back bitches!  Believe it!

Longest break ever :: but you stupids just kept clicking like a bunch of sheeple :: so I guess I’ll do what I want! No consequences!

Exclamation points!!

Remember when James Arthur Ray got convicted of negligent homicide?  Yeah … it was so awesome.

Fuck you James Arthur Ray :: you […]

Cake and/or Death

I’m back!

… sort of.

… not really.

… leave me alone!

… not really.

… sort of.

Weddings are like a whole big thing :: and I have responsibilities :: for instance … standing around next to cakes looking menacing for my size.

Convicted felon James Arthur Ray {ah … that felt good} :: is still out on bail while he awaits sentencing {which prolly won’t happen […]

Acquittal {or not}

Sometimes white ladies kill their babies :: they probably don’t mean it as a favor to CNN … but it is one.

Last week the State of Arizona completed its case against James Death Ray.  CNN is no longer covering the trial because they’re super busy looking at weather maps and buying new touch screens for zooming in on Wolf Blitzer’s […]

James Arthur Ray :: Headline News

I’ve been looking for James Ray :: have you seen him? He’s like a tall guy :: concave mouth :: spray on tan :: walks around like an angry chicken is nesting at the far end of his colon?

It’s not a big deal or anything :: it’s just that I found some of his pills near my grandpa’s socks […]