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Mark Shurtleff Tweets Solemness

June 18 was a solemn day for Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff :: and nothing says solemnity more than Twitter … except maybe for strippers and jalapeno poppers.

Utah was about to execute Ronnie Lee Gardner for the various murderings he’d committed. For some reason :: probably to please the goth kids :: the execution was to be done by firing squad … which made tickets very hard to find {even on StubHub}.

Gardner was only 18 months old when Utah’s authorities first took him into custody … after his lovely mother abandoned him to the streets. He was drinking and addicted to drugs by the age of ten … Justice

Hopefully God regularly checks his Twitters before he makes any final decisions regarding mercy or not-mercy.

Jeremy Johnson also denied his victims mercy :: but I guess it’s acceptable to deny mercy so long as you make multiple five figure “donations” to Mark Shurtleff … God’s favorite self-righteous tweeter.

Act NOW if you want to get in on this one of a kind webinar! Unless you live in Texas :: executions are a rare treat :: so don’t miss this fantabulous opportunity to learn more about killing people who are tied up with a bag over their head.

Of course :: some people {probably sissy socialists} complained about the ignorance and insensitivity of this exploitative tweet-grandstanding by Shurtleff.

He responded with great tact …

That reminds me of some of Harry Truman’s other famous tweets …

~ Just gave nod to drop A-bomb on Japs. Perhaps Hirohito not actually God. Ha ha. –> pls retweet

~ I can haz more A-bombs? Suck it Nagasaki!

~ @JoeStalin why you won’t follow me back guy?

~  So sad right now … just lost to that dick Dewey :(

>> bleep bloop

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  1. Those tweets are a combination of macabre and unchecked ego. “& with my final nod” obviously represents the “Utah Nod of Death.” The ability to dispense death with a nod: the ultimate Mormon high.

    1. @Zack, I find the entire tweet of the death of a person at the hands of another whatever the situation absolutely sick. These people are playing God and they are no different to the sick idiots that Salty writes about. If it is to be done, why not quietly? What sort of ego trip is it to tell the world that I gave the go ahead and it will be done. God help Mark Shurtleff because I reckon he’s going to need all the peace he can find when his time comes.

      1. @appalled, I guess maybe the Gov met some of the family? Saw a victim photo or two?
        Hey, Mark’s OBVIOUSLY a dick, but so’s Zack with the “Mormon high” crack above. Settle down in the cheap seats, they’ll let you know when it’s OK to start burning the Christians again.

        Don’t get too queasy over Gardner – he’s lucky he didn’t just get a toss into a wood chipper.

  2. Sad case and Gardner is no doubt a bad man but I still object to the way Shurtleff is making a broad faced spectacle of the death thing. The victims are getting justice, make that it and allow everyone to heal. What is there to be achieved by piping up on a public forum and say whoohoo I gave the go ahead to kill this guy. One must question Shurtleff own obsession with death.

    1. @appalled, It justs give this greasy politician a chance to grandstand and make himself look good- ie putting himself on the side of justice, the people and the victims’ families. Gotta put on a show of it as most pollies do. Meanwhile this very same slimeball is buddy buddy and in cahoots with unsavoury white collar criminals that operate out of the scam coaching/training/tax centres in Utah and shows no sign of doing anything about it. No hint of a crackdown. It takes the FTC to take action against this Jeremy Johnson character after ages of his scam companies inflicting misery on their victims. He really is fulfilling his role as Attorney General- not!

  3. Blighted minds think alike!

    James Arthur Ray: “He who performs his duty with no concern for results is the true man of yoga–not he who refrains from action.” –Bhagavad Gita

    Scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer upon witnessing the destruction of his Atomic Bomb Trinity 1945 :
    “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”–Bhagavad Gita, chapter 11, verses 31-33

    1. @Smarmy, Ray pays lip service to that fundamental verse of the Gita, but from his conduct he shows how far he is from actually living by it. People like Ray do not diminish the wisdom of that great book. I don’t really get what you mean.

      1. I’m with @Chris. The Gita was Gandhi’s favorite book–compare his actions with Ray’s and you’ll find perhaps a bit of a difference.

        1. @Duff, Thanks Duff. I have read it a few times. Although I I am not religious, I find Smarmy’s comment a bit misleading as it is implying the book is an asset/tool for fraudsters such as Ray when it is clearly not. Being half Indian as well helps, as I have more of an insight into the meaning and spirit of that book- a cornerstone of Hindu/Indian spirituality.
          And as for Oppenheimer’s quote from the Gita I think he is taking it out of context as well. The quote is probably just illustrating the power and supremacy of “god” over humankind/the universe as in the Gita. Oppenheimer ties it into nuclear weapons discovery, but again I find it misleading and disingenous. Oh well each to their own.

  4. Kinda thought Harry T was nice to stop with just two a-bombs.

    Why would you bother with “mercy” for Ronnie Lee? Seems they’re actually two dead guys or so late culling the herd of that dangerous bastard.

    Mark? At least he’s not taking up a real job.

  5. “Great Day for Freedom! SUP CT strikes down Chicago gun ban. Read AG Amicus Brief here #tcot #NRA #GOA #utpol #utgop”

    Hooray! Chicago’s inner city kids :: and emergency rooms :: send their most sincere thanks.

    Join with me (and 23 other state A.G.’s) to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights, “No Semi-Auto Ban” #utpol #tcot

    More semi-autos now! More semi-autos now! More semi-autos now! Say it with me …

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    dot dot dot … execution

  6. I think the most disturbing part is mr. Shurtleff’s ad in the Yellow Pages:

    “Need an execution Tweeted at a truly affordable price? Professional AG will make all of your execution tweeting dreams come true. Don’t let your executions go untweeted! Order to day for the special Utah AG price of just $19.95 per tweet.*”

    * Aditional charges of 75 cents per Twitter follower also apply.

  7. What’s also interesting is how many people retweeted those. Now that’s the kind of cheery stuff you want to share with friends and loved ones, if you’re Mormon, I suppose.

        1. @Magic Underwear, is that the chick from Weeds?

          I can’t believe I listened to this whole fuckin’ thing.

          I’ve known a few married LDSaints – not one of them has ever hidden the fact that they wear temple garments. Assuming you know the secret handshake to get in, you can even see the garments on display in some LDS stores.

          (Tip: Should you find yourself trapped by a mob of angry Mormons the secret handshake is the ReRun Dance. Right hand, left hand, shoulder pop, jump!)

          1. @spoonfaceboy, Yes – chick from Weeds. Yes – her rippling abs look like an amazing dinner plate to me as well.
            Yes – also cursing my lost time for listening to this, thinking it would go somewhere.
            I am actually a huge fan of their magic underwear beliefs…which I think was best supported by the Upright Citizen’s Brigade back in the early 90s…

            Upright Citizens BrigadeHole in the Sheethttp://www.comedycentral.comFunny JokesIt’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaUgly Americans

  8. What a selective moral grandstander. I guess that’s standard fare for politicians in the US and in my country. Such self serving weasels. This bloke will get my respect once he nails the charlatans that operate in Utah for what they have done. Somehow I don’t see that happen. He will keep turning a blind eye as long as he keeps getting his palms greased. What a shithead!

  9. The writer of these articles sound stupid and completely biased. I would like to see an article defending Jeremy and the other dude before I jump to conclusions. -media- 4th branch of the government

  10. Mark Shurtleff: duly elected sociopath for the state of Utah.

    hmm I think I’m gonna tweet that.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

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