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June 18 was a solemn day for Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff :: and nothing says solemnity more than Twitter … except maybe for strippers and jalapeno poppers.

Utah was about to execute Ronnie Lee Gardner for the various murderings he’d committed. For some reason :: probably to please the goth kids :: the execution was to be done by firing squad … which made tickets very hard to find {even on StubHub}.

Gardner was only 18 months old when Utah’s authorities first took him into custody … after his lovely mother abandoned him to the streets. He was drinking and addicted to drugs by the age of ten … Justice

Hopefully God regularly checks his Twitters before he makes any final decisions regarding mercy or not-mercy.

Jeremy Johnson also denied his victims mercy :: but I guess it’s acceptable to deny mercy so long as you make multiple five figure “donations” to Mark Shurtleff … God’s favorite self-righteous tweeter.

Act NOW if you want to get in on this one of a kind webinar! Unless you live in Texas :: executions are a rare treat :: so don’t miss this fantabulous opportunity to learn more about killing people who are tied up with a bag over their head.

Of course :: some people {probably sissy socialists} complained about the ignorance and insensitivity of this exploitative tweet-grandstanding by Shurtleff.

He responded with great tact …

That reminds me of some of Harry Truman’s other famous tweets …

~ Just gave nod to drop A-bomb on Japs. Perhaps Hirohito not actually God. Ha ha. –> pls retweet

~ I can haz more A-bombs? Suck it Nagasaki!

~ @JoeStalin why you won’t follow me back guy?

~ So sad right now … just lost to that dick Dewey :(

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