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There is no question that DK Dipshit and JimmyDavis are squirmy little turds.  They are of no value :: They are unpleasant to look at :: They have the stink of waste :: If you get them on your skin, you’ll think of NOTHING but washing them off for months {no mere soap is powerful enough … The Droid recommends gasoline followed by matches}.

But DK and Jimmy are just one sad wilting branch on a much bigger Turd Tree.  The Droid isn’t content with breaking just the smelly little branches :: This WHOLE mother fucking Tree is going to go DOWN!

Hello Jay Kubassek & Aaron Parkinson :: bleep bloop :: Do you want to be my friends?  {the correct answer was OMG NO! … but it’s too late now}. Some of your turd babies floated up on my lawn, and I’ve followed the smell back to you.

{enter stage left} Carbon Copy Pro {sneering at inner dialog with twitching fingers}

Jay and Aaron’s contribution to society is an expensive … useless … multi level … punk ass hustle.  Here’s how it works ::

  • You pay to apply, then you pay for some other shit, then you start paying a HUGE monthly fee, then you pay the special “Holy Shit You’re Still Giving Us Money” price
  • You make a sadly underwhelming attempt to get others to do the same … and are barely compensated for it
  • Eventually you see that it’s ONLY working for them and NOT for you :: But you can’t let yourself admit that you’ve been hustled by a couple of SUPREME BASTARDS … so you blame yourself.
  • You walk away much poorer ::  Your debts have ballooned :: You have another failure in your Life Log Book
  • Then the Thick, Black, Fucked-Up Depression comes … just like before
  • Congratulations!!  You’ve just been done the Carbon Copy Pro way.

There is nothing Professional about Carbon Copies ::  They are smudged, unclear, dirty reminders that someone more important has the fucking originals.  Carbon Copies started dying a slow death in the 1960’s … along with open racism and misogyny :: All three died slowly because the establishment hates improvement … but once they were dead, no one was shedding any tears.

Now it’s Carbon Copy Pro’s turn to DIE!  I’m coming for you Jay & Aaron … you sick pricks … but it’s not going to take me 4 decades to kill you off.  You are standing atop of a poorly constructed Card Castle …

>> run.program {Huff-n-Puff} loop.until.collapse <<

See you in Hell.

>> bleep

45 thoughts on “Carbon Copy Crap”

  1. OK Droid..Now you have stepped outside of your know. CCPro is a top notch, first class educational system, not a money making system. There are people that are going to follow the system and make money and then hopefulls that are lazy and wont. Jay and Aaron are two stand up, top notch leaders in the Direct Sales Industry and if you had done any of your homework, you would know so. I suppose you think Mike Dillard is a Scam artist too, dontcha.? Nothing like a hater..for some people, its the only way they can get attention.

  2. I always do my homework Josh … ALWAYS!! Including watching your CCPro squeeze video the first time you left a comment on my blog and started sending me DM’s. Says me to myself, “I wonder why one of these CCPro bitches is sidling up to me?” DK and Jimmy were with you at Tahoe right? And at EVERY other CCPro scam event.

    You’re god damn right I think disgusting LimpDick Mike Dillard is a scammer {although I wouldn’t use the term “artist” because his scams aren’t interesting or original}. His short ugly face will be all over this blog in the coming months. In six months he won’t be able to make the payments on that car that he DOESN’T deserve … and CAN’T actually afford.

    Might as well unhitch your wagons from these assholes right now Josh … but before you do … tell your Mommies that I’m coming for ALL OF THEM!!

  3. Ha ha ha! If you click on “jboxer”s link you can experience the joy of a typical RED SCREAMING HEADLINE site selling…GUESS WHAT? CARBON COPY PRO! Complete with the standard income disclaimer so you can’t sue them when they blame the victim and say “you’re just not working hard enough”!

    HAW HAW HAW–hey jboxer, you’re not the first seller of useless expensive crap–oh, sorry, I mean, “mastermind marketing guru”–to comment-spam links to your site, and you won’t be the last! I guess that’s the way some pathetic wanna-be marketers try to get attention. Though I suppose you can call CCPro an “educational system” in that it will MAYBE educate people to NOT BUY SHIT from sites with SCREAMING RED HEADLINES and LOTS OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!

    If you’re so successful, why the need for the free press release and the stupid generic e-zine articles, like every other “marketer” out there? That’s SOOOO John-Reese-five-years-ago! And you might want to ask “Home Based Business Leaders Sophia and Aaron Rashkin” why they’re PLAGIARIZING your PRESS RELEASE!!!! WORD for WORD! They’re, like, STEALING your MASTERMIND GURU BRILLIANCE!

    Loser. Go beg for attention somewhere else.

  4. you are a sad soul who carries a lot of anger around and instead of dealing with your own issues, you spew hatred and bitterness at people you don’t even know. what a waste of time, what a waste of energy what a waste of life. why don’t you put your energy and time into creating something worthwhile yourself? if the only way you feel good about yourself is by name calling and making uneducated claims about other people try to at least do it in a tasteful manner… if you are so bitter, why not try being the change you want to see in this industry? i wish you the best and hope that you find a better way to express yourself

  5. Hey Droid, Your nothing but a punk. You know nothing about marketing and everything about nothing. You don’t even have the balls to show your face. I know you were the guy that got picked on in high school and your mommy cleaned your wounds on a daily basis from your ASS BEATINGS, but this is the real world now. All you have is a broke ass website. Someone else bought your fucking domain name!! You tried to play it off like you were waiting for someone to purchase it? Come on droid!!! Your messing with the wrong crew. Go Pick on someone your own size..Oh,no the ants of the world are scared and so are the snakes. Your no more a lawyer than I am a carpenter. Boo Yaa!!!

    1. @jboxer, Well if it isn’t Mr. Baggy Pants himself, Joshie-boy Boxer. Why don’t you use your own picture, instead of that one of a bowling ball with ears? I’ve gotta admit, I’d never heard of a nose botox before. Easy does it! Will you be turning over any new leaves this year? Or maybe just leaving? Both are great options! Say “hello” to all your insecurities for us!

  6. ok sd, i only ask you what your solution is to this pox? also if you are in fact a lawyer, would you be making death threats and also would you not be aware of the laws against deformation of character, libel and slander? why don’t you just address any issues you have with these people face to face like a man? If you are so confident in your claims, man up and show the world your face :) im sure your points would be much more respected if you took ownership over them…just a thought. have a good one

    1. @james,

      Would you please elaborate on the “laws against deformation?”

      ‘Cuz I’d be really interested to hear more ’bout thoze.

      You do have a valid point.

      The Droid is certainly contributing to the deformation of an already twisted industry.

      I think I like double spaces.

      You should look into them.

    2. @james, I got to thinking about where you said:

      your points would be much more respected if you took ownership over them

      I was thinking maybe since the points came out of his own head, and he owns his own head, then he already has the ownership part. Unless maybe he bought those thoughts at the store, but I haven’t ever seen a thought-store.

      What thought-store did you get your thoughts from? Because maybe it will probably go out of business selling thoughts like that. I hope you saved the receipt.

    3. @james,

      “why don’t you just address any issues you have with these people face to face like a man?”

      Every time I think I found stupid-statement of the year winner, the new one pops in.

  7. Salty Droid is a sad pathetic loser. That is a fact even he himself is beginning to wake up to.

    It is blatently obvious from this blog that he has absolutely no life of his own whatsoever.

    Dear droid, away and have a fucking look at yourself.

  8. Josh :: Nice effort. I’d have gone with something like, “Who cares if you’re a fucking lawyer, a drunk turtle with Alzheimer’s could get a law degree.” :: Way better! That’s why I’m the Pro … and you’re the dude in parachute pants.

    James :: The death threat {promise} is directed at the business/scam … only intellectual violence is sanctioned by The Droid.

    Buck :: I’ll give that 1 star. It’s rude … but it’s the same thing everyone else says … think of your own.

  9. SD, That’s right, It takes balls to jump out of a plane but none at all to hide behind a computer screen and a robot. Your the Pro at What? You swear like drunk sailor which tells me one thing, your just covering up years of a lousy self esteem ,so lousy that you created not 1 but 2 alter ego’s to deal with your miserable life. I think the Salty Ghost is better suited as you are a thing of the past. Parachute pants are necessary for those of us with balls enough to wear them. Put that in a bowl and smoke it!!

  10. so what business would you recommend? is there one that you personally are affiliated with? thanks!

  11. So, what part of Mastermind Marketing Guru School teaches would-be marketers that the best way of dealing with your detractors is to scream and swear and rant and rave and throw junior-high taunts like a child having a tantrum? Gee, sign me up! Truly your self-appointed title as Mastermind Marketing Guru is for REAL.

    Here’s a marketing tip, Josh–for FREE!–Google really, really LOVES people like you who project ONE face on one site and an entirely DIFFERENT NASTY face on another. YOU might not like it, but your now-archived behavior is INVALUABLE for folks researching whether or not a program is right for them.

    Might want to take a lesson from fellow “marketer” David Schirmer about how NOT to deal with bad publicity. Google and Blogsearch sees all, including all the petulant whining and defensive screaming from folks who sign up for a money-making affiliate program pyramid TWO YEARS INTO IT, who are now wondering WHY they’re not making all the wads of cash all the people in the testimonials are making.

  12. Josh said, “Your no more a lawyer than I am a carpenter.”

    Is that a Freudian slip, or the new face of literacy? Either way, Josh is most likely sweeping up wood shavings by day, and vainly using spellcheck on his autoresponder messages by night.

    Sadly, all it’s gotten him is a pair of disco-era parachute pants best suited for concealing a week’s worth of bowel movements.

  13. There’s a very funny email exchange between an interested party and a CCP hawker reported over on

    The non-answers to some very basic questions are a SCREAM. Basically they won’t tell you ANYTHING about the program (ooooh, it’s a secret!) until you pony up $50. Ask a question or two and they call you as a “tire kicker” and ignore you.

    A “tire kicker” is IM industry disparaging parlance for someone who “wastes” the seller’s time by asking questions they don’t want to answer instead of just handing the seller their wallet. AKA a troublemaker. They like to insinuate/challenge that “tire kickers” are “too chicken to take action”, in the hopes that juvenile dares will incite their victims to jump in. (And you wonder how they hooked someone like Josh?)

    They’ll say stuff like “It’s ONLY fifty bucks! Are you too CHEAP to spend $50 on your future HAPPINESS? You’re too CHEAP to spend FIFTY BUCKS on your own family’s future WELFARE?!?!? Gosh, I’d HATE to be someone as pathetic as YOU, ya big SCAREDY CAT! You’re gonna pass up this OPPORTUNITY…” That’s the standard selling script, more or less. You can almost hear them going “Buuuuck-buck-buck-buck” like a chicken when the victim tries to respond.

    You’ll notice question-askers who don’t fall for the “dare” get dropped like a hot potato. They are specifically looking for people who WON’T ask questions and just go along with the feel-good “I’m not a chicken! I’m not a chicken!” rah-rah.

  14. Anyone who thinks this IM stuff is sooo valuable should realize they can get most of this crap for FREE on torrent sites, and after they download one or two they can then see for themselves how everyone in the “info product” industry is just ripping off and repeating everyone else (and sometimes their own previous crap), over and over and over again.

    It reminds me of those scams in the 70s where people took out classified ads telling people they can make money at home and to send away for their “Make Money At Home Kit” for a dollar or two. And what did victims get for their dollar or two? Something like a mimeographed pamphlet telling them to take out classified ads that tell people they can make money at home, providing they make THEIR OWN mimeographed pamphlet to send their victims when they send their money.

    Just the other day I was curious and put “Mike Dillard” in a torrent search and found an “info product” called “Black Belt Recruiting”. I didn’t bother with most of the files, but the torrent included a short PDF called “Insider Strategies for Handling Objections” which is basically a telemarketing script that affiliate “info-product” wankers can use to try to manipulate people into buying their “info-product”. It’s just like another of the Droid’s commenters a few weeks ago, who compared these people with child molesters–they do indeed use the same combination of subtle threats, taunts and dangling toys and shiny things to get their sleazy way.

    Here are some of the objections people historically raise, according to the author (this is a “bonus” you get when you buy the program, which they threaten to yank and sell on its own for $97.00 (OR MORE!), but oooh, you can get it for FREE if you act RIGHT NOW when you decide to buy the bunch of phone conversations they taped and threw on some CDs to sell for $150).

    Enjoy the non-answer evasive and manipulative responses they endorse, such as:

    Q: How much money are you making?

    A: “It’s not about what I make, it’s about what you’re going to make (or not make).”

    (Which won’t be much, since most of it gets passed upline. But hey! It’ll be YOUR fault when you don’t make money, because CLEARLY you’re not working HARD ENOUGH, ya big sissy!)

    Q: How much is this going to cost me?

    A: “It’s not about spending money, it’s about making money.”

    (Notice he doesn’t say WHO is spending or making the money. Just in case it’s not clear: YOU, the victim, SPEND the money, and HE will be MAKING the money YOU spend, by virtue of taking it from you. Get it? And how much it costs will depend entirely on how much you’ll spend before you get tired of spending money and being told you’re not working hard enough, ya big sissy.)

    Q: Let me think it over.

    A: “You know, with what you’ve shared with me about (repeat his reasons why) and the opportunity you now have to do something about it… what is there really to think about?”

    (DON’T THINK! I can’t STAND people who THINK! THINKERS ask QUESTIONS! BAD questions! Questions BAD! Smiley-faces GOOD!)


    A: “You’re not one of those “tire kickers” are you? No? That’s good… then let’s move forward and get you plugged in and rolling.”

    (Gee, I thought you were a cool guy like me in parachute pants who only shaves once a week. Turns out you’re a SISSY. What’s that? You’re NOT a sissy? You SURE? Gee, I dunno. Well, just this ONCE I’ll let you PROVE it by giving me money! If you give me money, then I take it back: you’re NOT a sissy.)

    Q: “I’d have to try the product first.”

    A: “Actually, you don’t.. that’s a beginners error a lot of people make in our industry and I’m telling you so you don’t make it whatever business you end up joining.”

    (This is for your own good, since I care so very much about you. After all, you don’t wanna look like an idiot BEGINNER, do you? Why, THAT’S almost as bad as being a SISSY!)

    Q: I’m not sure if my wife will let me do this.

    A: “Let me ask you a question. Did your wife give you permission to stay in a job that’s keeping you broke?”

    (PUSSYWHIPPED SISSY! The WORST KIND of sissy EVER! No parachute pants for YOU! Here–have some PINK LEOTARDS instead!)


    A: “That’s ok. I’m really only interested in working with people who are driven, decisive and serious. That’s doesn’t sound like you so I’m going to go ahead and let you go.”

    (No joke here. That one really speaks for itself.)

    * * * * *

    Fine by me, Mister Info-Product Seller. Buh-bye. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Why are you walking so slow? Why do you keep looking hopefully behind you as you abandon me to my failure? Could it be if I shout “WAIT! COME BACK!” you’ll find room in your mighty heart to gimmee ANOTHER CHANCE? Dare I DREAM? Oh, but I forget, I’m a pussywhipped sissy. There’s no hope for me. Oh, wait, THERE IS! Yay! As things turn out he will STILL accept my money *IF* I show some gumption for once in my sad, pussywhipped sissy life and INSIST he take it!

    Take it, damn you! TAKE IT!!

    HOORAY! He TOOK it!!! It’s a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! And, what’s that? He says he doesn’t take just ANYONE’S money! No, he only takes MY money because I’m so SPECIAL and DRIVEN and SERIOUS!

    This is a NEW DAY, people! The DAY I stand up proudly and bravely GIVE MY MONEY to someone! Yes! I will remember this day FOREVER! A TURNING POINT! I’m now a DO-ER instead of a DREAM-ER! Now I get to JOIN an online FORUM where OTHER people and I can talk about how DECISIVE and SERIOUS and SPECIAL and HARD-WORKING we are! Ooooh, a FORUM! Something a TEENAGER could set up in about FIVE MINUTES. Forums are SOOOOO “Web 2.0”!!! I’m not exactly sure what “Web 2.0” really means, but the Internet Marketing people sure say it a lot. I think it has something to do with being “interactive”. Oh, hey, speaking of interactive, they’ll even let us LISTEN IN on more PHONE CALLS with INTERESTING PEOPLE! PHONE CALLS are soooo “Web 2.0”!! And WHY? Because I am so fucking SPECIAL! Or at least my MONEY is!

    To PROVE to you skeptics just how SPECIAL I am and how much they VALUE my INPUT and how they’re NOT all greedy and all about the money, watch this. I won’t pay my dues this month and you’ll see just how–hey, where did everybody go? Hello? Where’s all my special, driven, fellow-winner friends? HELLOOOO?!

  15. Carbon Copy Pro = gay. It ain't about h8ing, it's about the fact that it's built on friggin' greed. You can't control your own database, you can't do ANYTHING other than take all the marketing costs str8 in the ASS, and then pray to god that their pathetic "sales team" get''s some other sucker involved.

    That's not a real business. Jay Kuba-Suck and Mike Dildo are simply reselling the same worthless shit that they bought last year from other marketers. Josh Boxer – Why don't you go ahead and paste a copy of your last comission check on Droid's blog – along with your ADWORDS BILL {oh, snap!}

    Droid get's the vote for telling spotting these bullshit scams. If it wasn't a total rip, the people involved would be happy having an open, honest discussion about it. Still waiting for that to happen…

  16. Salty Droid, What would you suggest as a way to generate leads? I'm glad you expose the ones that aren't legit, I get emails from Carbon copy Pro all the time. What about From what I read it sounds like you have control of your leads that are generated rather than them going into someone elses system. The reason I ask is because I would think there has to be some type of sowtware out there that will bring qualified leads to you based on the parameters of your offer, whether it be an mlm, affiliate product or whatever. Like everyone else I don't want to waste money and time going down the wrong path. Thanks.

  17. 65stew :: is closely affiliated with Carbon Copy Pro :: Sign up and I think you'll find mostly useless leads … and constant attempts to up-sell you shambolic products like the "coaching" of epic chuckle heads DK and Jimmy Davis.

    Generating qualified leads is the major obstacle for any sales business :: Always has been. People who figure out a system :: Tell NO ONE until the system stops working.

    My advice :: Stop looking for people with answers {you'll only find false prophets} :: And start trying to come up with your own daft cunning plan … maybe you'll surprise yourself.

  18. I have searched the internet for id say a few hours to find what i have thankfully found here. Those Carbon Copy Pro feckers are a bunch of criminals who need to be thrown in jail. Why isnt there more truth out there about what they are doing to people. I cant believe a person representing them would be so verbally abusive and agressive towards people on here. It surely proves the type of low class people that are involved in this scam. They would chew you up and spit you out. I say well done to all of you for showing ccpro in its true light.

  19. I spent an hour or more trying to define what is actually involved in the “Carbon Copy Pro” process, but all you can find is endless feel good, motivational sales spin. That is surely enough to ring alarm bells for potential customers.

    1. @Carbon Copy Probiotic,

      The fact that you have to “Pay” for an application. You have to pay to “see what this is all about” should hit some alarms. Don’t get wrong, if you’re a Franchiser for McDonalds, you’ll have to pay an “Application Fee”, but you already know the business model.

  20. —————–Well said!————–
    “Exploiting people for profit isn’t an “industry” in need of changing :: It’s a pox in need of eradication :: I’m sorry you are so confused.”
    Justice work in mysterious ways…

  21. MLM, PRO, etc… Douche-bags, you are worth one another. I especially like those who come to douchebag seminars for a “douche-bag encouragements” for a fee, what a sad bunch.

  22. hey SD, I’ve been reading you site for a little today…

    I seems you really good at slamin’ people and starting controversy, but weak in adding any value to anyone’s life. Are you so pissed because you don’t know how to make money online?

    1. @SomeGuy, If “slammin’ people” equals showing people committing fraud in their own words, then the people who prosecuted Bernie Madoff didn’t “add value” to anyone’s life, according to your screwed up mind.

      This isn’t a “make money online” or “pro-scammer” site, if you hadn’t noticed. This is an “expose the fraudsters” site. If you want to fuck people over, head on over to the Warrior Forum and sell your shit.

      You are seriously fucked up in the head.

  23. @sd.

    Your posts make me wonder; and inspire.

    How many of these “genius-coaching” derelicts have a Bachelors Degree?

    Do you have a “fanboy” FB page yet?

  24. I see the Droid is still trying to get attention after being thrown out of his “Profession as an attorney”. Fucking tool box. and then you have add Michael asking, I wonder how many people have a Bachelors Degree? Are you fucking serious? Do you think college = success asshole???? Real world experience = success. Anything else is theory. College is taught by a bunch of BROKE professors who couldn’t make it in the real world but had some what of a clue on how to deliver the bowlshit message.

    Hey Droid! Your still an asshole, loser, wannabe, trying to stand on the shoulders of giants, but here’s the deal. Your still a fucking LOSER!!!

    Hope your enjoying sipping your Coke Zero from your basement apartment.

    Later Scumbag.

    PS. Go fuck yourself!!!

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