SaltyDroid at Sea

According to Wired :: the Summit Series is like TED meets Burning Man …

ON A RECENT weekend, Barack Obama’s chief technology strategist, a prominent conservationist, and a supernatural mentalist — a professional mind reader — walked into a California ski lodge. In context, this was nothing unusual. Nearby stood Evan Williams, Twitter’s co-founder, and Gus Van Sant, the film […]

The Beginning and the End

Remember when the fake robot was born on the Twitters … and then got almost immediately banished for calling out the Twitter scam of a recently convicted computer crimes felon?

No? … me neither really.
I came back later with a single issue account to stir up the pot for former Herbalife speaker James Arthur Ray and his culties :: eventually […]

Chris Brogan in Scamworld

Chris Brogan isn’t fond of bragging :: it’s just that bragging is what he does for a “career” so it’s become a bit of a habit … you know?

Chris wrote a post about The Verge’s Scamworld article :: from his home well inside Scamworld … because that’s how we fucking roll in Scamworld. Self-awareness is an impediment to crime-based-pseudo-success […]

Stop Stop Online Piracy Act

The Stop Online Piracy Act is like the DMCA … except worser.

I’m against it.

I think it’s dumb.

I fart in its general direction.

I think it won’t help protect Intellectual Property {a worthy end}.

I’m so against it that I’m embedding the above Vimeo video that other thought leading thought leaders are fearlessly embedding {I haven’t actually watched it but I think […]

Speaking of Spiders

How you like me now Naomi Dunford?
Shit Storms happen!

It’s probably best not to do your own viral marketing campaign for my site during a run-up to a ShitStorm :: unless you have a “career” death wish {not to be construed as a death threat [allegedly]} … but maybe I just don’t know cause I’m not a problogger.

Above are the pageviews for […]

Popular Robot Mechanics

Newt in 2012!!

Wait :: what did I just say?

What the fuck is a newt? Are they dangerous? Is this what the Mayan and their sadistic calendars were trying to warn us about?

OMG :: RUN!!

No stop running :: or stay not running if you were already a doubter.

It’s just Newt Gingrich and his marshmallow orgy jowl sacks.

Newt’s running for President because he […]

The Business Inside of Maria Andros

Maria Andros is a Powerhouse Leader of Leadership :: and other various things :: such as … etc.

You thought she was scum? Because of that thing where you know how to read and sometimes do?

Well that’s why you’re not a powerhouse {whatever the fuck that is} leader of leadership getting yourself quoted in Business Insider :: a big fancy pants respected website …
15 […]

James Arthur Ray :: Always Be Closing

Final days in the trying trial of semi-professional manipulator James Arthur Ray.

After many months of testimony :: many days of arguments :: and literally millions of Luis Li literallys :: Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk began closing arguments in the faux sweat lodge case. She started like this …

“Three people are dead who should not be dead …”

Quoting Felicia Fonseca’s posted everywhere […]

Free Ai

My father is Li Gang bitches … at least that’s what I told Twitter.

In China being the devil-seed of Li Gang earns you the right to drunk-kill poor ice skating farm girls {fun!} :: but I guess it doesn’t work so well with people in California … cause I can’t even get 140 characters with it.

You’re dead to me […]

Mark Shurtleff SEO Congress Twitter Am I Not A Man?

Something wicked this way comes.

Mark Shurtleff is not my father … SEO.

I’ll hint to you about secrets if you listen close. {closer} … {closer}

Mark Shurtleff mostly uses his Twitter account to illustrate his old man ignorance.

That’s not the hint :: that was just a sentence about Mark Shurtleff’s ignorance :: Mark Shurtleff’s Twitter ignorance to be more specifically SEO.

There’s […]