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Mark Shurtleff SEO Congress Twitter Am I Not A Man?

Something wicked this way comes.

Mark Shurtleff is not my father … SEO.

I’ll hint to you about secrets if you listen close. {closer} … {closer}

Mark Shurtleff mostly uses his Twitter account to illustrate his old man ignorance.

That’s not the hint :: that was just a sentence about Mark Shurtleff’s ignorance :: Mark Shurtleff’s Twitter ignorance to be more specifically SEO.

There’s a battle looming in the salt flats … it’s gonna be like Armageddon with 3.2% “beer” and the missionary position. If you care about hating badguys :: then follow me to Utah {did I just say that?}.

Am I Not A Man? Dred Scott was a man that’s for shizzle. But I think I’m more like a fake robot metrosexual … which is why the LDS Church excommunicated me and all of my future-possibly-gay robot babies {did I just say that?}.

Mark Shurtleff.

Maybe we can’t agree on everything. Maybe you think I’m a bad robot {frowny face … wait for it … wait for it … THE FINGER}. But I hopes we can all agree that corrupt politicians are a fucking soul suck :: who are increasing the scalability of fraud :: and they must be eliminated from the system if any of our hopes for better futures are to be realized.

So I’m SEOing Mark Shurtlef :: can U tell? Oops did I just misspell his name? Oh well … these things happen.

Wanna play a game?

Say a little something something about Mark Shurtleff being a scumbag on your own spot on the Interwebs. Link to various things that will help searchers learn what Mark Shurtleff is really all about. Here’s one suggestion of an article that I think is top notch :: Mark Shurtleff :: Attorney General of MLM :: I’m not sure I care for the profanity … but otherwise I think it contains important information that Utah’s Attorney General doesn’t want Utah’s Google searchers to find out about.

I’m also quite keen on this Mark Shurtleff is Fucking Corrupt category page :: it contains so much great information about Mark Shurtleff’s corrupt leg and his midlife crisis motorcycle accident … SEO.

Oh look :: our friend @CosmicConnie is already playing … she called him boiler room buddy Mark Shurtleff as her anchor text … so now I’m going to link back with the same text. It’s a strong signal to Google’s robots … the most important robots in the global conversation.

Link in :: and I’ll link back in the text of this post. Temporary truce with anyone and everyone :: link in and I’ll link back … and Utah Attorney General Mark Shurlteff will consider following Hosni Mubarak str8 to hell.

Link swarm!

You can do it for fake :: with a bunch of crap links from crap sites like J.C. Penny was doing writ large :: or you can do it for realz … with real sites full of real people who are all like …

NO! … fuck this Mark Shurtleff … fuck this!”

… or something.

Guess which strategy is more powerful?

Politicians only care about issues that can cost politicians their careers.

Mark Shurtleff SEO.

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