The Pansy Rebrandification


Last month The Droid did a review of Aaron Pansy Parkinson {link} Co-Founder of Carbon Copy Crap :: I don’t remember the specifics … but I believe I gave him ZERO Stars and recommended that he be EATEN by a whale.

{parenthetical simulation of time passing …}

Well, god must hate me because the shit with the whale hasn’t happen yet {perhaps whale eatings have become passé}.  

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Aaron {Pansy} Parkinson: Web 1.34

Carbon Copy Crap co-founder Aaron {Pansy} Parkinson :: He’s a legend in the field of Calling Yourself a Legend.  The Pansy claims he can help you leverage the internet to become a marketing “rockstar” {jazz hands}.  But before you go handing The Pansy your wallet {and the keys to your 2002 Chevy Lumina} … let’s inspectify his webification!!

Name :: Full Contact Marketer {insert.shadow.boxing}


His business name is a ManChild reference to MMA fighting :: He’s Dukes-Up in his primary headshot!

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Carbon Copy Crap


There is no question that DK Dipshit and JimmyDavis are squirmy little turds.  They are of no value :: They are unpleasant to look at :: They have the stink of waste :: If you get them on your skin, you’ll think of NOTHING but washing them off for months {no mere soap is powerful enough … The Droid recommends gasoline followed by matches}.

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