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Salty Droid

Creating Absolute BullShit

“Creating Absolute Wealth” :: it’s like creating relative wealth … only more impossibler.

Colleen Conaway died at James Arthur Ray’s Creating Absolute Wealth event last July in San Diego. It’s cool though … it wasn’t his fault. The cover-up wasn’t about concealing guilt or anything :: it was just for fun. You know how fun a good cover-up can be {like raping a lion} :: so when the opportunity presented itself … carpe diem mother fuckers … cover-up!

For reasons that only lame brain dick weed Mark Fabiani must understand :: Death Ray’s horrible promo video for that death bringing event is still up on his YouTube account {begging for a parody}. It seems that tact and consideration aren’t among the virtues of which James has an “absolute” supply.

The Droid remix is in HD {Creating Absolute Resolution} :: so go watch it on YouTube where it looks all big and awesome and stuff. Then come back here and ask me how it feels to ride my boundless talents to the top. I’ll give you a hint :: it feels fine … just fine.

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