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There was a fancy party the night of Colleen Conaway’s death. Michelle Goulet {seen here smiling and line dancing} left the party for a moment to call Colleen’s phone and pretend to look for her.

guilt on my hands

Megan’s joke about people in ‘trances’ is really hilarious. Right? So hilarious. What could go wrong putting fragile people into trances :: exploiting their emotions :: em-bed-ing commands? Oh that’s right :: people could die. Ha ha ha. So fucking hilarious …

Megan’s Twitter and Facebook profile picture ::

mania megan

Same black dress :: same light fixtures :: same night. Love the thumb ring girlfriend :: reminds me of the thumb ring that James Arthur Ray wears.

Michelle’s Twitter profile pic ::

mania michelle

Same black dress :: same bracelet and watch. And who is that standing behind Michelle? Well to this Nancy Fucking Drew of a crime fighting robot it looks like Tanya Munoz … who just so happened to be at the Creating Absolute Wealth seminar in San Diego this July.

Not only did Megan and Michelle attend the idiotic party on the night of Colleen’s death {without telling the other participants what had happened} :: but they lionized the event by making their maniac smiles from the evening their social media profile pictures.

I don’t think I’d be overreacting if I said :: OMFG!

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