Snaps, Stats, and Suspensions


Have you been suspended from Twitter? NO! You haven’t!  Because you aren’t fucking punk rock enough.  You’re all like :: “Did you hear about Michael Jackson? #rip #MJdead” :: And everyone else is like :: “Yeah I know! #kingofpop #omgosh” :: And then Oprah gives you a golf clap :: And everyone fucking hugs everyone :: And the shiny “New Media” Cup gets passed around so that each person can kiss their own reflection. 

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Pretty in Petty

pretty stupid

Meet Maria A. Andros {twitter}.  She calls herself, “The Video Marketing Queen” {because what’s a nickname without a definite article?}. Maria was a part of the 90 Day Challenge scam run by our old friends DK and Jimmy Davis {it’s NOT too late to get a refund}. Her idiotic lies and dark hearted coquettishness were an aid to Jimmy and DK …

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Refund Kryptonite

Debbie! Take a letter … then dip it in the stagnant urine of an asparagus eating lion.

To: Jimmy Davis & Dennis Karganilla

Dear Lost Boys,

Sorry about the smell.  You know how the post office can be this time of year.  Anyway … but seriously … sorry about the smell.

Lukewarm Regards,


When The Droid began his assault on DK and Jimmy this March,

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Carbon Copy Crap


There is no question that DK Dipshit and JimmyDavis are squirmy little turds.  They are of no value :: They are unpleasant to look at :: They have the stink of waste :: If you get them on your skin, you’ll think of NOTHING but washing them off for months {no mere soap is powerful enough … The Droid recommends gasoline followed by matches}.

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DK & Jimmy’s Religious Conversion

The Droid’s cross platform assault on The DipShit Twins {DK and Jimmy Davis} is only about a week old :: But the piss is already dripping down their scamming legs.

The “product” these two hustlers are hawking is called :: “The 90 Day Challenge” ::  Here are some of the particulars ::

1.  The program consists of nothing valuable.  It’s mostly just DK rambling on-and-on in front of a wobbly camera like a giraffemonkey that’s been taught to speak,

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