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Abundance of Oprah

“Oprah totally loves me now :: she’s getting all my craps for free :: but you should pay enough to upset the normal functioning of your life” :: says Tony Robbins to his email list {basically} …

“You think you have a busy schedule - how about Oprah’s? She showed up at Unleash the Power Within expecting to spend two hours, and 11 hours later she was preparing to walk over hot coals. How did that happen? Watch Tony share details of what it was like to have the legendary Oprah in his audience.”

I wonder if she stayed eleven hours for the same reason that Liz Neuman stayed by the hot rock pit for seven grueling rounds of fake spiritual ritual … and then died? {manipulation} I wonder if she stayed eleven hours for the same reason that Colleen Conaway stayed at seminar after seminar :: coughing up money she didn’t have … and then died? {manipulation} Or maybe she just needed that much time to think about how James Arthur Ray used to train Tony Robbins’ telemarketers before she gave him the licence to kill nice ladies :: and about how :: and for how long :: her incompetence has been hurting America.

Michael Shermer is a Skeptic {there’s a t-shirt for that} :: so he doesn’t want to promote Tony Robbins like The Oprah does :: he promotes Abundance in his own way …

“This and many other examples of accelerating returns are documented in Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think by Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler…

The trend lines outlined by the authors are real enough, and if these principles were applied worldwide such abundance should indeed be realizable, in the long run if not in the short. The biggest hurdles, however, are not scientific or technological, but political. There are still too many corrupt dictators, third-world thugs, dear leaders, and backwards looking governments that would prefer corralling their people into medieval theocracies in order to enrich themselves.”

Yes :: some peoples care more about enriching themselves than they do about the public good … and those peoples tend to form cartels and take over everything. It’s a fucking problem :: along with 22,000 too many nukes.

Anywayz :: back to the Tony Robbins “Oprah loves me!” email …

“Peter Diamandis, Founder and Chairman of the X PRIZE Foundation, and award-winning science writer Steven Kotler have written an amazing new book, and they’ve arranged for you to read the first chapter - at no cost. How can we step up and tackle the most critical global challenges facing us?”

Oops! Greedy negligence makes strange bedfellows.

Tony {non-skeptic} Robbins affiliate links to this Get Abundance Squeeze Page

… the page is registered to Joe Polish’s Piranha Marketing. Opt-in to see a video of Diamandis presenting to Joe’s …

“high level mastermind group where people pay $25k per year to be there!”

What a deal!

How nice of Dr. Diamandis to help Joe Polish :: Tony Robbins :: and Jeff Walker build their lists … I’m totally sure that can’t lead to anything fucking awful … like say boiler rooms … just as a for instance.

Jeff Walker interviewing Peter Diamandis was no unfortunate accident :: Joe Polish is an official part of this book promotion :: and Peter Diamandis is an official part of Joe Polish’s operations.

Most of Joe Polish’s appearances on the fake robot blog have been as a “masterminding” influence behind moments of conspicuous fake charity like …

Tellman Knudson runs for cover


Russell Brunson names a Virgin jumbo jet after his boiler room :: outbidding Dean Graziosi {above left} who pumps his leads into Utah’s Professional Marketing International … a boiler room.

Polish also appeared as a side salad at Stephen Pierce’s Millionaire Marketing Party. Stephen was the founder and head scammer at Black America Online :: where he exploited the long-suffering of black Americans for shallow personal gain. He went on to cofound SANG :: The Speakers and Authors Networking Group :: whose money Dr. Diamandis was more than happy to take :: and whose testimonial graces his personal website

“I run SANG conference and we’ve hosted speakers like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Peter Guber and Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup For the Soul), and the speech that Peter Diamandis recently gave has been the most talked about ever! Peter will raise the bar of your event to new heights and change the way people think. He has my highest endorsement.”

Larry Benet CEO of SANG - The Speakers and Authors Networking Group

“Networking” is French for RICO … or something.

From an amazon review of Abundance left by Mike Koenigs’ number one slap-monkey™ Paul Colligan …

“Full disclosure - This is one of the weirdest disclosures I’ve ever had to write. In short, between my declaration that I was going to read this book as part of my Club 52 project and this review, I’ve gotten to know Peter and have become part of a large (everyone in it because they love the message / not because we’re making a dime) marketing campaign to promote the book. If that affects your view of my review, so be it. I’d rather see the book get out there. However, read the review anyway ;-)

Let’s start with the elephant in the room - no, “Abundance” has NOTHING to do with any “law of attraction” nonsense. This is a book about facts.”

Gosh :: what a strange elephant to be in the scientific non-fiction room. Maybe this is Paul’s first time out of the ScamTown room and he’s just confused about his elephants.

Tellman H. Knudson can’t resist “large marketing campaigns” organized by former carpet cleaners for MIT grads :: so he left this review {one assumes after not showering for a week} …

“A.A. = Absolutely AWESOME!

This book is nothing short of incredible. I must admit, I got my hands on an advance (pre-release) copy and I read it on the plane ride home (at least most of it).

Buy this book.

Read every word.

Then by 10 copies for your 10 closest friends and family members.

We can change the world for the better - and it’s easier than you think.

But I’ll need your help to do it~



SHABAMBO! = I’m a spastic douche!

Cause I guess full write-ups in …

… and all the other various coverages that an establishment figure with a publisher and a publicist can expect … just weren’t enough for Peter Diamandis. And I guess fake social proof :: and gray area marketing like an oh-so-unlikely “guest post” on Ashton Kutcher’s blog … weren’t enough either. Nope … it’s gotta be every last fucking dollar :: leave no stone unturned :: greed is good :: what about me? :: at all costs :: who cares what happens once I get mine? … “marketing” …

Hey fucking science … why don’t you try NOT being Oprah?

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