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d-bag defeat

Operation JowlBust :: Much Success!!!

Official DeBriefing ::

IssueOne :: Stop the military formatting.


Remember when I got my claws on Evil Jowls Perry Belcher’s program before it launched :: And then I thrashed the crap out of it {link} :: Released the direct links to it {link} :: Wrote a christian version of my BeatDown {link} :: And then swallowed up his whole Fat Ass on Twitter for the entirety of his lame ass Frauduct Launch?

Yeah. Me too. It was awesome.

How much damage did that do? I don’t know :: But enough that I’m full the fuck up on smiles :: And not weak ass emoticon smiles either :: Endorphin releasing real smiles :: The kind Belcher will have NO MORE of until he vanishes himself from my sight.

Normally I spread my Perry Belcher message one painstaking tweet at a time :: But yesterday a massive amount of people who were interested in Perry Belcher came here to get a free handout {of turds} :: And they left with the impression that Perry is NOT what he says he is. The damage wasn’t caused by people downloading the files like a bunch of you stupid n00bs think :: Because that was already happening … and my shenanigans actually brought the “stealing” to an end. It’s that people came HERE to download it. Yesterday his hype machine pushed people to THIS crazy fucking site … and he’ll never be the same.


As a side note {for now} to the drama :: The SaltyDroid was suspended from Twitter for “strange activity” :: OMFG! The scammers have conspired against me … I’ve been undone! No, just relax. They haven’t :: And I’m not even close to done.

Unjust treatment of active users is going around at the moment {link}{link}. I really don’t feel like getting all uppity about it. If “strange” is defined as doing something that other people aren’t doing :: Then yeah … I’m being super fucking strange. I can’t really blame the algorithm for suspecting me :: And I’m confident that I’ll be right back. I love Twitter :: And it’s fucking FREE. Spam is a complicated problem :: And so is rapid growth :: They’ll get it figured out.

But my ban does illustrate one of the MANY weakness in the approach to social media advocated by hack bastards like Perry Belcher. Perry {et al.} has tried numerous times to have my Twitter account suspended :: And who knows :: Perhaps he has finally succeeded. But see here’s the trick :: I’m NOT that account! I’m me … I’m still here … sitting in the same place … doing the same thing. My particular strategy utilizes Search, HashTags, and direct communication with individuals. The number of “followers” I have is not relevant to the effectiveness of that strategy. Further :: My 500 or so genuine followers were following me because they were at least somewhat interested in me. They’ll probably find me no matter where I land. I won’t lose any ground if someone accidentally hits reset with their toe.

But if you use Perry’s follow spamming tactic {The Key to the BS Social Media Money System} :: Then you aren’t building value in yourself :: You’re building value in an account! You are doing it by clicking-n-tricking in defiance of the spirit of the rules {and probably the actual rules}. If Twitter suddenly decides to say ScrewYouBuddy :: You’re just screwed :: People aren’t going to seek you back out … they ONLY followed you back because they were hoping that you were interested in THEM. You wasted all that time building a list that EVERYONE could see :: And you DIDN’T own!

My account was suspended during an exhaustive Tweet-a-thon of this link :: :: A link I’m going to send out hundreds more times on Twitter {from whatever account} to the echo chamber that props up Perry Belcher’s LARD ASS. If the universe is smiling :: My suspension will cause a Twitter employee to click that link :: And the people in San Fransisco will have a serious conversation :: Not just about Spam :: But about how a vulnerability in their rules has allowed a nefarious form of EVIL to thrive and prosper :: And about how blood gets on the hands of even those who turn blind eyes.

Somebody’s {hippie :: liberal :: wealthy :: don’t be evil?} toe needs to bump the reset button on obvious villain Perry Belcher.

>> bleep bloop