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Useless Whore

Useless Whore

“They” say behind every good criminal you’ll find a great spin-control PR man :: or maybe they don’t say that :: it actually sounds pretty stupid.  Who can afford a PR man?

“Now Mrs. Johnson, I know the police are saying that Tyrone was driving under the influence again.  But the police say a lot of things.  Remember Rodney King?  And did you see that movie Serpico? The police are capable of some terrible sins. And what about the grassy knoll? Cuba? Ayn Rand?  Know what I mean?

Anyway, I just think the Founding Fathers would not want us passing judgment on Tyrone until all the facts are in …  it would be un-American.  Incidentally, there is no way that was his blunt. And also … he needs a shirt.”

James Arthur Ray recently had a PR man makeover :: Oprah didn’t do show about it :: maybe it was on E! :: but I learned about it from a Rat.

Howard Bragman :: is out on his ass … along with his “two dogs and a parrot.”

But he did have time to smear some of his stinking feces on the story before he left :: Like pointing out that many of the participants at the Spiritual Warrior event had “amazing experiences.” Said one participant {recently starved in the desert for 36 hours and then stuffed into a oxygen free death trap} :: “The JRI team completely over-delivered on this one.  I came here to work on improving my mindset so that bad things would stop happening to me … but I ended up watching people die. I’m sure I’ll be reliving the memories from this experience for my entire lifetime. Like I said, it was amazing.”

Bragman {apparently channeling Matlock} also contributed this anachronistic turd {link} ::

“I think they are trying to tar my client,” Bragman is quoted in the Republic as saying. “Somebody must be running for reelection in Yavapai County.”

… said Bragman from Los Angles as he adjusted his assless chaps and giant fake mustache.

Bragman’s Ten Commanments of Public Relations ::


Hellz Yeah! I tell bitches that shit all the time.  Like just as a for instance :: if you find your name on this blog {Howard Bragman} :: then you should pause for a moment and reflect on your recent behaviors.


Nope! :: REALITY is reality :: Perception is a fickle slut that drinks too much.


Okay bored :: Fuck you Howard Bragman :: Please go drown yourself in the run-off of a nude ice sculpture of Leonardo DiCaprio.  The shallower the pool :: the more your death will mirror your life.

The new Propaganda Minister is Mark Fabiani :: and he’s not Red Army cheap.  Mr. Fabiani was formerly a Democratic Party insider.  He held positions in the Clinton White House and on the Gore presidential campaign {two of the greatest PR success stories of all time}.

The big media companies hired Fabiani to help the them spin PR during the writers strike :: hopefully he was able to keep the near powerless writers from “tarring his client in the media.”

Most recently Mr. Fabiani has been plying his mouth magic for the San Diego Chargers :: spinning the idea of a new stadium that corporate FatCats would love taxpayers to subsidize :: and being a dick about it.

Fabiani has tastefully dubbed himself the “Master of Disaster” :: Because he’s a PR douche and that’s just the sort of thing that a PR douche thinks is useful.  He’s going to collect some huge checks :: and in return he is going to help spin the media in a way that will be favorable to the interests of James Ray International.

1.  He is going to fail.  Grandpa Fabiani here doesn’t even have a website :: I guess he thinks the world revolves around five minute slots on the Wednesday night edition of Nancy Grace.  Sorry oldster :: but shit has changed since your boss-man Al Gore invented the Internet.

2.  It’s absolutely disgusting that someone with establishment credentials would whore himself out to such an obvious demon.  People are DEAD Fabiani you useless FUCK :: You hollow vessel :: You irresponsible :: Unprofessional :: FlapJawed Maggot.  People are being exploited :: hurt :: defrauded :: and destroyed.  At least 4 people have been killed at James Ray ‘events’ this year.  What the fuck is there to spin?

The bullshit shenanigans of James Death Ray has created a long line of seriously aggrieved victims. JRI’s ability to generate revenue will evaporate completely if there is a homicide trial.  Mark Fabiani :: beltway insider :: is being paid with blood money.  Money that should go to compensate folks for their  uncompensatable losses is instead going to pay Grandpa Fabiani to twist the truth into something less fucking horrible than the truth.

Hey Mark :: remember during the Clinton scandals when CNN started taking you to task personally ::  hunting down your demons :: laughing at your inadequacies :: and publicly decrying your unforgivable hypocrisy?  NO?

Well welcome to the New World bitch :: I’d recommend getting yourself a website :: and maybe a good PR man … you’re going to need it.

>> bleep bleep

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  1. What a douche, I remember Mark Fabiani from the Clinton era, he was a douche then too. I remember reading somewhere that people that hire him are the same people that would hire the OJ dream team. Only people that are guilty as hell, with really deep pockets, would hire people like them.

  2. Very nice. Using his victims’ cash to fight a PR campaign against them and the families of the dead.
    And what about this:
    “Ray stood by the only entrance, <b>alternately speaking in tongues</b> and encouraging participants to persevere as some of them vomited and fainted.”,,20316327,00.html

  3. Isn’t it so interesting that when these slime balls go down they spend what money is left trying to save their own ass instead of paying the people they are supposed to!  We have watched this before in Australia with that Schirmer guy.  Instead of settling his debts he chose to spend it on his lawyers fighting stuff that was useless fighting in the first place.  Guess who wins, the fucking lawyers of course.  I think these people are so up themselves that they lose every sense of reality.   They deserve every inch of exposure they are lucky to get bad, ugly and shocking.

  4. evil lizards flock together and deserve each other hope that ray and fabiani end up fucking each other in prison ;)

  5. Kilstein needs to be there with them in the same cell, that way he demonstrate techniques from his “best selling” blowjob book–”Mind Blowing Blow Jobs” along with Christian Blow Jobs.

  6. What has the world come to.  People have died and STILL others see it as an opportunity to profit.  And dont come back and say “oh its just business” either because that is exactly what the problem has stemmed from.  We humans have come got to the lowest point in our existence when we support someone who is being questioned because of the deaths of others.  I don’t know any of the guys mentioned on this blog but it is very clear that people have died and it is also very clear that there are some who will support money making opportunities without any respect for those who have died.

  7. I think I will vomit if I actually hear someone in person say that still take “the secret” seriously even knowing the details of this case.

  8. Hey Salty, any thoughts on Mike Flim-flam Filsaime following Perry Belcher the Felcher’s exit from marketing to the rainbow chasers?

    //I am excited to close out 2009.

    Time for me to pass the GURU baton on to others.

    I will be fading away and focusing on Technology and Services for the IM Community.

    I am excited to do this as I had my fun with Guru Marketing but my REAL passion is developing services for the community.

    So I will not disappear at all. I am just changing my focus from Info products and “teaching traffic and conversion” to lower lime light things like services.

    My main focuses will be:





    My Newsletter


    and PayPeopleOnline

    as well as building a bigger underground Affiliate Marketing Business.

    This will allow me to build my Brand around MarketingDotCom and not as much

    Stay tuned for more information!

    Mike Filsaime //

    I wonder if these guys are getting a whiff of the FTC preparing to swoop in and lay down the law on these get rich quick hucksters.  It could be just that the guru life of constantly pumping up people to get them to hand over money they don’t have in the hopes of winning the lottery takes a toll on a person.  Filsaime, if he’s got any good in him, must, late at night, have “what the fuck am I doing” moments.  He knows that he’s (like all of these gurus) are manipulating people to hand over huge sums of money most of them really don’t have all for the promise of instant riches he knows is a pipe dream fantasy.

    Have you heard anything that sheds light on Filsaimes exit?  I mean, to here this guy tell it, he was making 150,000 a month in this market.  Hard to imagine him walking away from such a goldmine.

    1. Very interesting.

      I bet none of these guys are really making the money people think they are. Or at least they aren’t any more, given the economy and the fact that the market is overhyped. And of course since they’ve attached their names and faces to their businesses, it could be pretty painful long-term if they tank. Maybe that explains the new “laying low” theme for some of them.

      I’ve decided that Perry Belcher probably wasn’t really making a fortune on Twitter, for example. I bet most of his followers were spambots, trying to do the same thing he was. Given that, he probably didn’t walk away from all that great of a cash cow.

      Still, it is puzzling what’s going on. We all know the majority of these guys soap each others’ backs, so there is probably a lot of back room talk going on amongst them. It would be interesting to know some more about what their “plan Bs” are.

      If anybody has any info about this stuff, please enlighten us.

  9. I don’t have any info, but I’ll make a guess…I bet you see more of these guys doing partnership things w/offline partners.  Like Dave Dee is out there doing with “America’s Personal Family Lawyer” or whatever the heck his girlfriend Alexis Martin Neely is called, and his Dental partnership thing he’s got going with some dentist in VA.

    Kern has been profiling offline authors lately and there is the Tony Robbins thing he did recently.  So…that’s just my guess.

  10. Thanks for providing a great rant and blog which skewers these pricks onto one long pike.  I hope to see their scalps flapping in the wind.
    I am a traditional ‘medicine way’ Cree Native and my family/friends are all trained and strictly supervised in conducting sacred ceremonies.  As soon as I saw the news on this, us Natives in Indian Country were (and still are) enraged and pissed off.  I’m glad to see the Lakota Nation rise up to levy a lawsuit of fraud against this murderous psychotic.  It’s high time the ‘new age’ wingnuts get a nasty, swift kick in their collective asses for stealing our sacred ways and badly botching native ceremonies.
    I want to point out a few things you haven’t expounded upon yet.
    James Ray claims he was trained in South America.  Not one shred of mention that he sought training from North American Natives.  It doesn’t exist.  Why?  Because Indian Country knows a liar/fool/scumbag when we see one, and he cannot ‘buy’ our methods…since Natives would never give up that information to him or anyone else they did not expressly approve of.  Also, and let this be a warning to all…do not EVER, NEVER, partake in Native themed ceremonies which cost money/gifts, are run by new age numbnuts, use drugs/peyote, are held on some white ‘retreat’, or conducted by people you don’t know very, very well.  In our traditions, and this generally goes for all North American tribes, only legit, approved, well-trained (at least 20 years of experience from a traditional native Elder) medicine (healers) way leaders can conduct a sweat lodge or other sacred ceremonies.   There are a small handful of white (by birth) people who are traditionally trained/approved to assist or run sweat lodges.  There aren’t many of them, but with careful questioning, you can find out if they are the real thing.  Ask who they trained under, for how long, and what are their values/principles?    I wouldn’t sweat with anyone that didn’t respectfully state that they have a long time apprenticing under a true native Elder.  And even if the sweat lodge leader is Native, it doesn’t make them legit either.  There are many ‘fake’ leaders who are Native and looking to make a fast buck too.
    In true traditional ways, no money or gifts are ever charged.  This was the first red flag (besides people being killed/sickened) us Natives saw right off the bat.  Charging money renders it completely false.  The Spirit World does not recognize money, EVER.  Dumbass Ray also flaunts ‘Death’ through his lectures and his favorite t-shirt.  Natives don’t ever disrespect the Dead like that, we barely like to even talk about them.  In my opinion, I think ol Ray really wanted to see people die and got his ‘death wish’ in person.  He’s not the first or last person who wants to kill others, we will always have murderous predators like him in the human race.  But his method of baiting, trapping and killing them is a new twist for a sociopath.  Also, when someone fucks around with our sacred ways like that, they immediately bring down the ‘heat’ from the Spirit World and will exact their payment upon him with a vicious price.  He can never escape or hide from them, it is impossible to dodge the invisible.  And, he never mentioned being sorry for ripping off us Natives and frauduently thieving one of our sacred ceremonies.  I am going to find it very amusing to see him square off with the Lakota Nation, because he has no excuses for what he has done.
    To mess around with our ways is deadly, dangerous thing to do.  I tell people that it’s no different than attempting to duplicate ‘voodoo’ by hopping on a plane to Jamaica and then dig up graves to make ‘graveyard dust’.  When any ceremony is put up,  it directly invites the Spirit World and many other invisible powers.  If you don’t know how to sing the right songs, deliver the right prayers, give up the right offerings, or even know how to protect yourself, -then you will open yourself (and others present) to extremely powerful forces which…if offended, will deliver harsh punishment.  People who offended the Dead at the Sedona ‘sweat shanty’ were punished ‘on the spot’ and might still be haunted.  They breathed in the air of people dying, they were totally spiritually exposed to great evil and cruelty.  That level of death oriented power cannot be cured by common means through a christian priest or some other new age fool.  Only a legit Native Elder can help to make things right.  And our Elders don’t take money.  It also goes to show that you don’t have to believe our ways in order to suffer for your ignorance.  I don’t feel bad for those who were punished, they were all disrespecting our old ways and didn’t care about stealing it for monetary gain.  Unfortunately it’s the only way these fools will learn, is by having a body count.  My question is: how many have to die in order for these morons to wake the fuck up and leave our sacred ways alone?!

  11. Thank you CreeWarrior I really agree with most of  your post, just have a question… how can you use the words “sacred” and “fuck up” in the same sentence… and you say you don’t feel bad for those who were punished because they disrespected your old ways.
    I think that the people who paid to go to these sweat /death lodges were ignorant of Lakota spirituality. Feeling good about them dying because they were ignorant of your spirituality is just as sick as charging them 10k and then killing them.
    James Ray is evil and needs to be punished accordingly, but relishing in the death and demise of others because they were naive or didn’t know any better is also sick.
    I don’t think you are a Cree or Lakota of any high spiritual standing, otherwise you would not think like this.  There is no compassion. These were white Americans who probably never even heard of a sweat lodge before James Ray.
    You say that you were trained “traditional medicine way” and that you and your friends and family saw right through James Ray before the deaths, because you realized he charged for them and that made it null and void, and exposed the people to dangerous spiritual forces.
    Why didn’t you all make a concerted effort as a people to contact the media and let the world know that James Ray is not legitimite with his death lodge?
    You are just as responsible –you knew beforehand.
    Your comment on the death t-shirt and James Ray flaunting death is interesting. I have seen a shirt before on him that was very strange.  Looked like a heavy metal rocker shirt with creepy messages on it. Could you care to elaborate on that one?

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