Vemma AutoSuit

emma’s not a scam. I know :: because I attended one of their big ol’ con-tastic events … and every single one of their Instagraming tweaker-speakers told me so.

Vemma’s no scam bro … YPR.

Do these peeps here look like scammers to you?

Hellz no :: they’re just a couple of sexy white kids tipping back a few cold ones …

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Herbalife Vision Values Propaganda


ou know how Chairman Mao had everyone carry around a little red book :: to help remind them that their thoughts were not their own? Yeah :: it’s just exactly like that … except Herbalife.

vision mission values

… bullshit.

“Our Work:

 We make decisions based on facts, not hearsay.”

A totally sensible propaganda slogan for a scam company :: selling people on a widely panned lie …

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Vemma Con


“Raise your hand if you’ve spent your last dollars to get here today” … says one of the young Vemma Leadership Academy speakers as he paces the stage like an #MLMtweeker on the fiend. About half of the 3500 {mostly lower middle class} youngsters raise a sad hand while sharing knowing looks with other kids from their overpacked cross-country carpools … success demands sacrifice.

They think they’re part of a movement :: a mission …

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Snakes on a Plane

Vemma Snakes on a Plane

nthony Powell didn’t meet Herbalife’s high {fake} ethical standards :: so after just a couple of decades of letting him do whatever the fuck … they pretended to promptly and politely part ways with his punkass. Fly away chubby bird :: run your gigantic lead gen scam in other murky waters … says them.

You’d think he might show a little respect :: a little gratitude to the NYSE traded scamworld company that gave him his start in scamworld :: yet here he is getting all puffy on a private plane …

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Confesstimonial :: Collateral Damage


All you have to do to succeed :: is succeed at convincing others that they can succeed at succeeding … just by convincing others to succeed.

It’s that simple {of a mindfuck}.

Why aren’t you doing it?

Oh and also :: it will most likely tear your life apart … and ruin everything.

Confesstimonials™ are posts written by people {not pretending to be robots} who have firsthand experience with scamworld darkness :: and this one is about to begin …

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