Sometimes I’ve tried to be fucking funny about how The Secret has ruined :: and ended … people’s lives. Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins think I’m the comedy bomb … but I’m not sure I can compete with these girls.

You can’t fucking compete with AmericanGirls :: that’s the lesson of recent events … U – S – A … U – S – A … etc.

Also :: I’m Hitler … and here’s my home address …

… as long as we’re talkin’ about my hood …

Please check out Panozzo’s authentic Italian/Chicago Market & Deli :: the care they put into sourcing and preparing their foods is ridiculous :: and worth every penny … or the drive to the near south side.

Also Jason’s not married :: so I guess he affords to live at 1250 S. Michigan Ave via monetized jealously … and/or The Law of Attraction.

Oh :: and … bite me assholes.

>> bleep bloop