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Perry Belcher: Second Second Chance


My fellow Americans : Major combat operations against Perry Belcher have ended. In the Battle of The Jowls, The Droid and his allies have prevailed. {Fuck yeah!}

Evil Jowls has decided {with a little help from his not-friends} that jail sounds totally lame. We don’t usually agree on things :: But The Droid would tend to agree that jail sounds totally lame.

A couple of weeks ago Perry magically appeared on this blog and left a few baffling comments. He implicated that he was going to give up “the biz” :: and he almost sounded not-stupid {link}. For some {obvious} reason :: I didn’t feel like taking the “man” at his word. D-bag surrenders come with strings attached :: Private conference was demanded … and accepted. Three weeks of girl talk followed … and terms have been reached.

So cry some salty tears and say goodbye to ::

  1. ALL of Perry’s scammy :: Vicious :: Life-ruiningly overpriced Internet Marketing products :: Gone! NEVER to return {link}.

  2. 5000 friend Spam Facebook account :: ix-nayed

  3. Most of his blogs :: and all of the posts about Internet Marketing :: flushed down the toilet like worthless turds.

  4. Internet Marketing related YouTube videos :: Nuked!

  5. King of Follow Spam Twitter Account {and major battlefield in this war} :: GONE! :: Caught up in the spam rapture :: Believe it!

Perry Says Goodbye {link} :: This post was part of the deal … and Perry delivered without class or fucking style … natch!

“While I can take reasonable criticism, today I have concerns for my safety and the safety of family.”

**BullShit **:: That has nothing to do with it. So pathetic … but I guess that’s what we’ve all come to expect from FatFace MaGee. It would have been disappointing if he didn’t keep lying and posturing to the bitter end.

:: Run Unexpected Program –> Undeserved_Mercy ::

This is not an anti- Perry Belcher blog {as so many lame brained hecklers have shouted} :: It’s an anti-scammer blog. Stop being a scammer :: stop finding yourself on this blog. I can’t say for sure whether or not Perry is actually finished with the scams :: but he’s done enough to convince me to hold my fire.

However :: if he makes an untriumphant return to the land of scam :: there will be no Third Second Chances.

{Winning FTW!}

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