Is Herbalife a Scam? {spam}

Tomorrow Herbalife CEO Michael Johnson :: and his saggy band of morally culpable senior executives … are due to present their fake company’s response to Bill Ackman’s truth {and money} attack on their fucking obvious pyramid scheme.

Strange that it takes more than two weeks for the country’s highest paid CEO to come up with a decent {or not} defense […]

Thank You Hater Monkeys!

Apropos of :: well I guess … everything.

Fuck you trolls … 4eva!

>> bleep bloop

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Anik Singal NumberOne FunTime Testimonial

Y’all wouldn’t believe the shit I’ve been up to … expecially because I’m not going to tell you about it yet.

Muh ha ha?

Meanwhile :: back at fucking StupidTown … Anik Singal needs our help!

Says he via email today …

There is nothing to buy, in fact,
I want to GIVE YOU an opportunity
to do something for ME!

I guess taking is the […]

Still Sinking & Stinking

The StomperNet Letters {a fake robot family tradition} are like The Screwtape Letters :: in that they are written by evil stinking demons. But they aren’t like The Screwtape Letters :: in that they are non-literary and authored by ignorant fucking idiots.

Sometimes The StomperNet Letters are about Mark Shurtleff and {in vain} sucking up to The Droid. But usually they are […]

Stop Stop Online Piracy Act

The Stop Online Piracy Act is like the DMCA … except worser.

I’m against it.

I think it’s dumb.

I fart in its general direction.

I think it won’t help protect Intellectual Property {a worthy end}.

I’m so against it that I’m embedding the above Vimeo video that other thought leading thought leaders are fearlessly embedding {I haven’t actually watched it but I think […]

Ed Dale’s Frank Kern CoxPorn Challenge

Ed Dale has seen Frank Kern “go hard and go often — very off — much …” :: in a sexual way. He even has a t-shirt about it that got him a two minute standing ovation at the The Anthony’s …

… or something.

Many people :: like Bob Proctor :: have assumed {in their dark and disturbing sexual fantasies} that […]

Jeff Johnson Goes Down the {You}Tubes

Jeff Johnson :: best known for having a fanged vagina face :: has been banned from YouTube for reasons that Jeff Johnson can’t possibly imagine with what little brains Jeff Johnson has inside of the oddly shaped head that helps attach Jeff Johnson’s lying mouth to Jeff Johnson’s turd blackened heart.

That was a really long sentence :: so Jeff […]

Mmmm Whatcha Say … James Ray

CNN is pulling its coverage of the James Arthur Ray trial :: probably because Luis Li is so horrible to watch. It is said that the sound of his droning :: arrogant :: little voice can cause diarrhea :: foaming at the mouth :: and dilated pupils. It’s not true :: but it is said :: so let’s talk about it for a […]

James Ray Trial Youtubes :: April 8th

I think my fake secretary Debbie tried to poison me with organophosphates :: in fact I’m sure of it :: go ahead and prove it’s not true.

Anywayz :: thanks to stupid Debbie degrading my processors with her dastardly rat poison plots :: I was unable to live blog the testimony of a real Debbie :: Debbie Mercer :: who helped her husband Ted tend the hot rock fire […]

Censorship as Filler :: X

Robert Proxy was the fake man in charge of the fake robot on FaceBook.

The Salty Droid’s fan page on The Facebook was sparsely maintained :: because FaceBook is shit … and because The Droid already learned a hard lesson about building something valuable on someone else’s sell-out platform {*cough* twitter *cough* youtube *cough* bluehost *cough*}.

The death of four people […]