Salty Droid >> bleep bloop

Salty Droid


Have you been scammed?

Have you been conned?

Has a heinous crime been perpetrated against your desiccated vesicle?

>> bleep

That is sad … this one sentence paragraph feels very bad for you.

But this is serious :: I’m seriously.

You must report these crimes to the proper authorities in the hopes that future victims may be spared the same suffering. Action cannot be taken against unreported crimes.

The Salty Droid robotically recommends/demands that you press each button and file complaints with ALL of the following …

And of course :: as a matter of politeness and common courtesy :: you may also want to send a short thank you note to the scammer who just “taught” you such an expensive life lesson. Here’s one classy possibility that you may use free of charge …

… simply print :: baste in the urine of your choice {diabetic cat for best results} :: and send.

>> bleep bloop