Endangering James Arthur Ray

James Arthur Ray Convicted Felon

FUCK YOU James Arthur Ray :: you motherfucking motherfucker!!

I’m back bitches!  Believe it!

Longest break ever :: but you stupids just kept clicking like a bunch of sheeple :: so I guess I’ll do what I want! No consequences!

Exclamation points!!

Remember when James Arthur Ray got convicted of negligent homicide?  Yeah … it was so awesome.

Fuck you James Arthur Ray :: you suck monkey! Did I already say that? Sorry :: I’m just passionate :: like Luis Li … except in a non-douchey-poser kind of way.

Self-imposed “ban on senselessly excessive profanity while covering an emotional murder trial” … overs. It didn’t really help :: or matter :: just made me more lame-o … more like the rest of you brown-shoe wearing vanilla motherfukers who are cocking up the whole world-scape. Won’t be doing that shit again :: and if you don’t like it … you can go to your gym :: or the airport :: and watch CNN being wrong … and profanity free.

Anywayz :: after the jury finished convicting Death Ray on three counts of negligent homicide :: they were asked to determine the presence of “aggravating factors”.

Ms. Polk put on three witnesses to prove emotional harm to the victim’s families.  Watch these two minutes and you might suffer some emotional harm yourself …

The jury was asked to find on the other factors {he did it for the money :: he was in a unique position of trust} without further evidence.

Defense attorney Thomas Kelly argued in rebuttal that the jury had already made the danged wrong decision :: and that he was mad :: and sad :: and p.o.’d :: and various other school-boy type emotionalisms. So there’s that …

… jury deliberates aggravators 4 long time => FAIL!

They found the :: “I miss my {Mom :: Daughter :: Husband} … my {Mom :: Daughter :: Husband} being totally dead has harmed me emotionally” :: argument compellingly obvious … but couldn’t agree on the other factors. They really haven’t heard the story :: so how could they?

The failure to prove aggravation means that Judge Darrow can give Death Ray a maximum of nine years :: rather than an aggravated eleven. But two piddling years counts for jack in this situation :: and the Judge isn’t obligated to agree with the jury anyway … so it’s all pretty pointless in a big picture kind of way.

On July 25th :: the two year anniversary of Colleen Conaway’s death at a James Ray seminar :: the Judge will hear “mitigating factors” in Death Ray’s favor :: and the State’s response to the same. It’s the final phase of the trial :: and Death Ray has been soliciting mitigation testimonials {more on that later} around the webz. He’ll be hoping to get probation :: but I’m still hopeful he’ll get the MAX … plus leprosy.

If you have the opposite of a mitigation testimonial :: please send it to Ms. Polk post haste.

Three manslaughter convictions would have ended James Ray’s menace to society in one quick slap.  Three negligent homicide convictions doesn’t accomplish the same. It would have been nice if this was the end of the James Ray fight … but it isn’t.

Cages for psychopaths! Say it with me …


There were 50 people in not-Ted-Mercer’s heat endurance challenge. Three of them died :: many others suffered irreparable harm. So as long as you’re emailing Ms. Polk :: you might want to mention that your life was Recklessly Endangered. According to Arizona Law

“A person commits endangerment by recklessly endangering another person with a substantial risk of imminent death or physical injury.”

Endangerment carries a maximum sentence of 1.5 years per count. James Ray was facing 37 years for the aggravated manslaughter of three :: now he should face 70.5 years for the aggravated endangerment of 47. And that’s only 2009 … someone was making a habit of endangering “folks” in Ms. Polk’s jurisdiction. The evidence from prior years didn’t make it into the homicide trial :: but that shit still happened. Three negligent homicide convictions won’t make Stephen Ray’s kidneys :: or Daniel P’s brain :: go back to normal function. The harms didn’t start :: or finish :: with the deaths.

James Arthur Ray’s Journey of Power was about leading you blindfolded {non-Luis-Li literally!} into danger :: and into darkness …

… so that fake god could get his rocks off and take your monies.

If you walked into one of those Angel Valley JRI hot-boxes :: then you were criminally endangered :: and someone with black eyes and no heart should face 1.5 for it.

Commit crimes in bulk :: suffer bulk punishments.

They say justice is blind … or something. But that’s idiotic {sorry to break your fragile little hearts}. Blindfolds are always a bad idea. Justice should keep her fucking eyes on the road. The road in this case being the context :: that context smeared with blood :: money :: and lies. Something extra yucky is obviously going down here … and nine years ain’t enough.

So in the interest of non-Brady violating full disclosure :: I should tell James Arthur Ray {in case he was wondering} …

I’m just getting warmed-up guy :: it’s gonna get real hot in here … hellacious hot. You might feel like your skin is falling off :: but that’s because you’re all saggy and shit … not my fault.

>> bleep bloop


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    1. @erin ::

      I’d “like” your page or whatever :: if I wasn’t banned from Facebook for calling out James Arthur Ray’s sad little minions.

      Facebook will save us!

      We’ve talked before about another person about as bad a JAR

      That doesn’t exactly narrow the list …

      1. @SD,

        Sorry that is a bit vague isn’t it? I’ll email you again to refresh your memory. One was about a person who sometimes they call Mandros. Oh by the way- how are there still active comments nearly every day on a story written over 3 years ago? Kudos to you for that! Wow. uninternetbelievable:) impressive.


  1. 1) Ooooh boy! Sad to see under such circumstances, but damned if I didn’t miss that Droid all full of piss and vinegar!

    2) James Ray wanted to be the leader of his little boys club so bad… He wanted to set the bar, well… 9 years max isn’t setting it high enough. The other ‘law’ of attraction sycophants and Internet Marketing swindlers need… NEED to see this guy go down for a LONG time.

    3) To all the peeps who wish someone would ‘do’ something more… Here is YOUR chance. Write an email like Salty said… Better yet, Get in touch with anyone you know who has attended a James Ray faux sweatlodge event… Let’s slap some endangerment icing on this shit-cake and call it a day!

    Cages 4 Psychopaths!

  2. Oh dear God how I want to see this guy locked up. Why? Because I want a shit load of BLAME put fair and square back onto the faces of these shit for brains greedy people. I hate James Ray, I hate David Schirmer, I hate Joe Vitale and I hate people who are so fucking up themselves that they claim that they own millions of dollars of shit when they dont. These fake idiots are the parasites in our society who prey on beautiful people for their goodness and their money. Then they go off with that money and buy themselves useless shit that ends up worth nothing like luxury cars and claim they are Gods gift to the franchise of life. Let it happen, quick!

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    1. @SyndicateExposed,

      Your psychosis is showing, Syndicate Exposed, do put it away, there’s a good chap.

    2. @SyndicateExposed,

      Sounds like you are a real fan of the New World Order. What makes you think that you wouldn’t be part of their plan to eradicate 95% of the world population? Did you get the secret handshake? Of course their tactics are imprecise and non-discriminatory. Weather manipulation and biological agents know no difference between Yo Yo Ma and Yo Mama. With the luck of the draw, your number could be the next one up.

      Jimbo…is that you?

  4. Mr. Droid,

    I’m a long time reader, first time poster. Yes, this piece of excrement should spend years behind bars pondering his law of attraction. I only wish Oprah was in the adjoining cell paying her debt to society for her part in legitimizing this con man and helping to sell him and his murderous agenda.


      1. @Colleen’s brother-in-law, Alright lets get one thing straight here, there is indeed a law of attraction. However it wasn’t this motherfuck who invented it.

        1. @Law of attraction? ::

          … or …

          b) there isn’t a law of attraction.

          ANSWER {spoiler alert} :: b.

        2. @Law of attraction?,

          there is indeed a law of attraction….it wasn’t this motherfuck who invented it

          Exactly; it was invented!

          I am glad you see the truth, even if it is only subcutaneously.

  5. I’m tired of reading about james arthur ray… please don’t jump the shark.. can you please cover someone else?

  6. I hope that he does get more time. After all, why should he have a weenie-ass prison sentence like everyone else?

    1. @Dave ::

      What a bunch of cat brains.

      Name one problem ever fixed by billboards you wastes of space. Billboards are what you do so you can tell yourself you’re doing something when you’re not.

      Just for this … I’m going to kill my dog … no wait!

  7. Cages 4 Sociopaths! Who’s making the bumper stickers and t-shirts? I want some. That picture at Machu Pichu shows one of the local women blindfolded. What the hell was that about? How humiliating for her! And this was filmed;wonder where that footage is.It would be interesting to hear ugly ass Ray directing his victims at that nonsensical event.

    1. @Jean D ::

      I’m trying to find that mohawk having camera guy … who also covered other events. If anyone knows his name please shout it out.

      Connie Joy has a funny {sort of} story about this cliff blindfold situation :: maybe she’ll tell it here.

      1. @SD, Just found Ray’s Peru videos on YouTube listed like this:

        Peru 8/3/09 – Welcome to Peru with James Arthur Ray
        Peru 8/4/09 – Sacsayhuaman with James Arthur Ray
        Peru 8/5/09 – Ollantaytambo with James Arthur Ray
        Peru 8/5/09 – Moray with James Arthur Ray
        Peru 8/6/09 – Machu Picchu with James Arthur Ray
        Peru 8/7/09 – Wayna Picchu with James Arthur Ray

        On the 8/4/09 video Ray admits “I can’t understand a word she’s saying”-referring to the Spanish-speaking tour guide. Yet,people believed he communicated with his “shaman”!Seriously? And in every single video he’s completely out of breath,but claimed to live a healthy lifestyle.

        What’s really sickening is on that same video he spouts his nonsense about death, just 10 days after he caused Colleen Conaway to lose her life in San Diego.

        Ladies like me don’t cuss a lot. However,watching this,it’s impossible not to think and say James Arthur Ray is a fucking motherfucker sonofabitch.

        1. @Jean D,

          Don’t forget on a few of the anti JAR pages they show the pics the authorities took of his room and his huge assortment of drugs including Valtrex (usually for the HERP!) and so many others it’s mind blowing! the guy wasn’t healthy and always looked fat and bloated to me! ;)

    1. @Bucknul ::

      And even if he doesn’t have any money :: judgements :: and liens :: and claims on future earnings are often enough to make a narcissist go all OJ.

      1. @SD,

        This is gonna be one desperate man. His psychopathology cannot handle, “normal.”

        I say, let Nevada have him. The only reason to return him to California is to answer to the death of Colleen Conaway.

  8. What level prison security is jar facing here?

    If you say maximum i might pass out from my hard on

    1. @syndicate h8r, Since his crimes were not “that bad”, they should put him in with general population. Why protect him?

      1. @Linda Em,


        At this moment, I can think of 2 reasons to NOT put JR in general population:

        1) IMO, he’ll have exposure to many people & start some kind of prison “ministry” aka his sales shit

        2) It is much more punitive to make them spend 23 out of 24 hours in segregated custody

        That’s the way I see it

    1. @nancy, AH hA ha ha!!

      I bet Poor little James Ray went to the bathroom to cry after this little tidbit from the article:

      “Ray approached Grass (A Local American Indian Medicine Man Attending The Trial) humbly during a break and offered his hand. Grass shook it, nodded and the two spoke quietly for a time.

      “He told me he learned his lesson,” Grass said later. “I said ‘no, you have a lot more to learn.'”

      Ah hA hahaha!!

      I bet Ray Was Fuming! “How Dare He Insult My Godhood!” I can hear him scream inside.

      Cages 4 Psychopaths!

      1. @How Does This Happen?,

        The arrogance is gob-smacking, 4 deaths and it is still construed as a lesson for poor James. Its just always all about James Ray.

        When he’s done some hard time—the chain gang sounds good—and made some reparation to the bereaved families of his victims, maybe then he can think about whether or not he has learned his lesson.

        Right now, all he has learned is that he got away with four counts of manslaughter and needs to rebuild his PR profile somewhat.

        1. @Stoic,
          make that three counts of manslaughter.
          The chain gang with the sadistic Arizona sheriff still sounds good.

          1. @Stoic,

            Yes. Definitely need the sadistic AZ sheriff. But also the very large, amorous cellmate. Every night he can whisper to JAR “You may feel like you are going to die, but you won’t.”

          2. @Stoic, Arpaio is the sheriff of Maricopa County. Ray’s homicides and trial took place in Yavapai County. If he gets time, I doubt Ray will be spending it in any county jail–he will most likely be in the Arizona Prison system, much harder core. But we’ll see. Maybe Colleen is getting a word in here at the sentencing coming up. Thanks for pointing out the anniversary, SD — we’ll all be thinking of her.

            1. @nancy,

              Thats a shame Nancy, about Sheriff Arpaio not getting his hands on the famous harmonic convict–it does rather spoil Rose Garcia’s LOA prediction and intention that tickled me so much that I converted to an LOA believer on the spot.
              No matter, as a fervent and dedicated new believer I am intending hard that Arpaio gets to practice his extreme punitive experiments on James, even if it is in the totally wrong district to ever be possible. Who said this stuff has to be logical?

              For Colleen however, I think we need to forget the LOA and be writing again to San Diego PD. Given the outcome of this case and the enormous piles of evidence that have been unearthed (though not presented to the jury)they might want to consider re-opening that investigation.
              Megan is on the lam, that itself is enough to raise suspicions as she has never been charged with anything but is so fearful of divulging what she knows that a life on the run is looking rosier right now. That won’t last.

        2. @Stoic,

          I don’t think JAR is capable of learning any lessons — he only knows how to learn how to cheat and con and lie and abuse. Like some people are born without limbs, some people are born without consciences and souls and emotions. The only thing he cares about is himself, if he’s even capable of that. To him, it’s all about money and power. That’s all that matters to him.

      2. @How Does This Happen?,

        Everything that has come out of JAR’s mouth begins with “I” and about him. “I have learned my lesson.” (Not, I deeply apologize for my harm to the Native American community.) “I deserve to be allowed to teach”. Entitlement. He has not changed.

        1. @Pathfinder,

          And likely never will. I would still like to entertain the notion that pigs might one day fly, but I’m not holding my breath.

  9. JAR has no prior record so he will either have just a 5 year probation or be sentenced to 2.5 years in prison time minus what he already served. This means each count will run concurrent not consecutively. He is not a threat to society even though everyone on this site would like to believe it. Unfortunately, the victims in this trial had some responsibility to this tragic event. They were adults. I would never have stayed in that sweat lodge if I felt sick and so many participants did leave. The consensus of people are not outraged by this incident so that should say something. Its a bad situation but these people were free thinking adults who put themselves in this postion of being in this altered state and going “full on”.

    You want to be outraged than look at Casey Anthony. She diabolically killed her daughter and WALKED with no convictions against her…NONE Now that should bother everyone. This was a baby whose life was taken by her own mother because she was in the way of her lifestyle. So come on people evil does live amongst us and evil will continue to exist way after we leave this world so deal with it without all the added hate in the world. Innocent children are abused everyday and you worry about this alone???? Find a cause you are in love with and volunteer your time to make the world a better place. That is how we fight evil. Not with hate panels or you are no better than the accused.

    1. @Anita, Yours is an old, old argument — here and on other critical forums. The argument generally goes something like this: “Go after the stuff that’s REALLY serious and leave the poor New-Wage scammers alone.” Very often, the people who use this argument have their own agenda; they’re involved in scams themselves and want to provide a distraction. I could name at least two examples I’ve experienced on my own blog, and no doubt Salty could point to dozens of other instances on this one.

      Other folks who say “Go after the REAL evils” may be reasonably goodhearted souls who are genuinely puzzled at what they see is a disproportionate outrage over “free-thinking” adults making questionable choices. “How could such events possibly be as outrageous as a totally innocent life being snuffed out?” they ask, as you did.

      I won’t presume to guess which category you fit, nor to speculate on your own agenda; I’ll just address your points.

      No matter what their individual motives may be, one thing rarely seems to occur to people admonishing critics to go after the “real” evils: Many if not most of us members of the “hate panels” actually DO care about the other evils in the world as well. Some of us have addressed that very point numerous times and in various ways on our respective forums.

      The fact that there are other wrongs in the world doesn’t make the wrongs with which we concern ourselves on our forums unimportant.

      There’s plenty of outrage to go around regarding the Casey Anthony case, but IMO waving that red herring on this forum adds little to the conversation. Although the Anthony case stinks on one level (since there is no real justice for Caylee at this point), I actually respect the jurors’ decision, especially after listening last night to the juror being badgered by the interviewer on ABC’s Primetime Nightline. It appears to me that the prosecution simply failed to present the case in such a way that the jurors could say beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey Anthony actually murdered her daughter in the specific way she was accused. We could go round and round about whether justice has been served even a little with this verdict (apart from the obvious point that justice has yet to be served for Caylee, as I mentioned above). But that’s a topic for another forum, or at least another thread.

      It’s easy to stand back and mouth off about what “reasonable” adults should do or should have done in a dire situation such as Death Ray’s sweat tent. We never know till we’ve been tested ourselves. Many folks are unwilling to consider the confluence of extreme physical and emotional factors that made people stay in that phony sweat lodge.

      The people who want to put the blame on those who died or were injured are the ones who seem to have the greatest stake in believing that such a thing could never happen to THEM. I maintain that in the right (or wrong) set of circumstances it could happen to virtually anybody. The “consensus” may be that the people who died were responsible for their deaths, but that betrays a lack of empathy that I find distressing, and almost as evil in its own way as the evils perpetrated by a sociopathic New-Wage guru.

      1. @Cosmic Connie ::

        In fact :: I could point to almost a dozen other victim bashing bullshit comments from just this @Anita person. Seven months worth. She hates us :: but she loves us. You know how it is …

        @Anita ::

        U R dum // I sorry 4 u

      2. @Cosmic Connie,

        I wish I could write as eloquently as you do. When I first read your post, I thought you said “go after the real ELVIS.” I thought I had missed the boat on a new conspiracy theory, LOL.

        And as long as we’re talking about Casey Anthony, I was incensed yesterday when Jose Baez said in a statement not to judge Casey. EXCUSE ME?? The whole purpose of the trial was to judge her, and the jurors dropped the ball. Maybe if this stupid girl had been judged a little more, she might have had some sense knocked into her before killing her child.
        I am thoroughly sick of the whole “don’t judge unless you’re perfect” philosophy.

        Can you or somebody explain to me if Ray is going to be charged with all the injuries to the people who did not die but who have permanent disabilities as a result of being in the sweat lodge? I am unclear on this point.

        1. @Hippo,

          Assuming that the US justice system has the same basic operating system as the UK system, from which it is partially derived (colonialism and all that) we are all, so far, unclear on that point.

          Here, when the judge makes a decision, he writes copious notes for the record and for posterity regarding the hows and whys that he came to that decision.

          He may not go through all that in court, but when a careful judge does expose his thought process in this way, it is an eye-opening glimpse into the enormous amount of things that go into his final decision-making. A careful judge includes consideration of all factors pertinent to the case that are available to his attention.

          The first time that I heard this careful exposition was the first time that I became aware that the decision was not a whim based on a coin toss or how the judge was feeling that day, as I had previously thought, but a really painstaking piece of work that the judge had laboured over.
          As he should.

          1. @Stoic,

            Well, wouldn’t Ray have had to be charged with X number of counts of reckless endangerment, or whatever they call it?

            I didn’t watch the trial and am very fuzzy on the details, but I would have thought he should be charged with three counts of manslaughter and 18 (or whatever) counts of reckless endangerment, but I don’t think they did.

            The Judge certainly can’t administer a sentence for charges that were not included, which is why I was asking, in an incoherent way, if these charges will be brought later?

            1. @Hippo,

              It is unlikely, I think, that those charges will be brought later, by the state, at least.
              The state generally goes for the most extreme charge it hopes to prove and the lesser charges are subsumed into the greater.
              The state will not endlessly prosecute JAR once a verdict is arrived at–its too time-consuming, expensive and there are always plenty more scallies to go after.

              Had he got off, an aquittal here, a vengeful prosecutor might have tried to get him on lesser charges, of which there are many to be considered. Think of Al Capone, who did time for tax-evasion despite being recognised as responsible for many murders for which no witnesses were willing to testify, for good reasons of self-preservation.
              The state takes a pragmatic attitude of doing what is possible within the law, without turning it into a hell-bent, all-consuming mission.

              Of course if JAR fucks up again later, those lesser charges can always be re-visited.

              The judge has discretion in sentencing, so it is up to him to decide if JAR presents enough of a threat to be taken out of circulation. He has access to more info than the jury and will take into account the danger JAR presents to the public at large and sentence accordingly.

              We have to rely on the nous of Judge Warren and his long aquaintance with crime and criminal types to make an effective judgement.

              Of course there are always dodgy or senile judges who have lost touch with the general mood of the population and make stupid judgements.

              Civil cases can and will be brought to cover the individual damages that JAR has wrought.

    2. @Anita,

      It’s up to each of us to assess what we need to do within our society and community. Naming harm done is healthy, taking action to warn others is also healthy.

      Lecturing stranger’s on how to think or what to do is a sign of psychological immaturity.

    3. @Anita,

      Unfortunately, the victims in this trial had some responsibility to this tragic event. They were adults. I would never have stayed in that sweat lodge if I felt sick and so many participants did leave.

      Do you know why so many people die of heatstroke every single year? It’s a silent killer with no real discernible warning signs.

      I don’t know if I would be able to discern between the signs of discomfort and when that discomfort became eminent danger [[if brought to the point of near death]]. I would hope that if I would succumb to the heat [[ie:pass out or become delirious]], that the person in charge would have somewhat average intelligence and get me the fuck out of there, instead of taking the homicider’s inane approach of “let’s wait until the round is over, and handle it then”. You seem to miss that point completely, I guess it doesn’t help your argument so you completely leave it out.

      You want to be outraged than look at Casey Anthony.

      This isn’t about Casey Anthony. If you want to be outraged about Anthony, then go be outraged [[no one’s holding you here]]. If you want to continue to toss the homicider’s salad, then try keeping your mouth closed after doing so, because the shit that’s coming out is vile [[you’re an insult to friends and family of the victims]].

    4. @Anita,

      What if you were unconscious or too weak to leave the sweat lodge?

      A person could be unaware that he or she is suffering from heatstroke. Unlike turkeys, humans don’t have pop-up timers to warn us when we’re cooked.

      1. @Hippo,

        I hadn’t bothered to read the comments before, Hippo — well, what else is new? — a lot of sick, cruel and most likely brainwashed people in this world, as we alreadly know only too well.

      2. @Hippo,
        ‘SPIROMAN’ rants in an eerily familiar way………….Lee Kuan major/minor etc.

        1. @Stoic,…Lee Kuan seems to be alive and,…well,…insane as usual. Nothing new there, different name, same rants…so very dependable.

  10. Is that a picture of James Ray and Helium? The question comes from my husband who has been cracking me up for the past five minutes saying things like “Secret,” “burning,” and “sandwich” in the helium voice.

    1. @LaVaughn,

      Oh, that is funny. I wonder if Helium can say “organophosphates”.

  11. What is the latest on JAR’s sentencing? I understand the attorney’s have filed a motion to extend the date.

    Are the attorney’s hoping, media interest, and public interest will diminish?

    Are they hoping to stall the civil actions as well?

    1. @Bethann,
      I took a peek at the Yav Co. pleadings & didn’t see anything that jumped out at me.
      (Reckon I need to take another peek.)

      Since he’s not in custody, I’ll betcha he’ll delay this as long as he can. OR, as long as Judge D will allow. Dunno.

      My answer to your last 2 questions ~ is, yeah. Just my gut feeling that JR will milk this for all it’s worth.

  12. Bethann — I called the courthouse in Camp Verde yesterday and the sentencing is scheduled for July 25, at 3:oo pm. I’m thinking of checking it out, as I’ll be in Sedona at the time, but I’m thinking it might be pretty packed. All the trial records are on line and can be viewed here:

    http://apps.supremecourt.az.gov/docsyav/ Scroll down

    The sentencing time is on the jury minute entry of June 30 (uploaded July 6)


    Also the last two documents, filed by the state, clear up the basis for the latest mistrial motion.

    1. @nancy,
      Thanx, Nancy…!

      I looked earlier (maybe I was brain dead) at the Yav Co. docs & just missed it.

      Thanx for your work. :-)

      I’ll look again…

  13. Here’s some interesting help. Dr. Joe Rubino tells us there is a secret behind The Secret and it supposedly explains why The Secret doesn’t work:

    http://www.beliefsecret.com/belief/ (sorry, don’t know how to make it blue).

    hmmmm…how many secrets can you go back?

    It seems more and more people trying to sell LOA are contacting me. Don’t know why. Maybe because the system picks up Death Ray’s name in my internet interactions. Reminds me of when I was a member of a group who was fighting for more inforamation and a ban on Rimadyl because it was killing dogs and don’t you know I kept getting ads for it to try and sell it to me!

    1. @Linda Em,

      ‘hmmmm…how many secrets can you go back?’

      As Terry Pratchett revealed to us, its turtles all the way down.

      And the google is like god who rains on saints and sinners alike, it doesn’t differentiate between believers or scoffers when placing ads or finding key words, the mention of the key word is enough.

    1. @nancy,

      Well, if that ever happens, in the second trial, he won’t get off with only negligent homicide charges — THIS time, knowing all that they know now, and knowing all that they did and didn’t do, the prosecutors WILL get the right conviction of three counts of reckless manslaughter, PLUS, they will probably now add “and 52 counts of reckless endangerment/attempted manslaughter” and send this guy away for life!

      His lawyers don’t care, and James Arthur Ray is too stupid to know that they are only doing this to get even MORE money out of him, not because they think they can get him off, because they know damn well that they can’t! They know he’s as guilty as he does!

      Go Sheila Polk!!!!

      In JAR’s own words, “If I could tell you EXACTLY what you need to do in order to get what you want…. WOULD – YOU – DO – IT ??!!!”

    1. @nancy,

      Of course the defense is deeply shocked and outraged that the state wrongly played a minute or so of the defendant’s own words from his own commercially made tape recording.

      Mow there’s another 98 page document outlining the how badly James Ray has been treated, when all he did was kill four people and run away chuckling to himself about how clever he is.


      Their complaints against the state includes “frivolous legal arguemts”, “recklessness towards the possibility of eliciting perjured testimony”, and “improper questioning of witnesses”.

      1. @Yakaru, This is an insult to Judge Darrow, who was more than fair with the DT. One article said the Judge is on vacation till next Monday – the defense can’t even let him relax for a second. Geeezzzz!

        This is for the defense team:

        1. @nancy,

          Indeed. Having no sense of irony is clearly an essential part of success in some professions.


          They’re certainly displaying their stamina to their prospective clients, aren’t they.

      2. @Yakaru, do these defense complaints have a chance of getting that new trial? I hope not, but it seems to me that Darrow has been very lenient with the defense team and so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that he might buy this one last piece of BS. Those of you with law training, what say you?

        1. @Sharon,…the complaint seems to be about a portion of audio that was played by the prosecution during the ‘aggravating circumstances’ part of the court case, but after the verdict of guilty of 3 counts of negligent homicide was passed…I don’t understand how a ‘mistrial motion’ is possible when the verdict had already been reached. I find it confusing as well.

        2. @Sharon,

          I’m no lawyer, but given that this is mistrial motion #11 or #12, and given that, as Omikse says, the portion played had absolutely nothing whatsoever that new — it’s a purely technical violation clearly resulting from an oversight — I am personally not sitting on the edge of my seat about this one. I am cautious though, because I was surprised that he called the Haddow email a Brady violation.

          1. @Yakaru, With ya. I haven’t been able to work up a single bead of sweat over any of it. It all just looks sad and desperate at this point.

            1. @LaVaughn,…possibly Death Ray has a few coffers left rattling around in the bottom draw of his desk, and the defense team upon finding the aforementioned small stash, wants to be sure that Ray gets every penny of justice that he has tried to buy. Due dilligence!

    1. @kalista7,…so, Aug 16th…the defense wants a new trial…I really have to wonder if Ray isn’t shaking in his expensive shoes…a new trial, does the defense think organophosphates will go better a second time around, or that the jury might believe Ted really DID run that lodge? I don’t see where Ray would gain anything by requesting, and having a second trial…where would a jury come from for a second trial?…and, would the state of Arizona be willing to pay for a second trial?…the witnesses have been released haven’t they, they have been able to chat about this since the jury gave it’s verdict, would that be an okay thing with the defense? I would guess they would file a motion about that should this come to pass…alot of questions.

      1. @Omikse, I can’t imagine a 2nd trial. I don’t believe Arizona would pay for that. It sounds like the purpose of the delay is so the defense can find all kinds of “good” stuff about JR to try and reduce the sentence. How can they think that anything can erase this tragedy?? Do they really believe that JR has done nothing wrong??

        You’re right – where would they find the jury? Hopefully most people have heard about Colleen, so if there was a 2nd trial, they couldn’t hide important information like they did in this one!!

  14. The retrial thing is dumb. There has been a pending motion for some kind of dismissal for two years. And likewise :: they’ve used every available stall tactic. That was the plan … that remains the plan.

    This motion … like all the rest … is not really worth talking about.

    Personally though :: I’d take the retrial. The second trial could be half again as long … and they’d get the manslaughter convictions.

    And hey maybe for the second trial we could get a judge capable of comprehending that seizures :: unconsciousness :: and punching people … are all signs of imminent risk of death.

    Fucking prior act BULLSHIT!!

    Me still mad about it.

    1. @SD,

      That’s exactly what I said above yesterday — they would WIN the manslaughter charges if there was a second trial, because now they know EXACTLY what to do — and they didn’t need to pay James Arthur Ray to learn it.

      1. @Bonnie ::

        It’s like the trial has already been focused grouped … second trials are always way better.


        1. @SD,

          And the poor guy won’t get to stifle that laugh that he was trying so hard to stifle after they read that first non guilty verdict.

  15. The mistrial motion is 100 pages long. Read about it here.


    At the end of the article there is a troubling statement:

    ‘In addition, the playing of an audio clip that was not admitted into evidence was an act that led Darrow to say, “If it’s admitted at trial, then it’s admitted. If it’s not admitted, then it’s right into mistrial.”‘

    The defense is not only moving for a mistrial, they are trying to prevent another one. Also, they are no doubt hoping that the state may choose not to pursue a retrial because of the expense.

    1. @nancy,

      Thank you. I don’t know which emotion I’m feeling is stronger, sadness, disgust or anger.

      I’ll hope the Arizona budget allows for a second trial. The idea of this monster walking out after having used the blood money of victims is not acceptable.

      1. @Bethann, I do think the state will prosecute again if indeed there is a mistrial, even if we are broke. I sort of hope Bill Hughes will be the lead attorney this time; he was excellent. With Sheila being the County DA, political sides can influence opinions, as evidenced by many of the pro-defense comments on the Prescott Courier over the months (even once you filter out that fool that I’ve seen post here once in a while). And I like Sheila.

        I also think SD got it right when he said the first trial was a perfect focus group. Even if they get a mistrial, I seriously doubt any judge would uphold their ludicrous request to bar any future trials. They are simply doing everything they can think of because they have nothing concrete, except possibly the closing misstep, which was in fact a procedural error, no matter how innocuous the clip was.

        The prosecution will streamline their case, stick with their best witnesses, etc. Although, haven’t they all been talking to each other by now and the process hopelessly contaminated? One wonders.

        1. @nancy,

          Thank you for your reply. If a there is a second trial will a new judge be assigned?

          1. @Bethann, I have no idea. I do know that Darrow is in the midst of another high-profile case involving some stockbroker who is accused of murdering his wife with a golf club, the deMocker trial. Interestingly, a re-trial at this point, which starts again in September. It will last for months. (There was a different judge for the guy’s first trial).


            Big surprise, the defense there is requesting a mistrial and also trying to prevent another trial. Imagine Darrow’s life right now! And the man is supposed to be on vacation.

    2. @nancy, I think the article leaves a false impression. The motion is actually only 25 pages, with 75 pages of transcript attached.

      Furthermore, the transcript shows that Judge Darrow’s statement was made *before* the jury made its decision on the aggravating factors. Because the jury didn’t make the required findings for aggravated negligent homicide, the playing of that little bit of tape didn’t harm JR.


      1. @Anne, thanks for the clarification. I could not bring myself to look at the actual document. So much crap the judge has to wade through! Thanks for the perspective.

      2. @Anne, The article leaves a false impression because it’s blatantly wrong. I often wonder when I read that guy if his errors are woefully mistaken or deliberately misleading because his bias is so naked. One of the many reasons I wanted CNN to keep feeding the trial was that nearly every newspaper article I read was so dismal and totally unrepresentative of what happened in court. It’s also one of the main reasons I was so intent on documenting as much as I could on my blog. I just thought there should be an accurate record available. I’m openly biased and I still think I was fairer than the “reporters” who were trying to appear unbiased.

        1. @LaVaughn, Your blog is awesome and you’re right about Mark Duncan’s articles ~ I quit reading them because they were so biased. Is he friends with Tom Kelly?? The mainstream media lies all the time, so it’s best not to pay any attention to them. :)

        2. @LaVaughn,

          Mark Duncan wrote an entire article about how much money the trial is costing AZ taxpayers. He didn’t mention the amount Ray is spending on his defense, nor the fact that he’s financing it with money from his victims, nor the fact that the defense strategy is to waste as much taxpayer money as possible, nor the fact that all money spent so far on the trial would have been saved had Ray been arrested in San Diego two months earlier.

          Looks to me like he’s garnering a bit of favor with Tom Kelly, in return for the odd lead or leak of info or crate of whiskey. The comments are so consistent I suspect shenanigans there too.

          The reporting of this trial been woeful, but reporting of all trials is generally pathetic. It’s always limited to reporting that someone cried, that so and so gave “emotional testimony”, and how the defendant reacted to the verdict (and they even got that wrong in this trial).

          1. @Yakaru, I know it. I remember that article. I can also attest to “shenanigans” in the comments. I know this because I posted a perfectly fair comment there that never saw the light of day. Of course, in my comment, I mentioned that Tom Kelly had been speaking to the media in violation of his gag order, which just happened to be to Mark Duncan. Think that might have had anything to do with my comment falling through the cracks? Hmmm… Food for thought.

          1. @Stoic, Thanks much, Stoic. Always appreciate linkage and I’m just glad the blog has done some good. I think it has. I’ve been kind of overwhelmed by the feedback. So many people just grateful for the handful of sites like this one and my own that gave real info on what was going on in that courtroom because the professional media really fell down. But then, that’s been going for a long time on many important issues. Journalism in this country has really gone to hell thanks to the corporatization of the news business. If you make big money industries look bad, expect to be buried in the back pages if you get any coverage at all.

  16. Where do the three dead people feature in this?

    A retrial would cost JR his lifestyle, his life savings, his life friends and colleagues and when his legal team are done, even them. James Ray should reflect on his actions, stand up and be counted and accept a few years incarcerated because his victims have given their entire lives and those affected by their lives their futures also. He will never be free unless he accepts that….ever!

  17. In my huble poinion I don’t think that JAR has no money left. He does have a lot of money but most of it is invisible because it is protected in offshore accounts or something. It’s stashed where no one can see so that the lawyers could lower his $5 million bailout to much less.

    If I were a lawyer I’d rather have a cut of that $5 million for me. Hell, I want a cut from it even if I am not a lawyer.

    1. @Mark M,

      Except that all of DeathRay’s stash, which I too believe is in offshore accounts, family basements and other hidey-holes (the forensic accountant who looked at his business during the bail hearing implied as much) is, as someone else mentioned, blood money. Other peoples blood money, money that his victims gave him in the expectation of something concrete in return.

      We all know what they got.

  18. First of all, Americans can’t “hide” their monies anymore in offshore accounts. After the Patriot Act was enacted in 2004 it became impossible because all countries are now required to report a non citizen bank account to the depositers country of residence so that theory of JAR hiding monies offshore is impossible. There are countries who are now banning bank accounts to non citizens all together (ie.e. Swiss acounts, Germany, etc) because of the many new regulations. JAR couldnt even open a trust account overseas if he wanted to because you need to be a citizen of that country to set up trusts. The only countries allowing non resident deposits would be the Bahamas or Panama and NO ONE with money will deposit in either of those 2 countries because you will never see it again.

    1. @Get it right,… you are right, so could Ray have stashed monies offshore, just not stashed in his name. It could be a tangled mess to be sure.

      There has been negative press involving owners of offshore accounts who abuse the bank services to launder money or commit other forms of fraud (tax evasion, hiding money for divorce purposes, etc.)

      One of the advantages of having an offshore bank account used to be the anonymity that was guaranteed with it. Following the terror attacks of 9/11 many offshore banks are volunteering any information requested by domestic governments if they suspect criminal activity.

      The Patriot Act allows authorities to actually seize bank accounts and assets reportedly belonging to criminals. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has also initiated the Qualifying Intermediary Requirements which gives the government access to the names of all individuals receiving US-funded investment income. Offshore banks are working closer to authorities to adhere with stricter money laundering legislation, and these banks will often volunteer information to police if there is questionable activity in your account.

    2. @Get it right ::

      Hiding money is not hard.

      Bogus purchases tend to processed by bogus processors {and their bogus lawyers}. If you know a bogus processor … and your transaction levels are high enough to be important to them … then hiding money is very easy … because you have access to underworld finance.

      This might come as a shock to you @Get it right :: but many people in the banking industry are motherfucking criminals.

      On the other hand :: having the foresight :: the self-discipline :: and the self awareness to not only save … but save smartly … is very hard. It’s not something I see going around much among the current breed of scum … especially those that have fallen under the impression that they are a god.

      But we shall see. “Where’s the money?” :: will be one of the most important issues in the civil trials … it mattered almost not at all in the criminal context.

  19. THere are still some Swiss and Cayman Island banks guaranteeing anonymity. I don’t know about Americans, but for us Europeans it is still possible to have an offshore account as a means to protect your money.

    Even if offshore is ruled out in this case, that is not the only way of protecting money. IF money is put in a corporation it can be made to appear as belonging to that corporation. Another method is by buying gold or something else and keep it in a vault or bury it somewhere.

    That guy used to make millions a year even before “the secret” came on the scene, and he doesn’t look like the charitable type, although he does admit to be a big spender. I really can’t believe he’s as poor as his lawyers claim he is.
    Blood money or not, me thinks it’s available to him and hopefully he’ll be caged soon and won’t need it.

      1. @_cartman_,

        Good old Turks and Caicos, a UK protectorate, does a roaring trade in strange little one room banks that are little more than clearing houses with a string of alias’s and bogus company names attached to them.
        I believe that it is the only industry on the island, and a very lucrative one at that.

          1. @Cosmic Connie,

            Another one of ours, an independent Commonwealth state.
            We seem to have cornered the market in slippery bankers.

    1. @Anne,…some reporters are bottom feeders, bought and paid for, but bringers of serious news and insightful views…I think not. What they write isn’t even horse shit, or bull shit, as those two mediums will, at the very least, fertilize and make the soil productive to grow something of value.

    2. @Anne,

      Paid to take a postion as dictated by the producer’s.

      I stopped watching IS post Connie Joy’s interview and the IS decision to end any discussion on the trial.

      IS is irrelevant, HLN is irrelevant … and so it goes.

      1. @Bethann, Whaaat? They closed down discussion, yet continue to print their sorry excuse for news?

        I can only hope they are irrelevant. My fear is that many people still think it is news, or at least informed, considered, fair opinion.

  20. Before I get into some of the “other areas”, i.e., offshore banking ~ yeppers ~ I have no doubt that JAR has several accounts, uh, here & there…

    The motion pending IS NOT FOR A MISTRIAL

  21. oops ~ got tha boot ~

    Lemme try this again…

    The motion pending is for a NEW trial ~ not a MISTRIAL

    There is a HUGE difference.


    If you don’t believe me ~ read this:


    I go right for the source. I could sit around all day and read “stories” about…what some goofy reporter thought about this case. And, that’s fine ~ except, you are reading someone else’s bias/slant.

    Just gonna throw in the Order Vacating Sentencing

    JAR scumbag has prolly retrieved his passport ~ & floating about…while the victim’s families have to sit around & stew.

    1. @2Tired2, What do you think is the “HUGE” difference between this motion for a new trial and the numerous preceding,(denied), motions for mistrial?

      1. @Anne,

        With all due respect, I am NOT going to do your homework for you.
        The “innards” are are the same ~ yet, the legal aspect is totally different.

        Will explain more later ~ I promise :-)

          1. @Anne,

            Thanx, Anne :-)))

            You are a sweetheart for putting up with my brat-attack.

            Anyhoo ~ even tho there is a huge difference, it’s really pretty simple.

            A motion for mistrial is made DURING a trial.

            A motion for a new trial is made AFTER a trial.

            Many factors go into both ~ yet, that sums it up.

            (I think our legal eagles out there will back me up)

            1. @2Tired2, Okay, sure there is the during trial versus after CONVICTION distinction. Still, the DT is trotting out the same failed arguments as they did for their mistrial motions.

              The way I see it:

              8 lame ass objections

              + 2 inadvertent, minor errors that didn’t hurt James Ray

              still = FAIL

            2. @2Tired2 ::

              So the HUGE difference is that one’s during and one’s after?

              I just used a question mark … but I didn’t mean it.

  22. Anne ~ I am so sorry ~ caught me at a bad moment I will explain.

    I didn’t mean to be so mean ~ please forgive me *lame grin*

  23. Off subject, but would someone please tell me that the evil Megan Fredrickson will not get off scott free?

    1. @_cartman_, Bit like putting off a bathroom visit isn’t it, pretty stupid. The result being that everything smells even worse and goes everywhere and you wear the outcome until you are completely cleaned up!

  24. Since aggravating factors could only bring into the hearing issues which were directly related to the three victims and their families, why can they bring in all unrelated issues on the mitigating factors to lessen the sentence? Why can outside issues be introduced in his favor? Doesn’t seem fair. It seems like he’s going to walk free. Why does Darrow have to allow this? As I said before: WWBPD (What Would Belvin Perry Do?)

  25. Mini update…

    Defense motion to vacate mitigation hearing…. defense didn’t make arrangements to fly out witnesses…reason – Motion for new trial still pending


    State of Arizona objecting to motion…extension already granted past allowable time…


  26. @_cartman_,

    Micro update…Darrow rules…

    The MOTION to VACATE mitigation hearing; DENIED!


    It’s unfortunate [[for the defense]] that several [[that’s like 4 or more]] dozen witnesses won’t be able to make it, considering the defense only produced a list of 27 potential witnesses one week earlier [[maybe some people are cancelling twice]]……

    It’s sad when more than half of your make believe witnesses can’t make your mitigation hearing. I hate it when that happens!

    1. @_cartman_,

      Maybe Judge Darrow can finally exclude the letters J-A-M-E-S A-R-T-H-U-R R-A-Y from society.

      And they have the nerve to talk about “unfairness” after all that JAR has done and is still doing?

  27. I know…the hypocrisy is infuriating…I can’t even begin to fathom what family and friends had [[and continue]] to go through…when it became to much for me…I just tuned out…unfortunately those directly effected will never have that “luxury”, and will have to live the rest of their lives with the catastrophe Ray created…

    I didn’t see one bit of remorse from Ray, and his continued insistent [[through his attorneys]] that it was anything but his own actions, makes him a continued danger that needs to be dealt with severely . Lets hope Judge Darrow shows some real justice to those harmed…

    1. @_cartman_,

      I wonder Darrow will make of all these creeps sliming around in his courtroom. I hope his “fairness” (which I think is genuine) doesn’t blind him to the fact that Ray has made every effort to see this whole thing as a blip on the radar, and the only supporters he can find are a bunch of people who are even more crooked than he is (just maybe not as stupid).

    2. @_cartman_, There is a worrying last line to the updated http://verdenews.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=1&ArticleID=43846&TM=70422.65 article:

      (Darrow said:)

      ‘Emphasizing that he has not made a decision on Ray’s sentence, he said, “I want the parties prepared to address the concept of staying (delaying) the incarceration component” should he impose jail or prison time.’

      ….which sounds, to me, like Darrow is hedging his bets and indicating a suspended sentence—in anticipation of the endless appeals maybe?

      Scientist Bob going out on a limb for a fellow scammer? He has to be thinking ahead to DeathRay’s list of potentially leaderless suckers.

    1. @_cartman_,

      Even though I had heard most of the evils done by JAR before, I sat here and cried while reading this. Nine years would not be enough, in my opinion, but if that’s the maximum he can get then let’s hope he gets that. He obviously, through his actions since this tragedy happened (and that of Colleen) has learned absolutely nothing and is continuing his “mission” exactly as before. Letting him off with less than the maximum is only going to result in more scammed and broken, both emotionally and financially, as well as physically, innocent people, and most probably even more lost lives — both through James own merciless concienceless hand, as well as suicides. Not that I don’t predict that it will happen anyway — but at least this will stop him for at least nine years. And maybe by then, there just might be some serious preventive and protective laws in place — one can only hope.

      Go Sheila Polk!

  28. Hey, I like james Ray and hope he gets probation!!! He is not the idiot it is the people who didn’t have enough sense to get out of the tent! They were sheep to afraid to look weak if they left…These are the people who will drink the kool aid! There is no help for stupid.

    I believe in the law of attraction and if anybody acutally read about it you wouldn’t be so narrow minded. What he teaches is to follow yourself and make your own decision.. It is up to you to decide how you life turns out.

    How about the woman who was a doctor but didn’t help the people when they were on the ground even denying that she was a doctor only a “dentist” nobody is turning on her!

    People need not be so angry in life. You can chose to be happy or you can chose not to be happy. These people who are cursing and wishing people dead is only harming you own mind. It stays with you.

    I hope the Angry, vengeful and somewhat pathetic people on this website find inner peace and harmony….You need it!

    1. @oberhausen,

      Gee, I wish I wasn’t so vengeful and pathetic.

      Then I might actually be able to form well-crafted response to your ignorant, fairy tale, blame-the-victim post.

      I guess I’ll just have to wait for other commenters to reveal the details of the inner peace that they gleaned from your insipid post.

      I do hope they share soon.

      I have pins and needles I’m sitting on.

      Who’s up first?

      1. @zipnar,

        I wish I could help you…but I guess I’m vengeful and pathetic too. I can’t seem to find the inner peace and harmony required to blame the innocent victims of a madman.

    2. @oberhausen,

      “People need not be so angry in life”

      You sound pretty damn angry yourself:

      “pathetic people on this website”

      “There is no help for stupid.”

      Got yourself all worked up in a lather did you?

      Yep, you sure did. But you are right about one thing:

      There is no help for stupid, so go right back to your imaginary sucking on James Ray’s magic tit…or something.

    3. @oberhausen, Damn right I’m angry. I’m angry that arrogant and narcissistic rat bastard KILLED three amazing people and injured numerous others in his death lodge, including one of the finest women I’ve been blessed to know, that I’ve loved and cherished pretty much my entire life. I’m angry that rat bastard abandoned all of these people in the chaos he created, forsaking my cousin as she laid comatose, hundreds of miles from her home and family, as a Jane Doe, and he did not even bother to contact our family. I’m angry that rat bastard had been getting away with hurting God only knows how many people for years, including the still-unexplained death of Colleen Conaway at one of his events just a couple months before, who he also abandoned like the cowardly cur he is. I’m angry that rat bastard has cheated so many people out of their hard-earned money for events that will never be held. I’m angry that he hasn’t been charged with even more of his crimes. I’m angry that he played the judge and the legal system like a fiddle. I’m angry that rat bastard dared to feign remorse to our faces in the courtroom when his sorry ass was on the line, and then refuted it IMMEDIATELY in filing his appeal. I’m angry that rat bastard will only spend two friggin years in jail for the deaths of three people. And I’m angry that people like you think because he did something good for YOU, it’s okay for him to KILL someone else.

      But I’m not vengeful and pathetic. And I have found my peace and harmony in the many good people who came forward to fight the good fight for justice. Indeed, one cannot recognize evil unless one can also recognize grace.

      I’m grateful for the hard work of Det. Diskin and Sheila Polk and the entire prosecution team that did such a brilliant job… and all of the other victims of the rat bastard who came forward and provided eyewitness accounts and testimony, despite their own trauma and hardships… and for the many people who would not let James Ray be invisible, nor let his crimes be swept under the rug by the media (like the awesome people here)…. and for the many family members who refused to let these good people be abandoned, who stayed strong in their grief, who kept SACRED SPACE in the courtroom for the victims, who spoke out to the press about this rat bastard’s wrong doings.

      And I’m so very grateful for all the Droid did to bring truth and justice where that rat bastard brought lies and evil. Thank you, Salty, for all you’ve done for us. And what you will continue to do for others (even if they don’t know it yet). GIVE EM HELL!!! If there’s ever anything I can do for you, just say the word. You know how to find me ;)


  29. @Lily, Couldn’t agree more particularly with this bit

    “Indeed, one cannot recognize evil unless one can also recognize grace.”

    These people now have forever to review their actions and receive all the hell they forced on everyone else all because they themselves got caught up in the “get me freakin rich now” movement. One very bad choice after another and yet not one of them would be prepared to reform and say “oh dear God what was I thinking”. Instead they pathetically continue their false and unhappy lives by pretending to be God instead. You watch, JR will find God in jail and make a business out of that. He will probably put his victims down for being faithless and unforgiving and the cycle of “blame the victims” begins all over again.

    I am also very grateful for the people like the Droid who can see through the charade.

  30. Good day! This is kind of off topic but I need some guidance from an established blog. Is it hard to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about setting up my own but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any tips or suggestions? Thanks

  31. I’ve just found this eloquent destruction of James Arthur Ray by David Brear. It was posted on Shyam Sundar’s Corporate Frauds Watch Blog in the fall of 2011.

    Warning, ‘MLM Self-Betterment Guru,’ James Arthur Ray, Kills !

    Shyam, I thought that your free-thinking readers might be interested to learn that a self-styled ‘Self Betterment’ guru, previously linked to ‘Amway’ and ‘Herbalife,’ is currently awaiting sentencing in Arizona after having been found innocent of manslaughter, but convicted of the ‘negligent homicide’ of three of his followers.



    In reality, in the Autumn of 2009, James Arthur Ray (b. 1957) persuaded 50 adults to give him payments of up to $10 000 each. In return, he lured them to a remote ‘Retreat Center’ where, for 7 days, he planned to subject them to a barrage of potentially-lethal, co-ordinated, devious techniques of social, psychological and physical persuasion, designed to shut-down individuals’ critical and evaluative faculties, but without their fully-informed consent. However, Mr. Ray has been running this frighteningly-familiar, blame-the-victim, advance fee fraud for many years, and he has apparently made millions of dollars out of it. He seems to got many of his unoriginal ideas from L. Ron Hubbard’s ‘Scientology’ scam. Amongst his many published lies, Hubbard claimed to have lived amongst the Blackfoot Indians as a small boy after WWI and during the early 1920s, and to have been initiated into the secret medicine of the tribe. Hubbard began peddling what he described as ‘Purification Rundown’ to his ‘Scientology’ adherents in the 1950s. This comprised a progressively-expensive program of intense fasting and sauna baths which Hubbard claimed could remove negativity (in the form of invisible extra-terrestrial creatures) from the human mind and body, and enable ‘Scientologists’ to transform into superior human beings, physically and intellectually.

    In brief, exactly like L. Ron Hubbard, James Ray (who has appeared on US network television and who features on the New York Times Best-Sellers List) has also steadfastly pretended that he possesses a secret ‘spiritual/scientific’ knowledge which can help anyone to achieve whatever it is that he/she most desires from life, and that (for a price) he is prepared to share this exclusive wisdom.

    Using a typically-hypnotic cocktail of pseudo-scientific/’New Age Religious’ bullshit (partly plagiarized from traditional Native American beliefs), Mr. Ray (the son of a preacher) persuaded his Arizona victims to stop eating for several days and to enter a ‘sweat lodge’ (i.e. a form of rudimentary sauna bath comprising a tent structure in which water is turned to steam by pouring it over a pile of rocks which have been previously heated in a bonfire). Whilst Mr. Ray continued to perform what he arbitrarily defined as a ‘purification ceremony,’ more than 20 of his starving, would-be ‘Spiritual Warriors,’ began to exhibit the symptoms of dehydration and kidney failure.

    Kirby Brown (aged 38), James Shore (aged 40) and Liz Neuman (aged 49) died, whilst 18 others were hospitalized.

    In the introduction to his best-selling comic-books, Mr. Ray boasts that he has worked as a self-betterment consultant to many famous companies, including ‘Amway’ and Herbalife.’


    Mysteriously, James Arthur Ray has (so far) not been charged with fraud, or with racketeering, by US federal or Arizona State prosecutors, but presumably his surviving victims will be filing a civil action.

    Predictably, Mr. Ray says that, after sentencing, he will file an appeal against his recent conviction. His attorneys continue to describe Mr. Ray’s highly-organized crime in Arizona as ‘a tragic accident.’

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

    1. @Eye Spy ::

      You “just found” that huh?

      Well thank god you pasted it in here … now we’ve all finally learned something about JAR.

      Anywayz :: could I get a citation for his association with Amway?

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