The Death Dealer in Scamworld



James Arthur Ray :: on a big fucking post-homicidal comeback … making his second media appearance in a week. Today’s appearance though :: on The Verge …

The Death Dealer: ‘Secret’ guru James Arthur Ray led three people to their deaths… and now he’s at it again

… is much less likely to tickle the blood stained wallet of John Ferriter.

I hope I won’t spoil the article for you by revealing that :: people died … and it was all James Arthur Ray’s fault. Well :: maybe not all his fault … some of the blame gots to be apportioned to Oprah … and the other {several dozen} media outlets that hyped the lie into a monster.

Oprah gushed over the film, twice showcasing its stars and telling her audience, “Watch it with your children.” The Secret became a cultural phenomenon; a companion book sold 19 million copies. Ray soon appeared on Larry King Live to say, “Well, Larry, science tells us that every single thing that appears to be solid is actually energy. Your body is energy. Your car is energy, your house, everything, money, all of it is energy.” The Today Show, Fox Business News, and local network affiliates followed. He toured the country while guesting on smaller venues from Tom Green’s internet talk show to Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.

Tom Green :: not coincidentally … represented by John Ferriter.

“He put himself out there as omnipotent; but in the face of crisis he was impotent.”

… say’s Ginny Brown of Ray :: near the end of the {typically} amazing Verge video. One tries not to imagine that it’s more than just crisis that Death Ray {and his spray tan} finds impotence inducing.

The video also features our old friends {the not-rapper} Rick Ross :: and Detective Ross Diskin … no doubt both named Ross in homage to David Mamet.

Thanks for doing this The Verge … you beautiful bastards.

I also present you with …

— Cosmic Connie on the new {same old} Ray

— Yakaru on James Ray’s rejection of the “teachings” of James Ray

— LaVaughn’s recap of the criminal trial

— Connie Joy’s Tragedy in Sedona

— Rick Ross’ cult education James Arthur Ray collection 

— and The Brown’s Seek Safely

… we might not be represented by John Ferriter and Mark Fabiani :: but it seems like we doin’ a’ight making sure that the truth is not forgotten.

Suck it James Ray … you impotent prick.

>> bleep bloop

20 thoughts on “The Death Dealer in Scamworld”

  1. Thanks for posting this. What a colossal, tragic wake up call. Despite my satisfaction at seeing this story finally being told, I feel no cause for celebration, just a sickening deep sadness with so many wasted lives…James Ray’s included. I would like to see Tony Robbins sign the SEEK pledge, and I encourage everyone call on him to “step-up and set a new standard”

  2. Good thing I haven’t attempted to watch that Piers Morgan fake-interview. If the five second clip in the video is a representative sample, I wouldn’t be able to stand it.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  3. Powerful piece from The Verge — no doubt taking a large measure of influence from The Salty Droid too.

    Diskin comes across as a very decent fellow. (He also, of course mentioned having read SD during the initial investigations – it’s in the transcripts.)

    Death Ray just tweeted “Life is messy. My life is a mess. Must be on the way to new order” — so he still thinks that order will miraculously arise out of chaos (“must be on the way”). That’s exactly the attitude that made his life messy in the first place.

    His latest blog post says “Life is messy for me these days… but then again, so is yours….”

    It’s time to play spot the psychopath again.

  4. HI JASON, I sure hope this shithead saves any of the money he makes……he is going to need it for security at his events……IN A DECENT SOCIETY HE WOULD NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT SOME PEOPLE……BUT BECAUSE OF TURDS LIKE HIM……some people may decide to attend his seminars……..I AM NOT THREATENING HIM…..AT ALL…….I’m just saying…….HOPE HE LEARNED HOW TO DEFEND HIMSELF IN JAIL……HE IS NOT SAFELY LOCKED AWAY ANYMORE…….I wonder how big a turd he’s going to leave in his pants when he meets me?????? I LOVE SEMINARS…….

    1. Don’t do anything that would make this murderer look like the victim. (He does that well enough on his own.) Otherwise, enjoy your seminars!

  5. but lanna…..just think of it as karma!!!!!! AND JUST THINK HOW MUCH FUN IT WOULD BE……..

    1. The awesome thing about karma is it doesn’t need your help. And your family doesn’t need any more tragedy.

  6. SD’s site and the like should be required(strongly encouraged) reading for everyone who feels the need to give their time and money and attention to so-called gurus.

  7. So finally there is something approaching a truthful statement from James Ray: in his latest blog post he says he lost everything “in one fail swoop”.

  8. There is a Yiddish saying that fits this man well…

    Got zol im bentshn mit dray mentshn: eyner zol im haltn, der tsveyter zol im shpaltn un der driter zol im ba’haltn. Translation below:

    God should bless him with three people: one should grab him, the second should stab him and the third should hide him.

    1. Yeah, but it wouldn’t really fix the problem though. What’d probably happen is, his remaining followers would go into martyr-devotion mode. And then from among their number, or somewhere within what remained of J. Ray’s circle of influence there would arise One Man. Or maybe a woman but probably a man. And then, etc.

      I mean “Meet the new boss.. same as the old boss.. and I get on my knees and pray, we don’t get fooled again.” Etc.

      J. Ray is just an figuratively corpulent example of the real problem which is The Sick Machine.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

  9. While Kevin Trudeau continues scamming from behind prison bars (via use of proxies to keep his Facebook-based newsletter scheme going in order to fund his legal defense), his big evil brainchild GIN (Global Information Network) goes on and on and on. It’s currently owned, at least on paper, by a group of his long time buddies (proxies?), headed by Troy McClain (who was tight with The Donald for a while when Troy was a contestant on “The Apprentice”). The MLM is back in place, though the promises have been toned down as have the fees and rewards. And Troy is continuing the meme Trudeau started: “Who do you listen to?”

    Well, kids, James Arthur Ray is one person they want you to listen to at their upcoming event (GIN Family Reunion, Oct. 16-18, 2015) at Disney World:

    Disgusting. But not unexpected, since Trudeau and Ray have been publicly stroking each other off for years.

    The GIN event takes place a week after the sixth anniversary of Death Lodge.

    And that’s Scamworld in a nutshell. As Jason wrote in a 2012 post (

    “GIN doesn’t exist :: it’s the lipstick on the pig … after you wash it off with a hose that whore pig is going to tart right back up. It’s the pigs involved that need to be stopped if anything is going to be stopped … not the shell corporate entities organized in the name of young Ukrainian wives…”

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