The Death Dealer in Scamworld


ames Arthur Ray :: on a big fucking post-homicidal comeback … making his second media appearance in a week. Today’s appearance though :: on The Verge …

The Death Dealer: ‘Secret’ guru James Arthur Ray led three people to their deaths… and now he’s at it again

… is much less likely to tickle the blood stained wallet of John Ferriter.

I hope I won’t spoil the article for you by revealing that :: people died …

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James Arthur Ray Trial Updates

In October of 2009 :: James Arthur Ray’s $10,000 per head Spiritual Warrior seminar ended in calamity and tragedy. Three people were killed :: eighteen injured {many seriously} :: and thousands of followers were shocked to learn the true dark nature of the man they’d been paying large sums to follow.

James Arthur Ray’s trial for the manslaughter of James Shore :: Kirby Brown :: and Liz Neuman began March 1st 2011.

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Fabiani vs The Pope

Have you recently ::

  • killed some people?
  • raped the land?
  • ruined the global economy?
  • raped a goat? {inappropriate!}

How disastrous for your reputation :: you might need the “master of disaster” Mark Fabiani. He went to Harvard :: so you can be sure that his exorbitant fees aren’t a flagrant fucking ripoff.  Right?

Goldman Sachs hired Fabiani to help manage the growing public perception that they should be banished from the kingdom {probably without their heads!

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Fabiani’s Shriveled Sachs

Mark Fabiani is a whoring blowhole.  I think :: or maybe it was … Mark Fabiani’s blowhole is a whore.  Either way :: he sucks it.  Last November when James Arthur Ray hired him to do spin control atop the freshly dug graves of the innocent :: The Droid felt obliged to mention it {bleep}.   I thought it was a great post :: full of Shakespearean language and fresh scallops topped with sweet mango chutney :: but you people have no class or sophistication :: and it was mostly ignored {much like Mark Fabiani}.

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Mark Fabiani :: Whoring BlowHole

Useless Whore

“They” say behind every good criminal you’ll find a great spin-control PR man :: or maybe they don’t say that :: it actually sounds pretty stupid.  Who can afford a PR man?

“Now Mrs. Johnson, I know the police are saying that Tyrone was driving under the influence again.  But the police say a lot of things.  Remember Rodney King?  And did you see that movie Serpico?

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