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Salty Droid

DK & Jimmy’s Religious Conversion

The Droid’s cross platform assault on The __DipShit Twins {DK and Jimmy Davis} is only about a week old :: But the piss is already dripping down their scamming legs.

The “product” these two hustlers are hawking is called :: “The 90 Day Challenge” :: Here are some of the particulars ::

  1. The program consists of nothing valuable. It’s mostly just DK rambling on-and-on in front of a wobbly camera like a giraffemonkey that’s been taught to speak, but not to understand.

  2. Much of the “training” in the 90 Day Challenge consists of making testimonial videos that promote The DipShit Twins.

  3. DK and Jimmy aren’t around to “help or mentor” because they aren’t capable of doing so :: They are just stupid boys, playing a selfish game.

  4. The price was based solely on what they could suck out :: But they aimed for $1000 per head

Change of Plans ::

run{pretend_to_cry} Wow! How touching … it just kills me …

Now there are two ways to get skull raped by DK and Jimmy ::

  1. Write The DipShit Twins a check for $2000 :: then they’ll give you NOTHING

  2. Give $400 to a charity of Jimmy the Greasy’s choosing {preferably one he knows NOTHING about} :: then they’ll give you NOTHING. Added Bonus: they’ll know you are good for the money, and they can “close” you later.

What a silly ploy/defense :: Taking credit for giving by demanding that others give? WTF? It’s almost like these two fucks have no idea what they’re doing.

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