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Salty Droid


Blake Morgan Infinity Moobs

This fucking awesome fake robot site has been down for a month {terrible timing I know!} :: and basically … I blame Perry Belcher … even if the causation is rather attenuated at this point … I still blame Perry Belcher.

Speaking of people with moobs who I blame for shit …

Meet Herbalife Chariman’s Club member :: and all around uber-bastard … Blake Morgan.

Blake has some pretty dark skeletons in his closets … and they’re all fat too.

This post is only a test :: the site’s still sick … so be gentle with her.

Wanna follow me on tumblr until I get banned?

Four weeks of Herbalife research :: no interruptions for avant-garde writings or troll beat downs … it was actually kinda fun.

HLF is going to fucking regret SD getting some downtime … for realz.

Blake :: your mom called … she wants her tits back.

>> bleep bloop