Harlan Kilstein

Beached Whale Millions

Not-Doctor Harlan Kilstein’s latest too dumb to be true frauduct :: BeachMillions!  It works like this …
1.  You never :: ever :: never :: ever go to the beach … just like Harlan.
2.  You don’t make any money … just like Harlan.
It’s been over a year since my first post about Not-Doctor Shitstein.  During that time he has become […]

Kilstein’s Conning Questionnaire

When we last checked in with Doctor Harlan Kilstein :: he was not a doctor … but he was a perverted :: d-bag :: know nothing :: sick-o :: fucking lunatic who was stealing money from the weak and vulnerable.  Let’s check in on him again shall we?

{uses chopsticks to slightly part Kilstein’s Pee ‘n Sweat ‘n Jizz™ stained […]

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Jeff Schwerdt :: The Jet Set

Question :: Who is Jeff “Herschy” Schwerdt?

Answer :: Nobody.

That is technically the correct answer :: but it’s a bit short :: expandification required …

Jeff “SkidMark” Schwerdt is the Father {aka non-vaginal birth giver} of the Cash Flow Funnel. This is an “Extremely Limited Offer” :: in that almost nothing is on offer.  Get in NOW before it flows the […]

Modeling for Mike


January has been a busy month for the Vicious Garden Gnome Mike Filsaime.  First he had his big {/little} Internet Marketing Cruise :: For Pedophiles .. By Pedophiles :: which went over like pancakes dipped in shit.  In the rumors I’m starting … the whole thing was a money losing disaster of paranoia and uncomfortable sex.  Loneliness in numbers […]

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Vacationing with Mike Filsaime

Each year the tiny town of GnomeVille has a pissing contest :: literally.  The winner of the contest gets to spend several decades selling used cars in what the GardenGnomes call :: “the big people world!” :: One such lil’ pissin’ champion was turdy little troll {because even gnomes can be trolls} Mike Filsaime.  After pissin’ big :: Mike […]

Giving It Up

Quick shout out to the Hypocrite Saint Russell Brunson. Recently Russell “generously” donated $50,000 of the money his boiler room hustled off of unsuspecting victims :: in order to name one of the Virgin America planes {whoopty fuckin’ doo}.  I thought maybe he could use some help coming up with something original {dot com}.

Russell gives {venereal diseases to glasses […]

Jason and The Droid :: Part 2


Salty Droid:  So I believe we had established that you are a Mormon Internet scammer living in an RV down by the Mississippi river :: Does that sound right Teacup?

Jason Jones: Close enough.

Salty Droid:  I see you’ve thrown down more visuals :: looks fucking official :: you’ll excuse me if I don’t read it.

Jason Jones: The last post produced […]

Kilstein’s The Secret Secret

Not-Doctor Harlan Kilstein hasn’t been having much success in business lately.  Sure he still has his pretend “seven figure Internet business” :: and that’s doing great … it will be manifesting itself into an eight figure mega-empire in no time.  But back here on Earth :: where Newtonian Physics still reign supreme :: in a humble little place called […]

Sheeple Part 2 :: Conformity

Which of the three turds on the right :: matches the turd on the left?  Wait :: Wait :: Don’t answer that yet.  First let the other people at your table answer …
Al Gore:  The correct answer is one … the hot chick at the death cover up party.
Bono:  It’s one … the dancing dark demon of disco.
Abraham Lincoln:  […]

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Sheeple Part 1 :: Obedience

Why didn’t James Arthur Ray’s Death Lodge victims get up and leave before their internal organs shut down?  It was hot as hell in there :: and it must’ve stunk of sweaty white people.  And why would anyone pay 10K for that crap-fest in the first place?

Why would otherwise smart people give Not-Doctor Kilstein $2,000 per month for Not-Coaching?

Why […]