The Beginning and the End



Remember when the fake robot was born on the Twitters … and then got almost immediately banished for calling out the Twitter scam of a recently convicted computer crimes felon?

No? … me neither really.


I came back later with a single issue account to stir up the pot for former Herbalife speaker James Arthur Ray and his culties :: eventually live-blogging his triple homicide trial … which was nasty :: brutish … and not-so-short.


Back again bitches :: this time to battle Herbalife … in what’s shaping up to be my last fight as a full time comic activist.


I set up the account mostly in an attempt to dissuade NYPost fake reporter Michelle Celarier from doxing Skeptic21 and his preggers girlfriend :: by reminding her unethical ass that I could move into her basement and break up her multiyear self-congratulation marathon … but she did it anyway.

It’s a shame. Now the mercilessly brutal response that I promised is coming … and Michelle is fast running out of time to answer my questions.

“Reporter” takedown … teasered.


But Twitter has changed a lot since my last tweet in 2011 :: seems more fun … might as well hang out for awhile and stick it to one of the world’s biggest pyramid schemes.


You can watch if you want … but I’d rather that you helped instead. It’s all boring ass stock talk {and sucking up to Bill Ackman} over there right now … but we know this story ain’t about that. It’s about real lives :: and real people … ruined.


>> bleep bloop

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  1. The New York Post annoys me. They’re more like “National Enquirer” than a real newspaper, and they trade on sensationalism (more so than your average mainstream journalism outlet, and that’s saying something). And their stances for morality and ethics seem hollow at best. Over the past year, for instance, they’ve run a couple of editorial-type pieces by a guy named Phil Mushnick, who, in the process of reporting the latest goings-on in the Kevin Trudeau case, called out the TV networks and stations for being part of the KT fraud, by virtue of running KT’s infomercials. These are the very things that the little fake robot has been screaming about (to the extent that robots can scream) for years now about scamfomercials in general. Good for you for calling out Michelle Celarier on her unethical actions in pursuit of a hot story.

  2. If you look at the slow down in his tweets, it is pretty obvious that once his girlfriend was out of the picture AND the fund had sold out it’s position for the most part, he became a lot less inspired by the virtues of the cause of this pyramid scheme.

    Funny what a “big fan” someone can be when it involves millions of dollars gained with a stock increase.

  3. I am participating on Twitter.
    I also haunt Seeking Alpha HLF articles, I skip most of the repetitive stuff but every once in a while you get a nugget.
    There is this one interesting commenter…says he is a long time HLF member who has seen it all, completely jaded, the scales have fallen from his eyes….he says stuff like ” Herbalife, it’s not that bad, it’s WORSE”… His details do have a ring of authenticity but who knows…he doesn’t write very clearly….and uses a lot of HLF jargon/abbreviations so it has taken me a long time to understand his posts. I suppose the fact that he doesn’t express his ideas more clearly should take away from his credibility. But in a way it makes him more interesting because I think most people ignore his comments and he has some interesting angles on the story if you take the time to decipher him.
    So one thing he has made me interested in is the wholesale commission area. Maybe you guys know all about this already but I had never really thought about it. This is where distributors sell product….to other distributors. There is a lot of this type of activity, going on, according to him. So, not only are the majority of product purchases not by retails customers but by by people pursuing the BizOp, there is also this whole aspect of “buying your discount” through buying certain amount of product, then reselling your discount (HLF term for it is the “subsequent sale”) to distributors who have lower discounts. It would appear to the naive 35%er or 42%er NonSupervisor they should make money on the resale to the lower level 25%er or 35%er distributor (and I believe if I understood correctly, the HLF literature says they will make 10%, 17% or 7% wholesale commission in such a case) but the 35%er and 42%er really don’t make the wholesale commission they are told they are going to make due to the complicated reconciliation process on the backend through HLF. It may then not be transparent to the non-supervisor that they have lost money…they may get a gross payment on the wholesale transaction that they expect, so they think they made money, but then they end up paying for it elsewhere in the distributor to distributor transactions. I am not clear on the transparency of the net monetary result to the non-supervisor. The Supervisors and the even higher level Sales Leaders, who all get 50% discount and also get multilevel rewards from HLF on their downline’s transactions, are the only ones to make any real money on this wholesale commission activity. The commenter says there is “double dipping” compensation for Sales Leaders and Supervisors on these between-distributor transactions. Have you heard this claim SD? Double dipping commissions for the upline? Don’t know if any of this is true, of course, this is just one anonymous guy writing stuff in comments threads. He alleges this “wholesale” activity fleeces the non-supervisor levels and facilitates/speeds up their failure, while reliably transferring the bulk of the money to the top. Then when they fail, the upline has their money and anyone they have managed to recruit.
    To keep going, mainly with these wholesale commission transactions, but some of it applies to all transactions: This guy states that the product cost to HLF is only 21% of the “SRP” (and of course we know most product is not sold at SRP, but their multilevel compensation structure is nonetheless based on their seldom-used-in-the-real-world “SRP”). The commenter claims HLF corporate’s cut is 6% of SRP on every purchase. Sales Leaders level’s cut is 23% of SRP of every purchase. Supervisors receive 25% 15% or 8% (average 16%) of every purchase depending on purchaser’s discount 25%, 35%, 42% (none of this tied to a successful retail sale at all of course). So HLF, Sales Leaders and Supervisors get hard cash. The lower level “non-supervisors”, for the consideration they have given, receive: their “potential discount” of 25% 35% or 42%…the promised “discount” they have purchased only realized if they manage to make true retail sales at SRP. Very little of which happens. They might sell at some profit but not the promised profit, sell at break even, sell at a loss, consume product, throw it away, give it away, etc etc. And despite the fact that this looks like the Supervisor level would be profiting, the commenter notes that only President’s Team and above have a chance of making net profits, after all the costs are taken into consideration.
    Sorry, another long post. I have just been especially into the story this week, and I finally understood what this commenter has been saying for months. Maybe you guys already understand this part of the story. I hadn’t thought about this distributor to distributor selling activity. I wonder if the double-dipping commissions thing is really happening, So many angles to the fraud.

  4. in what’s shaping up to be my last fight as a full time comic activist.

    Huh? When’s that happening? As in – last fight. End of the fake robot. I must have missed something.

    1. Did you read the post On Six? SD said:

      Jason is feeling dire :: and wanted me to tell you that year six might be the last year of The Salty Droid :: because he is weak :: and wounded … and fucking brain tired from all the futility.

      The end of one thing is the beginning of something new, though, so don’t despair.

  5. Interesting post at Zero Hedge. I am sure you’ve seen it already SD.

    I thought this quote was priceless…

    “Up until Ackman’s presentation, many people weren’t aware the company is strip-mining the wealth of the poorest of the poor in a gigantic ponzi scheme.  Now that they understand how compelling the business model is, of course people are tripping over themselves to get in on it.”

    Perhaps Ackman should make you a job offer.

    Keep up the fight!

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