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Salty Droid

Evil Jowls and the Spam Machine


The Salty Droid is currently banned from Twitter. Unfortunately :: they have a very clear “nothing interesting” policy which I have breached by being so fucking incredible. Could this happen to you? NO :: It couldn’t … you aren’t the least bit interesting {and you certainly aren’t fucking incredible}.

The Droid was suspended on July 24th while interrupting Perry Belcher’s vindictively priced frauduct launch {link}. Subsequently :: two other Droid accounts were banned by the scammer lovers who occupy Twitter’s anti-spam department. After the third account suspension :: the un-subtle-hint was taken :: and a Twitter sabbatical was declared {I hope you’ve missed me}.

Last week duty required popping back in to punk Not-Doctor Kilstein the way Yahweh punked Job :: and Harlin Philistine was born {it was a rough birth … chubby don’t fit through holes}.

Mr. Philistine currently has 65 new followers :: Twenty-fucking-six of them are Perry Belcher SPAM. Each of these accounts {selected avatars pictured above} has just two tweets. One pointless :: “I’m excited to be on Twitter! I’ll be sharing information about {insert name of generic thing}.” The other is a link to the Social Media Money System from July 23-24th.

There must be several hundred more accounts like this … serving no purpose but to annoy … each one ‘false and misleading’ … each one spam linking to a sales site for a product that “teaches” you NOT to use social media for selling directly. Oh the irony!

datingforboomer :: EmpBeneft :: GreenTec :: Appliancesinfo1 :: CollUni :: Broadbnd :: BuildSlf :: BackPaininfo :: ComRealEstate9 :: CurrTrade :: ConsoleGame :: Baseballinfo101 :: Chicagowar :: EconomicGuru :: CreditTips101 :: EduBooks :: CompVirus :: CompTechGuru :: BrandNmes :: CrimeNews101 :: DreamWand :: CompTutorial :: Bizpla :: Bizoppor :: BiznusCoach :: EditWrit

Welcome to Twitter! :: We hope you enjoy your SHORT and ANNOYING stay with us.

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