Sentencing in Single Sentences

James Ray Pyramid of JailTime Deaths

James Arthur Ray :: frumpy parasite :: is going to fucking jail {one hopes}.

Death Ray continues to hard-sell the dream :: but the dream has died the death of a dream that never lived.

When Mr. Ray’s house was recently foreclosed on, his parents took him in, and he has since resided in their home in Oceanside, California. [Defense Presentence Memo]

Harmonic Wealth.

Girlfriend … gone.

Harmonic Sex.

During the trial, his attorneys argued that the deaths were accidental, perhaps due to some unknown toxin that might have been present … jurors were not persuaded. [The Arizona Republic]

No one was persuaded.

Prosecutors in the sweat-lodge trial of James Arthur Ray used volunteers from the self-help teacher’s events to paint a picture of him as lacking remorse, as untrustworthy and as a continuing danger to people seeking help, during the first of six days of hearings before his sentencing. [Bob Ortega]

Kristina Bivins made the fake robot worry.

Bivins, the CEO of a San Francisco software company, told the court that she had spent more than $10,000 attending Ray’s events and had invested another $70,000 in the World Wealth Society, a Ray-led group that was initially formed to do good works. [The Daily Courier]

“Good works” :: for sure … that’s what Oprah told me.

So when Ray told her he had taken the money from Life Results to pay the mortgage on his Beverly Hills home rather than paying the salespeople their full commission, she saw the light of his true character.

Yep :: sounds about right.

“Without knowing the truth about the teacher they’re studying with, people can be led down a dangerous path, and clearly, a life-threatening path,” she said.

Good job Kristina :: it’s being brave that matters … not the timing.

Brave job Kristina.

The testimonies of Virginia Brown, Margaret Clancy, Kristina Bivins and Julia Bunker carried considerable weight toward those ends, but paled in comparison with the brief statements made at the close of Thursday’s court session by Andrea Puckett, Jane Shore and Matt Collins.

[Mark Duncan]

Collins said that Ray “ignored myriad opportunities to learn from his mistakes,” and that “incarceration appears to us to be perhaps the only instructor Mr. Ray is likely to heed.”

Doubt he’ll heed that either … fucking psychopath.

[Matt] said that violence takes many forms, and that “the failure to act and failure to manage is perhaps the worst violence.”

Crime writer Camille Kimball was live tweeting.

Diskin: If he would have sat down and talked to me, then I would call him cooperative.

Diskin confirmed with Cal. police that colleen died during #JamesRay event.

Now talking about Colleen Conaway. Do objects, irrelevant, prejudicial.

Polk: pattern of increasing negligence by #JamesRay.

OVERRULED CAN talk about conaway.

“Write about your 1st sx exp. in present tense” #JamesRay

Diskin: I’ve got calls telling me the “shaman” in JAR’s photos is really his tour guide.

WOS: I was in shock #JamesRay wasn’t doing anything about injuries.

Bivins had been paying a JRI employee herself upon promise of reimbursement from #JamesRay.

Clancy (WOS): #JamesRay told us he was a few credits shy of being a psychologist.

Just a few credits … like maybe … ALL of them.

James Arthur Ray is going to fucking jail.

Much success.

>> bleep bloop.

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  1. Dear God do we have a verdict on this case yet? Is it not enough that we all convict him of blatant narcissistic greed regardless? Is he really going to jail, is he?

    He MUST be locked up and a very LOUD message sent to the personal development industry. Look at the amount of people who faked their way into the secret movie, who have affected other peoples lives because they have poured upon themselves so many fake credentials. It is appalling, it is life threatening to some folks and by God they paid with their lives ….. believing the person who took a very large fee for fake promises.

    Look at the beautiful young lives lost because of one mans blatant narcisstic greed.

    1. @Gellusas, I appreciate your sentiments, but let’s face it: No one “faked” his or her way into “The Secret” movie. It was a blatant money grab from the beginning, and the only criterion for being a featured “teacher” was (monetary) success in the New-Wage/McSpirituality/selfish-help industries. Some critics were able to see that from the beginning; many more see it now, thank goodness. Rhonda Byrne wanted bankable “names” to propel her project to success. In the end, it could be argued, the reverse happened: it was her project that propelled those names to even greater success than they had previously enjoyed. The additional fame gained from being a Secret “star” prompted Ray to raise his prices for his events, and apparently made him even more arrogant than he already was.

      1. @Cosmic Connie,

        I’ll bet that a considerable part of Rhonda’s selection process for her Secreteers was the size and proven track record of responsiveness of their lists.
        One thing we’ve all learnt from the scuzzy IMers is that the money is always in the list.

        1. @stoic ::

          I think that sounds right … but maybe it’s giving her a bit too much credit. “Casting” was basically anyone who was walking around in the hotel hallway during a particular weekend meeting of the Transformational Leadership Counsel {Aspen 2005}.

          Her non-public actions show someone with a very poor understanding of “the game” … just like almost everyone else in said game right now.

          Windfall monies cause mucho problems for sociopathic french for trade unions.

          1. @SD,

            I stand corrected.
            Rhonda got lucky then by putting herself in the same space as some mega-list owners, who all know a good marketing wheeze when they see it.
            Not so much a meeting of minds (given the subsequent infighting) as a meeting of mega-lists with a plausible frauduct.

          2. @SD, I know that there was another lady in Australia who was interviewed for inclusion in the secret ( but couldnt out pip Schirmer in the “fake it until you make it” game. It didnt surpise me that Schirmer woo’d Rhonda Byrnes into believing enough bullshit to include him because he was always pretty good at wooing every female in his presence behind his partners back. He also lived in the same home town as Byrnes so she didnt have a chance with a slimeball like Schirmer hanging around. I bet Byrnes regrets including some of these people now but hey, she got to keep the moulla and that would have pissed them off big time. Maybe her advisors did some investigating of their own and could see the slimeballs hanging around and sucking up for a piece of the money pie because after all that has proved to be the only reason they had.

            1. @anon,
              I hope that you are including poor scammed Rhonda in the
              collection of slimeballs there.
              Its always entertaining to see these biters bit.

            2. @stoic, I agree that Rhonda Byrne belongs in the rogues’ gallery, but I don’t see her as having been scammed. She seems to be doing just fine after screwing over some of her collaborators in the original DVD, including director Drew Heriot and her original Web strategist, Dan Hollings.

              She also reportedly tried to get Esther and Jerry Hicks — who weren’t at the TLC in Aspen but played a significant role in the original DVD — to give up too many of their intellectual property rights. They wouldn’t do it, so she eliminated them from the revised DVD. (No big loss on either side, though, since Rhonda continued to rake in the cash and the Hicks continued with their own lucrative imaginary-friends scam.)

              As many here may recall, Rhonda was sued by Heriot and Hollings; she prevailed in the Heriot case and settled with Hollings. Even so, as @anon indicated, she somewhat dissociated herself from the Secret “teachers” themselves. (She only exploited the wisdom of dead people in her subsequent piece of crap, “The Power.”) I can’t help thinking that she does “secretly” regret some of the scalawags she included in “The Secret” — particularly James Arthur Ray — but I suspect that the boatloads of money have gone a long way towards ameliorating her pain.

  2. On Connie Joys blog someone is mentioning that JAR was served with a wrongful death suit in the case of Colleen Conaway’s family. Is this something very recent? What does a person have to do to go to jail? He had a party and still seems to be gloating in it and blaming his victims. The whole thing including him is tragedy. The people in the secret movie are possessed with evil.

    1. @FMWE, This was later confirmed to be incorrect… but he was served in the hallway after court last Thursday, according to Rachel on FB. The question is by whom? Anybody know yet?

      1. @Solar Flare ::

        I wish whoever it was would have told me up front so I could have paid for a photographer to go along with the process server … would have been worth it!

        Job creation … you’re welcome America.

  3. “When Mr. Ray’s house was recently foreclosed on, his parents took him in, and he has since resided in their home in Oceanside, California. [Defense Presentence Memo]”

    Mother Ray: “now remember Jimmy we only have two rules in this house: 1. Keep your room clean and 2. Don’t kill anyone.”

    JAR: “aw MOOOM”

    Should have listened to your mom douch bag fuck wad. Dont fret though, shouldn’t be too hard to keep a 6′ x 8′ space tidy soon.

    1. @Gv,

      Does anyone know the particulars on the foreclosure? What has happened to Ray’s possessions from the house?

  4. Wow wow wow, and he thinks he’s innocent?????

    How fucking deluded can a person get. You know if that is what reading the secret and telling yourself you are special does to you then the secret should be banned in every form.

    1. @Confused,

      The only ‘secret’ in The Secret is that it doesn’t work.

      I would like to see JAR secret his way of of this…

      Harmonic Justice will be being somebodies bitch for 10 to 20 in Folsom

      1. @Shit Storm, I know because I have seen a lot of broken lives as a result of one of the secret fools teachings. I just didn’t think things could get so out of hand and messed up.

    2. @Confused ::

      It’s got fuck all to do with “The Secret” … it’s about white collar crime … and intentional predation. Things didn’t “get out of hand” … they started fucked and stayed fucked. The only thing that changes over time is “the take” … currently downtrending for this particular batch of soulless bloodsuckers.

      1. @SD, Yeh you are right Salty, the secret was just an avenue of exposure. These bloodsuckers were always bloodsuckers, it just showed them if you fuck with peoples lives you get what comes right back at you. It is fun watching the down trend in their lives. Every one of them now have so many people watching and waiting to whack them back down into their holes as soon as they attempt to stick their ugly heads back up again. What I found interesting is that James Ray thought his financial obligations were far more important than anyone elses. I think I know someone else who did the same thing and got the same result. Someone who is now claiming to be a faith walking christian. Someone who does nothing but blame everyone else for his own results. Someone so screwed up in his own game of greed that his life is completely shit but he pretends to all his facebookers (me included) that he is Gods gift to the world and he still intends to globally manage his fake werld.

  5. Just watch all these FAKE GURUS change their career paths now …………….. salty will have so much fodder he won’t be able to keep up.

    1. @Gururuins, All the fakes in The Big Secret are slowly but surely being reduced to NOTHING i.e. what they really are.

      James Ray was the biggest tool of them all.

      Let there also be justice for Colleen Conway and may all of their names forever be embedded in JARs head while he has reflection time in jail.

      1. @NB,

        Now there’s a thought, tattooed across his forehead as an indelible amateur prison tat would be good, for his unavoidable narcisisstic moments in front of the mirror.

    2. @Gururuins, Why, I know of at least one New-Wage guru/Secret star who has “reinvented” himself as a musician! He’s doing it to benefit the human race, of course. He could have just sat around waiting for the next FTC crackdown…I mean, he could have just sat around collecting royalties for his many successful projects, but instead he decided to get out there and Struuuuuuuuuttttt!!!!! It’s all part of his plan to take his bliss to the street and be a mystic in the marketplace. (Samples of his fine music making can be suffered through on some of his other recent blog posts. Check out “Testify!” and “The Primal Defining Moment.”)

      That said, I wouldn’t count on too many of the selfish-help gurus actually changing careers. I wouldn’t even count on our budding musician getting out of that racket entirely; there’s still too much easy money to be had. (Besides, music has long been a hobby for Joe, so if he can make a few bucks off of it, that’s just one more income stream.) As for James Ray, even though Joe and numerous others used to brag that Ray was their friend, many have pretty much swept him under the rug, doing what they can to dissociate themselves from him. Many will probably just go on pretending that the San Diego and Sedona deaths never happened, or that they were a dreadful aberration and have nothing to do with any flaw in the selfish-help industry.

      Although I was up in the air about Ray’s fate when the news of Sedona first broke in 2009, I now believe he should go to prison and serve the maximum time allowed by law, although as others have said, it won’t be nearly enough.

      1. @Cosmic Connie, With all due respect to Joe V., that is downright strange! All of a sudden he decides to be a musician? Of course, you can’t hear anything he’s playing because there are a bunch of other musicians… Oh dear!

        As far as JAR goes, I think we may actually finally find out this Friday.

        1. @DownPlunder ::

          Nah. It’s gotta stop. You’re @DownPlunder now … get it? … on all comments … on all posts.

          I’m speaking as someone who has taken the time to read literally hundreds of thousands of your words over these past years … so I hope you’ll hear me when I say this …

          His victory over you is complete.

          He added some fuel … and some sparks … but it is the slow burn of obsession that truly destroys.

    3. @Gururuins,

      Mind Control and Abuse
      For me the role of sexual abuse in this domination scheme is the bottom of the bottom, the most repulsive part of the underbelly of what gets discovered as one continues to follow the threads of money and power. My research has convinced me that pedophilia and even Satanic rituals are an integral part of the lives of many of the perpetrators of this agenda and is a part of the mind-control system that operates in their covert plan for domination. This information is not critical for understanding that there is a global domination agenda or what we can do to achieve true liberty. I include it because I believe it is true and reveals the level of disturbing perversion that underlies the psyche of those in positions of vast power and the role of mind control (such as MK Ultra) that is involved in carrying out their agenda. I suggest you pursue it only at the pace that works for you to integrate such a disturbing realization into the larger picture of the vast love and awakening that is emerging at this time on our planet. For authoritative research and first hand eye-witness and victim reports check out: Cathy O’Brien, Brice Taylor, Hollie Greig, Carolyn Hamlett, the Franklin Cover-up.

      As horrifying as it is to think what is being done to so many of the most defenseless among us, it was important for me to come to the realization that many of these same controllers who seek to abuse children are also running the major power centers of the world. Few of us get up in the morning thinking how we can cause pain and suffering for others, but some do. And their psychopathic or sociopathic capabilities to dissociate from human suffering actually tend to be rewarded in the system of lies and deceptions that is our political and financial structure. Recognizing that there are individuals whose psyches have been distorted into destructive patterns like this makes it even more imperative not to have a monopoly on money creation and a monopoly on force like the current bankster-run state.

      In his scientific exploration, Political Ponerology, Andrew Lobaczewski traces the backgrounds of prominent figures whose sociopathic personalities have led to the deaths of millions. It is critical to understand that not only are there those who long to do harm to individuals and the masses, but their lack of moral values, integrity and compassion is rewarded in the corrupt power structures of today.

      Recognizing that there are individuals whose psyches have been distorted into destructive patterns like this makes it even more imperative not to have a monopoly on money creation and a monopoly on force like the current bankster-run state.

      Nobody would do such a thing.

      Just because most of the people we know would not harm anyone on purpose, it doesn’t mean there are not those who could, would and choose to on a regular basis. These are people who have disassociated from normal human feelings to where they can knowingly run millions out of their jobs and homes, have hundreds of thousands killed in unnecessary and illegitimate wars and sicken intentionally countless others – and justify it with a worldview that says they know best, they have a special right to rule and that they are making a better world for the chosen by their cruelty to the many.

      “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.”
      – Henry Kissinger, New York Times, Oct 28, 1973

      1. @DownPlunder, OK, maybe…but Deepak Chopra hanging about these people? As Groucho Marx once told us, “I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept Deepak Chopra as a member.”

  6. I can’t stand not watching this while it’s happening. The live tweeting helps though…it makes me believe he’s actually going to prison. FINALLY.

  7. And when will the sentencing be pronounced?

    I hope justice will be served.

    My heart goes out to the families of the victims.

    The problem here is not to lose focus:

    People have died. JAR needs to face the music – harmonically.

    He needs to do jail time.

    1. @Alexa Smith ::

      It’s not my fault officer … there must have been some trace 2-Ethylhexanol in my six margaritas!

      I’m fucking innocent!!

  8. It’s too bad Judge Darrow didn’t hear the whole story in court last week about how Colleen Conaway died, including all the immense covering up that was done by so many as the thread here revealed: (read the whole thread from the beginning)

    I’m sure that the only thing that was mentioned was that she died at the JAR event, and not the whole story including the complete coverup, plus, JAR claiming he didn’t even know that she had even died for several weeks after. I had almost forgotten all that until Yakaru posted that link above on the Turd Bucket list yesterday and I went and reread it all. I had also forgotten that his parents were at that seminar, having dinner at the end of it, no less, to celebrate its “success”. And I had forgotten that brother Jon had been on the bus on the outing to the mall and was seated up front near or with JAR and also near Colleen Conaway. Whether or not Jon was in on what happened to Colleen to push her to suicide or not, he was there and did see what was done and said, and if nothing else, he either went along with it or did nothing to stop it. And also his parents — they were at other celebrations and events too — so whether or not they had anything to do with how James ran his events, they certainly had to have seen how arrogant and cruel and abusive he was — and again, either went along with it or did nothing to stop it. And while I don’t wish illness on anyone, after re-reading that thread, I suddenly lost most of my sympathy for both of them and the illnesses they’re both going through. Likewise, I was wondering how brother Jon could be so supportive, brother or not, but after reading that he was right there, and possibly even having a lot to do with that and other events, like brother like brother — two peas in a pod. Again, if he witnessed abuse or any other kind of harm and did nothing to stop it, whether or not he actually participated is immaterial. Maybe some more people should be charged. “All in the family”.

    It’s also too bad that whole story about Colleen and the great coverup had not been disclosed to the jury when they were on — I’m sure this whole thing would not be only this far by now.

    And Rafael said that at least JAR didn’t take the Don Lapre way out, to which Stoic replied, “there’s still time”. — we could only hope, but then, we should be so lucky.

    Hoping and praying for Judge Darrow to do the right thing and give the maximum sentence, which again, isn’t nearly enough.

    1. @Bonnie,

      I agree that the whole family was complicit. They all enabled James to keep getting away with what he was doing. They all knew. They weren’t at the sweat lodge, but they were all there when Colleen died. (Party on, James. Party on, Jon.)

      It wasn’t too long before I figured out that his timeline didn’t add up. But right there on his books it said that he was initiated into 3 shamanic orders, plus Kahuna. Right there in print. It was also all over his website. His family all knew that wasn’t true, but James was like the goose that laid the Golden Egg. Don’t screw up a good thing with Truth and Reality. Once he started down that road he just kept building on it and elaborating.

      When James would be up there on stage telling his “personal stories”, I sometimes would look at Jon and wonder what he thought of his brother when he was doing this. After all, he knew what was real and not.

      It is a shame that our legal system didn’t allow the real truth to come out in the trial.

      Unfortunately for James, he had real talent, however it got so warped and misdirected that no matter what the outcome of his sentence is, once he is free to do what he will, he will never be able to resurrect himself to the point where he was before…if at all. Plus, the Internet never forgets. He may think he can pull a Kevin Trudeau, however, old Kevin wasn’t in for causing the deaths of multiple people. That is one deep dark stain.

      If he thinks he can pull a jailhouse “born again” scenerio…hey, his father was already a Baptist preacher. If his upbringing didn’t work, why, after 54 years, would he suddenly see the light? People are sick of hearing that crap.

    2. @Bonnie,

      This is the full document filed by Colleen Conaway’s family in July, 2011 of her wrongful death — some very sickening and cruel and inhumane things that the family spent a lot of time and energy investigating and digging up as to just what went on at that seminar as well as afterwards — but nothing that we probably haven’t already heard or suspected from the likes of JAR and his ilk. Still, reading it is enough to make you want to just scream.

      1. @Bonnie, You touched on something that very few people understand…the first year after Colleen’s death I was going through a living H_LL trying to piece together what happened to her. I believe this would have been extremely difficult but because she was my sister I found myself on the verge of insanity most days. If it were not for some very dear people who I have come to treasure as dear friends, I do not know that I would have made it through this. With each new thread of evidence we uncovered I became more and more sick to my stomach. Up until this happened to Colleen I never wanted to believe there were people such as James Ray in the world. To think that he was the last person my sister encountered here on this earth…and he did everything in his power to cover up her death…leaves a whole in my heart that will never mend. My only hope and prayer is that by exposing him we will prevent another loss of life and another family from going through this. Pray, Pray, PRAY justice is served this week!

        1. @Colleen’s sister, I am sure that this was a very difficult process for you and your family and friends. The fact that as long as there is one voice still willing to speak out against this sort of behavior then these people cannot rest in peace and their lives will never be the same again. Those of us willing to keep speaking out become their achilles heel. Their futile words become like water off a ducks back as the public slowly realize that so much has been hidden from so many for so long. The tide has turned, the “AHA” moments belong to those who have been willing to investigate, dig deep and uncover the real truth. Our prayers are all with you and yours this week.

    3. @Bonnie,

      I wonder how much Judge Darrow is allowed to take Colleen’s case into consideration in the sweat lodge case? He may know the whole story, but he still has to follow the law.

      If he makes any mistakes, this gives Ray’s attorneys more ammunition for an appeal.

  9. So… the D-bag’s still not in jail yet?

    Come on, Ms. Justice, let’s get this thing finished already.

    Of course I know it never really ends. He’ll go to jail. Then, presumably, in the future he will come out of jail. Then the odds are 99.999999% he’ll “re-invent” himself and start screwing people over again.

    Has anyone ever read the actual story on the original Ponzi? The guy scammed. He always scammed. He went to jail, then got out and scammed again. In the end, he suffered physical ailments then died–kind of like Al Capone. I get the sense that, that’s how these things usually play out.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @ Anonymous,

        Yeah, but my hopes is that he starts doing drugs and end up more f*cked up than he is now. I doubt Ponzi enjoyed the luxury of crack the way prisoners enjoy today.

        Happy Thanksgiving James Ray. This time you’re the turkey.

  10. On Connie Joys blog she has stated the truths of the “foreclosure” bs JAR has cried about….seems that also his business or shall I say his unrealistic business is actually still in effect, JAR INT. in the state of CA.(also a lie that ding dong and Do trying to cover up in court on JAR’s behalf) HIs scummy lawyers still trying to keep the truth from Judge Darrow who holds the fate of our beloved JAR. KARMA is a bitch. The swords of TRUTH will bring this scumbag down. I believe that the strongest warriors that day 10.8.09 left this earth to make the world know about the TRUTH and to protect any of his followers or simply open hearted individuals seeking self help to better their lives. They are our angels now and too bad for JAR that he will have to live the rest of his waking days knowing the truth….but not being a civilized human being, owning it and walking his talk. Sucks to be him because he has four deceased beautiful people who will forever haunt his dreams and the rest of his life. Please pray for justice and please hold light n Love for the family and friends of the deceased.

    1. @truthnlight,

      It would be interesting to know what he dreams. Or is he so closed off to his humanity that he cannot think of what he has done. It is all the blame game. (Ted did it.) His MO is to run away. He does not address anything that he feels threatened by.

      He does need a very long time out in the corner with nothing to do but to think about these things. But will he? He will probably be writing his next book. (Good luck getting that one published.)

      Classic psychopath.

      Lighting a candle for Liz, Kirby, Colleen and James Shore. They all paid dearly to finally bring this all to light.

  11. White Rabbit, you are totally correct! I was at Modern Majick in Hawaii…I signed up online and paid my money, just to see what, if anything I could learn. JAR was upset that I was even there (because I had no prior experience with his seminars other than the free one), but he gladly took my money. What was interesting to me was the complete and total bullshit he spewed about his life and his accomplishments. I have been fortunate enough to have actually done many of the things that he claims to have done and I almost started laughing when he spoke about them. What a total joke! Yes, I am sure that he was allowed to spend the night alone in the great pyramid in Cairo…Really, really?? The sad truth was that most of the 150 or so participants sat there, open mouthed and believed his crap. I tried to stomach as much of his presentation as I could for 5 days, but it was so preposterous that it made me sick. I find it laughable that JAR could try to teach spiritual and religious concepts to those who did not have the where with all or means to undertake the journey to spirituality themselves. Isn’t a requirement of spiritual awakening to make the journey yourself and not take someone elses word for it? When I approached JAR to speak with him about some of his claims, he rebuffed me, several times. I believe that I might have been the only one in the room, that had done, almost step for step, the very things that JAR purported to have done and I was the only one who could and would call his bluff. He did not like that and proceeded to ignore me and walk away with his 19-20 year old girlfriend, Jade. That in itself was laughable. I happen to live near the same town as JAR and saw him repeatedly after the Hawaii trip. I tried to warn him that he was heading down a dangerous path of arrogance and materialism, but he did not want to hear me. Too bad…too bad for a lot of reasons. The very nature of the concepts that he was trying to impart to others created arrogance and materialism…he should have been trying to create compassion and love. I think that JAR was on the right track at first, then he got corrupted by his own narcissistic view of himself and led himself and others down a path of darkness. I hope that JAR/FRAUD gets the maximum punishment allowed.

    1. @JARsucks,

      ‘I think that JAR was on the right track at first, then he got corrupted by his own narcissistic view of himself……’

      Then there is that recurring story of him as an adolescent, strangling cats to the point of death in order to then bring them back to life……

      All kids go through a narcissistic phase but most grow out of it and temper their narcissism to a large degree, to accomodate the reality of other peoples autonomous existences–and other peoples right to such autonomous existences.
      Sounds to me that JAR never even got a whiff of a right track existing, let alone was ever on it, even for a nano-second.

      Yeah, he sucks–and probably always has.

      1. @stoic, I did not know about the cats…I change my position that he was on the right track, ever…what a monster! Thanks for the info.

        1. @JARsucks,

          People can change. They can eventually reach a point where they realize that what they are doing really isn’t serving them anymore.

          James knew what he was doing. He had the words for a higher life, he just didn’t go three for three and take the actions. All the actions he took were superficial…change the clothes, change the cars, change the house, change the office, change the girlfriend…. He “accessorized” for where he wanted to be. He didn’t do the inner work. Nothing inside changed. He was still the angry, fearful person he always was, and that wasn’t going to change until he did do the inner work. No matter where he went, that is who he took with him.

          But he had the opportunity. He got to meet people who brought him higher ideas. He just took those and rather than incorporate them into his own life, mouthed them off in seminars to look good and sound good. He accessorized his life with larger and larger names.

          Does this sound like a classic psychopath?

          Every step of the way he had the opportunity to make different choices, but he refused. At every turning point, James would take the low road.

          He has now gone from the big house to The Big House, just chock full of other angry people just like him. Will he wake up? I doubt it. That performance in front of the judge was just same old same old James. Move along, folks. No revelations here.

          But he had the opportunity…….

          He blew it.

          1. @White Rabbit,

            I agree with you — James Ray will probably never change. Why? Because his mother and father and brother are all the same. And they don’t get it either. And probably never will. Jon knows what happened to Colleen and he lied. His mother knows what happened to Colleen and she lied. They saw, they heard, they know. Like mother like son like father like brother.

            1. @Bonnie, Like the parents of lots of sociopaths,Casey Anthony’s mom, Scott Peterson’s mother all tryiing to minimize their kid’s actions never letting them be accountable for anything..The appple doesn’t fall far from the tree for sure..

          2. @White Rabbit, “James knew what he was doing. He had the words for a higher life, he just didn’t go three for three and take the actions. All the actions he took were superficial…change the clothes, change the cars, change the house, change the office, change the girlfriend…. He “accessorized” for where he wanted to be. He didn’t do the inner work. Nothing inside changed. He was still the angry, fearful person he always was, and that wasn’t going to change until he did do the inner work. No matter where he went, that is who he took with him.”

            You are absolutely spot on and it is so obvious from the outside looking in. Frustrating even. Every one of us who have had personal experience with people like this are in a constant state of amazement at how they just dont get it.

    1. @Bonnie, Thx for the post! I looked up “can a psychopath be cured?” and found the page below. I realize that others have mentioned this, but reading this really helped me to understand JAR… and what appears to be more lies (IMHO) from the Defense team, claiming he had remorse – I can’t imagine they really believe that!

      SD: Does the DT feel okay about lying on a document, or are they totally brainwashed?

  12. Please please please please God, the Universe the f..king law of attraction please please please please send this fucking piece of shit James Arthur Ray straight to hell (or a nice prison) so he can become some hairy hill billy’s wet dream…



    1. @CitizenNoir,

      I couldn’t agree MORE. Thank GOD it looks like Justice will be done; no more waiting … some arrogant piece of SHIT that never bothered to learn, and clearly never will, deserves karma now … Christmas comes early tomorrow is my hope, the maximum … love to the families of those who died, and to those suffering ill health ongoing.

      Hoping it’s come to light in the proceedings about what ‘My Gratitude Project’ researched, that actually it’s all lies about his house and business too … all still active … and even an iphone app planned!
      Only maximum jail will solve this right.

    1. @DownPlunder ::

      That’s the 4th time I’ve had to fix your name so far.

      Have you ever noticed how I seem to be really busy? Maybe you could show me the same respect that I’ve always shown to you?

      Otherwise I’m gonna ban you completely. One name … and one name only.

      1. @SD, Oops my bad Salty, was using that name on another site. How many of the list of witnesses appeared from the group the defense put up?

  13. Should I or should I not be surprised?

    The PT was powerful last week in it’s presentation, and this week we were left with the DT which was akin to watching hot air squeal through a deflating balloon.

    DT delivered two JAR employees who claimed they knew nothing, (customer service and an accountant), two highly emotional supporters of JAR who caused him to cry complete with tissues, and bro and mummy who were his emotional validation.

    I thought for a moment with the DT I was in a support group, (but I know better).

    Did Kelly really and truly reference AA which has a 3% recovery rate? I thought so …

    1. @Bethann, What I want to know is what happened to the loooooong list for the defence. I find it particularly interesting how when the shit hits the fan the witnesses cannot be found…………………………………………………………………

  14. Droid and others, if you want to know how people get arrested and how they avoid getting arrested, the book to get and read is by Carlson and called Arrestproof Yourself.

    Ray and others like him are white collar crooks. They dont make themselves visible to the police and that, along with knowing how to hide their money and selecting vulnerable people to prey on, is why they stay free.

    Years ago, a guy named Ace Backwards wrote a book on how to survive on the street and said the most dangerous and successful psychopaths never end up on the street. They stay free because they do it white collar.

    Carlson was a Miami PD officer, then became an FBI agent, and is now a criminal defense attorney.

    As an FBI agent he got to arrest serial killers and millionaires and says that arresting millionaire cons is one of the sweeter experiences in life.

    All joking aside, he has a detailed section in the book on why it is so very difficult to identify and bust white collar criminals.

    The book is contantly on hold at our public library–that is to say, the only remaining copy. The other copy is missing and presumbably, stolen.

    Its readable on Googlebook and if you page backwards or forward from this section you will find the sections on whitecollar crime and why it is so hard to identify.

    Unless there are dead bodies.“south

    And in another book he co-authored with Wes Denham, entitled Arrested: What to Do When Your Loved One is in Jail (worth reading to learn common mistakes and why you should always, always petition for a bail reduction hearing or wait to see if a case is nol pressed before paying bail)…in this second book, there is information about finding a great lawyer.

    No doubt, thats what Ray knew to do–while teaching his followers to see him as their guru while all the while he was seeing them as marks.

    Thats the ultimate betrayal: To see someone you love as a your guru and to find out that all along, you were seen as one mark among many.

    1. @White Rabbit, Well that was quite the performance by JAR, unfortunately his record of keeping promises to act like a human being is not too good. I just hope he gets to begin his renewed commitment helping others in an AZ prison for 9 years.

      1. @Dancing Bubba,

        Quite the performance is right! Let’s hope Judge Darrow didn’t fall for it, and also let’s hope that he has heard that James can cry on cue and also took acting lessons. So where was all this remorse and responsibility for the last two years? — and especially, all through the trial?

        I noticed that Judge Darrow was leaned over to see the reaction of the families to this academy award performance — and they were not buying it. Hopefully, Judge Darrow will heed their lead and not buy it either.

  15. YES! 6 years in prison, and up to £80,000 to pay! Probation wouldn’t have been deterrent/corrective enough. AT LAST Justice for the families and those ill. Jar can appeal within 20 days, but that’s a really hefty sentence … unprecedented too. HUGE message to self-help industry, and am so relieved the families/any harmed by him can begin to properly heal.

    1. @Cat,

      Where are you getting 6 years? It was 2 years times 3, but to run ‘concurrently’! And I think that’s bloody bullsh!t for what he did!!!

      1. @Bonnie,

        Will he even serve the 2 years? Many states allow for a 50% reduction based on good behavior.

        Considering he’s kept his, “scam,” going throughout the trial, no doubt he’ll find a way to do so in prison.

      2. @Bonnie, @Cat, I think people get confused by the difference between “concurrent” and “consecutive.” My understanding is that he gets 2 years total (3 two-year sentences served concurrently), minus those 24 days of orange jumpsuit time served last year. And that restitution amount…ridiculously low. And the fact that the judge said he thought Death Ray poses no future danger… Aaarggghhhh!

        New-Wage gurus love to write in short sentences. Now there’s a New-Wage guru who’s going to *serve* a short sentence. It’s just not right, IMO.

      3. @Bonnie,

        Not sure what happened….I swear Darrow first stated 2 2 2 to be served consecutively….then changed it to “concurrently”…

        I think Darrow may have misspoke the “consecutive” and changed to concurrent…I was like yeah…then I was like…what the fuck…

        Does anyone have the feed? Maybe I misheard….

        1. @_cartman_,

          I thought I heard concurrent right from the beginning, but I may be wrong if that’s what you think you heard — and isn’t the replay available on CNN?

          1. @Bonnie,

            No, he said “concurrent,” which was a damn shame. I think six years would have been okay, but serving two years, less the 24 days, and then they cut the remainder in half–he’ll be out on the street pulling more scams before we know it.

            CNN was RIDICULOUS. I watched the live stream, then went to the TV to see if they had more details. The news anchor said nothing about it for about 30 minutes, and then said, we expect the sentencing to take place any minute–and it happened an hour previously!

            Finally they announced that he got two years, but nobody is paying any attention to this. Between the college sex scandals and the re-opening of the Natalie Wood case, nobody seems to be covering this.

  16. I was wanting the maximum too, of course … after all the delays, am relieved prison is the result, the 6 years (2×3) is at least something substantial. Yes it’s bullshit, but it’s unprecedented and at least a lot of years of suffering for him, not probation, and will put off others in the self-help industry surely. After him seeming to get away with this for so long, am just relieved Darrow imposed a substantial sentence, that all jar’s delays/lies haven’t worked.

    1. @Cat, It’s only two years. He is to serve the two years for each death concurrently, i.e. at the same time, not consecutively.

    2. @Cat,

      Cat, there’s nothing “substantial” about that sentence — he got two years TOTAL, and as Bethann said, they always get out early with good behavior, which we know the accomplished actor won’t have any trouble achieving.

      Plus, wasn’t there something said about “where” he will spend his sentence? — I was so mad I barely heard it — but it seemed to me the Judge was going to decide whether JAR could get his request of spending his jail term in California — and if that happens, he is likely to spend “no” time — because California jails are overflowing and they’re letting them all out.

      And what about probation after he gets out? Is Judge Darrow completely off his rocker with that sentence, or was he, as I have said all along, “paid off”? Grrrrrrr

      1. @Anne,

        Sorry, Anne, I was busy typing as you were saying the same thing.

        Geez, I’m so mad I think I will eat bricks for dinner! Grrrrrr

      2. @Bonnie, I misheard the sentence too. Two years isn’t nearly enough time. Maybe someone inside will agree and decide to mete out some extra-judicial punishment.

      3. @Bonnie,

        I live in California, and JAR would be, if living in Beverly Hills, in Los Angeles County.

        State prisons have started moving prisoner’s to county jails and those in the county jail system who are non-violent offenders will be processed out very quickly to house arrest, or GPS tracking.

        I feel even more heartsick in thinking JAR will be moved here, and with Li pleading, (he’s an LA attorney), this may well happen.

  17. Sorry people, hadn’t realised … really f’kg disappointed now. That’s truly bullshit … Darrow should be shot … please ignore my further comment, as I didn’t understand … thanks Connie for explaining. Didn’t hear Darrow say about no future danger … atrocity. Potentially 1 year in jail … I hope it’s the worst year can ever be for him.

  18. The sound of those handcuffs ratcheting shut as the camera panned to the state seal was music to my ears. Go directly to Jail, no pause for an appeal, Yes.

    1. @Dancing Bubba,

      Oh, I must listen to that again! — I missed that! — I was too busy eating bricks!!! lol

  19. Look at the bright side, Ray’s a convicted felon who will never be able to own a gun, never be able to vote again and will always be remembered as the guy who killed people in a sweat lodge. Any future prospects as a self-help guru are over.

    1. Comforting to know that his future is forever tainted etc … everyone’s seen his true character throughout the trial, so surely people won’t be interested anyway/not much business to be found, no credentials left at all.

      Maybe Darrow was paid off; seemed uncomfortable. Is so remiss to not mention where serves time or about probation after. Had been shocked to hear Darrow say there was no doubt that jar was intending to help others.

      1. @Cat,


        He may have started out intending to help others, but I think Darrow must have missed all the evidence that over the last few years JAR was only “helping” himself to other people’s bank accounts.

    2. @Bright Side, “Any future prospects as a self-help guru are over.”

      We can only hope.

      Notice that more than a few “gurus” have turned past crimes and convictions into selling advantages.

      1. @Ryan Healy, Just look at Perry Belcher. He sold fraudulent medicine to sick people for years, received a felony conviction, and while on 10 years probation, got Ryan Deiss to front his operations.

        Then Belcher immediately started selling internet marketing scam materials using lies and misrepresentation, while on probation!

        Even now, while still on that same probation, he’s selling insecticides to consumers online using a front man, and he’s targeting the same type of consumers he ripped off the first time.

        It’s amazing how blind justice can be.

  20. Has to be up to people to not go to any of jar’s events etc … one look up on the internet, to see he’s a convicted felon and his vile character, should hopefully mean that people aren’t going to attend/give him money. That’s what I hope.

  21. Another example of 2-tiered justice in America. If you’re wealthy and connected and you slaughter 3 people, you get a slap on the wrist.

    I wonder if Oprah will come visit him?

    1. @anonone,

      She’ll probably do a prison special to celebrate his seeing the light, rehabilitation, and turning over a new leaf with, you’ve guessed it, a harmonic new course on how felons can become millionaires and save us all from ourselves.

      1. @stoic,

        Oprah oughta be shot along with Judge Darrow. At least Ray got SOME prison time. At first, it looked like the judge was going to go with probation after talking about the mitigating circumstances. I would not have been able to stand the smirk on Ray’s face if that had happened.

        He’s convicted of SOMETHING and got SOME prison time, which is better than nothing.

  22. Death Ray may only spend a year or two in the can, but his precious career as a douchebag scam artist is fucked forever!!

    We’ll all be waiting for that narcissistic prick to make sure he remains exposed for what he is…

  23. got back from an outpatient gastro procedure and my dad said Ray got 2 years. I’m going to sleep off this twilight drug now and hope I heard incorrectly.

  24. I am dumbfounded that after all he has heard and seen, Judge Darrow appears convinced that JAR really wanted to help people. Did he notice that JAR only wanted to ‘help’ those who could pay his exorbitant fees?

    No Judge Darrow, it is people like Salty Droid who unselfishly, *give* of their time and talents to protect the public from psychopathic predators like James Ray, who demonstrate a true desire to help people.

  25. Let’s hope they don’t have jail overcrowding there like in California and they let him out in 45 minutes. One thing is for sure: when that guy gets out, he WILL try to resume operating in the selfish help business, because he has had a taste of money and won’t want to go back to working like the rest of us “peons.”

  26. aaaaand they’re going to file an appeal, of course.

    Gah, it’s so depressing to see him get away with this. He’ll be back on his feet, huckstering away as soon as they spring him.

  27. Although today we watched James’s performance of a lifetime (do I hear violins?), I don’t believe the Fat Lady has yet cranked up her pipes and sung yet.

    Two years…yes, a piss poor sentence for what we know about him and what he has done to so many people. If he has helped so many people why were there only his customer service person and accountant up there in his defense…along with his mother and brother who, frankly, truly perjured themselves. It’s a family of bad actors. Where were all of the students he has helped? Where were his key people…Megan, Josh and Michelle? Oh and let’s not forget his big named buddies…who didn’t show up. (They don’t want to get that kind of stink all over them.)

    He still has a class action lawsuit. (Does anyone know who to contact about that?)

    He still has the whole Colleen thing to face. That might keep him tied up for some time.

    Plus, Life has a way of throwing a well-placed spanner in the works. Who would have ever expected, even with the things that were happening at prior sweat lodges, ….who would have thought he would have been stupid enough to allow people to die right in front of him? And then walk away and shower and eat a sandwich.

    No, he still doesn’t “get it”. His comeuppance is still out there circling like a vulture, awaiting its time.

    Patience, Grasshopper.

    1. @White Rabbit,

      I wish I could believe that you’re right about that — but somehow, I can only feel that once again, crime pays and there is no justice. How many mothers who have stolen a loaf of bread to feed their kids have gotten more time than that? I think Judge Darrow was a disgrace in this whole trial and there is definately something funny going on behind the scenes.

    2. @White Rabbit, Agree with you & everyone. Geez, that was the most fake tears and speech I’ve ever seen. I really didn’t have high expectations, but I am surprised and also sad for the families with this 2 year (or less) sentence. #tickedoff

      1. @Solar Flare,
        Yes, really feeling for the families very deeply … must be so painful for them that such a travesty been done … watched the clip on youtube of one of the family looking directly at jar saying those who died were the ones who were all about honesty, integrity; that him not fit to clean their shoes …
        … admired their strength and honesty so much for saying this. Lots of love to the families, and those remaining with ill health too … awful for them all.

      1. @Solar Flare,

        Ahhh…James will finally have to lift a finger? No whining?

        Will they be sending him to the prison with the designer uniforms where he can get his massages and manicures?

        I think they should keep all that he earns to pay back the people who got stiffed by him. He hid enough assets for himself for later.

        1. @White Rabbit, According to Nikki on Connie’s FB page, “For those of you concerned about where JAR will be housed, I have no doubt he will be placed in either a medium-security or maximum-security AZ State prison. He does not qualify for the “country-club” type facility a la Bernie Madoff or Martha Stewart because he was neither charged with nor convicted of a Federal crime.”

          “Every state is different, but usually an inmate spends a week or two in county jail before being sent to a state prison, and in some jails the first 3 days are spent in solitary confinement pending a tuberculosis test/shot. If he is in the infirmary for a true illness he will remain there until the illness is manageable on the tier. When he gets to state I would think the lowest level he would be housed in would be medium security. With respect to having his own cell, it depends on how the prison is constructed – some prisons only have single cells in a tier, some are dormitory-style with 40 beds in one room, some double-bunks, depends on what facility, what unit, etc.” Nikki on FB

  28. I agree with you White Rabbit, and you Bonnie, with how depressing and wrong it all is … as it sinks in, seems Darrow decidedly and clearly unjust. Really miserable about this, and more of a crash because of all the delays and vile arrogance making it seem certain a big sentence must surely be the result … but have got a strong feeling that there is a deeper Justice … this year has seen countries/dictators topple unprecedentedly in January/February, bin Laden killed, Gadaffi killed, all manner of big events … and the arrogance of jar is off the scale … the more inflated they get, the bigger the hole opening up just ahead to fall into, as they get blinder and stupider and more reckless, if that’s even possible in jar’s case … this was supposed to be that big hole jar fell into, but do feel/hope there’s some bigger justice than some poxy judge and court on the way. Jar doesn’t seem to take in how vile and hated he is, or does and doesn’t care/arrogantly thinks that there are people who will attend his events after all of this.

    1. @wide eyes,

      He’s always had that stupid, phony insincere smile. I guess it comes from having nothing inside.

    2. @wide eyes,

      Even scarier is that Steven Pierce’s weird plastic chairs have turned up again…. oh no, the chairs are sneaking in everywhere!

      1. @stoic, Holy crap, is that James Arthur Ray? He looks like he’s all of 80 years old. But he’ll still make a beautiful wife to Big Leroy on cell block 666.

  29. Michael Jackson’s doctor just got sentenced to four years for his part in Jackson’s death.

    JAR only got two years?

  30. Jane Devin ( wrote a blog piece about Mr. Ray this week and the problem presented by the celebrification of Teh Interwebz. She’s speaking from a different perspective, as a writer who’s been shunted aside due to her lack of celebrity, but interesting points. I just toss this in here as a related aside.

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