There is no question that DK Dipshit and JimmyDavis are squirmy little turds.  They are of no value :: They are unpleasant to look at :: They have the stink of waste :: If you get them on your skin, you’ll think of NOTHING but washing them off for months {no mere soap is powerful enough … The Droid recommends gasoline followed by matches}.

But DK and Jimmy are just one sad wilting branch on a much bigger Turd Tree.  The Droid isn’t content with breaking just the smelly little branches :: This WHOLE mother fucking Tree is going to go DOWN!

Hello Jay Kubassek & Aaron Parkinson :: bleep bloop :: Do you want to be my friends?  {the correct answer was OMG NO! … but it’s too late now}. Some of your turd babies floated up on my lawn, and I’ve followed the smell back to you.

{enter stage left} Carbon Copy Pro {sneering at inner dialog with twitching fingers}

Jay and Aaron’s contribution to society is an expensive … useless … multi level … punk ass hustle.  Here’s how it works ::

  • You pay to apply, then you pay for some other shit, then you start paying a HUGE monthly fee, then you pay the special “Holy Shit You’re Still Giving Us Money” price
  • You make a sadly underwhelming attempt to get others to do the same … and are barely compensated for it
  • Eventually you see that it’s ONLY working for them and NOT for you :: But you can’t let yourself admit that you’ve been hustled by a couple of SUPREME BASTARDS … so you blame yourself.
  • You walk away much poorer ::  Your debts have ballooned :: You have another failure in your Life Log Book
  • Then the Thick, Black, Fucked-Up Depression comes … just like before
  • Congratulations!!  You’ve just been done the Carbon Copy Pro way.

There is nothing Professional about Carbon Copies ::  They are smudged, unclear, dirty reminders that someone more important has the fucking originals.  Carbon Copies started dying a slow death in the 1960’s … along with open racism and misogyny :: All three died slowly because the establishment hates improvement … but once they were dead, no one was shedding any tears.

Now it’s Carbon Copy Pro’s turn to DIE!  I’m coming for you Jay & Aaron … you sick pricks … but it’s not going to take me 4 decades to kill you off.  You are standing atop of a poorly constructed Card Castle …

>> run.program {Huff-n-Puff} loop.until.collapse <<

See you in Hell.

>> bleep