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Salty Droid

Refund Kryptonite

Debbie! Take a letter … then dip it in the stagnant urine of an asparagus eating lion.

To: Jimmy Davis & Dennis Karganilla

Dear Lost Boys,

Sorry about the smell. You know how the post office can be this time of year. Anyway … but seriously … sorry about the smell.

Lukewarm Regards,


When The Droid began his assault on DK and Jimmy this March, the pair were selling the 90 Day Challenge. It’s been described by Jimmy Davis as their “flagship product” :: Because Jimmy likes to make words with his mouth that his brain doesn’t understand. The 90 Day Challenge sapped victims for between $500 - $2000. It consisted of three main elements ::

  • Recycled information available EVERYWHERE on the web

  • Videos featuring DK stammering and stuttering into a webcam

  • Conference calls featuring DK stammering and stuttering into a phone {and occasionally Jimmy stroking his own incredibly insecure pole into a phone}

Additionally, several “perks” were thrown in for FREE ::

  • DK and Jimmy were, at all times, stupid and unqualified. Not even the remotest of qualifications to be found

  • Unprofessional Unavailability

  • Open hostility towards paying customers

Everything that makes for a successful business … in the Bizzaro World.

The Droid has been talking to as many people as possible from the 90 Day Challenge over the past months. My message of robotic justice is always the same: “You need to GET A REFUND … and I’d be glad to help you do it. These fools sold you pure bullshit. They said they could help you … but they can’t. You aren’t the one who failed … they failed. GET A REFUND!”

Battle Plan –> Successful! :: Multiple refunds have been demanded and obtained.


Refunds are like scammer Kryptonite. Symptoms start with diarrhea and frequent sneezing … and end with the scammer on the floor in the fetal position mumbling incoherently about “opportunities and automated incomes” :: They all promise refunds in spite of this danger because people rarely, if ever, request them. People don’t like to admit that they’ve made a mistake … and the scammer spends a good portion of his time bellowing about how only the worst kind of loser bastard gives up and demands a refund. That is usually enough to keep the evil cat in the bag … but now some crazy goddamn Droid is rolling around the parking lot giving away dime bags of Refund Kryptonite to anyone who asks.

Once a BullShit dam starts to leak refunds :: Serious trouble ensues. Humans like to do things in herds {with each sheep pretending to be a lone wolf}. No one wants to be the only “loser” demanding a refund. But no one wants to be the ONLY person NOT getting a refund either. One refund quickly turns into two … and two into TEN. If they fall during a period when no new money is coming in … then TEN refunds can spell The END. Geez, when you say it like that it sounds just like a Ponzi Scheme –> Quizzical

If you paid for the 90 Day Challenge … then you need to demand a full refund. Lots of other people already have … don’t be the ONLY sucker. They took YOUR money for nothing … GET IT BACK! When you request a refund you will be referred upstream to MLM Lead System Pro or Carbon Copy Pro. Those Fraud-Feeder systems {which generated MOST of the sales for DK and Jimmy} will give you the run around and try to make you feel like a loser. But it doesn’t matter what they say … just stay calm and keep making regular demands for your money. They MUST comply.

And as always, if you would like assistance with obtaining a refund … please email me. I’ve helped other members of your group … and I’d be more than happy to help you {even if you’ve previously told me to go fuck myself … I don’t mind … I’m heavily armored}.

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