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perverted pervert

perverted pervert

The Droid started writing about Not-Doctor Kilstein just a brief two weeks ago :: I say brief, but in Kilstein years, it’s been an eternity.  That’s because he’s a douche :: a loser :: a psycho pervert :: and he’s getting his ass handed to him.  Flop little fish :: Flop!

This is a bit complicated :: So let me recap for those of you who are stupid.

>> A ridiculously awesome little robot writes a blog post about Not-Doctor Harlan Kilstein accosting the victims of sexual abuse on the Internet in a jaw droppingly disgusting way. {link}

>> Maybe I also mentioned one or two things about it on Twitter … maybe.

>> Not-Doctor Kilstein starts telling anyone who will listen {and some people who won’t} that I’m just an Internet troll … and that I’ve previously published lies about him murdering his {dead from natural causes} daughter.  One of the people he tells is Karin Heibert … herself a survivor of abuse :: And she passes this info on to The Droid like a good Citizen of the Republic.

>> The little Robot that could writes a post about it {link} :: And probably does say one or two {hundred} things about it on Twitter.

:: Enter @TheSaltyDroid ::

Suddenly … as if by black magic … I have a Twitter impersonator.  @TheSaltyDroid is less about wit and snark and more about sick perversions, misogyny, and confused homophobia.  For some “mysterious” reason he has a near clinical preoccupation with saying terrible things to Miss Karin :: Here’s an unsavory taste ::

{link} For a good time call @karinhiebert She really puts out again and again. Okay so she’s a shriveled up twat but she puts out.

{link} @billhilton does @karinhiebert still charge money for a BJ or does she pay you. She gives droid head to @saltydroid and @vapiddroid

{link} Is Karin Hiebert a bad hair day or a cheap hooker. I’m expecting to find Karin Hiebert is a cheap Vancouver escort.

Worse Still :: This series of Twitter Direct Messages sent to my alternate account VapidDroid ::

And besides watch me destroy your little friend Karen. Ha ha. Fucktard you are. You left her exposed. Watch the show. & she’s not a citizen.

You brought her in to it. She has a reputation. I have money. I’m going to cause her to wish she never heard of you. Prepare for the show.

Oh the fun is just beginning. You’ve shot your wad. And the best part is, it’s all outsourced. Karin won’t know where it’s coming from. HA

Laughing at you when your whore friend comes crying. You left her exposed dickless.

Next step in this GENIUS plan for self-destruction :: A fake blog intended to defame Karin {link}.

Strange, gross, outrageous, poorly phrased, and ill conceived THREATS. It’s obviously our not-friend Not-Doctor Kilstein.   And it’s behavior that NO ONE could possibly condone.  But how to prove it? :: I can’t just accuse him of such egregious behavior with nothing … he’ll just counter accuse me of eating the hearts of baby Panda’s while watching Nazi snuff porn.

I’d a few ideas about how to catch Not-Doctor Doofus in the act :: But my plans often involve unnatural amounts of patience … and I wasn’t the only one bothered by this obscene nastiness. Someone {more than slightly} displeased by the tormenting of Karin enters the fray with a new Twitter account :: @ez2x1000 {originally called @FallOfTheDroids} :: He only has one thing to say ::

@TheSaltyDroid I have the goods on them both. DM me

Red with Rage {and full up on STUPID} sick pervert @TheSaltyDroid is ready to start DM’ing. Then more bacon is added to the trap … information about the identity of yours truly is dangled in and around his nose area … the stupid fish bites … and an email conversation with begins.

Now here is the fucking beautiful part that makes me SO HAPPY to be a scam fighting robot :: @Ez2 is chatting with @TheSaltyDroid in Google Chat about the {non-existent} information regarding my identity :: @Ez2 offers up video chat … and god damn idiot Harlan Kilstein accepts! ::

confession of a fool

Yeah that’s right … Video! He accepted a video chat invite. !!VIDEO!! Not only do I have these screen captures, I have the full video chat.  I have ALL the emails and Skype messages.  I HAVE EVERYTHING!

I will be revealing all the best bits over the coming months in a fashion that will bring maximum shame upon Not-Doctor Doofus {and maximum hilarity to you dear reader}.  But for today :: Please just take a few moments to peruse the “copywriting” work of Harlan Kilstein as @TheSaltyDroid.  Consider if this is the sort of man you should be doing business with, buying products from, or publicly associating yourself with in any way.

I hope that further shame and exposition will be unnecessary :: And that Not-Doctor Kilstein will be asked to slither back into the swamp from whence he came … but know this … if you are so brazen as to associate with, and promote, this SICK PRICK of a “man” … I will be making good and fucking sure that others notice whose side YOU have chosen in the battle of ::

Good vs. Holy Crap You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me Evil.

Oh, and Not-Doctor Kilstein :: Let me just repeat MY mantra ::


>> bleep bloop

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  1. Looks like the not-good “doctor” has been too busy making the wads of money he keeps bragging about to bother keeping up with all the new cyber-stalking laws that are all the rage right now.

    A couple of calls to the authorities may be in order in the next few weeks. Someone so clueless as to agree to a video chat and create permanent written archives of his online filth campaign will probably be quite easy to trace, and legally actionable.

    The way cyberstalking stories have been going, this sort of sleaze could easily go national. Think of the publicity! A marketer’s DREAM!

    1. It would be nice to see a poor fella like Harlan catch a break and get some national publicity.

      All publicity is good publicity … right Kilstein??

  2. Mister Not-a-Doctor Kilstein needs to leave the Twitterverse. He's making it smell bad.

    1. I encourage everyone to read the comments on the Jewlicious forum :: They are most illustrative of Mr. Not-Doctor Kilstein's wildly unsatisfactory behavior.

      Froylein :: Notice that Kilstein starts this sexual shenanigans on June 8th … almost right after he walks out of his meet-up with CK. I wonder if he was talking about "twats" and "bestiality" at that meeting … or if he reserves that shit for people he sees as vulnerable {hint :: I don't really wonder}.

  3. This is disgusting. It's amazing that Harlan Kilstein has that kind of extreme ugliness in him. How can someone be so hateful as to send out vile tweets like that? Anyone who supports Kilstein and his unacceptable behavior should never get anybody's respect or patronage. I for one will never again be buying ANYTHING from anyone associated with that guy. I hope everyone else feels just as outraged and does the same. That is just unforgiveable and sickening behavior.

  4. Droid, I couldn't get CK today before Shabos, but I'll make sure to bring this to his attention. It's funny how Kilstein and his following interpreted CK's reflection on the meeting. I think it takes a lot of selective reading to not get CK's wish for a fistfight, preferably with an internet marketer.

    Looking back at the comment thread, I realized there were even more inconsistencies in the stories of his supporters than I had pointed out on there. I'll make use of those in the future if need be. ;)

    I think I'll also add a poll now for good measure:

    [polldaddy 1720471 polldaddy]

  5. Uh. I'm skeptical here. How do we know that you didn't just doctor the gtalk screen capture?

    1. Uh. I'm skeptical of you, anonymous. How do we know you're not just Harlan Kilstein? In fact, why would we expect anything less from Harlan Kilstein? As the Droid said, there are more than just screen captures, and he'll be posting it here over time for the world to see. It can only get worse. After having read some of Kilstein's awful comments on other boards, I for one hardly need to see any more to know what he's (not) made of. Nor would any other sensible person.

      1. Anonymous, the question to be asked is "cui bono?" = "who benefits (from faking in this case)?" Food for thought, Kilstein's livelihood and possibly personal liberty if charges are pressed depend on his reputation while Salty Droid does not make money fom his online endeavours.

        Tom, the problem appears to be that once people have spent considerable amounts of money on something, they will reason themselves into having made a great purchase. That, and, as the Jewlicious thread clearly shows, there are people willing to shill in order to cover someone's back, and their motivation in doing so can be left subject to speculation. Often those people pretending to be somebody else don't possess the rhetoric abilities and amount of critical self-reflection to avoid the patterns that are typical of their dialectics, so their true identity is easy to figure out.

    2. this feels very answered. you have lost anonymous person. and contributed nothing.

      however, i will admit that the photo in my previous post was "doctored" { kind of an old school phrase … but i can roll with it } :: :: the bullet holes, the blood … even the butterflies … all fake. and i apologize

  6. The description, "Dark Knight DVD" fooled me. I was expecting some of Kilstein's home movies. It was pretty funny to see him regressing back to his childhood and playing with action figures again. The multiple voices were a unique touch, in a Norman Bates kind of way. I wonder who gets his wig business.

  7. I repeatedly refused to fall for his idiotic claims, ceased to be impressed by his name-dropping, pointed out that he charged ridiculous fees for "swiped" copy which was 95% plagiarized and was just a general thorn in his side. He began pursuing me in a immature and rabid fashion, visciously attacking me every time I posted in the copywritersboard. He was obsessed and being a moderator on the forum, was abusing his powers beyond compare.

    It culminated in my asking Michel Fortin to delete my id from the forum. Having been a significant contributing member, many queried about my absence so I posted a diatribe describing a corrupt forum run by lunatic moderators. My departure was followed by many other key members, forcing Fortin to acquiesce. He fired Kilstein and another as moderators, appointed new moderators and tried to resume business.

    I came back to a heroes welcome but his maniacal rampages against me on Michel Fortin's ultimately resulted in Michel closing the whole damn thing. Kilstein swore I'd "never work in Internet Marketing again" and that he'd continue his personal vendetta against me forever. LOL

    Too bad for the poor brain donor, my income does not depend on his whims.

    Well, they say living well is the best revenge, right?

    So within 3 days of the copywritersboard closing, I launched and 95% of the active membership came right over and we continued on like nothing ever happened, sans Kilstein.

    As we started, he tweeted some smartass remarks about how it would fail and how "no A-listers would ever post there." I'll bet it was a kick in the nuts the day John Carlton posted there. LOL

    Most of the current crop of online copywriters are part of the 1500+ members and we're cruising along just fine without Kilstein and his cronies.

  8. Hello

    It has come to our attention that Vicky Polin had nothing to do with Dr. Harlan David Kilstein/Rebtsvi. He visciouly attacked someone he knew nothing about, and also tried his best to bring her into a vulnerable state of mind, in order to push her to self-destruct via word triggers that he knew would cause additional psychological damage to Vicky Polin.
    We are also cognizant that Dr. Harlan David Kilstein has been attacking others who have exposed his sick vitriol. A cry for help has been brought to our attention from one of our own…. Anonymous has decided that Dr. Harlan David Kilstein shall be systematically d3$r0y3d.

    We acknowledge you as a serious opponent, and we are prepared for a long, long campaign. You will not prevail forever against the angry masses of the body politic. Your methods, hypocrisy, and the cruelty of your actions have sounded its death knell.
    You cannot hide; we are everywhere.

    We cannot die; we are forever. We're getting bigger every day–and solely by the force of our ideas, malicious and hostile as they often are. If you want another name for your opponent, then call us Legion, for we are many.

    Kiss your friends and family goodbye….for your world is about to change.

    Knowledge is free.

    We are Anonymous.

    We are Legion.

    We do not forgive.

    We do not forget.

    Expect us, Dr. Harlan David Kilstein

  9. I remember that old copywriter's board well.

    Bruce, you are 100% right. Harlan Kilstein came across as one arrogant, pompous know-it-all with a seriously abrasive attitude. It really polluted that board with negativity. For a so-called (by himself) "copywriter," his own work is riddled with hype, typos, and lousy grammar.

    You have a great forum now, Bruce, and the icing on the cake is that Kilstein and his (few) bully buddies are nowhere near it. Kudos.

  10. Harlan Kilstein doesn't seem to handle criticism well, if at all.

    Go to Amazon and search for his cheesy "book," titled, "Steal This Book: Million Dollar Sales Letters You Can Legally Steal to Suck in Cash Like a Vacuum on Steroids."

    I know, try not to barf just thinking about the ridiculous title. (Just be glad you didn't buy the book, or waste time bothering to even read it.)

    What's most interesting are the (appropriately) negative reviews on Amazon, and the responses Kilstein made to the reviewers. Talk about immature. Here's typical Kilstein: "It's part of an organized campaign to keep people from reading this book." Always the hypster.

  11. Sad to see that one go. On the plus side, we still have the steady and unshakeable Salty Droid, who is providing an outstanding public service and helping keep everyone informed!

  12. hm so paulie sabol was a pedophile a life time registered sex offender in the state of Indiana, and he was working with Ben Mack, who also worked with Harlan Kilstein…. and Harlan Kilstein is found attacking survivors of sex abuse….how come everywhere Harlan Kilstein turns, there is a consistent theme of sex abuse/pedophilia following him??

    Funny how this paulie person said goodbye a few months after being outed by Ben and used his excuse for running like the convict criminal he is with his tail between his legs by saying that he wanted to focus on his family…I feel sorry for his kids

    Ben's Confession
    Paulie's "resignation"
    Kevin Hillman's report on

    If this is the kind of company these Internet Marketer keep… then it is very sick

    "Paulie Sabol is a Lifetime Registered Child Molester
    Please before you do any business with Paulie Sabol, check the Indiana Sex Offenders Registry. This man is a convicted Child Molester and a hard core criminal. I have personal knowledge of this as I outed his past on Twitter and now Paulie Sabol is stalking me.

    You only have to register for life in Indiana if the victim was under 14 and you were over 21 or if it was a violent sexual offense. This is factual information and everyone on the web should know who they are really dealing with. "

  13. me thinks all off 99.9 percent of internet marketers are scamsters and scum… and the rest are borderline hucksters and they know it, but what do me know, me just some un-edumucated slob out of backwoods mississipissy


  15. I know the NO-doctor Harlan Kilstein and I paid $20,000 for him to promote my book: A millionaire’s real estate secret by Adriana Dodge and he did some work and then stopped after I have paid the 20,000 dollars. When I confronted him, he insulted me and said: You are fired!. The NO Doctor Harlan Kilstein also received payment from the author of A Millionaire Republican and left the promotion after getting paid. the Author went to another copy writer-promoter who did the campaing for him. This is the truth and nothing else but the truth. I quote names because this is what he has done.I am not surprised he is not doing well since we always, get what we give.
    Adriana Dodge

    1. WOW!

      Thanks for calling him out Adriana :: and for using your real name. It’s helpful because you are NOT alone … and too many have been too silent for too long.

      Count on the fact that he just saw you say that :: He’s obsessive.

      If that wasn’t your real email address :: please hit me up … … I’d love to chat.

    2. Adriana that’s interesting you say that piece of information about the author of a book Millionaire Republican. Harlan Kilstein sent me a book called Millionaire Republican as a “gift” for staying in the coaching program the whole duration. I thought it was really strange, since I am not politically inclined, never had a convo with Harlan about politics, but I read the book front to back 5 times. Very interesting indeed.

  16. I would NOT be surprised to find out Harlan Kilstein isn’t even a real Rabbi or a Jew. Fake bitch.

  17. People who feel wronged by Harlan Kilstein really need to get together. There seems to be more than a few! I’d sure encourage you to email Salty at this blog and share your experience. Otherwise, Kilstein will continue to do what Kilstein does. Apparently he’s been at it a long, long time.

  18. Hmm greg Harte isn’t he with james ray international? and GregHarte is connected to Jason moffatt, and Frank Kern is connected to Jason moffatt


  19. Anything taht you resent and strongly react to in another is also in you, Mr. Stealstein;
    “I was skeptical about The Hypnotic Secret, but something inside of me kept saying “you can do it” and another part of me can really see an amazing future.

    So I got The Hypnotic Secret about a week ago and listen to it every night before I go to sleep. It feels great to sleep with positive words and pictures in my head.

    Yesterday I got a deal memo from a famous Hollywood producer. It’s a miracle that could mean millions to me — and I’m on the verge of breaking into Hollywood after only 3 years in LA.

    The Law of Attraction is working for me!

    Everybody is different and unique, and everybody’s results will be unique too — but I could not be happier with the way things are FINALLY coming together.

    Thank you Doctor Kilstein for finally making The Secret work for me.
    Feel free to use to story to tell other people about your fantastic sessions”.

    Jim Van Wyck

    Now I don’t know if you’re going to attract millions within a week like Jim did who got a deal memo from a Hollywood producer but the Hypnotic Secret can change your life.

    Take it for a test drive:


    Harlan Kilstein

    PS. What’s YOUR goal?

    Make it happen with

    OTC Publishing
    370 West Camino Gardens Blvd
    Boca Raton, FL 33432
    To unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit:


  20. I love the intro bit to his fakeblog about Karin, he even sounds like a fucking turd scammer in his hilariously bad ‘about me’ description:

    “You’ve probably never heard of me, most people haven’t.

    But on my blog, I’m going to share some rare secrets people don’t know about Karin Hiebert.”

    Listen fuckface, you’re supposed to write a convincing description of “yourself” – not a sales pitch on the OMG SECRETS OF KARIN. Do these drooling retards have the ability to write something that doesn’t sound like a scam? He also switches from first person to third person between sentences. :golfclap:

    Also in the context of Karin being a total stranger to most people, who gives a shit what her rare secrets are. Good job gramps.


    1. @Ian,

      Harlan Kilstein is a dumb ass pig. I recently *heard* that Harlan had his “Best Year Ever” this past year in business…

      I find that incredibly hard to believe!

      Just another bullshit lie, by the bullshitters.

  21. I have no clue what this blog and the links in it are about as both are so nonsensical it’s near impossible to understand them. It appears to me someone or perhaps some people doing these blogs need to see their doctor.

  22. Jim Van Wyck is just as much as a lier as it is Mr. StealStein. Jim Van Wyck also stole the money i paid to him and Jim is Harlan’s assistant! They got together to tell the lie that Jim got a letter from Hollywood! If they get a law suit for a testimonial that is a lie whoever does it, Wins! because that letter 99.99 % sure does not exist also Jim is Harlan’s assistant so how can Jim give testimonials of that nature when it is Harlan’s assistant?
    Jim Van Wyck also stole money from someone else and because he was getting so many calls with people demanding him to work for the money he received he trew his cell phone on a lake because Jim didnt want to respond to all the phone calls of the people being angry because he did not do the job!!!! This is True! Ask JIm! he also scams other people so they are both of them happy to scam people!!! This is the true!

  23. Jim Van Wyck stole money from people and he tossed his cell phone on a lake because he was tired of all the people calling and confronting him for him not doing the job he was paid to do.
    Jim Van Wyck is the assistant – i dont know if he still is- of the Horrible Harlan Kilstein. Jim Van Wyck was paid by Adriana to assist Harlan in the promotion of Adriana’s book and Jim Also stole the money and never did anything. What a crime to steal from a foreign person!! Also from someone who has worked so hard? Adriana is not at fault those bunch of criminals stealing from her are at fault. She trusted a bunch of people beginning with David Garfinkel who is also a friend of Jim Van Wyck and a friend of Harlan Kilstein. David Garfinkel is also at fault for allowing Harland and Jim and someone else steal money from Adriana.
    These people stole her money:

    Harlan Kilstein
    Jim Van Wyck – Harlan’s assistant
    David Garfinkel – Harlan’s friend

    Watch out for these thiefs!
    Do not let them get close to you because they will robe you!!!!

  24. The only letter Jim Van Wyck received out of Hollywood is a “Dear John” or shall we say “Dear Jim” letter from his hip ex-wife. She didn’t want anymore cream – cream puff in her coffee. Plus, she was tired of supporting Jim’s laziness.

  25. Dr. Kilstein and Jim Arthur,(Van Wyck)stole over $5,000 rom me! They made promises to do the work and never did…just kept stringing me along!
    Both men are con-artist…..Harlan is excellent at using people who sincerely believe he wants to help them achieve online marketing success. I think he has promoted his crap so long, he actually believe what he sells!

    Jim Arthur (Van Wyck lives in Canada, he can steal money from people in America with Harlan’s help…yes steal! Jim did not keep his contract promises…….takes your money and then stops the work, excuses delays nand stops communicating!!! Harlan acts all surprised when Jim does not deliver…….Keep in mind he said, “you can trust Jim, he is a good friend of mine! Oh yeah@!!!!
    $5,000 later the two march off to the bank laughing all the way!!! Well, Rabbi Kilstein you WILL answer to a much higher authority one day for your stealing, lies, and actions….may God have mercy on your soul! As for Jim Arthur, Van Wyck……….the same will be for you. It is sad, these two men have to steal from people to make their millions…… STAY AWAY FROM ALL OF HARLAN KILSTEIN”S PROGRAMS…they are ALL scams!!!!!!! Everyone of them…….I know from experience…….he leads you down to the path to spend more money and more money with no results!!!!! DO NOT BELIEVE HIS STORIES OF SUCCESS…the only success he has had is in taking your money for old out of date programs that do not work……….

    1. @Jane, Kilstein also conned me out of 5K, and his girlfriend Jim also wanted to talk me into “hiring” him, but I never did. These people are classic psychopaths with no conscience at all. They still have a lot of harsh lessons to learn about life.

  26. Harlan Shitstein is a fraudulent, scamming, lying prick!

    I paid $2,000 for his so-called “Facebook Coaching Group”. That was a real piece of work. First we were told that we were a “small select group of only 10 people that he’d work one on one with us” (as it was an up-sell from another Facebook program I was a part of called The 48 Hour Money Secret) along with a 100% anytime refund guarantee, even at the end of the program. He guaranteed us that we would have his undivided attention and access to all of his techniques for doing Facebook ads and also for learning CPA and he would provide us access into the restricted CPA networks by writing letters to the network executives. Well by the third week into the program, all of the sudden we were postponing our webinar times from formerly 7:00 at night to 9:00 because there were now 10 more people from the UK and another 10 from Israel. By the fourth week we heard absolutely nothing anymore on CPA and wouldn’t for the rest of the program (which by the way was originally supposed to run from November until December of 2010 but ran into March 2011 because he loaded with a secondary bull shit program called the “Facebook Local Expert Program” which had absolutely nothing to do with the original coaching group materials and nothing that I wanted.

    Another part of the Coaching Group was we would each receive a fully constructed affiliate website complete with a full complement of Ezine Articles on a niche we would pick with his guidance. As of August 14 (the last time I ever looked) I still had a half completed website with no Amazon feeds, which were supposed to be supplied by, you guessed it! JIM VAN WYCK!!! Another lying sack of shit. I contacted OTC back in May about the status of my website and the articles and was told by Sandra that Harlan would get them to me by the end of the week. Never received any.

    I then proceeded to ask for a full refund of the coaching group $2k in fees (not even encompassing what I spent on domain names, website hosting, and countless hours setting up multiple accounts) and was nastily told by none other than Sandra (Shitstein’s secretary) that “I was out of the 30 day refund period”. NO WHERE on any billing invoices, no emails, videos, no Paypal transactions, or on the websites either for signing up for the Coaching Group or in the members area was there any “30 day refund period” disclosure. I believe he purposefully extended that program to also go beyond Paypal’s 60 day payment dispute limit so no one could forcibly get their money back.

    Lastly I checked with several other Group members and found they never received their websites and articles either. The whole program was nothing but bull shit and he stole everyone’s money.

    So working with Jim Van Wyck and Harlan was like driving a spike through the side of your head. Sure you get something new in there, but you lost something as well.

    1. @The Harlan Antagonist, I wouldn’t walk away from that much money without more of a fight. You should post comments on as many blogs as you can, including review sites, ripoffreport, the bbb, etc. And really turn up the heat on that guy. Don’t let him get away with it.

      1. @Bob, Oh I did Bob. I filed reports with the Florida BBB, my state’s bureau of consumer protection and the FTC. FTC did absolutely nothing as usual as it was an “individual case” and Shitstein wrote back to the BBB complaint and said that I lied and was full of BS. You just can’t do much against people like that except post things in sites like The Droid runs in hopes that no one else falls for that crap of his.

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