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My Father is Li Gang

I recently had a meeting with Iain McDonald about my new line of highly fashionable post-transgender pants.

Iain is the founder Amnesia Razorfish :: a digital advertising agency based in Sydney :: and a part of Razorfish … which wasn’t then was and now isn’t {say it fast} a part of Microsoft. Iain’s agency helps companies take their brands online or whatever blah blah blah.

He’s an Internet marketer. Funny right? Like an actual one!

See … for those of you not in the know … around here the term “Internet Marketer” has exactly jackshit to do with the actual profession of marketing …

  • Internet Marketing is fake for Network Marketing on the Internet
  • Network Marketing is fake for Multi Level Marketing
  • Multi Level Marketing is fake for pyramid scheming

… and pyramid schemes are a soul sucking rot that plagues the land.

Anywayz :: I’m pitching Iain on this fucking epic new line of pants … trying to get him on board with taking me and my brand to the top.

{begin fake robot pitch}

I'm calling them Opportunity Pants™ :: because anything can 
happen in them :: guaranteed!

How can I be so sure?

Because I've worn them myself ... and various things did 

Opportunity Pants™ :: If you can't embrace the moment ... at 
least be wearing some pants.

{end pitch}

Honestly :: Iain didn’t seemed that impressed with the idea. Well whatever :: it was a fake meeting anyway.

But I was talking to Iain the other day in a non-photoshop type way. He was all like :: “Did you notice that you’ve been completely banned from the Internet?” And then I was all like :: “You’re kidding?” But he wasn’t kidding. I am banned from the Internet … and if you think too hard about it … it seems pretty fucked up.

Iain thought maybe he could help :: he said he’d ask around for me :: and he wrote this post :: Web Vigilantes being banned from social media sites

“In summary, it’s easier for a scammer to have a web vigilante shut down than vice versa. The Droid is now absent from all social networks and yet the people being named in his blog continue to tweet freely etc. In an age where consumers are able to interact so easily with anyone from close friends to complete strangers there is no easy and quick way of distributing warning messages to others in the case of genuine scams. That’s a service SaltyDroid was attempting to provide before being shut down in social media circles.”

Sad but true.

Go read the article. Write your congressmen. Tell at least three PostMasters. This travesty shall not stand {for more than the sixteen months it’s already standed}!

If this doesn’t work … maybe I’ll just call up Twitter and tell them …

My Father is Li Gang!!

>> bleep bloop