Abundance of Oprah

The Unholy Trinity

Oprah totally loves me now :: she’s getting all my craps for free :: but you should pay enough to upset the normal functioning of your life” :: says Tony Robbins to his email list {basically} …

“You think you have a busy schedule – how about Oprah’s? She showed up at Unleash the Power Within expecting to spend two hours, and 11 hours later she was preparing to walk over hot coals. How did that happen? Watch Tony share details of what it was like to have the legendary Oprah in his audience.”

I wonder if she stayed eleven hours for the same reason that Liz Neuman stayed by the hot rock pit for seven grueling rounds of fake spiritual ritual … and then died? {manipulation} I wonder if she stayed eleven hours for the same reason that Colleen Conaway stayed at seminar after seminar :: coughing up money she didn’t have … and then died? {manipulation} Or maybe she just needed that much time to think about how James Arthur Ray used to train Tony Robbins’ telemarketers before she gave him the licence to kill nice ladies :: and about how :: and for how long :: her incompetence has been hurting America.

Michael Shermer is a Skeptic {there’s a t-shirt for that} :: so he doesn’t want to promote Tony Robbins like The Oprah does :: he promotes Abundance in his own way …

“This and many other examples of accelerating returns are documented in Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think by Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler…

The trend lines outlined by the authors are real enough, and if these principles were applied worldwide such abundance should indeed be realizable, in the long run if not in the short. The biggest hurdles, however, are not scientific or technological, but political. There are still too many corrupt dictators, third-world thugs, dear leaders, and backwards looking governments that would prefer corralling their people into medieval theocracies in order to enrich themselves.”

Yes :: some peoples care more about enriching themselves than they do about the public good … and those peoples tend to form cartels and take over everything. It’s a fucking problem :: along with 22,000 too many nukes.

Anywayz :: back to the Tony Robbins “Oprah loves me!” email …

“Peter Diamandis, Founder and Chairman of the X PRIZE Foundation, and award-winning science writer Steven Kotler have written an amazing new book, and they’ve arranged for you to read the first chapter – at no cost. How can we step up and tackle the most critical global challenges facing us?”

Oops! Greedy negligence makes strange bedfellows.

Tony {non-skeptic} Robbins affiliate links to this Get Abundance Squeeze Page

… the page is registered to Joe Polish’s Piranha Marketing. Opt-in to see a video of Diamandis presenting to Joe’s …

“high level mastermind group where people pay $25k per year to be there!”

What a deal!

How nice of Dr. Diamandis to help Joe Polish :: Tony Robbins :: and Jeff Walker build their lists … I’m totally sure that can’t lead to anything fucking awful … like say boiler rooms … just as a for instance.

Jeff Walker interviewing Peter Diamandis was no unfortunate accident :: Joe Polish is an official part of this book promotion :: and Peter Diamandis is an official part of Joe Polish’s operations.

Most of Joe Polish’s appearances on the fake robot blog have been as a “masterminding” influence behind moments of conspicuous fake charity like …

Tellman Knudson runs for cover


Russell Brunson names a Virgin jumbo jet after his boiler room :: outbidding Dean Graziosi {above left} who pumps his leads into Utah’s Professional Marketing International … a boiler room.

Polish also appeared as a side salad at Stephen Pierce’s Millionaire Marketing Party. Stephen was the founder and head scammer at Black America Online :: where he exploited the long-suffering of black Americans for shallow personal gain. He went on to cofound SANG :: The Speakers and Authors Networking Group :: whose money Dr. Diamandis was more than happy to take :: and whose testimonial graces his personal website

“I run SANG conference and we’ve hosted speakers like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Peter Guber and Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup For the Soul), and the speech that Peter Diamandis recently gave has been the most talked about ever! Peter will raise the bar of your event to new heights and change the way people think. He has my highest endorsement.”

Larry Benet CEO of SANG – The Speakers and Authors Networking Group

“Networking” is French for RICO … or something.

From an amazon review of Abundance left by Mike Koenigs’ number one slap-monkey™ Paul Colligan …

“Full disclosure – This is one of the weirdest disclosures I’ve ever had to write. In short, between my declaration that I was going to read this book as part of my Club 52 project and this review, I’ve gotten to know Peter and have become part of a large (everyone in it because they love the message / not because we’re making a dime) marketing campaign to promote the book. If that affects your view of my review, so be it. I’d rather see the book get out there. However, read the review anyway ;-)

Let’s start with the elephant in the room – no, “Abundance” has NOTHING to do with any “law of attraction” nonsense. This is a book about facts.”

Gosh :: what a strange elephant to be in the scientific non-fiction room. Maybe this is Paul’s first time out of the ScamTown room and he’s just confused about his elephants.

Tellman H. Knudson can’t resist “large marketing campaigns” organized by former carpet cleaners for MIT grads :: so he left this review {one assumes after not showering for a week} …

“A.A. = Absolutely AWESOME!

This book is nothing short of incredible. I must admit, I got my hands on an advance (pre-release) copy and I read it on the plane ride home (at least most of it).

Buy this book.

Read every word.

Then by 10 copies for your 10 closest friends and family members.

We can change the world for the better – and it’s easier than you think.

But I’ll need your help to do it~



SHABAMBO! = I’m a spastic douche!

Cause I guess full write-ups in …

… and all the other various coverages that an establishment figure with a publisher and a publicist can expect … just weren’t enough for Peter Diamandis. And I guess fake social proof :: and gray area marketing like an oh-so-unlikely “guest post” on Ashton Kutcher’s blog … weren’t enough either. Nope … it’s gotta be every last fucking dollar :: leave no stone unturned :: greed is good :: what about me? :: at all costs :: who cares what happens once I get mine? … “marketing” …

Hey science :: why don’t you try NOT being Oprah?

>> bleep bloop

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  1. I can’t help but wonder how much of this crap comes back to Tim Ferriss’ “book launch” strategies – he’s a big fan of Joe Polish and Eben Pagan, and has been helping other authors game the Times’ and Amazon best-seller lists with the help of these guru types.

    1. @Sundog, Yup. You got it in one. It all leads back to PUAs too, and Ferriss is balls deep in the ass of the PUA “community”. By studying Ferriss I have come to realise just how monopolised the internet actually is….and google’s motto is I think more appropriate as “do no evil that can be obviously seen”.

      1. @, HALLELUJA!! I thought I was the only one that saw all the links between Ferriss and the ninth circle of hell. He fooled me well and good for a while, but that guy is a fuck-bag of shit. If I ever get the chance to do so I will challenge him to a public no holds barred MMA match. Cause you know, he’s a world champion and almost a decade younger than me and you know “superhuman fit” so I’m sure he’ll be fine. Proceeds on the betting to the SPCA.

  2. I was thinking maybe Okra should stop endorsing things she doesn’t really know about. If she wanted to endorse Snicker Bars, that would be ok since she probably knows about them. Maybe she could just go back to doing normal family type talk shows, like this one here, maybe.

    1. @Luther,

      If she wanted to endorse Snicker Bars, that would be ok since she probably knows about them.

      That one line seriously made me chuckle. Thumbs up!

  3. Even the usually astute Sam Harris eagerly interviewed him by email.


    He didn’t challenge Diamandis on things that he’d usually not let pass without at least a qualifier. (Diamandis’ claims, for example that the reason we (supposedly) don’t notice global improvements is because the brain is hard wired not to. There is so much crappy psychology and spurious assumptions there… Sure the brain has been hard wired by our evolutionary past, but it’s hardly surprising that we didn’t develop a kit to detect gradual incremental changes on a global level. Then there’s the media, and other cultural factors obscuring such advancements. It’s a disgracefully superficial analysis, even for a brief statement.)

    As for Shirmer, I’ve long seen him as a “career skeptic”. His skeptical work is sound enough, but he seems to always have an eye on staying “nice” enough to stay on CNN’s teledex as the “go-to skeptic”. He even claims that he “genuinely likes Deepak Chopra”. I know of no good evidence that Chopra is in any way likeable.

    Anyway, it looks like it hasn’t filtered through the skeptic network yet that Diamandis is aiding a group of useless blood suckers who are parasiting off the advances in communication technology — and exploiting the way the brain is hard wired.

    1. @Yakaru,

      I like the cell phone pyramid math: “Given 4 billion people in poverty, that means with every 10 new phones per 100 people, 48 million people graduate from poverty.” Maybe Oxfam will read “Abundance” and start giving people cell phones instead of goats and toilets.

      1. @Lanna,

        “These are the poorest people on Earth, the so-called “bottom billion.” We have renamed this group the “Rising Billion”…”

        Reminded me of this:

        “I used to think I was poor. Then they told me I wasn’t poor, I was needy. They told me it was self-defeating to think of myself as needy. I was deprived. Then they told me underprivileged was overused. I was disadvantaged. I still don’t have a dime. But I have a great vocabulary.” –Jules Feiffer

    2. @Yakaru,

      As for Shirmer, I’ve long seen him as a “career skeptic”. His skeptical work is sound enough, but he seems to always have an eye on staying “nice” enough to stay on CNN’s teledex as the “go-to skeptic”. He even claims that he “genuinely likes Deepak Chopra”. I know of no good evidence that Chopra is in any way likeable.

      That’s probably it then. He probably rationalizes it by thinking he can do more good that way. It’s very odd read the phrase “career skeptic”. I understand your meaning. It’s just skepticism itself is seems so fringe-y and odd that the notion of needing to be the “nice” skeptic so that you can maintain a career at it seems, well… odd.

      On “Abundance”:
      The book Abundance appears to be just the latest treatise of gee-whiz wishful thinking–like in the 50s when they said we’d all have air cars in the future. Penn says that he and Teller say, “everybody’s got a gree gree. It’s not surprising that the skeptic grigri would be Hope.

      I mean after all–with all the scammers, natural disasters, and random senseless death in the world, and no god or afterlife to look forward to, what else have you got?

      Well, Hopers gotta Hope. I hope not too many of my fellow skeptics get sucked into this particular waste of $20.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

    3. @Yakaru,

      I was also surprised by Sam’s post.

      I usually welcome anything that shows how science can improve the state of the world, but I’m a bit skeptical when it comes to the book…I’d be disappointed to see people shy away from radical, yet needed economic and political shifts because of the belief that things will work out just fine without ’em. I’m not too sure about that, surely technology will help some of the poor, and global climate change, resource depletion and water shortages will hurt others. Is there really sufficient data to draw strong conclusions at this point?

      I’d be much more happy about a “This is broken, let’s figure out how to fix it” type of book, marketing that message might actually get people off their asses whereas the promise of abundance just gives a good reason for idly standing by.

      That said, I haven’t read Abundance yet, so I’m not going to pass any premature judgment, it’s more the sentiment behind it I find a tad strange.

  4. One person is connected to all of these criminals:
    Yanik Silver

    Seriously… Connect the dots and you’ll see the partnerships.

  5. Step back a bit and you can analyze why the info-marketers are hijacking the “Abundance” book.

    The reality is that the economy, world-wide is crumbling. People don’t see wealth anymore; they see financial meltdown and apocalypse. And for all his Oprahfying himself, Tony Robbins is a piker compared to Alex Jones and the rest of the “How To Profit From The One World Zionist Conspiracy Economic Apocalypse By Canning Your Own Food And Re-Loading Your Own Ammo” crowd.

    People struggling to put food on the table, afford health insurance and/or send their kids to school aren’t buying into the Tony Robbins mythos. They don’t want the American Dream. They want to be ready for the Nightmare.

    So the info-marketers have to come up with a pseudo-scientific screed to “prove” that the doomsayers are off target and off course. It’s a meme battle: yes, we are headed for a new Utopia vs. we are coming to the end of it all, here’s how to survive and even prosper a bit.

    I predict this bubble will run it’s course in about 6 months. If gas goes to $5 a gallon, people will be too pissed off to listen to future dreams of abundance, and the whole thing sinks faster.

    1. @Alexjoneshatesjews,

      Predatory lending needed to be replaced by something to keep the economy going. So now we have ever more outlandish forms of predatory marketing that preys on those least likely to be able to afford it’s bogus claims.

      These guys and gals (oprah, robbins, chopra, diamandis, ferris, and jones included and many, many more), are simply marketing their wares to a scared and weary public. Using every trick in the book of course. Their little black book of contacts.

      It’s just as fraudulent as the mortgage scams that preceded the subprime crisis, but somehow a whole lot more pathetic. At least Madoff wasn’t so damn obvious about it until it was to late to keep it a secret any longer.

      Now that’s the REAL secret. It’s all one big ponzi scheme. That’s why so-called “confidence men and women (jones included), do so very well in times like these.

      The “secret” has now been replaced by… drum roll… THE TRUTH.

      Sure it has. If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Idaho.

    1. @Jack, I thought that address looked familiar…a quick trip to Google maps and I figured out why–I go by there frequently on my way to an art supplies store. Apparently the piranhas are in an office complex across from the store I go to. Which means…if requested, I could do a reconnoiter some day. Not sure I’d find anything out, but hey…

      1. @SD, If that was a dare, you won. Someone send Tellman a bar of soap with instructions on how to use it.

  6. Paul Colligan – the fake youtube guru who can teach you how to get millions of visitors yet can’t even get over 1000 himself. What a fat fucking tub of lard that one is.

    1. @Fred, I’ve met Paul a few times at various seminars. My opinion? The guy has an ego the size of Siberia.

  7. That picture up there made me think Mr. Tellman Knudson was biting his toenails. Then I looked at it again and probably he is just using his toes to count up his customer refunds for the day. I sure hope there is someone else living in that trailer with him that can loan him some of their toes when he runs out. So in case you haven’t gotten your refund from Mr. Knudson he probably just hasn’t gotten to the toe with your name on it yet.

  8. Another member of the celibri-doc posse?

    I can’t imagine why an individual with degrees in molecular biology and aerospace engineering from MIT, and an M.D. from Harvard is out slumming with the likes of Joe Polish. I don’t get it. I don’t get why he’s hitched a ride on the affiliate market train, either. Maybe he does want every last dollar. Maybe he’s a megalomaniac.

    I watched the TED talk, thought he made some valid points, and also thought he relied heavily on extrapolation. It’s too bad he’s tarnished his work by associating with slime doggies.

    I’m thrilled to see Oprah featured. Speaking of megalomaniacs. Is she so convinced, or are her producers so spineless, or is she so delusional that she actually believes the crap she’s fed by Rob-’ems, and/or is so insulated from the real world that she jus’ doesn’t know what a crock of shit he’s pushing?

    I guess she pays her minion producers enough not to disagree. Doesn’t absolve her from her moral responsibility. If she hasn’t figured out yet that she’s promoting IM predators who take advantage of unsuspecting people, she can’t say she hasn’t been made aware of this.

      1. @SD,

        Thank you, Salty – I didn’t know if I needed to embed the link.

        The link will take the reader to the news that Doprah has purchased 4 Rob-’ems shows from NBC to air on her own OWN network.

        I’m even angrier about this – especially Oprah – now. Way angrier. I just read about James Ray’s behavior BEFORE he murdered three people in Sedona. My heart goes out to them and their families.

        That James Arthur Ray broke a woman’s arm and covered up the death of Connie Conaway prior to roasting his other victims to death is a travesty, is intolerable, and merits an eye for an eye. I.E., let’s seal him up in a sweat lodge in the desert (and BTW, Sedona gets hot, even in the winter) without water and put rocks in front of the exit. That would be justice.

        That Oprah can’t honor his victims and at least offer a lame
        excuse, as in, “He fooled me, too.”, and express condolences to the families involved is unconscionable. It’s callous, and despite any well, well, well publicized financially charitable actions she’s engaged in, this one gesture would cost no money, if portray her in a lesser light.


  9. Is the spelling of that persons name Shermer, Shirmer, Schirmer or Schermer? Something about that name spells really smelly bad news.

    People slum with like minds because greed is a parasitic menace. Its pretty much been proven that if you either write a book, claim to be a world guru by spreading your own made up marketing crap, label it the undeniable truth, make a product andcall it abundance, attempt to sell all of the above to the werld and ….. then find try to find God – you have the master plan. The finding God bit is because he/she is the only thing left you can claim might actually forgive you for your stupid choices in life. Seriously though its been a sad sad road that some people chose and I doubt that the end of it holds much joy for anyone who chose to go that way.

    Tony Robbins got in way early so he benefited somewhat and of course Oprah who we cant deny will be the penultimate guru story of the century despite the despicable endorsements of secret crap. Paul Colligan is just a byproduct of the hope generation and all the other secret spinoffs are mere annoying wannabes.

    Just imagine the amount of work that these fools have to put in now to make anyone believe anything they shove in front of them. The most enjoyable thing is being able to finally turn around and say told you so.

  10. Become a Tony Robbins approved coach – for $3500.


    No prior experience required.
    No anything required
    Uh, just a credit card with a nice limit


    No, really.

    Become a personal coach – no prior experience required.

    Oh, I said that already.

    But, really.

    No experience required.

    Change other people’s lives – all you have to do is say ‘yes, I can’.


    No experience required.

    1. @B A Coach – or not,

      “Change other people’s lives – all you have to do is say ‘yes, I can’.

      Is it that he means “yes” or “yes”?

    2. @B A Coach – or not,

      That’s probably just the beginning, $3500, to learn to be a coach with Rob-’ems. Maybe the training entails working for Prosper or PMI for free and reading scripts. Anyway, these trainings start with a smaller bite. With Rob-’ems, Lord knows how much the upsell is to touch the hem. And apparently, according to some marketing statistics, an established buyer is 20 times more likely to make another purchase.

      The Attwood enterprises, ie Chris and Janet Attwood and The Passion Test, suck people in to be “mentors”, ie, coaches. The first bite is $2500. Of course, you pay for your flight to wherever, plus hotel and meals.

      If you want them to help you get clients after that, as in actually being able to get some experience, you need to sign up for additional training @ $6000. And no doubt, that’s just the start. These guys are small potatoes compared to Rob-’ems. I was close to being sucked into the $2500 level. After finding out about the upsell, I started to view these people with suspicion, and my antennae have served me well in this instance. The Droid was the last nail in the coffin. I learned more about their associates.

      If you weren’t aware of this, Janet Attwood was desperately sucking up to Oprah, trying to win the contest to have her own reality show on OWN, back when the network was starting. “The Passion Test” got a mention in O magazine back in November, I believe. And Oprah recently went to Fairfield, Iowa – home base of Janet Attwood – to learn TM.

      I seriously wonder if Oprah has more of an association with Attwood than she publicly acknowledges. Attwood leads trips to Fairfield for parties to learn TM on a semi-regular basis. If you purchase one of these trips, you get to meet Janet. I don’t recall the cost, but travel and lodging are extra.

      Chris and Janet Attwood are members of the Transformational Leadership Council. Janet will proudly tell you that she introduced 70% of those featured in The Secret to Rhonda Byrne. She doesn’t say if Death Ray is one of those people…interesting. Rhonda was taking the $2500 Alliance Secrets class from the Attwoods – guess that’s where that connection arose. Wonder how much it cost to get introductions to the others. Probably the price of being featured in the movie. More megalomania.

      Anyway, either Oprah is being groomed by Rob-’ems et al, or she’s getting ready to make the transition into being a Transformational Guru, too. Imagine getting to meet Oprah for success coaching. Bet she will charge more than $10K. It would take 100 people at $10K to make a million. If she charges $100K, she’ll only need 10 people to make a million dollars. (Thank you, Brendon Burchard.)

      1. @I wantz 2B rich,

        Ten years ago, when the software company I was working for tried to sell some stuff to Robbins, the big ticket item Robbins pushed was an $80,000 group trip to Africa.

        Robbins’ salespeople used to laugh about how people would shell out money like that just to get “personal” time with Tony — and then they’d find out there were 100+ other people on the trip so that each person got zero real time with him.

        A big part of their marketing is to find people who are desperate for approval, financial security, and a new identity. They give them approval when they buy a ticket to an event. They promise financial security when they say you can make money as a coach or a stock trader or whatever. And they give people a new identity – “I’m not a nobody any more– I’m a life coach certified by Tony Robbins himself!”

        1. @Just Jake, Oh and didnt that catch on………………
          Eight years ago, I also worked for some people who did exactly the same thing. I was privy to all the scheming, lies and manipulation and was even caught up in it for a brief moment. That was until one of them made a comment that “they didn’t travel to their events with the plebs”. I made up my mind that instant that their motivation was nothing but greed. It changed everything for me. The more I investigated the more I uncovered and the more questions I asked the more defensive they became. Then came the accusations of negativity and the blame. Little did they realize how transparent the whole charade had become ……. to everybody who had even the smallest question. No longer were people looking through rose colored glasses, they started saying hey whats in this for me? And they discovered ….. there never was, never has been and never will be anything in it for them. They are merely the person who is foolish enough to believe and pay big money for what all these guys sell as a blue pill called “hope”!

  11. Here’s a challenge: if Tony Robbsem is so good, let’s see him help Orca lose that extra 125 lbs of fat and KEEP IT OFF for a year.

    Simple. Easy.

    Orca, don’t tell us how to live our lives if you can’t control what goes in your miaow-miaow hole.

  12. Oh look what I just found by coincidence …


    I’ve seen pics from this “Maverick Adventure” before … but now I recognize that Zero-G logo as a Peter Diamandis production.

    That’s the last fucking straw :: Peter Diamandis just got officially added to the category list … long may he suffer my wrath.

      1. @Lanna,

        “Qualification #3

        You cannot have a huge ego! This is a pretty simple qualification and you know if this is you. You cannot simply stroke a check to get in.”

        Frankly and quite frankly to be frank with you quite frankly (as Yanik is wont to go about on sales pages all round through the Internet saying zillions of times over and over and also over again)…$8,995 get you in – stroking or no.

        At least they give people the last minute incarceration insurance with it.

        1. @Jack,

          Frankly, I was unable to read the entire thing due to my allergy to excessive prefabricated ellipses. That page is truly an assault on the eyes, what with the yellow highlighter, repeated underlining, random all-caps words and these guys: �. Question mark, indeed.

          However, I did grasp that the $8,995 is for the poker/zero-G/air combat/helicopter trip only. First one must pay the $10,000 initiation fee. That’s the up-charge for doing these activities with a pack of douchebags.

          1. @Lanna�, actually I think that’s the fee for buying your way into a cartel. The vomit is a bonus.

          2. @Lanna, I wonder if still they give the privilege of letting people give them $25,000 for being founders like in the 2009 Application

            And lest the syndifection stop, he gives the special guest info as:

            “But this wouldn’t be a Maverick event if it didn’t keep getting better and better…

            Special Bonus Business Icon: Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com will be joining us during the ‘Sky’s the Limit’ Maverick experience. Tony has built up Zappos.com from nearly zero
            in sales in 1999 to over $1B (Yes, Billion with a ‘B’) in 2008. You’ll get a special behind-the scenes “field trip” to Zappos.com headquarters where you’ll get to see for yourself how Tony’s built an incredible Zappos.com culture founded on customer service to get where he is. He’ll also provide a candid and uncensored presentation on his business philosophy to specific nuts and bolts of heading up a $1B ecommerce giant while still maintaining a small
            company excitement.”

            mr. Silver likes to be specific about dollar amounts until he goes about the charity part:

            “For each Maverick Business Adventures® member accepted we will fund and support 3 micro businesses
            in East Africa together in partnership with Village Enterprise Fund.”

            At least he he might have had the decency throw into it the ol’ “up to” gimmickry.

      2. @Lanna,

        Plus the $10K charter membership fee…renewable at $5K per year. People who like to piss money away with other people who like to piss money away. Because they can.

        I can think of a few people I’d like to see in the 727 when one of them hurls. Imagine spending a very expensive 30 seconds ducking zero g vomit.

        I saw the earlier mention of Yanik Silver before this post. Anyone else notice that Sir Richard seems to be woven in somewhere?

        1. @Unicorn Army, It’s special expensive hazing for rich people!

          @I wantz 2B rich, Whoops, sorry to post basically the same thing you said.

          I like to imagine the Droid has a big org chart of IM relationships, like on all the crime-solving TV shows. There’s only three posts here tagged Yanik Silver, but they’re good ones if you put ’em together and draw the org chart.

          In 2001, Yanik Silver sold Frank Kern resale rights to his e-book, which Frank turned into Instant Internet Empires, Frank’s first IM venture.
          In 2002, Frank Kern sold Mike Filsaime resale rights to Instant Internet Empires, Mike’s first IM venture.
          Yanik Silver begat Frank Kern, and Frank Kern begat Mike Filsaime.

          Fast forward to 2008, and future kidnapper John Raygoza goes to see Joe Polish speak and joins Yanik Silver’s little Maverick club. He goes to Yanik Silver’s DC event and Mike Filsaime’s NO JV event.

          � Did John Raygoza use Maverick’s handy last minute incarceration insurance?
          � Is there evidence Maverick member/kidnapper John Raygoza was in the same room/aircraft as Participating Maverick Icon Dr. Peter Diamandis?
          � Why does Maverick1000.com say, “Maverick1000 membership is by invitation-only,” while the topgun sales page asks, “Do YOU Qualify to Join This Private Group?”

            1. Undergroundonlineseminar is sold out, but there are five places left at $2995, a $1000 saving off the regular price of $3495, but only for today

            2. @my brain is exploding, That must be the Matrix time zone he is using then. I’m real worried about anyone going down into that Underground Seminar, because they may not know about the Mole People. Also I hope that price includes the torches.

          1. @Lanna, @Jack,

            Thank you for the links, Jack. I have a whole lotta reading/learning to do.

            Lanna, no problem. And if they don’t barf in the 727, the Italian fighters are a shoo-in. Failing that…there have been many aviation fatalities over the Grand Canyon.

    1. @SD, did you know that your pictures on Flickr are being blocked as too adult? I clicked through from a notice in Gmail and was asked if I Really Did Want To See This. And, at the top of the page (yeah, of these two dweebs) is: “If you’ve changed your mind about wanting to see this content, you can ESCAPE → TAKE ME TO THE KITTENS”. (I loves me some kittens, and it was sorely tempting to click, but then it wouldn’t let me back to the Droid, I’m sure.)

      Just letting you know that you may have been dropped into Flickr purgatory and not by your own design.

    2. @SD, Finally mr. Diamondis can join the prestigious rank of the companies such as the inside of a box:

      “Bonus Gift #5 (included with “Deluxe” Seminar Box only): Dan recently spoke at T.J. and Eileen Rohleder’s 10th Anniversary Marketing & Moneymaking Convention. This event was restricted to 100 of their best clients, each paying $5,000.00 to be there. It featured nationally respected experts on mail-order, direct mail, Internet opportunities, and other entrepreneurial and direct marketing subjects.”

      I found out about how mr. Diamindis, ShoeZapper and the others can get the best marketing principles without having to go to expensive secret, covert, hidden, underground seminars. It’s all explained in the BBB Advertising review for M.O.R.E., inc.:

      “Advertising Review
      The company has failed to substantiate advertising claims when requested by the BBB on December 21, 2007 and February 7, 2009.
      The business claims the following through mailings and faxes:
      Average customers have earned between $20,000 and $100,000 per month
      $10,000 can be earned in the first week prior to “know(ing) anything;
      and the referenced bonous gifts are worth $97,760.

      The business has also sent out mail and fax communications stating that their firm is having “big problems” and asking the recipient to assume an equity position in their firm. The BBB requested that the business clarify the nature of the problem and they failed to do so.

      An Ad Review was generated on 1/27/09 based on a VALUE amount awarded to consumers who agree to participate in a “beta testing” program for an administrative fee of $39.00. The BBB believes M.O.R.E’s advertising campaigns are misleading to consumers. After several communications, the matter was referred to Wichita Counsel who has never responded.”

      I think it is the best claim though about being able to make $10,000 before I know anything at all.

      1. @Jack, Should the Peter Diamandis Wikipedia entry get the updates o people can learn about his new accomplishments?

        Also if the M.O.R.E. inc $97,760 value is for the $39.90 product so then it’s:

        “(US$ 97 760)/(US$ 39.90) = 2,450.12531 times base-product-price”

        he failed in the “$10 million Ansari X-Prize” to give an adequate bonus VALUED at $24,500,000,000

  13. This message is from someone who worked at minimum wage for the Schullers and the Crystal Cathedral from the 1990s through 2010: The Schuller family members were paid 6 figure salaries. The paid staff made minimum wage or less. The staff did all of the work while the Schullers traveled around as celebrities in limos. The Schullers looked down their nose at the paid staff and acted like prima-donnas. Even though the staff consisted of devout Christians serving the Lord Jesus, they were resentful when they could not pay their bills because of their being paid so low. It’s time congregations wake up and fire all of these “money grubbing” pastors and priests who employ their wives and children at the congregation’s expense. Wake up People!

    Church to the Schullers is not worship . . . it is a business!

    The first century Christians sat in someone’s living room and worshiped The Lord by telling each other what Jesus has done for them the previous week. Prayers were prayed and worship songs were spontaneously sang. No big expense. No big production. Just worship and loving The Lord . . . all for the price of a pot of coffee and a cookie.

    The Barna Group has found that “mega-churches” are out along with their highly paid people who pose as “pipelines” to God and pure worship in private homes are in!

    1. @Crystal Cathedral exploding! ::

      This is relevant to my interests.

      Hit me up at the email below if you’d like to discuss it further … the guy who answers that line is no where near as shocking and awesome as I am.

      Jesus needs to be stripped of exploitative barnacles like the Schullers.

    2. @Crystal Cathedral exploding!,

      I don’t know anything about the salaries, but I did want to mention that I used to know a lady who worked at the Crystal Cathedral in some sort of clerical capacity for about two years.

      She never saw anybody from the Schuller family, not even once.

  14. The Bible references posted below are done so for the refutation of Thomas D. Willhite’s blasphemous statements as written in the PSI Bible, known as the Life Success Manuscripts. If they offend you, please skip them-they are stated for educational purposes only. If they enlighten you, you will be saddened by Tom’s blasphemous words.

    The complete PSI Seminars Life Success Manuscripts are posted on the pissed consumer blog. It starts from the bottom up. The books of Tom Willhite’s bible start with The Book of: Beginnings, Attitude, Desire, Consciousness, Mastermind, Wealth, Wisdom, Fears, Leadership, Power, Liberty, and end with Visions. This is the leather bound book Jane hands out after one completes PSI 7 or as it’s now called The Life Success Seminar.

    The concepts are harmless. PSI runs into trouble with Tom’s exclamation with “You are God” on the last page of his book. This is especially disturbing because Tom claimed to be a Christian. If he hadn’t claimed to be a Christian, he would not appear as a hypocrite.

    The Christian Research Institute as well as the Dallas Theological Seminary labeled this writing as blasphemous. Some PhD student refuted Tom’s bible line-by-line against the real Holy Bible. There are other discrepancies with Tom’s instance that “Jesus did what he wanted to do” omitting the fact that he was following and fulfilling his heavenly father’s will. Maybe the dissertation will become a popular book someday to set the record straight.

    Here is an excerpt from the Dallas Theological Seminary dissertation:
    In the Book of Consciousness on page 51 . . . Tom states “He did what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it. – Well, this is technically true . . . but when talking about The Lord, Jesus obeyed Abba, his Father in heaven because he was there in the beginning.

    See John 17:4 – I brought glory to you here on earth by doing everything you told me to do. And, Luke 2:49 – “But why did you need to search?” he asked. “You should have known that I would be in my Father’s House.”. . . Jesus obeyed his earthly parents (Mary and Joseph) and His Father in heaven.

    Matthew 3:17 – And a voice from heaven said, “This is my son, and I am fully pleased with him.”

    Mark 1:11 – And a voice came from heaven saying, “You are my beloved Son, and I am fully pleased with you.”

    Luke 3: 22 – and the Holy Spirit descended on him in the form of a dove. And a voice from heaven said, “You are my beloved Son, and I am fully pleased with you.”

    2 Peter 1:17 – And he received honor and glory from God the Father when God’s glorious majestic voice called down from heaven, “This is my beloved Son; I am fully pleased with him.”

    . . . in a nutshell: Jesus pleased and obeyed Abba, his Father as a member of the Trinity . . . all three persons of the Trinity are alive and active. God is one, yet in three persons at the same time.

    John 15:24 – If I hadn’t done such miraculous signs among them that no one else could do, they would not be counted guilty. But as it is, they saw all that I did and yet hated both of us – me and Abba, my Father. . . . Jesus warned us about the world’s hatred towards Him and His believers.

    Here is what Tom writes on page Page 55 . . . I have said that this concept . . . the I AM concept . . . is the foundation of all the concepts. Now from the Dallas Theological Seminary dissertation: I AM is God’s personal name. See Exodus 3:13-15. God called himself I AM . . . a name describing his eternal power and unchangeable character. Hebrews 13:8 says that God is the same “yesterday, today, and forever.” Exodus 3:14 – I AM who I Am . . . or, I Will Be What I Will Be.

    Jesus also used the title I AM for himself. See John 4:26 . . . “I am the Messiah!” And, John 8:58 . . . Jesus answered, “The truth is, I existed before Abraham was even born!” or, “Truly, truly, before Abraham was, I am.” – This is one of the most powerful statements uttered by Jesus. When he said that he existed before Abraham was born, he undeniably proclaimed his divinity. Jesus applied God’s holy name to himself. It does not apply to humans exclaiming that they are God.

    I think in a time of crisis one reaches out to a higher power (God) other than themselves and not within to their finite self. Just my guess. Or, is Jane’s granddaughter going to go around saying that she is God? Maybe she does that already as taught to her by her grandma.

    1. @The Gospel According to Oprah/PSI Seminars,

      “Exodus 3:14 – I AM who I Am”

      I was thinking about it being Popeye, but I looked it up in the Bible and found out you were right about it, but I don’t think that it means Popeye claimed about being God, so probably he can also correct the PSI people.

  15. Let’s never forget that along with her other crimes against humanity, and there are almost too many to count, Ofrah unleashed the horror of “Doctor” Phil upon her television audience. He’s a typical Ofrah guest, phony credentials, enormous hypocrisy in his personal life, defrauding the gullible at every opportunity, having anti-gay activists on his show preaching their gospel of hate and never does Fat Phil contradict them, etc.

    As for her other crimes, she gives anti-vaccine cretin Jenny McCarthy airtime to convince other stupid people not to vaccinate their children. By doing so Ofrah puts all American children at grave risk of contracting diseases that no first-world child need ever suffer. Way to go, Ofrah! Let’s bring back child labor while we’re at it.

    Her show has never been more than a freak show. Instead of conjoined twins and three-headed goats she features people who have suffered terribly, such as the woman who was attacked by a chimpanzee. Ofrah tries to act as if her aim is “educational” and not her true aim, money and fame, let’s face it, not many people will ever be in danger of being mauled by a chimp. Ofrah appeals to the lowest, ugliest, basest inpulses in people. Ofrah, James Ray, other “secret” shills and the fake doctor all should be sharing a cell.

  16. Not sure where to post this, but I just heard a James Ray reference on a sitcom.

    For anyone who’s interested, the show is “The Big C,” which is a comedy about a woman with terminal cancer who is determined to live life to the fullest. It’s on Showtime, and since there’s no censorship and no commercials, it’s very watchable.

    The lead character, Cathy, played by Laura Linney, has just found that her cancer is responding to an experimental treatment and so she has more time than previously thought. She’s very euphoric and signs her husband and herself up for a weekend seminar with some sort of “guru.” Her husband Paul, played by Oliver Platt, is skeptical and doesn’t want to go.

    He says, “I’m not going in any sweat lodge! People die in sweat lodges!”

      1. @what the what,

        The show is great. Just the right combination of comedy and tragedy. Oliver Platt is great. He died last season, actually he had a heart attack and his heart stopped, so we had to wait until this season to find out if he survived.

        Happily, he did (no big surprise there), so the third season should be fun. There was no further mention of sweat lodges, although Cathy and Paul did have some silly adventures at their seminar. The “guru” is played by Susan Sarandon.

        1. I just wanted to add, for anybody who’s interested in “The Big C” on Showtime, that the self-help seminars and the faux guru are part of an ongoing storyline, which I’m assuming will end badly.

          Oliver Platt and Laura Linney play the two leads; the wife was the one who originally wanted to attend, and her husband was reluctant. Now, the husband is getting slowly brainwashed by the charismatic seminar leader.

          I’m very happy to see this presented in a comedic way, because it’s a cautionary tale for the viewers. I realize that a premium-cable show does not have the viewership of a network show, but it still helps to get the word out.

    1. @MazeMan,

      “… there was just a line of people walking on that fire.”

      Was there a traffic jam that had people backed up on the coals instead of walking briskly like the physics of firewalking webpage says is best? I couldn’t really tell from the two videos of the event that were posted on YouTube. They were both very dark and shaky.

      Either way, this really reminds me of James Arthur Ray and the Sedona tragedy. People firewalk safely all the time. People attend sweat lodges safely all the time. From what I’ve read, they’re generally small events, around 10 to 30 people, so they can be adequately supervised. Forgetting for a moment the dangers of putting psychopaths in charge, when you greedily scale these events to sell more tickets, you’re going to lose close supervision. We’re talking up to 500 people per lane (6,000 / 12 lanes) here! This is a cattle call, not a deep personal experience.

      1. @Lanna, I think maybe people got motivationally-confused when mr. Robbins tried warning them by tellint them “Your all on FIRE now!”

  17. Hey Salty Droid,

    Love your stuff. I’m a budding entrepreneur and if there is one thing I cannot stand, it’s people who have never done a damn thing, trying to give advice to those of us who have.

    Not going to lie, I’ve read a lot of their stuff; Canfield, Walker, Robbins, Ferris etc but I refuse to pay for it. Sure there are some good points kicking around most of the stuff these guys put out but the price they charge is just downright sinful. $5000 for a course of homemade videos? $10,000 for a weekend seminar.

    No fucking thank you.

    I will however, continue to use the internet to pirate their shit and listen to it for free though, gleaming the few nuggets of knowledge that are laying around. Each to their own I suppose.

    Keep up the good work man.

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