The Death Dealer in Scamworld


ames Arthur Ray :: on a big fucking post-homicidal comeback … making his second media appearance in a week. Today’s appearance though :: on The Verge …

The Death Dealer: ‘Secret’ guru James Arthur Ray led three people to their deaths… and now he’s at it again

… is much less likely to tickle the blood stained wallet of John Ferriter.

I hope I won’t spoil the article for you by revealing that :: people died …

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Endangering James Arthur Ray

FUCK YOU James Arthur Ray :: you motherfucking motherfucker!!

I’m back bitches!  Believe it!

Longest break ever :: but you stupids just kept clicking like a bunch of sheeple :: so I guess I’ll do what I want! No consequences!

Exclamation points!!

Remember when James Arthur Ray got convicted of negligent homicide?  Yeah … it was so awesome.

Fuck you James Arthur Ray :: you suck monkey!

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James Ray Trial Nails :: April 27th

First :: four minutes of uninterrupted Munger Tolles & Olsen lawyering :: it doesn’t get any better than this :: unless your public defender is sober …

That “not passing the laugh test of a lady who talks to ants” moment is a fair encapsulation of the defense. If you didn’t know what this trial was about before that clip … then you still don’t.

To the Tweets!!


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Death Ray Trial Omegas :: April 26th


— Fake robots in mirror :: {above} :: in case you were wondering. So begins another week of #JamesRay‘s guilty-guilt! #


— State wants to call Haddow :: prolly to force defense to illustrate their shenanigans. It worked … defense moves to preclude … precluded #


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James Ray Trial Trucs :: April 22nd

Michael Hamilton :: owner of the Angel Valley Fake Results Exploitation Retreat Center LLC :: and proud member of the gnome family :: spent Friday wearing a tie and being crossed by Truc Do {Munger Tolles & Olson} :: ninja of boring.

Angel Valley has hosted James Arthur Ray’s increasingly dangerous :: and obviously horrible :: Spiritual Warrior event every year since 2003.

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