Pretty in Petty

pretty stupid

pretty stupid

Meet Maria A. Andros {twitter}.  She calls herself, “The Video Marketing Queen” {because what’s a nickname without a definite article?}. Maria was a part of the 90 Day Challenge scam run by our old friends DK and Jimmy Davis {it’s NOT too late to get a refund}. Her idiotic lies and dark hearted coquettishness were an aid to Jimmy and DK … and for that I have not forgotten her.

Currently Maria is promoting {and being promoted by} SICK FUCK Not-Doctor Kilstein.  She just can’t seem to get enough of his perverted stylings. Sure he makes up psycho lies about his dead children {omg!} :: He victimizes rape victim advocates {sweet sassafras!} ::  He stalks and sexually harasses people on the Internet {exposed!} :: But it’s ALL GOOD :: Because Maria only cares about Maria’s current capacity to buy expensive shoes :: Everyone else can drown in the dirty river of her sins.

She’s been kindly {and unkindly} warned to STOP openly associating Not-Doctor Dirtbag :: But she has not taken heed {probably because “heeding” requires literacy}. FINE BY ME!! It’s about time I added a “lady” to my list of soulless :: hateful :: thoughtless :: heartless :: mother fucking D-Bags.

Just a few years ago Maria was behind a make-up counter {you are forgiven for thinking, “sounds about right”}.  But now she’s left the world of thick lash mascara and lip liner behind in favor of coaching YOU in business.  Wow! That’s quite a fucking leap :: Me thinks she may have skipped a couple of important steps there.  Miss Thing ain’t cheap either {well she’s cheap … but she’s not inexpensive} :: Here’s one of her Frauducts from last year {link} priced at … hold your breath … $3000.  OMFG!  What the hell is wrong with you people??  At least she knows that it’s a ridiculous price to pay for her LACK of knowledge ::

Yes, I know. I’m not charging enough for this program (and I will probably raise the price in the near future) but I wanted you to have no reason NOT to get it.

I learned something today {Ten things I’ve learned from Maria A. Andros}

  1. Have you seen my hair??
  2. Like, oh my gosh, you guys look so cute today.
  3. Profit!
  4. Insane run-on sentences are fun :: “If you’re making videos right now its a absolutely must have and even if you’ve never made a video before you will need to jump on or you will get left behind!”
  5. Beautiful and luxurious hair tends to blow about in the wind {not necessarily related to the future of business}.
  6. “Web 2.0 is simply, kinda like, the term of the new Internet or the new age of video.” {link}
  7. Fuck global poverty … SHOPPING is a RIGHT!!!
  8. Business coaching doesn’t require knowledge, talent, or education … just voluminous lips.
  9. It’s awesome to support perverts and sexual harassers if it helps you in any conceivable way.
  10. Not all ConMen are swinging dicks {just MOST of them}.

>> bleep bleep

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  1. Actually, the photo looks completely unretouched and natural. Her resemblance to "The Joker" in "Batman" is uncanny. It sent shivers down my spine all the way to my wallet!

    Thanks for the heads up on this stellar business "expert," Droid. I'm going to Macy's today and visit the Estee Lauder counter and see if I can get some investment advice. I figure if I catch one of these "experts" IN TRAINING, it will be less expensive than if I were to wait until AFTER they "graduated" from the makeup counter.

    1. Sir Winchester :: Once she's done explaining how to calculate beta for a portfolio :: Might as well buy yourself some of that eyeliner … everyone looks better faked up

  2. Notice she states her address as "Beverly Hills?" And she loves to toss out tweets mentioning the magic phrase, "Beverly Hills?" Nothing like a braggart living in an age of post office box posturing and convenience. Of course, her web site is registered through an anonymous proxy service, so we'd have to "take her word for it" that she is in "Beverly Hills." (As if that in itself is something to behold.) However, a simple public database search shows a list of cities she has lived in…and not one indication of Beverly Hills. Hmm. Of course, that could possibly be the location of the last known makeup counter she worked at, and maybe it hasn't been updated to reflect the big leap from "eyeliner guru" to "business expert."

    1. How can you make fun of someone for a job they used to do? We all came from somewhere and Maria is beautiful. I have a friend who went to her office in Beverly Hills, and until you meet someone please don't judge on their character. We don't know anything for certain about Harlan, but I'm sure not all of your friends and colleagues are as perfect as Salty Droit must be.

      1. We know a lot of things for certain about Harlan, which leaves no benefit of the doubt.

        Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. I clicked through a few pics and wondered whether she was born a biological woman. But nobody's made themselves, so the fun is directed at the ironical gap between self-image and others' perception. I, actually, wasn't judging her looks but was wondering whether the pic on the right above had been altered to make her look like the late Michael Jackson, which turned out not to be the case.
        Certainly, people have got some professional background or another, but not every background qualifies you for every other profession.

        1. @froylein,

          Unfortunately I do judge a book by their cover first and then the content inside. My book report on Maria Andros – she’s a horsefaced video marketing slut!

      2. Seems to me "IM2009" that you missed the point: WHAT, oh WHAT justifies her bridging the HUGE GAP between working a makeup counter and being a self-proclaimed business "expert?" That's a bold self-assessment when it also comes with the demand for others to pay her the "big bucks." It begs for a few more credentials than simply her own proclamation of expertise based on the idea that, "I'm tired of working a makeup counter and think you should listen to me because I wanna be your expert and make lotsa money." The fact of the matter is, people with that same mentality are a dime a dozen right now, like bugs pouring out of a burning woodpile.

      3. If Ms. "Expert" had some obvious and substantive credentials and a wealth of experience to back up her "magical transition," it wouldn't matter that not so very long ago she was just working a makeup counter somewhere. So what exactly transformed her that justifies others paying for what she mumbles off? On the other hand, if she's going to get on stage and posture in front of a the world like that, she had better be able to take the heat and back it up. Totally unconvincing act so far…and very unsettling choice of alliances (Kilstein? Wow!).

      4. Hey JackAss ::

        Do you see ANY posts on this blog making fun of people who are busting their asses working thankless jobs for little pay?? If she were selling make-up for a living … I wouldn't have an unkind word for her. But she's selling expensive LIES to people who can't afford it … and supporting a bastard for whom there is no defense … she gets what she gets.

        And you have my permission to fuck off.

      5. I really enjoyed your "subjective" interpretation of the post you responded to, I don't see any mention of beauty (you appear to be projecting…why so defensive?). As far as beauty is concerned since you mentioned it, it is clear that she is bereft of true beauty (and by that I mean beyond the superficial, which isn't that spectacular, and ever fading) and in five years when gravity will have worked its magic (and she will have lost her average looks), she will be nothing more then a sad old Gucci touting has been (that never was), who has left a wake of misery, death and destruction.

        Since you mention "beauty", well lets discuss it further.

        Maria Andros whole past is a lie (I will state that for the record), only her hatred for her boss is true (listen to the way she talks about her boss….you can tell the anger is genuine…she doesn't stutter or crack her voice like she does when she lies, and her breathing pattern changes). She lied about her past success (like the Ebay BS), in May 2007 she was claiming to have done 6 digits (selling on Ebay) ending April 2007 (when asked about her userID, she not only refused to disclose it, but she ranted about how she doesn't deal with skeptics, and hung up), and yet in her recent "interview", It took her 10 months to do six digits (and she claimed to have started in April 2007….ummm but in May '07 she already did six digits ending April '07…..keep your BS straight lady…people respect a good liar, not a half-assed liar), and in her video it took her a year to do almost 6 digits on that like $950.00), and then claims to be an "online real estate investor" (wtf is that…though in all fairness she dropped that lie for 2009…must have been a new years resolution to be more "honest") . She lies about the metrics (like she never discloses the the fact that her 45K followers is mostly a massive spam following she has), nor the fact that her click through rate is abysmal) to prove that others will be successful (yet less then 150 of her 45K followers even "follow" her tweets, and she has 300 supposed students….umm yeah….was that the turnip truck).

        I have no doubt in my mind that everything she does is 6 figures (that's 4 digits to the left of the decimal and 2 digits to the right of the decimal). She also predicted the future of her first "100 students" two years ago (very odd she doesn't have the Miss Maria psychic hot line), and the hypocrite touts the secret and abundance, while using scarcity tactics (like we are "sold out…. just joking" letter, and if you join her waiting list for her sold out program, she will accept you within two days…oh how lucky there's an opening…it's the law of attraction in action….it's actually the "Maria never tells the truth, and is full of crap" paradigm). Lets face it, Maria Andros is just a (what did you call her…beautiful) imbecile, who has the audacity to look down at education (gee I wonder why). Yet you "complain" when someone questions her lack of any empirical knowledge which would qualify her asking $2,500 for a course based on utter deception, and just happen to present first class compelling hearsay evidence that an office in Beverly Hills exists (even if it does, what does that change).

        I may just take her course, just so I can start a civil action against her, and call upon her to prove her supposed success, since.she "publishes" both her past "jobs" , her investment savvy, her EBAY marketing, and blatantly falsified testimonials (like oliver turnip, the staff in seconds guy who claims to be making 5-10k a day from twitter followers, on a site that was not functioning from the time it went live up to a few weeks ago, or the rest of those clowns who were trying to peddle her course for the 50% affiliate commission, and touting their success to be the Guru leader for their own little group of fishies) as "evidence" of her ability since all are a part of her marketing campaign, and used as proof of her expertise, the onus would be on her to prove they were true.

        What a shock it will be when she has to show evidence of those falsified "testimonials" (believing that she is immune because of that nonsense agreement…wrong…the income disclaimer doesn't protect her from her own "marketing" lies (aka marketing fraud)…only that what she claims to have made (or her students), can't be used as a guide to what you can make", but it can be argued that those testimonials guided ones decision, and will thus it will be incumbent upon her to provide documented evidence of the claims….see skooling is good) , also, since she published the testimonials, the onus to make sure they were factual were on her, especially before she used them as advertising to prove her claim.

        Damn….I can hear the cheering now….as she is hit with actual, as well as exemplary and punitive damages. Then here comes the FTC (bureau of consumer protection), as she is questioned about fraudulent and misleading statements.

        What was it you were saying about Beauty?

  3. Luckily I am not following this woman… after looking at her twitter page, I understand why. However I WAS following this DrKilstein…. why? I looked through his twitter page and there was nothing that would make me click follow…. But a couple weeks ago I used a twitter tool for a day, to auto follow those who follow me…. bad fricken move oZe!

    Thanks for the tweet droid, given me the heads up may have gotten another click to your page…. but a click that provided content.. that is what it is all about after all!

  4. Do we know if she started at the counter, then through her shrewd moves and excellent business skills became manager and eventually owner of the store? I think that would qualify her for some kind of expertise. I don't see what her credentials are tho

  5. Hey Rafael :: Haven't seen you round these parts for many moons :: Welcome back!

    If that were her background, it surely does not shine though in ANY of her words or actions. Her opt-in emails {which I've been faithfully reading for a couple of weeks} are a god damn monstrosity. Her literacy levels are disappointing for a High School FRESHMAN. And in my unhumble opinion :: One would not go from a successful power play in the business real world … to a 3 month long "course" from uber-idiots DK and Jimmy Davis.

    1. Thank you! I've been lurking more than anything else.

      Yeah, when I first came across her, I didn't see any reason to continue paying attention to her. I got the feeling that the lights were on, but no one was home.

      On a different note, I'll send you an email about a run in that I had with one of your "favorite" people.

  6. I used to work at a make-up counter (shout out to Clinique – "Making women feel like shit about themselves for 41 years"). Then I decided I wanted to be a lawyer. I wish I had known I could have saved the time and money on law school and just stuck "Hey, trust me. I know my shit. Plus, my lips are glossy as fuck." on my resume. Golly – do I feel stupid. /facepalm

    1. Hi new person :: Thanks for registering with Intense Debate!

      Let me help you with your resume :: In case the law thing doesn't work out

      — lips glossy as fuck
      — like to shop for new shirts
      — not afraid to bat eyelashes and laugh at jokes I don't understand
      — i'm so super, you guys … seriously
      — previously increased stuff by 345% … believe it!!

      Good luck in your job search.

  7. So glad to see you did a post about this illiterate scammer. She's hysterical to watch. I got on her email list around the first of the year and replied back with a question about "personal coaching" just to see what she'd do. Got a reply from someone stating that she was Maria's "personal assistant." Believe me, it was writtenn written by Maria herself and NOT a personal assistant. It was complete with run on sentences and incorrect grammar and punctuation just like her emails to her list. What I don't understand is why some of the educated, brighter bulbs out there like Alexis Martin Neely, also an attorney, associate with her.

    1. Yeah, she has no assistants (couple of puppies that follow her around…that celebrity numbnut, and cristel something or other)…I was able to umm "find" (yeah yeah find) some of her "raw" videos before editing, and at the end of everyone of them she goes to the camera and shuts it down…..course she cuts that out…..and her "associates" disappear when she goes away….weird.

  8. I think you need to do a post about Carrie Wilkerson, the Barefoot Executive. She's Perry Belcher's BIG friend. Literally, an obese whale if you see a video showing her bottom half. She and Maria the biggest female SCAMMERS around.

  9. I think that Carrie Wilkerson and Maria Andros seem to spend all their time marketing themselves when they have no product apart from the ability to tell us how we should be marketing our products.

    Both of these seem to me like they are grossly inflating their ability to help anyone, they seem to be hell bent on self promotion without any apparent depth of knowlege themselves. Maria Andros was promoting long tail keywords were going to be covered in her course but said she could not explain the concept exactly in her sales video for her course !!

    Do you have any info on the Maria Andros or Carrie Wilkerson courses (what the quality is like), I am not interested in signing up for either, they are MASSIVELY overpriced in my view. Maria was looking for something like $2400 us dollars for a course consisting of 10 one hour videos and some other stuff !!!

  10. So this horse walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "So, why the long face?"

    Just looking at Maria Andros' picture reminded me of that.

  11. leave me alone you bastards!
    I've got Franks cousin Trey doing my makeup and hair. Karin Hiebert eat your heart out! Whatever you people are just a hair flip away


  12. Guess what boys and girls!?

    Maria Andros is so gracious as to offer you a Video and Social Immersion Day. One full day of immersing you into her social and video…uh stuff.

    On-site in L.A. $14,997.00
    Off-site: $19,997.00 per day plus first class airfare, transportation, accomodations and expenses.

    You’d better run and get in on this offer soon, because Maria Andros has had a huge celery-like following.

    Maria A. Andros video marketing scam
    Maria Andros video marketing queen scam
    Maria Andros social media blueprint
    Maria A. Andros social media web 2.0
    Maria Andros and Harlan Kilstein ripoff

    Hey Maria if you’re so successful and wealthy why haven’t you used any of that money to fix your shark nose?

    1. I bet she doesn’t get one single bite for that “offer.”

      For that kind of money, you can get TWO girls and a hot tub.

    2. @blog slob,

      hahaha…you ain’t seen nothing….She’s actually on sale…below are her prices (courtesy of Dave’s post) after her website “relaunch” (Jan 23, 2010)…A week later she dropped the prices to what they are at today….

      When her site was “ready”, she tweeted it out to the twitterverse…the reactions (from those that still acknowledged her) were “priceless”…most of her own “students” stopped interacting with her (although 275 are still MIA)…and her limited “popularity” went down ever since…most don’t (or won’t) even say boo to her (publicly at least)…

      The outrageous price she presents is just her way of intimating how much she’s worth…so when she gives you a bargain of $500 for some “module” or charges you $2,500 for her (do it yourself) course (which was antiquated before it was even released), you feel like you got a bargain…she used to also provide her phone number as contact…but….people were asking questions about what they were reading….so she took it down (I guess ignoring email is so much easier)….

      butt….never let it be said that “brilliance” (or a toasty warm fire) doesn’t burn brightly in Andros head….How does Andros handle not answering questions publicly, and appear like she she has some semblance of veracity….well she just “implies” it….

      “speak your truth in every moment as the truth shall always set you free…there’s true freedom in this” -Maria Andros 13 hours ago

      Anyways….I rambled on too long….

      Dave’s capture of Andros page

      Maria only works with a small handful of private clients per month at a time, by application only. To learn more and to get on the priority waitlist please contact my team at

      Option #1 ”Diamond Level” (limited to 5 people, by application only)

      Exclusive Consulting with Maria and the exclusive “Diamond” membership


      $100,000 year +15% on profits generated.

      Unlimited access to Maria for all your marketing needs, campaigns and much more… For more information and to fill out an application please email us.

      Option 2 “Platinum Level” (limited to 10 people, by application only)


      $9,200 monthly exclusive membership privileges

      Get personal and one on one coaching with Maria live or via video chat for four hours each month and private email access for any additional support. For more information and to fill out an application please email us.

      Option #3 “Gold Level”


      $1,997.00 monthly membership (limited to 12 people, by application only)

      Each month you will have a LIVE 30 minute call with Maria where she will laser target and coach you to what action steps you need to take to see real-time results in your business.

      You will also be a part of an intimate mastermind group where you will be held accountable and supported with monthly one hour group calls. This is a powerful space and opportunity to be on the “Hot Seat” and have Maria and the group to help you to address your current biggest challenges helping you excel to success.

      You will also have a private forum with other fellow “gold” members.

      Option #4

      Video Marketing & Social Media

      Two-Day VIP Mastermind Intensive

      Hands-on Training in L.A. *LIVE* in person or via video chat with Maria.

      Receive two fully customized on-site training days for you, your team and your vision.

      If you’re serious about your online video and social media success, you don’t have a single minute to waste, you’re someone who wants to see FAST results and you’re willing to take the right actions, then the Video and Social Media Immersion Day is for you.

      Meet with Maria to create your personalized online branding & expansion strategy.

      Included in this powerful package are a professional photoshoot with Maria’s very own photographer. Together we will create your new image and look, to unify your “Personal Brand” and to bring out the star that you are.

      After your photoshoot, you will meet with Maria to mastermind and create your action steps to catapult your business to the next level with proven marketing strategies. On day two of your intensive, you will sit down with Maria and mastermind where you will learn how to:

      Fully maximize, monetize and tap into the power of video,social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc…)and it’s global reach.

      Re-vamp your website so that it converts and brings in new clients and subscribers.
      Understand how to build relationships and use social bookmarking sites correctly.
      Learn to create hypnotic videos that call your prospects into action.
      How to customize and personalize your “Brand” across all the social media mediums for maximum impacts.
      Create a celebrity like following online by positioning yourself in front of your target market correctly.
      …and much more!

      On-site in L.A. $25,000
      Off-site: $30,000 per day plus first class airfare, transporation, accomodations and expenses.

      (By application only)


      1. @_cartman_, does she pull these fees out of her ass? She can’t be serious, because there is no way people would consistently buy this.

        1. @blog slob,

          I’ll tell you where she gets them–they all follow the Alexandria Brown pattern. If she didn’t learn them from her, she learned directly from an Ali Brown disciple, like hand ‘analyst’ Baeth (changed the spelling of her name to be more special) Davis. She also had similar pricing she learned from her guru, Ali Brown. I felt so bad when an acquaintance of mine signed up for her $100,000/year coaching program. I lost contact with her, but saw her business emails and KNOW she didn’t get more than $5000 worth of value from that whole year. Poor thing–I don’t know how she afforded it.

          Anyway, they are all taught to price themselves that way. Disgusting.

  13. @blog slob,

    gawd only knows where she pulls her figures from….

    I would say people don’t consistently buy it…that’s why she has no repeat customers…

    The first time she “offered” her course…she offered a money back “guarantee” after the whole course was finished (you could take the whole course, and if you weren’t completely satisfied, you could “ask” for a refund)….for her next two launches….the money back “guarantee” was 30 days from the time of purchase and trickled in “slowly”….so 30 days arrives before you even learn that you aren’t going to learn much of anything…with the launch of her new pricing that guarantee became a “no money back guarantee”….all sales final….

    Apparently….even Maria Andros realizes that she is a fraud (even if she only admits it subcutaneously).

  14. There’s another ditzy broad called Ali Brown the eZine Queen. Recently she launched a $1500 course on CD on how to become rich. She didn’t warn her customers ahead of time that she found Jesus and that half the course would be praising his holy name.

    I wonder how many customers asked for their $1500 back from this bible thumping scam artist.

    1. @Lamont Cranston,

      Who do you think Andros attempts to emulate…and she really stepped it up lately…

      Brown interviewed by media (presents the interviews)…Andros claims to be interviewed by “media” (presents nothing…butt…it’s the thought that counts)

      Brown has a 100K diamond level…Andros created a 100K diamond level(for a wk)

      Brown is LOA….Andros is LOA

      Brown has tiers of diamond/pt/au….Andros created tiers of diamond/pt/au(for a wk)

      Brown has an online boutique….Andros created an online boutique (sells Error 404 – Not Found…I bought a couple for my sites…saweeet)

      Browns colors pinkish red…Andros changed her colors to reddish pink

      Brown has an app process…Andros implementaled an app process

      Brown talks about waving magic wands in her application….Andros started talking about waving magic wands in her conference calls

      magic wands….universal mines….the lore of attraction…energy vampires (WTF)….Andros doesn’t call them energy vampires…but that’s cuz Andros is a leader…not a follower!

        1. I’m still laughing about Maria Andro’s celery-like following. Only a person as dumb as Maria A. Andros can just pull an arbitrary fee like $30,000 for a ONE DAY lesson of anything.

          Wondering if she has all her marbles, with all these d-bags having all kinds of criminal records ; everything from pedophilia to outright murder, I have recently became curious about Maria Andros’ past illegal activities. Know of any dirt?

  15. @_cartman_ Andros totally tries to emulate Frank Kern, Schefren, and Koenigs and some of the other big Internet Marketing gurus. I was following her when she was associated with Fat-head Jimmy Davis and his annoying Jaba the Hut sidekick “DK.” Maria takes others material and passes it for her own. Nothing of her last launch was original.

    A couple friends and I were wondering if she just started to bang gurus to get into the inner IM circle. That would explain her rather quick rise. It feels like only yesterday that she was artificially inflating social proof and using Myspace automated friend adders…..aahhh.

    I will say, whether you like him or not, Kern makes his private clients alot of money. Hence, why he charges 6 figures to personally consult. Andros, on the other hand is pulling shit out of her ass and is not even close to the same caliber. I’m pretty certain she compares herself to Kern, since she has an evident God-complex and has established a “celery-like” following rapidly.

    Did you see her new video? She ONLY fly’s business class.
    —> httpv://

    1. I get the impression that the people sitting around her on that plane probably think she’s a moron. She actually rambles on and on, while sitting in the middle seat, for over 3 minutes about nothing.

      And she only travels business class? That’s surprising, since she claims to have “students,” I’d figure she only flew “coach class.”

      1. @Uncle Roy, agreed. Can you imagine cringing next to her for an entire long-haul flight? That video was probably the result of a few ‘takes’ as well.

        “I’m really excited to share this business secret with you”
        “I’m really excited to share you with this business secret”
        “I’m really welcoming you to my secret Branson”
        “I’m really Branson to brand you this business”
        “My friends tell me I’m business to secret you this Branson”

        etc, etc. I think I’d be asking for a refund for the seat. And is that really Virgin Business Class? Doesn’t really look like a ‘rock-star experience’ to me.

        1. @208-577-6210, looks like your standard economy Virgin Atlantic flight to me…you know, the one where you have to sit next to strangers and mingle with the ‘common’ people.

          Not a piece of celery in sight either!

      2. You guys are right on the money…VA offers dual class service only….it has a “first class”….and economy class, which they refer to as “main cabin” (there is no Business class)….on most airlines, including VA, there are different levels of “economy” which provide different “benefits” (yeah…I didn’t have to pay for my snack….cuz I have rockstar economy!)

        Now in “main cabin” (aka: economy/coach) VA have some seats 6-18 (depending on the configuration of the plane), which have 6″ extra leg room (Rock Star leg room)…. those seats are considered “main cabin select” (they have a few ancillary benefits like priority check-in, priority boarding, free headsets…and dedicated bin space…ohhh wow)

        not sure how that qualifies as a rockstar experience…but for someone who was never a rock star…that might rock….butt….mostly in their own heads…

        [universal trance-missions]

        Wife – Oh look hunny…she boarded first….do you think she’s someone??

        Husband – (whispering) she has no entourage…she’s not in first class….she has a glazed look….she’s drooling & keeps mumbling about being a queen…I think she has spatial needs….

        Wife – what do you think that bristol board with the collage of pictures of the house, cars, jewelery, money, shoes…is? Do they teach spatial people to do crafts?

        Husband – Oh, I think that’s a vision board….spatial people believe that if you cut pictures out (and worship them), the universal makes you do things so they become real things….butt…I just can’t figure out why she keeps cupping her hand like that and turning it back and forth like she has tourette’s..

        Wife – honey…she thinks she is a queen…she’s waving to the people….she really is spatial..

        [/universal trance-mission]

        (OMG….that is just so unbelievable…If I wouldn’t have seen that conversation with my own two eyes (I’m third eye blind), I would of thought it was a lie)

        ….do I believe she got a “main cabin select seat”….possible….it is a tuesday (the cheapest day for air travel historically) and the instant upgrade if they are available makes it dirt cheap…

        when I find myself in times of trouble …
        I fly…..economy….
        stop pushing on my seat….O M G

        PS -hmmm….it’s kind of weird though…wifi has been available for over a year…and she is just finding out about it now..with all her travel…with all her CONnections…makes you go hmmm…well..then again ….the just found out a few weeks back that you can get a voip app for an Iphone…and that was out for 2 years…so she is getting better…

    2. @Alex, 3 minutes of nothing said. I bet she gets more viewers to that video from this site than from anywhere else. I tried to comment on that floating turd of a video but all comments need to be approved before they show up, so you can imagine the “kwality” of the comments she’s approving.

      You’d think for a “video kween” or queef or whatever she claims to be she’d know to have a microphone and get some nice clean audio for the video, but I guess that’s just too much to ask for.

  16. Aside from yapping foolishly in front of her webcam, what exactly is Maria A. Andros doing that could be construed as making anyone money or anykind of video quality? Is there anyone that has made substantial amount from anything that Maria A. Andros has blabbered on about?

    LOL She has told herself she’s “The Video Queen” of marketing. I have been waiting to see some effects, sparkling transitions, or some kind of glitz and glamour to her videos. I’m thinking commercial samples she’s done for her clients or something; but there’s absolutely nothing but pure garbage on Maria Andros’ sites.

    1. @Video Queen my azz, This is a very good point. Surely if one is meant to be an expert at something, then when one presents something in that form, it should be well-edited, slick, polished, and above all, professional. You know, like in a wow-you-obviously-know-what-you’re-doing kind of way.

      And yes, you would expect glitz and glamour from someone proclaiming to be a queen. Particularly with such super-best lines such as this:

      “My Boss was also older than me and obviously intimidated by my Sparkling Personality and Youthful Energy….so she tried to make my life difficult! and did a pretty good job of it I must admit but I am not the revenge type and did not want to play dirty like she did. “


      “I had been overworking all those years because I was so driven and a perfectionist and had developed Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Migraine Headaches.( I know you would never guess by just looking at me.)”

      That’s right people – breaking news flash – you can’t always see people’s illnesses! Wow, so she’s a Dr now for sure!!

      Ahahaha and I can’t resist adding this bit:

      “My Time is Valuable and I am very selective of who I talk to. If you have a Bad Attitude, are a Complainer, a Skeptic, Negative or just looking to get Rich Quick, or just trying to hit on me I am married. Do Not Contact Me!”

      (All taken from

      And who has 2 x MySpace pages for themselves? I find myself puzzled. Though as one of them only has 1 friend, I can kind of see why…


      My head hurts.

      1. @Nikki, she has two myspace pages, one for herself and the other for her nose.

          1. @Bob, maybe that’s because noses generally can’t lie…only the people attached to the nose…

      2. @Nikki,

        Don’t forget the 2 hidden ones…the one at the bottom of her website…where no-one except (non-proxies) who visit her site will find and join (two friends, that’s one whole follower who isn’t the one standard friend included with sign up)…and a fourth which looks like one of many unfinished works.

        M Canada 29

        Maria A. Andros washington 31

        A cascading age…..32…31…30…29…

        It appears she took location, location, location, literally… then again, it is a part of her online “real estate” investment background

        1. @_cartman_, man alive, I just can’t keep up with it all!

          Interesting though that some of these MySpace pages say she’s married, others say she’s single – perhaps it just relates to which day it is or what the weather is like. Instead of fair-weather friends, maybe she has a fair-weather husband?

          That being said, it must be very time-consuming updating so many profiles, particularly when there’s all the celery to consider.


          1. @Nikki, each profile is for each personality..err..each of Maria’s dolls…err… I mean each of her celery-like fans you see.
            It’s her newest marketing method, to create a profile for each follower! Part of that target marketing she’s learned about from her coach and mentor Doctor Harlan Kilstein.
            Gosh her fans must be vegetarians to be so celery-like.

            After The Great Fingering Maria received from Doctor Harlan Kilstein, she became an overnight success in the Internet business world. All it took was 14 long and grueling days of being coached one-on-one by the Doctor himself. Day 14 included a secret BONUS!. I’m not supposed to tell you as it involves colonics and vinegar, so shhhh shhh!

  17. I don’t think Maria A. Andros has all her marbles. Her nose is huge OMFG. What a big schnozz a dildo nose

  18. There is something just plain odd about Maria’s appearance. She is NOT going to age well. What’s she gonna do with that face once it looks like an OLD horse’s? And you could snowboard down that nose.

    I’d like to hear her whinney. Just once.

    1. @Ron, lol hah ! Made me laugh with that visual. Maria Andros is a self absorbed con artist. If it’s apparent that she’s totally delusional about her appearance, then how more so about her skills as a marketing expert – alleged. Besides, if Maria is such a celebrity and rubs shoulders with all these stars, why has no one told her about that huge schnozz yet? They can fix that on just about every corner there.

      1. @Video Queen my azz, You’re right, she could get her schnozz fixed pretty much anywhere around where she lives. Heck, they probably have drive through service there.

        I mean, come on, what would it cost for her to pay a plastic surgeon? It would only be like half a day’s pay for her, right? I mean based on her “regular rates.”

        Compared to HER high income, high level expertise…getting a lowly plastic surgeon would be like hiring a caddie. What’s the holdup?

        Maybe she’s waiting for her big Hollywood break and hoping for her own TV show, “Mrs. Ed.”

        1. @Ron, I don’t mean to start a childish rant about someone’s appearance here, but having her own TV show “Mrs. Ed” would actually be a nifty idea.

          I mean – seriously – she is quite vain and conceited; fully convinced that she’s got movie star looks, when in reality she has quite a very manly and animal-like snout.

          Hey, I myself am not the world’s most beautiful sight to see, I’d like to think of myself as “decent” in the looks department and ordinarily don’t judge others so much on looks, but when someone as stupid, deceitful, and unattractive as Maria thinks they are hot shit, I have to chime in and bring the gift of reality to Maria A. Andros’ life.

          Let’s hope she never ventures into the beauty industry; I suspect she’d fare much worse than in the “video marketing” industry.

          Want to get on the cutting edge of marketing; go for virtual reality marketing – things like Second Life. Oh, but that requires someone who is willing to learn scripting and a brain. Something Maria A. Andros was not born with obviously.

          Coincidentally, Pat O’Bryan and Joe “flamer” Vitale both have tried to take their online business into Second Life with little results. Namely, it requires quite a bit of time, work, and willingness to learn technical skills. Guess selling Hoshun dolls is just easier than to do any real work.

  19. Weird, Andros is talking to the oldspice commercial guy….of course he doesn’t answer, butt she added her twitter feed to her site…so it looks ohh so “impressive” (swoon….Andros is my heroin)

    interesting tweets insomnia..and (some cryptic read between the lines crap)…is it launch time or are her latest “students” waking up to realize the crap they were sold….

    Video used correctly can convert your prospects into LOYAL fans and new customers, when used incorrectly it can hurt your credibility

    way to blame it on your students…butt..they did learn from ewe…

    ummm….wrong (and you call yourself a “rock’s tar”)…a LOYAL customer (not fan you incessant w(a)nder) is not garnered from “correctly used videos”, they are garnered by providing great products, superior service, and remarkable customer service, not from grate videos (your brand new car just blew up…[who cares, have you seen their commercials])…I have to admit…your videos are as grate as they get..

    Credibility??? Ohhh gawd…the irony (someone check…is my head bleeding)…What credibility?…You can’t ruin what you don’t have…ohhh….right…you are supposedly launching your “new” program soon (that’s just an inference that you do video right)

    SMTB 2.0…the cutting edge (of concrete)….

    Success is a mindset, if you feel unworthy or don’t like it when people try to help you or give to you it’s time to relook at that belief
    36 minutes ago

    And by give, you mean sell….And by help, you mean overcharge (for flawed business advice)…And by unworthy, you mean intelligent people who believe in themselves more then they believe in you (and won’t buy into your BS)…

    To be an Successful Entrepreneur it’s important to surround yourself with POSITIVE people who will support you, if not time to re-evaluate

    to be a successful Entrepreneur, it may be good to have expert knowledge of the inner workings of your industry and superb managerial type skills….ohhh…I mean….yeah…those negative people are such poopy heads…’re covered…just ignore everyone, and talk to your phone….

    iP -Hi Maria, how was your day!
    MA -Not good iPhone…people are so poopy
    iP -Why are they poopy Maria
    MA -Well…i’m grate..and I no it…butt…they don’t want to accept it..they’re stoopit!!
    iP -yes, Maria..they obviously can’t see the forest for the trees
    MA -yeah, I like forests without trees, makes it easier to see the forest…I love you iPhone…you just get me…
    iP -Maria?…can I ask you something?
    MA -Yes, iPhone
    iP -will you upgrade my firmware tonight
    MA -yes I will….iPhone?
    iP -yes Maria…
    MA -Will you….will you….vibrate for me….
    iP -yes Maria….

    Okay…that was fucking bizarre…straight from the universal!…moving on…

    listening to Ultimate Edge by @tonyrobbins bought 6 of his programs recently. It’s time for a breakthrough. What ru doing in ur spare time?

    Well, I’m throwing darts at my head…so, basically, I’m doing the same thing…

    You need a breakthrough huh?…well the truth comes out yet again…even if it is just subcutaneously (the old picture of you swimming with the exploited dolphin didn’t cut it?…don’t dolphins have magical powers, or do you think them being locked up like prisoners to please tourists may fuck up their chi)…

    btw…does Robbins program come with a bag of charcoal and lighter fluid to do your own fire walk/eating….and some broken glass to walk on?….

    1. @_cartman_, Yeah, Andros is desperately looking for any kind of public attention as some sort of validation. Like, “The Old Spice Guy acknowledged my existence!” She would probably try to use that as a testimonial.

      1. @Jabba,

        you’re right on the money…I just found out that old spice guy was doing video responses to some people in his twitter stream that tweeted his commercial…..that explains why she kept tweeting the OS video link (once she found out), and sucking up to OSG hoping to get a video response personally to her, most likely to use as a “testimonial” as you stated…

        On a side note, she created a “new” video (okay 2 months old)…what she recommends “people” do, she has NEVER done once…

        She speaks about being honest and being in integrity (being in integrity is not about morality…what??…she’s very outgoing but she’s very introverted…what??)…it’s quite CONfusing….and she actually discloses her “income” (at least the one she is going with now….beyond just the usual 6 digits rhetoric…an actual figure…butt it is 6 digits)…

        And this is her “advanced” stuff (I guess everything is relative)…and i’m a RPFM’s brother in law…

        Disclaimer:I am not responsible for any consequences of “listening” to this video (listening?…yeah it’s a powerpoint screen capture/keynote video)…may cause drowsiness….do not operate heavy machinery while listening to this video…

        Complete name: Maria A. Andros – Instant Authority Formula.mp4
        Format: MPEG-4
        Format profile: Base Media / Version 2
        Codec ID: mp42
        File size: 24.1 MiB
        Duration: 28mn 2s
        Overall bit rate: 120 Kbps
        Encoded date: UTC 2010-05-26 05:51:49
        Tagged date: UTC 2010-05-26 05:51:49

        PS – I included the direct link to amazon, so anyone who wants to stomach it, doesn’t have to give up their email to listen to it (I took one for team SD)…or artificially raise her alexa rank (which would no doubt be “pointed out” in a subsequent launch video, to prove her grate suckcess)…

  20. She recently posted on her facebook page that many people think she’s only gotten as far as she has because she’s so pretty (ya right) and then goes on (and on) about how she’s not a classic beauty but more a special look and beauty like Princess Diana. SHe then has to mention that she met the Princess before she died. (Can’t stand name dropping) Oh Puleeze. I cannot believe she compared herself to Princess Diana. Beside the giant nose (which Diana carried off and hers was straight and defined.. not some giant schnozz like this two bit ugly nobody wanna be. She is NO Lady Diana. Not even a lady if you ask me.

    Also talks about her photo shoots non stop and her maybe buying a dog (ugh) and all her “rock star” friends even making videos about them. It makes me want to gag.

    Oh and to the author of this piece. Her hair is ugly and flat. Not full and pretty at all. And those lips? Not that great either. There are so many better looking women so much better spoken than this Andros man looking shemale-ish character.

    Maria MANDROS is more like it.

    1. @Marketing guy, MANdros…that’s funny. And maybe a reason to not drink with her. I think I spotted her nose once using Google Earth.

      1. So what’s the latest with Maria MANdros Andros ? Has she stopped scamming or is she completely delusional and pretending to be everything; her own buyers, a CEO, a beauty queen, a millionaire, a success, a woman?

  21. Oliver Talamayan (nee:Turner) is back (you may remember him as ONE of the frauds who gave Andros the glowing testiMOANial, and claimed he was on track to make $10M with staff in seconds (now reduced to a cryptic SIS reference in his video) and his other “endeavors”. Months later lost his “$10M” SIS site, his non visited site, and his non-visted blog, and he closed down his twitter account (which was bringing in $5-10K/day)….

    Turner and his wife came up with the idea to start an “african water” charity (hmmmm…sound familiar) and raise 10 Million Dollars (so he is going to take your donationa, and donate it to different charities…what a humanitarian…never mind about the fact that he “stole” an employees money…that was explained in his video description)…

    I wonder if Maria A. Andros and Oliver Talamayan (nee:turner) are “pooling” their African water strategies (pooling…water…funny). How fucking low do you have to be to steal charity money.

    I love the way he shakes his head NO (and over emphasizes his words, like he is trying to make people believe), every time he mentions donating the money and his newly hatched scheme. Apparently he does not realize his subcutaneous mind is speaking more honestly than he is…


    PS- The video descriptor is to die for. It appears Andros and Talamayan are in a contest for most idiotic unbelievable sales copy. It just screams…you’re a RPFM if you believe this…unfucking believe-a-bull.

    1. @_cartman_, Welcome to my comment.

      Oliver and Andros apparently together invented the now-famous phrase, “Welcome to my (insert whatever)” which is also the under-lying secret to their mass-sieve sucksess.

      It’s a shame that with all that money, Oliver is still unable to buy ample light bulbs for his suxury apartment (or maybe this was recorded at the youth hostel late at night after all his bunkmates had gone nighty-night).

      1. @Hiram Crapwell III, yea and with all that $ he should be able to afford a decent haircut. Or is that a wig he’s wearing?

        1. @Karin Hiebert we need your help, sorry, not sure who you are speaking about in regards to a wig?

          I just watched a video with Andy Jenkins in it with his new look…and I can’t get his hair out of my head.

          1. @Karin Hiebert, You stupidly replied to yourself, Karin. It’s obvious you comment here and reply to your own comments. Get a life. Go pollute your own blog with your self serving nonsense. What a narcissist you are!

            1. @Karin off her meds again?, uh,no…I replied to someone who asked me a question, using the question as part of their “handle”

              now, stop raping your children and go fuck yourself!

            2. @Karin Hiebert, Get real:

              You tried to screw Salty over by selling him out to Kern, Salty now does not respond to you, people avoid you like the plague, and yet you still keep coming back here and getting in everyone’s faces.

              What part of “unwelcome” don’t you get?

      2. @Hiram Crapwell III,

        Yeah…she “welcomed” people to her free “report”….fuck…

        I can just imagine her in court….no…wait…I don’t have to imagine….

        [channeling universal mine]

        All rise…the honorable Judge Love presiding
        J♥ – Please be seated
        MA – Good Morning your honor, and welcome to my court case
        J♥ – (puzzled gaze)Good Morning Miss (looking at docket) Andros
        MA – You can call me your majesty
        J♥ – Excuse me?
        MA – It’s okay, not many people have met a rockstar.
        J♥ – Rockstar? Huh? what?
        MA – I met princess Diana, my beauty is more like hers, not so traditional
        J♥ – Miss Andros, are you on any medications?
        MA – My dad says I’m a leader not a follower…(mumbling)I walk like a queen..walk like a queen..walk like a queen…
        J♥ – So counselor…I see the plea is Not guilty…by reason of (turning page)…jealousy??
        TG – That’s correct your honor…Miss Andros is here cuz people are jealous
        J♥ – you can’t enter that plea; Are you licensed by the state Bar?
        TG – No your honor…I’m not a licensed Bartender…my name is Tania Gabrielle..I’m Miss Andros’ certified celebrity numerologist…
        J♥ – no not that kind of bar…the state’s a…’re a what!!!?
        TG – I’m Miss Andros celebrity numerologist..if the number ain’t shit, you must acquit…
        J♥ – Excuse me??
        TG – I’m sorry your honor…but there’s a mistake, Miss Andros number is a 7, metaphysically speaking…she can’t be here….it’s not in her charts.
        CH – (stands up) I’m Christel Hughes your honor..I can verify that Miss Andros has an innocent Aura
        J♥ – Excuse me?…
        CH – I’m Miss Andros Holistic life coach, and I have a BS in Metaphysics..Miss Andros Aura…it’s clean
        J♥ – have you people lost your minds, or are you just retarded.
        TG – I can assure you your honor, we have not lost our minds.
        (CH MA nodding head in agreement)
        J♥ – Bailiff take Miss Andros, Hughes and Gabrielle into custody
        BL – I can’t do that your honor….they are my mentors….
        J♥ – excuse me?
        BL – sorry your honor, they are my mentors
        (CH MA TG (chanting)…you can do it…you can do it…you can do it…)
        BL – you’re fired your honor…
        BL – IM an entrepreneur…and I don’t need your stinkin Jay.Owe.Bee. …
        BL – IM going to make a high 6 figures making simple videos online

        (MA CH TG all cheering the bailiff)

        J♥ – (banging gavel repeatedly) order in my court (voice rising)…order…I want order
        J♥ – (sitting up in a shear panic..sweating) oh my gawd
        ♥H – (in a sleepy voice) what’s wrong
        J♥ – I was having a nightmare….it was about tomorrow’s case
        ♥H – It’s’s only a dream..go back to sleep (starts snoring)..
        J♥ – Thanks (slaps husband in the back of the head)…

        (Next Day)

        All rise…the honorable Judge Love presiding
        J♥ – Please be seated
        MA – Good morning your honor, and welcome to my court case

        [/universal mine…connection lost]

        wow…spooky….I didn’t see that coming…it’s almost like final destination…

        Oliver is still unable to buy ample light bulbs for his suxury apartment

        And here I thought he was practicing for The Blair Witch project 2 (or is it 3)…it’s very dramatic….the light coming from the bottom…gives him that more honest look (more honest look….bahahaha…I kill me…)

          1. @Karin Hiebert,

            “now see THIS is one of the other reasons I come and read here!”

            You do more than read, unfortunately. You litter this blog with meaningless asides and huge, say nothing essays about YOU. Can’t you go back to talking to your cat or something?

            Or, maybe go hang around with your good buddies Frank Kern and Andy Jenkins? You know, the guys you tried to sell Salty out to awhile back, you two face?

            It’s almost psychotic that you keep coming back here after that.

            1. @Karin’s a Two Face,
              Don’t you know anything about me? There are a lot more than 2 of us… and “we” are on the same team. What’s this selling Salty out??? Bullshit!

            2. @Karin Hiebert,

              “There are a lot more than 2 of us… and “we” are on the same team.”

              Take your meds and you can get back to one personality…maybe. But I doubt it. You are really out there.

    2. @_cartman_, Look who else is doing a water charity; our very own Greg Hartle! I saw this on twitter a few weeks ago because I semi-secretly follow a Ray minion who posted it. Couldn’t help but wonder if it’s a legit charity.

      Does anyone know if this is the same scam as Maria A. Andros’ and Oliver Talamayan’s? Or are there are lot of sick weirdos out there lying about H2O for poor children? Or is it actually a legit org and they really are drilling wells?

      1. @Jean D, is a real organization. They do raise significant amounts of money and the profits do go to real projects to bring water to Africa. Everything raised goes 100% to the charity, private donors pay administrative expenses, which at first glance appear reasonable (I looked into beginning of ’08 when all the other “water clowns” from Proctors SGR (and MLM Goldmine) were trying to raise money for “charities” and overpriced “water wells” (man that organization got real big)

        Those “affiliate” sites (for lack of a better word), are individuals helping to raise money…they are like mini affiliate water sites…

        It’s legit….but just make sure it is…Be careful of URL’s which have (or some variation as the subdomain…and compound subdomains)..

        ie: I set this’s fake…you can tell by the fact of what I put on it…

        Now it’s not CONvincing with….however if someone was to register a more appropriate name it becomes a lot more convincing…so be vigilant…

        Hope that helps…but no…neither Andros nor Talamayan did anything with any real registered charity, and Andros would not disclose the charity she claimed the money was supposed to be going to (and did not respond in any way to requests I had people make)…so I question (what if any) money was going to go to that red carpet event.

        Hope that helps…

        1. @_cartman_, Good to know that charity is legit. I had scanned the financials and they seemed okay. It puzzles me that Hartle is involved with them.Maybe he’s trying to clean up his karma.

          BTW Love your pic! You’re a cutie.

    3. Why does this Talamayan make faces as if he’s constipated and why is he in the dark with lamps shining up from the floor? Must be filming from a jail cell. Could have at least combed his hair and brushed his teeth before making a “business” video. Damn shame.

      1. @Rafael Marquez, you would think the “Video Queen” Maria “Manic” Mandros would’ve helped lil’ Oliver out.

      2. @Rafael Marquez,

        Sorry about that…I must have whispered….

        Yeah, it would be novel…

        “strive for mediocrity”, is the “unspoken” new age “rockstar’s” tagline…

  22. Apparently Oliver Talamayan aka Oliver Turner aka Bruce Turner aka Bruce Talamayan aka {countless other names and personalities} is well known for scamming people who are not only customers but also people who have done work for him. Seems like multiple personality disorder runs rampant in IM. this is a ripoff report. So sad to see a Pinoy rip off other pinoys, but that’s what they tend to do in Manila. See it all the time. An alert I’ll quote here

    “To all writers be you Filipino or not, be alerted on latest writing scams. Please read report below from a fellow writer who posted this in Craigslist.

    There has been a rash of web writing job ads lately here in Philippine craigslist.

    These job ads are posted by Oliver Talamayan, aka Oliver Turner aka Bruce, aka. Few months ago, I was among the many writers who submitted 10 articles to him but never got any payment in return. At that time he uses an email address as

    Many writers from Surigao as well as in Cebu fell victim to this brazen scammer.

    I googled this Oliver’s Turner’s name and I discovered that his former name was Oliver Talamayan from the Philippines. He fled to the US to avoid arrest from the authorities.

    He then changed his name to Oliver Turner.

    To my surprise, I found six of the articles I’ve written for him in All articles contain his name as the byline.

    He has a new racket today. He contracts poor, innocent writers to write articles for him. He pays $2 to $5 each. Then he sells these at $25 per article to US clients.

    Today, he owns

    Fellow writers, you have been warned. Don’t write for this chronic scammer.

    Feel free to copy and repost this ad in Craigslist. Also, feel free to paste this ad in your blogs so that other writers will be alerted.

    It’s high time that we writers unite together and show our loathing to scammers like Oliver Turner.

    Another ad from Oliver Talamayan aka Oliver Turner.

    He uses a gmail address when he replied to my email s but later on I found out that his skype account is Oliver Turner.

    It seems that he’s desperately trying to lure freelance writers to write for him. He said he pays $3 per article but assured me that the rate will increase.

    $3 to $4 per article? No way.

    I didn’t pay go through rigorous college life just to end up with this dirt-cheap pay.

    My sentiments exactly! A lot of these companies are paying way below our rate for local writers which is really funny. Neither did my parents send me to college just to work for cheap pay and neither did I finish my college just to prostitute my brain!

    March 3, 2009 Posted by virtualthoughts | Online Scams | Online Scams, scam alert, writing scams ”

    Oliver Talamayan aka Oliver Turner should be covered here too, he may not be as big as Kern, after all, they don’t let anyone who doesn’t have a Germanic surname, or who isn’t white into the real money making circles, but still would like to see him blasted here for his dirty deeds.

      1. @Oliver Oil, LOL he has 100 employees, but can’t afford a decent haircut or normal lights in his dorm..err home. rotflao

    1. @_cartman_, Oh MY MOTHERFUCKING GOD, I’m sorry people but this is BEYOND idiotic, I’m at a loss for words. We’ve laughed tears here. Does she not realize how completely delusional she looks and is? Looks like she’s spent some money on these videos, how is she doing it when no one is buying her stuff?

      1. @,

        If she used a videographer it would cost about $500-$750 for half a day of shooting….that said, it may very well be that jenkins [[not sure his role in this scam]] shot those videos.

        She sold product no question there, but how many…who knows [[time-lines change, sales amount change]]…when she launched the second time she said it was open to 200 people…she then stated it was closed not “sold out”…now she is stating it was 100 [[she kept that secret until recently]] and sold out [[a digital product that sold out…was there a shortage of electrons]]…the “queen” of “social media” used Fleeceme’s list and [[gawd knows who’s other lists]] but did not sell ANY to her celery like following…isn’t that ironical again….

        More ironicalism [[just a little]]…the videos she is using to sell her “video” coarse are someone else’s work? It’s like showing people how to invest in real estate, and then presenting Donald Trumps portfolio. I will steak [[am I hungry]] my reputation that she didn’t edit that video in any way, shape, or form….butt….in all fairness…it’s horrendous nonetheless [[backlighting in full sun..the weird cut-aways are nonsensical [[oh look a little water weeds and rocks in a nook….sweeet]]…and the content…well…that just hurt my head!

        At 4:55 she claims it was her first product [[oh look, it wasn’t …proof below…wonder when she will bring it down….hey Fleeceme what happened to only ethically representing honest launches without lies….two words….hypocrite]]…

        SMTB was actually a re-hash of her first product she couldn’t sell [[$3K..hmmm..wonder why it didn’t sell]]…and this is a re-hash of SMTB [[the wheels on the bus go round and round….]]

        Catchy name….rolls off the tongue like cement..

        “Transform Your Traffic and Make Money With Video Program”

        People like to buy from people they like and trust….my head hurts again -Andros

        personally I like to buy [[if the crap is a training product]] from someone who actually knows what the fuck they are talking about….but I am funny like that…sigh….I walk alone…at least I am a rockstar [[pat self on back…._cartman_ you rawk!…yeah that’s true]]

        I need sleep… :)

  23. I cannot seem to get the last link you all provided above but are you referring to this video?

    when she said I have something to tell you all. I must tell the truth. “I used to be a ____________.

    I swear to God I thought she was going to say I used to be a man! I almost peed my pants lol.

    Also I am convinced her lips look fake (the ones on her face- dont know about the other pair – if she has lips- lol… still unsure on that one :)

    1. @Gina,

      She put spaces in the URL…never noticed when I took out the first space…by removing the first space it took you to a different location.

      Cut and paste the following link, and you won’t have any problems. Don’t remove any of the spaces. Video1_Final/ Video1final-desktop.m4v

  24. This maria chick somewhat reminds me of Bardi Toto. they are both pathetic scam artist. I refuse to call either of these two women internet marketers. I got scammed by Bardi Toto and I sued her ass and won. The day of the court hearing she didn’t show up to the Pima county court house even though I showed up all the way from Canada. Needless to say I won the case and she had to pay me every red cent back including my expense to get and stay in Tucson AZ. by the way Bardi, thanks for the free trip to Arizona….CUNT!!!!

    I would urge anyone who have ever been scammed by maria,Bardi toto, Frank kern, ryan deiss, andy jenkins et al to sue them. take them to small claims court.

    1. @Lilfella, It would be hard to confirm that due to the massive shadow of that nose. You could ski down its north slope.

  25. The dirt on Andros here is excellent.

    Insane fees that only suckers would pay and ashamed to say big-time sucker I was too that I fell for the “DK mlm goldmine” craze a few years back.

  26. hahaha…funny Andros…even I don’t fall for this transparent crap [[I think I just insultered myself]].

    HI!!! I am so glad that we met this weekend!! We have 3 weeks to work on things. so call me!! :o)
    ps.. you look AWESOME!!!! –Stacie Breeze on Andros pubic page

    Could Andros get anymore transparent with her “new” bullshit tictacs [[shout out Harlan..which tictac is this]]. I know when I JUST meet someone and am on a tight time schedule, the very first thing I do is go on their facebook public page and post a public comment [[I mean seriously…it’s just intuitive.

    Some of Stacie’s gifts include: Clairvoyance & Mediumship, Medical intuitiveness & healing (Certified Theta & DNA healer) Channeling & (info from the other side & past live issues) Spiritual development and counseling. Stacie connects with her spirit guides as well as your guides and spirit when conducting your Connect Yourself sessions and healings. Stacie has combined her education (Masters and Bachelors in Psychology, Education and Neural Brain Development), her Mental Health Expertise with her life long spirituality & gifts for over 15 years.

    Wow, that’s impressive Stacie! You combined your psychosis with your “education”. Now instead of going for an MRI, we can now go for Sic [[Stacie intuitive consultation]]! So do I have “past life” and “other side” issues….I think I do….cuz everywhere I turn, I see stupid people [[it’s a sick sense]].

    My head fucking hurts again, luckily I found someone who can fix it! Thank you universal mine!!!

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