Jessie Conners is My Rich Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad is {I’m guessing} a book about having a rich dad :: it really makes life a lot easier … so do try to have one. There might also be some stuff in there about getting rich on real estate :: but that’s obviously all bollocks … stick with having a rich dad.

If you don’t have a rich dad :: then don’t put shit on your credit cards …

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Spider ShitStorm Redux

Have you heard about not-rocker Dave Navarro’s funny news?


Good :: then I get to be the one to tell you … he abandoned his kids {in the worst way} and his wife {in the worst way} for a fake business and a fat girl.





Says Dave in a pathetic fucking sales email last week …

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Meditations on a Fat Man

Harlan Kilstein isn’t a doctor :: and he isn’t an Internet marketing guru either … thanks to lil’ old me.

Good job me!

But he’s still a pathetic bottom feeding scammer … and every month or so someone tells me a story about Harlan trying to ruin their life with his ridiculousness.

Maybe a fake robot can keep a motherfucking d-bag from getting huge …

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Serenity Now

Sometimes even elves are naughty :: like Caffeinated Elf Rachael Acklin getting involved in Crystal Cox’s Depressing-n-Grotesque Pornography™.

No :: thankfully … not that kind of naughty.

Tweets Rachael :: who I refuse to call Rhiannon …

Help me bring my little girl home, and get a website, logo, header, and coaching at half off.

An unorthodox reason to have a sale for sure :: but in fairness …

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Decaffeinated Self

Let’s talk about Rachael. It’s obviously what Rachael wants to talk about … other NotRachael things aren’t interesting to Rachael.

Rachael Acklin is the “Caffeinated Elf” :: and she would love for you to join her Rachael based community … the Caffeinated Business Community. For just $20 a month you can access all of the advantages of being in a forum with an absolute nobody like Rachael Acklin.

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