Millionaire Marketing … The Party

Stephen Pierce Notworking Party

Psychopaths fucking love pity parties :: but they also love real parties … because of the free drinks … and jumbo shrimps … and opportunities to steal jewelry and/or spouses.

Stephen Pierce had a party in 2007 :: it was for millionaires only bitches :: or at least for people comfortable saying the word millionaire … very exclusive stuff. Malaysian Internet Marketing expert Patric Chan was at this exclusivity party :: and he told me all about it on his sales page … because that makes perfect sense.

I’m not sure whether you’re aware of this, but if you have ‘insider’ information of what’s new and what’s going to be the next money-making trend, you’ll be on your way to riches. Besides, I’ve learned this simple truth after speaking as an authority of internet marketing in over 10 countries – some of them include United States, China, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, United Arab of Emirates, Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Okay wait :: that was the wrong part …

I know some people might not like reading this truth, but I have to get that out of my heart so that I don’t feel like hiding anything from them. I don’t want you to feel I’m some kind of “giver”, although I am, but I’m doing this much for myself than for any other reasons. Dad’s rule number one of earning an honest living is always to be truthful and he proves me right until today.

Okay wait :: that was also the wrong part … gosh I should be more careful lest I look foolish. Here’s the part about the party …

And that’s also because I’ve earned some minor credibility in the internet marketing world to be invited to attend Stephen Pierce’s house warming party and Rich Jerk’s party in LA.

Patric Chan has hit the motherfucking bigtime!

Who’s at the Stephen Pierce’s party? John Childers, Armand Morin, Russell Brunson, John Reese, John Carlton, Rich Schefren, Mike Filsaime, Jason Potash, Jeff Walker and others.

Ooo la la … can’t you just smell the fake money?

Internets expert Roy Phay was there too …

Initially, the party was a closed door party for 35 closed top marketers and friends of Stephen personally, however, as the words spread and more people knew the networking opportunity, now the final attendance is over 100 people.

They are all the Who’s who in the Internet Marketing and Personal Development industry, and here’s a few people:

Jay Abraham
Harv Eker
Mike Filsaime
Tom Beal
Joe Polish
Chet Holmes
Christopher Guerriero
Dave Lakhani
Jerry Clark
John Carlton
John Childers
Patric Chan
Russell Brunson
John Reese
Yanik Silver
Mike Stewart
Armand Morin
Richard & Veronica Tan
(From Success Resource Singapore)
and the list goes on…

This is no ordinary party, it is a networking party, where many business will transact and opportunities are all around the place. Even though I’m not at Rich Jerk recent party at the Playboy Mansion, but I’m pretty sure, this party is going to be outrangous.

Outrangous networking is like where you get together with other people to talk about the importance of networking … a privilege that you should prolly pay for in order to achieve proper suckcess.

Networking is very important to Stephen Pierce :: which is why he co-founded SANG … the Speakers Authors Networking Group. SANG brings people from the self-help and IM “industries” together for opportunities to make the world a better place and stuff.

Roy Phay took some bad pictures at the party :: like this memorable shot of the back of Ryan Deiss’ big fat head {his best side} …

Or this picture of American high school dropout millionaire salad …

… now served with mini Polish.

Stephen Pierce’s bio on the SANG website says that he …

“… is an internet multi-millionaire who, with his wife, runs an endless empire of online businesses and three different coaching clubs. He is known as one of the powerhouses of the internet and teaches others to replicate his success.”

Black America Online didn’t work out :: but Black Tony Robbins was much easier to pull off … because as Pierce’s protegé Patric Chan puts it …

First Fast Rule: The Internet is not bias. You don’t need to be ‘smart’ or ‘qualified’ to earn good income from it. You just need to follow what works.

The student {of the teacher who didn’t have a teacher} becomes the teacher.

You don’t need to have any qualifications or skills :: you just need to sell other people on the idea that you don’t need to have any qualifications or skills … that and the “networking” of course … don’t forget about the network.

Tom Beal also took some pictures at the millionaire networker’s salad party :: they are compositionally superior to Roy Phay’s pics … but they’re of the same turds so they’re still super shitty.

Here’s one :: just a couple of bros hanging out …

John Reese :: Mike Filsaime :: and Tim Ferris … two of the three are in The Syndicate … and the other is a “wildly popular self-help guru for young men” … according to The New York Times. Huh. Well that’s confusing cause I thought he was something entirely different :: I guess we’ll see … I’m probably wrong or something.

Speaking of young men and being wrong :: here’s one last pictographic remembrance of Stephen Pierce’s outrangous circle jerking :: salad tossing :: fake millionaire house party …

Cause if you can’t “network” with women by the hour … then it may as well be with known pedophiles.

>> bleep bloop

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  1. Awesome! Now I feel as if I just attended the “circle jerking :: salad tossing :: fake millionaire party.” What were these dudes parties like in college, err – scratch that – most probably never attended.

  2. “First Fast Rule: The Internet is not bias. You don’t need to be ‘smart’ or ‘qualified’ to earn good income from it. You just need to follow what works.”

    And what works, according to these conscienceless scammers and their teachings, is that cheating people out of their hard earned money, or maybe even their last dollar that was needed to pay bills or maybe even put food on the table while promising them that they can help them out of their current situation and get rich themselves, which “doesn’t” work. But Salty is coming after you, along with the law and finally justice. Count on it.

    1. @MazeMan,

      It was also nice to follow the link to the rest of the pictures and be able to see more photos of present and future scammers — and poor Roy Phay — he looks like he’s been awestruck by a bunch of gods and goddesses — although if he’s at this party, I guess there’s nothing really to feel sorry for him about — except that, if he’s just getting in to the scamming business, as his idolization intimates, I hope he’s smart enough to get the h*ll right out and save he and his lovely bride from a lot of heartache, and maybe even their own lives.

    2. @MazeMan, I’m not sure what I’d expect typical millionaires to drive. I think it would actually run the gamut from luxury cars to hybrids to rusty old buckets of bolts. These ass-clowns on the other hand who are trying to sell themselves on their fake internet riches, though? I’d expect them to drive leased or rented high end cars because I’d expect it to be part of the image they are trying to sell.

      Love the rented banquet chairs in the garage, BTW.

      1. @Anna,

        I’ve repeatedly read that the most popular car among millionaires is the Toyota Corolla. This fact allegedly comes from either “The Millionaire Next Door” or “The Millionaire Mind” by Thomas J. Stanley, but I haven’t verified that. It makes sense, though.

        1. @Lanna, yeah. I knew one millionaire who bought a new mid-sized GM car (Pontiac, Chevy or Olds) every 5 years. Didn’t want a Caddy because it would attract too much attention. He was an old guy, and wouldn’t have considered a foreign car. I know lots of the farmers that we know are millionaires on paper. They mostly drive pickup trucks of varying ages and in varying conditions. Part of the reason some of the smaller (1-3 million dollar) millionaires are millionaires is because they are frugal with their personal spending and good investors. Any image they are projecting on purpose has little to do with impressing others… Which is also why that Corolla story makes sense.

        2. @Lanna,

          I’ve read (well listened to) that book. I don’t remember if it mentioned the Toyota Carolla specifically, but that’s in keeping with the spirit of the book.

          Of course, as @Anna pointed out, @MazeMan’s point still stands. Because the whole (seeming) point of the fake get rich gurus is to visibly show how oh-so-wealthy they are.. { and you can too!! }

          The Millionaire Next Door is a good book. Except some parts in the early section seem to unintentionally re-enforce cultural stereotypes. I was “sold” on that book’s story for a long time.

          Then my liberal roots reclaimed me as I realized that, while the book is certainly not wrong about the self-made millionaire, the view it presents is misleading in that it ignores the huge role that chance and accidental misfortune play in peoples’ lives in the real world. In the attitude of the book, no setback is insurmountable. Everyone can accumulate riches over time if they make that their priority.

          That whole “pull yourself up by your bootstraps”, “can do”, “don’t rely on government” self-reliance thing is awesome if you can manage it. But it doesn’t always work. Sometimes it isn’t possible to “pull yourself up by your bootstraps”. It doesn’t work for everyone, and it’s a fallacy to claim that it can.

          Where was I? Yeah. Stephen Pierce is a d-bag. “Black America Online” still makes me laugh. But then I think about how investors got screwed out of their money and it’s less funny.

          Furry cows moo and decompress.

          1. @Wyrd, have you read “Outliers” by Gladwell? Good, quick read re: how successes happen.

    3. @MazeMan, It’s not only the cars, the food, the venue and the decor. None of these people exactly seem to be dressing the part, either.

      1. Between the hat covering his hair, the Stephen Pierce promo T he’s wearing over a plain white T, and his position there by the grill, I had originally thought he was the grill cook sent by the catering company. A couple shots later, we see the back of a lady wearing a black T with the same red Stephen Pierce logo and it says “security,” so maybe he’s guarding the wieners. However, guests Roy and Michslle are also wearing black promo Ts, although the logos on theirs seem to be more rainbow-y instead of just red. Those are my ideas. How do you say Michslle, anyway?

  3. I don’t know if Phay and Chan consider their writing to be persuasive, but their mangled ESL style sure doesn’t do anything for me. And LOL about those shillionaire party pics. Although I do have to admit that in some respects Pierce’s garage looks better than our garage at The Edge of Nowhere, Texas (Pierce’s has fewer spider webs than ours, though it looks like he has a cockroach infestation), at least our garage doubles as a workshop where my guy Ron builds real stuff.

    1. @Cosmic Connie, Maybe they picked up better copywriting ideas from the Pierce-party, because mr. Chan does the sales-trick Ryan Healy showed us where he told us, “Alicia is the one writing, and she mentions herself in the third person”. Patric uses the trick on his sales letter, too, when he quotes a man named Patric Chan saying:

      “I have a selfish confession– Niche Marketing 2.0 ™ System was never designed for anyone else except for me to use.” – Patric

      Also, I think probably he snuck-into the party and isn’t really a millionaire, because he doesn’t seem to be able to count as well as most of Singapore because he keeps telling us for years that he’s only accepting 7 clients to grab $997 from and also tells me to make sure that I understand that:

      “I’ll get 8 additional bonuses if I’m still the first 200 clients to signup today.


      1. @Jack, Want to post update about saying I’m up to being 63 of *atric Chan’s cients, but thinking about maybe he means me to be all 200 clients in one day so starting onto doing it next week again, then.

  4. If you were to look at the history of everyone in the photos you will see nothing but past scamming and multiple business failures.

    Then like magic, through the LIES of selling get rich quick snake oil to unsuspecting regular folk, they are making serious money

    They’re NOT millionaires, they each STOLE millions of dollars…there’s a BIG DIFFERENCE

    That party was a collection of successful con men.

    1. @Shit Storm ::

      Yeah but … wealth and cash flow aren’t the same. They’ve taken in millions in loot for sure … but almost none of them are actual millionaires … cause that requires pleasure postponment … and some modicum of savvy.

  5. What kind of millionaire party was this with cheap finger foods and salad served – more like ghetto fab millionaire party

    Stephen Pierce mingles and conducts business with known child sex abuse offenders, such as Paulie Sobal. He brings unsuspecting families into these pedophile circles. Stephen Pierce is a pedophile enabler. Enablers are one and the same as the pedophile. Pedophiles tend to protect and cover for each other, and quickly deny or pretend to ignore the obvious 900 lb gorilla in the room.

    He is not the only enabler. Dr. Harlan Kilstein goes so far as to protect and fight for pedophiles and child sex abuse offenders. The Internet Marketing industry is riddled with closet perverts and sex offenders – among other things… Exploitation is the common ground they all work from.

  6. What’s getting my goat right now are the amount of emails from the likes of John Carlton etc pleading for people to buy stuff so they can donate the proceeds to a warrior member by the name of Ken Strong.

    Ken has cancer, and while it’s admirable that they are trying to help him, the question must be asked of these people….

    “You’ve spent the last 10 years telling everyone how easy it is to make money online, and how incredibly successful
    you have all been so …


  7. Saw mr. Chan’s name in the internet before when he told me about “You Chan Do It!” which gets us to Robert Allen & Prosper.

    Rummaged thru the YouTube video site and found this Singapore-Money-Grab video: which reminded me of (As Seen Previously On SD) the Prosper + Singapore target-mark H.S. who told us:

    “I got a call in Singapore. They told me that they wanted to use my success story for Stephen Pierce advertisement. Their coaching cost from US$6,000 to US$15,000. They got my number from Stephen’s wife. Hard to believe. Its too expensive.

    If Stephen wanted to use my success story then he should pay for it.”

  8. I was wondering how successful Mr. Patric Chan really is if he can’t afford a “k” for the end of his name? Also, Mr. Stephen Pierce’s nickname is “Roc” and he can’t seem to afford a “k” for his name either. So I feel like I am already ahead of the game because my name is complete.

    1. @Luther, Probably they made the business-choice to make their names more efficient by figuring from the U.S. Naval Academy Frequency Table and using a cut-off point of 2, which leaves them with the better alphabet of:
      aeioucdfghlmnrstw (also, it’s a good idea to put the vowels at the front to make them easier to find).

  9. How does one get invited to a “millionaire party?”

    Does someone verify your net worth? If so, how? Tax returns? Bank account statements? The photoshopped Clickbank statement you put on your sales page that says you made $1,654,204.94 with your sooper sekret CASH SUCKING system?

    1. @Mad Max,

      Inigo Montoya has something to tell Internet Marketers about “millionaire”:
      “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

      As you say, Mad Max, it’s about net worth. It means you’ve accumulated $1 million or more in personal net assets.

      It doesn’t mean annual income, so income tax returns hint but don’t help. As Anna says above, smaller millionaires tend to have accumulated their wealth through saving and investing, not because their annual earned income is huge. On the flip side, a person could earn several million dollars a year but spend it all or owe debts totaling even more.

      It doesn’t mean cash on hand, so loaned money doesn’t count, but real estate does. Bank and even investment account statements don’t show the whole picture. When you add in real estate appraisals, many farmers and landlords are “millionaires on paper,” as Anna puts it.

      It doesn’t mean gross business revenues. Pretending Clickbank is a real thing and those statements aren’t ‘shopped, even if we subtract COGS and overhead to get business profits and divide by the number of shareholders, we’re left with each owner’s annual income. See above.

      If someone actually needs to verify your net worth, the document to provide is a personal financial statement, including a balance sheet, certified by a CPA.

      1. @Lanna, Gosh. After you explained all that, now I think I might feel a little sorry for Mr. Stephen Pierce, also known as “Roc” because “k’s” cost too much.

        If he was worth a million dollars before his millionaire party, after he paid for all that millionaire food and rented those fancy plastic millionaire party chairs, I think he might be down to about $999,957.00. That would mean he isn’t a millionaire anymore and he won’t be getting invited to any millionaire parties himself, unless he is working security.

        So I guess the secret to being a millionaire is not to spend money on plastic chairs and especially, salad. That suits me just fine because I’m happy eating twinkies in my recliner.

        1. @Luther,

          Don’t feel sorry for him because he spent $43 too much of Brendalinell Carhee’s money on salad and chairs. Feel sorry for him because he’s so hung up on becoming and remaining a millionaire that he can’t just enjoy life and splurge on those “k’s.” (Or don’t, because he’s a criminal who belongs in prison.)

          P.S. If you buy your Twinkies at a Hostess Bakery Outlet instead of paying retail, you will be that much closer to being a millionaire yourself.

          1. @Lanna,

            There’s an ebook or two in your final tip, Lanna–and then who knows, you might be able to pull off the Atrick and make it a complete sales funnel with a mega-priced backend of vapourware.

            Then its rented plastic chairs all the way!

            1. @stoic,

              This is not the first time I’ve been told I’m an expert and should write an ebook! Ok, so, ebook #1 will be about the Twinkies, and ebook #2 will be about Zingers. The mega-priced backend of vaporware will automagically check that Hostess Bakery Outlet location-finder (based on the billing address you provided) and display Yahoo Maps driving directions to your nearest location.

              For the $1,000-an-hour coachsulting via Skype, you will list bakery products and I will tell you whether or not they are probably available at Hostess Bakery Outlets. To prepare for the coachsulting sessions, I will visit my local Hostess Bakery Outlet for 30 minutes and post no less than 15 blog articles about my “intensive research trip.”

              Here’s some draft copy for my banner ad:

              Why You Will Never Be a Millionaire
              – Stay-at-home mom discovers one silly little trick that will save you bundles of cash!
              – Obama program provides snack cakes so cheap, it’s like getting the filling free!
              – Discover marketing expert Dan Kennedy’s list-building secret for discount snack cakes!
              Watch the free video by stay-at-home mom and snack cake expert Lanna O. now!

              When sales begin to falter, I will out-Blow-Job-Barbie Miss Naomi by posting a video of me in see-through nude-colored Spanx, smeared with Twinkie cream and suggestively jamming entire Twinkies in my mouth.

    2. @Mad Max,

      Not even ‘shopped Clickbank statements showing $3,846,373 count.

      Some Spanish “Managind Director” cunt named Xabi Febregas polluted one of the LinkedIn groups in which I participate with this bullshit message:

      My friend Anthony built his entire online empire working from Coffee Shops…using THEIR free WiFi!

      And through the link below he’s going to show you
      exactly how he did it:

      Seriously, it’s worth a look.

      I’m standing for all that’s possible for you.

      TinyURL takes you to, where you’ll see a slideshow of cheap stock photos narrated by some douchenozzle identifying himself as Anthony Trister.

      Internet Marketing gnome Mike Filsaime “deeply respects” Anthony Trister:

  10. The comments on this topic are the real hilarity. Millionaires are only millionaires if they drive a Mercedes-Benz and wear silk Armani suits in public.

    A laugh a minute.

    1. @hilarity, They say you can’t always judge a book by its cover, and especially now if it’s on a kindle and the power switch is in the “off” position.

    2. @hilarity,

      You are right–a real millionaire does not have to have any of the trappings of wealth. And, according to that one book, “The Millionaire Nextdoor” they wouldn’t.

      However, Stephen Pierce and his ilk are not into having real wealth. Instead, they are all about the con. And showing a bunch of people looking drab and boring is not the image that they would normally want to present.

      Since they have no real substance, they have no choice but to “fake it” flamboyantly and flash-ily. (I can make up words.)

      The party show here does not represent very well.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

  11. @SD,

    Those quotes from Patric Chan, Roy Phay, et. al. were the worst. Totally cringe-worthy.

    I mean do they realize that their writing style smacks of a 419 email scam letter? Seriously?




    Furry cows moo and decompress.

    1. @Wyrd,

      For some reason, it makes me thing of “Mars Attacks” …. where it’s super obvious that the martians have ill intentions…..

      But they play a message that says “We come in peace” while they go about shooting humans with their ray guns.


  12. *atric Chan tells us “no more being truthful, Dad!”…

    “Dad’s rule number one of earning an honest living is always to be truthful and he proves me right until today.”

    1. I still can’t get over this millionaire party what a joke. These people make a mockery and laughing stock of themselves all on their own, certainly don’t need any help from Salty. WTF is up with the monobloc chairs ?? I’ve attended section 8 parties that were fancier than this shill-ionaire party. Christ.

  13. Hello, I know this is a little off topic, but I would like to know if it´s a good idea to invest some of my hard earned money in Jeff Walkers new coaching program which is only $ 1997.

    I know if I see and advanced fake “sold out” scarcity tactic my brain will not resist, please help….

    By the way, Eben Pagan said it is worth it….

    1. @Sheeple1, It seems like if Mr. Jeff Walker was willing to pay for the airfare to go to Texas to sit in Mr. Stephen Pierce’s garage for $3 worth of salad, you could use his poor math skills to your advantage.

      So maybe you could show Mr. Walker where it would be cheaper to just give you the course for free than it would be to get on an airplane and go to a millionaire party in a garage, and maybe you could promise to mail him a salad.

      I got this idea for you from a negotiation course I bought from a TV infomercial for 12 easy payments of $199. So right here it is starting to pay off.

      1. @Luther,

        Shit, I just found out that Yanik’s promoting this turd bucket. I was hoping that he was one of the few good ones left.

    2. @Sheeple1, Now just thought to realize about that I should make an official PLF-launch of myamazing scrolling captcha software program and also which makes me wonder about if you know that Jeff Walker is still offering the easy-payment plan or only now is going on with the confusing ones for us?

      Also, I think SD scared mr. Thies about the whole price-fixing idea, because he won’t charge me $1997 for his one-on-one SEO coaching program that uses group calls, but only is willing to pay me $1995 now.

      1. @Jack, It means me pay-him $1995 is what I meant, but maybe we i can make a good trade for him with the scrolling captcha program.

  14. Outrangous networking

    Outrangous marketing

    You guys are just jealous because you’re not outrangous enough!

    I’m going outrangous all the way!

    1. @Wide Eyes,

      When you become an outrangous millionaire, you should get yourself a pet outrangutan. (They are like orangutans but more outrangous.)

  15. IM niche = 2% conversion on sales with nearly a 30% – 50% refund rate!

    So don’t think they are millionaires. I believe they are thousandaires.

    1. @Dimitri, It sounds maybe like they should really be called refundaires. I’m going to the library tomorrow to see if they have a book called, “The Refundaire Next Door.” So far I know that they like to sit together in garages and eat salad, but I want to know how the average person can get to sit in a garage and eat salad.

      1. @Luther,

        The chairs in the garage were for a speed networking event.

        Lunch was catered and served outside at tables under large white tents in front of the house.

        1. @the chairs, So then all those millionaires and refundaires weren’t even allowed to eat in Mr. Stephen “Roc” Pierce’s garage? I guess only his family are allowed to eat in the garage. I wonder if Mr. Pierce made the refundaires take off their shoes first before they were allowed into his garage. I have never had any speed networking in my garage, but I have had two lawn mowers and a couple of old gas cans in there.

          1. @Luther,

            Shoes taken off entering the house. As for food, hors d’oeuvres were served in the house but the meal was outside. Not enough room in the house to seat 100+ people at tables. No dining table big enough for all the guests.

            As for the cars, most were rentals from the airport. Only a few arrived by limo.

            1. @the chairs, Holy smokes. With all those people taking off their shoes I hope nobody got their shoes mixed up with somebody elses. I don’t think I would like wearing my best work boots to go some place and then ending up with someone elses old skechers.

              It’s too bad Mr. Pierce did not have a bigger garage so all those people didn’t have to eat outside like that. I guess that’s what the tents were for, so they would not be embarrassed about being made to eat out there with the dogs if someone drove by and saw them. Personally, I don’t mind eating with my dog, because he’s my buddy.

      2. @Luther, well here we are thinking millionaires means in dollars but maybe it’s actually number of refunds + customer complaints, total. IM types are good at taking one word and making it mean something else but still letting people think it means what they first thought it did.

        1. @Regrets, Your word2diff.meanings idea makes it all seem to make more sense to me for right now, because I can’t figure out about anything Ewen Chura or mr. Chan are telling me yet.

  16. Oh dear God, you had me with the chairs….

    Why Mr Ryan Dufus? The internet is not bias, you need to be a smart.


  17. My parents owned a John Deere dealership in Nebraska. I worked there from the time I was big enough to push a broom up until I graduated from college. I guarantee you I learned more about becoming a millionaire while standing behind a parts counter listening to those rough, detritus covered, stinky old sods than I ever could from these boobs at SPs “party.”

    Plus my parents customer appreciation parties had better food, booze, and entertainment. Hell, they even hired live bands, polka bands mind you, but live bands nonetheless.

    And nobody showed up in a fuckin limo; they just drove their $200,000.00 combines (which many paid for with one personal check.)

    Note to the SP Shillionaire crowd… Want to learn about becoming a millionaire? Drive out to the middle of BFE, turn right go down three miles until you see a lone Oak tree with a beat up Ford F-150 sittin in its shade. Go to that house, knock on the door and ask the farmer what it takes. Just don’t show up in a rented limo…they’ll shoot you on site.

  18. You know, a part of me wants to know what they were pitching at that event. They were obviously pitching something there and I’d like to know what it was. How can I tell they were pitching something? Because their lips were moving.

  19. Hey Salty Droid!

    I’ve do read your blog occasionally, I’m a reader too. :-) I just didn’t expect to be written about and I think this is the first time I’ve ever been written negatively on the internet. :-)

    Anyway, I understand if you want to write about this, just want to mention that is very old product/salesletter that I forgot to bring down, my bad. I think it’s way back in 2008, we’ve already removed the main site a while ago.

    Take care,


    1. @Patric Chan, Maybe you and Ewen would like to go spread the warnings about Stephen Pierce then? You must have big-massive lists to get the message out to help people avoid him.

    2. @Patric Chan, Also decided I have to give you a question that Luther I’m going to think can help us about ideas from this sales-scroll-page:

      If we use the ideas from you, do we have to get paid in only 1 dollar bills? Also, what happens if we and along with our possessions start drowning in money like you & Ewen at the bottom of the page there?

      One idea for the drowing part is to try to get paid in some of the larger denominations, because then not so much space gets used up.

      Also I suppose I should ask about if we have to live in a squashed house?

    3. @Patric Chan, Hi Atrick, this is Luther, I’m the name of the person Jack mentioned in his comment in that comment that’s before this comment, right up there above this one.

      Jack has lots of good ideas and I think you should use his ideas, because they are good, like I was just saying. The good idea about the paper money is also a good idea.

      Looking at your money website with all that money on it, maybe if you just put only one TEN BILLION DOLLAR BILL on it, then you wouldn’t have to put all those one dollar bills everywhere. It will save some time and also your maids will not have to worry about all that money getting stuck in their vacuum cleaners.

      Also I noticed that you are in Singapore (the country). I just was reading that they stopped making the paper “Singapore One Dollar Bills” in 1999, and now they only have the smallest being “Singapore Two Dollar Bills” now. So even Singapore figured out that less money means they don’t need as many jars to put it in like in the U.S.A.

      In case you want to put the Singapore TWO DOLLAR BILLS on your website and save half the space, this is what they look like:

      But it would be even better if you could just put ONE PAPER BILL (money) on your web site. You know, K.I.S.S. (That stands for K. It S. Stupid, I haven’t figured out all the letters just yet.)

      So if you want to K.I.S.S., then you could use use this here 100 TRILLION DOLLAR BILL. You can get one next time you go to Zimbabwe. Just don’t try to get change for it at Starbucks there because one cup of coffee is 900 million dollars.

      1. @Luther, thanks for your input. I’m sorry, but is not my website too. In fact, I don’t agree with the dollar bills too. Frankly, there are a lot of stuff going on the internet and unfortunately, nothing can be truly curated.

        Also, I’m not here to “defend” anything, I’m a reader of and I was surprised that I was being a subject here (in a negative way). I’m just here to point out that is outdated for years, we don’t sell this course anymore. I would have taken it down immediately but I’ll leave it there for a few days as I don’t want’s reader get the wrong impression that we’re trying to hide away what was written.

        Thanks, Patric

        1. @Patric Chan, It’s good about you not coming here to “defend” yourself, because the more I see of promotions the more I wonder about your apparent claim not to be obsessed with getting paid in one dollar bills…

          Because, when I click on the “Secret Society” newsletter recommendation from your personal-blog-interet-marketing site, besides it taking me to the order page with the seal that goes about violating many seal guidelines, but more importantly also tells me MORE about strange obsessions with small demonation dollar bills on This page which says:

          “How to Have a Million People
          Each Send YOU
          One Lousy Dollar.

          Gaining or losing a buck won’t make a difference to your life or anyone else’s, but a million people each sending YOU a buck?

          Oh, what I’m going to go betting you wouldn’t give to have a cat such as this:

        2. @Patric Chan, Just now remembered about that I forgot to grab onto the new style you showed us of thanking ourselves for making our comments.

          Thanks, Jack.

        3. @Patric Chan, Hi Atrick, it’s me Luther again. That idea about having less money with the bigger demonization bills is Jack’s idea, I don’t want to rain on his thunder if there’s a parade.

          So just thank Jack for that idea, like you thanked yourself, but just use Jack’s name in place of your own. It’s easy as long as your keyboard has a J, an A, a C, and a K like mine does.

          I saw that part on your website that Jack showed that says:

          “How to Have a Million People
          Each Send YOU
          One Lousy Dollar.

          Gaining or losing a buck won’t make a difference to your life or anyone else’s, but a million people each sending YOU a buck?

          The only problem is, I don’t know a million people who will send me a dollar or even a lousy dollar. I don’t even know one person who will send me a dollar, including my neighbor Earl who owes me a dollar.

          Now, I see Jack went and put that video on there and gave you another good idea, maybe. It’s hard to get people to give you one dollar, but what if you could get 1 million cats to give you a dollar?

          If you don’t know 1 million cats, maybe you just need 1 cat to send you 1 million dollars? You could put that idea in an ebook. Then you could have another ebook after that, where you teach people how to get the cats to go to the post office and mail the letter. If you can sell 1 million ebooks for a lousy dollar, then you won’t even need the cats.

          Thanks, Luther

          P.S. I hope you don’t mind my putting my name after the “Thanks,” I just wanted to see how my name would look there. You can put your name back in there if you want to.

          1. @Luther, Hi Atrick, I just saw where I am supposed to make a separate comment thanking myself. It make take awhile for me to get the hang of this new idea.

            Thanks, Luther

    4. @Patric Chan, Hi Atric, it’s me Luther (from the comments on Salty Droid’s website). I just saw where I accidentally gave you 3 “Ks” in my comments.

      I’m real sorry to have to do this, but I am going to have to ask for those Ks back because they are too expensive to give out willy-nilly. Just ask Mr. Stephen “Roc” Pierce since he is in need of a K also.

      You might also ought to talk to Jack about that P before you get too attached to it.

    5. @Patric Chan ::

      The problem with your sales pages isn’t that they’re old … it’s that they’re stuffed full of lies and bullshit. The entire premise is false … and your being a pretend prophet of the false premise in your not-remotely-passable English is sort of an epic comic illustration of how fucking ridiculous the whole thing is.

      People can’t learn from you … because YOU haven’t fucking learned yet.

      Take down all your sites … think of new life plan … and then apologize to god … or your mother … or someone. You owe someone a fucking apology.

      1. @Atric, I think SD maybe has the best idea of all, get a new “life plan” and it may be even better than the “get a million cats to give you a dollar” plan.

        You might need to be careful about the life plan though. Say you decide to get a new life plan, and you decide to buy the life plan from someone like say, Mr. Stephen “Roc” Pierce.

        Then what if (just for hypotesticle example) Mr. Stephen “Roc” Pierce sells you a life plan that he just got out of some old comic book. Well then your life would just be comical.

        Now I’m starting to get worried you already got your life plan from Mr. Stephen “Roc” Pierce.

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