Messages for the Dead

Colleen Conaway was bussed to the Horton Plaza Mall by the staff of James Ray International.  She never left that mall … but the staff of James Ray International did leave.  They went back to the hotel as if nothing had happened :: leaving her on the floor :: unidentified.

That night they threw a fancy party :: they laughed it up :: danced their spoiled little asses off :: and continued to SELL SELL SELL.

The voice messages in the video above were left on Colleen’s cell phone during that party.  They knew she didn’t have her phone … but they called her anyway.

These are the ONLY calls that Colleen’s family ever “received” from James Ray International.

>> bleep bleep

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  1. Disturbing.  And unconscionable.  Definitely “cover your tracks” calls.  For those new to Droid’s coverage of this killing, you should know that they KNEW she didn’t have her phone because they in fact had it with them (see “Long Trips to the Mall”), and they dropped it at the coroner’s office later.
    Great work uncovering and posting these messages.  I wonder when San Diego is going to open an investigation?

  2. wow.
    Seriously. The is blowing this thing wide open.
    Utter insanity those two messages. They knew she did not have her phone.
    Have they arrested this nut bag yet?

  3. I am so glad they made this horrifis blunder in covering their tracks. I hope it means that Colleens family can achieve justice. I know it means that any with the capacity to think critically who reads this story will know whose feeling guilty.

  4. someone knew what happened and then told a couple of ray’s death angels to leave a message for cover.
    what were the first names of those ray death angels?

  5. Buried Comment: Show

    Yes, yes, Salty.  James is a grade a fuck stain douche bag who is in the dangerous league of cultist wannabe.  Yes yes…terrible thing he’s done. 

    But really, though, that’s not what attracted (attracts) people to this site.  It’s your shining a light on the much more prevalent and pervasive world of internet marketing scam artists.

    All you have to do is look at the comments after your posts.  This James thing is played.  It gets a fraction of the reader interest (as measured by comments) that posts nailing IMers gets.

    I pointed out in the comments section of your last post how news has broke that one of the biggest gurus is throwing in the towel.  I asked you to comment on it.  You blew it by instead apparently asking the family of Coleens to provide you with the personal recordings of her voice mail.  Well, another blogger scooped you in providing the very interesting details of why Filsaime is running away (and why others will no doubt be following)…

    //Within a few days, my pal Frank Kern announced on his blog (bottom) that he would no longer be using big income stories. And Mike Filsaime, one of the most active Internet marketers of all, announced around then (on Twitter) that he was becoming a software developer. Yesterday, Mr. Filsaime confirmed that “I am excited to close out 2009. Time for me to pass the GURU baton on to others.” (A “tweet” on Twitter 11_2_09)

    I suspect he’s concluded that the new FTC regs will bind him too much. Either no more income stories, or else he (and everyone else) has to disclose how everyone else has done with the programs. That is, compared to the income numbers that were advertised.

    The buyers just have no way of knowing just how atypical those big numbers are.

    On December 1, 2009, that will change. Big income claims will no longer be allowed. Not without admitting to the audience what typical results were. (Same for weight loss, etc. see below.) From the FTC site:

    “Under the revised Guides, advertisements that feature a consumer and convey his or her experience with a product or service as typical when that is not the case will be required to clearly disclose the results that consumers can generally expect. In contrast to the 1980 version of the Guides – which allowed advertisers to describe unusual results in a testimonial as long as they included a disclaimer such as “results not typical” – the revised Guides no longer contain this safe harbor.” From the new FTC Guidelines here.//

    Your site kicks ass, Salty, and you have grapefruits for balls.  But, hey, don’t forget about what is most intersting to your readers…pointing out the cess pool sleaze of IM scammers.

    These new FTC guidelines are huge, and you should have broken the news.

    1. Buried Comment: Show

      GayTrey, I’ve noticed the same thing here re what precipitates comments after a post – especially the dumbed down (as most are), not funny, posts like this one – although it emphasizes a critical detail.  However, seems to me that the author has made it pretty obvious that he doesn’t care about his readers or their opinions, so it’s not surprising. 

      F’me Filsaime is just following his guru crowd w/ his announcement, as IM sheep do.  He has a very large list so I’m sure it’ll be put to use with back door offers and he’ll be back before you know it.

      What really surprises me is that nobody has mentioned the series of TechCrunch scam exposing articles on the virtual goods/cpa industry that’s turned more that a few heads up to vc level. 

        1. Buried Comment: Show

          That’s just one in the series.  Start here: and then go to: and read the other posts it links to at the bottom of article.

          This has been the chatter in the off line world this week.  Not a fan of blowhard Arrington or reader of his blog, but I have to commend him for blowing this open and taking out OfferPal CEO.  Too many guys seek/close the next round of funding, find themselves out on the street because they’ve resisted these types of unethical business models and can’t compete.  And the bottom feeders running cpa offers fail to understand why they don’t have a chance when they’re up against social gaming start ups employing these unethical business models.

    2. First I wasn’t sure how to put it as GayTrey’s comment left me speechless…
      As Salty explained in his follow-up post, this blog is not about IM.
      I’d like to add, it’s Salty’s blog, so it’s Salty’s content. He doesn’t cater to any specific market, he doesn’t ask for donations or for people to click on sponsor links – you may have noticed that he doesn’t even have sponsors.
      Certainly, the IM posts have drawn / inspired lots of comments and there undeniably is a focus on IM scammers on this site, but, for heaven’s sake, this post is about a woman who lost her life while attending a seminar by an alleged guru. Even if you lack the compassion to express thoughts of support and solace for her family and friends and even if you’re not particularly interested in the case, you should at least possess the human decency, tact, manners and parental education to remain quiet until a post comes up that you feel up to commenting on.
      It’s not all about money. It’s mostly about people.

  6. OMG this whole thing just gets worse.  How can any of the other contributors to the secret dare to speak when such things have happened.  Money Money Money makes them hungry for the rich mans world.

  7. @GayTrey :: I’m glad you care so much but keep your pants on.  I saw the thing with Filasaime … believe me.  I have an epic plan … and it rolls along.  The current situation is just bringing more people into the army of reasonableness.  Someday when it becomes more clear what I’m up to … you’ll feel bad about what you just said.  But I forgive you already.

    Regarding the FTC :: I don’t understand why everyone thinks these new regs are such a big deal.

    NEWSFLASH :: The testimonials have ALL been fake this whole time.  Everything about them is fake.  Rules matter to rule followers … not rule breakers.

    Belcher was making $1 per Twitter follower per month?

    Finger Healing and mind tennis are a 7 figure internet business?

    The fat dudes standing next to Ferraris in the Jeff Paul infomercial really had 6 figure months?

    NO! Duh.  All lies … all in violation of the current regs.  It’s not about the rules … it’s about the commitment to enforce them.  Changing the rules doesn’t suck money from your departments budget … but actually enforcing the rules would require a massive commitment of resources.  I’ll believe that when I see it.

  8. Ok, so what’s up with both Megan Frederickson’s and Michelle Goulet’s twitter pictures?  Do they put dancing pictures up so we are in awe of the fun times they have hanging out with Death Ray?
    Is there such a thing as multiple-narcissist-dancing fool syndrome?

  9. those pics are manic, as ray wants to push his people into manic delusions where they will do anything he tells them to.
    ray surrounds himself with young women who will do anything for him.
    rays angels, just like charlies angels, they follow orders from the man.
    rays angels lead the crowd into crowd hysteria.

    1. Dave & Mania

      In fact I think it’s even more horrible than your suggestions. Unless they always wear the same dresses and jewelry … BOTH of their dancing Twitter pics come from none other than the evening of July 25th, 2009.

      How’s that for creepy?

  10. Creepy indeed!  Or something else entirely.  Why the hell would they want to represent themselves with mementos from the night they left someone for dead?  I have read about  killers keeping something from a crime scene.  I’m just sayin’…

  11. either they are so broke from giving all their money to ray that they only have one dress,
    or maybe j-ray ordered them to use those pics, as whatever really happened that day is going to keep them locked into j-ray for life.

  12. These people who use all sorts of forms of social compliance to get large amount of sums from people who have given in to their greed should be stopped.  There is nothing wrong with training (I have worked in training for 8 years) but it goes to a point where it crosses the line.
    Has anyone been to a rich dad poor dad seminar?  It’s social compliance at its most sleazy.  They get the people in the “free” seminar to call their credit card and mortgage companies to increase their line of credit before they disclose any pitches.  They then go around the room asking each person how much money they just got increased by and aplaud them.
    The upshot of it is at the end of the free seminar they pitch you for some ridiculously priced life coaching ranging fron £4-30k. The people who are attracted to this sort of event do not have this sort of money, hence the credit increasing part of the pitch.
    I am sure if you looked into the lives of the people behind these and other over priced coaching programs you will see many sad stories.  I have managed to keep my morals and ethics even though I work within the industry.  Maybe I don’t make a lot of money, but its honest money,
    Makes me feel sick that this snake oil salesman is responsible for the deaths of his marks.  Definately sounds like there is some brainwashing going on somewhere.  And after they knew she was dead they went for a party?  Something is not right there, they at least need to be cross examined.

  13. Those phone messages on Colleen’s phone add a whole new dimension to this story. It’s one thing to know they called and left messages; it’s another to actually hear them.

  14. This james ray thing is weird, real weird. This is a very bizarre web of something. Not your everyday average garden variety cult

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