Anthony Morrison’s Television Internets

... both bottoms.


Anthony Morrison uses the television to tell people about how HUGE he is on the Interwebs. But most Internet people :: like you people :: have never heard of him. Loving the Internet really cuts into time spent watching shitty 3am infomercials … and fake web-star Morrison has almost no real web presence.

The infomercial is a fake show hosted by Chicken Soup for the Hole dipshit Mark Victor Hansen {pictured here mounting Anthony for reasons I’d better not get into}.

Mark Victor Hansen :: like fellow Soup for the Hole heroes Jack Canfield and James Malinchak :: only cares about helping others succeed. He’s a giver …

On the fake show :: The Hansen Report :: The Hansen interviews the The Morrison and we find out about how the Internets are full of magics and unicorns.

Guess what else?

That’s right … AND YOU CAN TOO!!!

Oh my gosh this must be so exciting for you … how are you feeling right now knowing that everything is about to change for you?? Don’t tell me now :: first let me continue to share this exciting information about this exciting opportunity …

The Hansen Report :: featuring MississippiStupid Anthony Morrison :: can be seen seven days a week on a television near you. The program purports to sell a book. A sweet :: innocent :: lil’ book …



Advertising Profits from Home — help it :: help you … change your life today.

According to Anthony Morrison on his super not-popular cyber site …

“Anthony Morrison grew up in a family that encouraged intellectual curiosity, empathy for others and healthy self-esteem. Anthony Morrison gave his parents a glimpse of his potential when, at the age of seven, he decided he wanted a Jacuzzi.”

Can’t you just feel the business leadership emanating like awesome off of bacon? It’s always nice to mention Mom in the first paragraph of your I’m-all-grown-up businessman website.

“Anthony Morrison has also become a very popular TV personality. It is not strange to see Anthony talking on national television about his books and future plans. Anthony is also a charismatic young man who is really not complicated and sees life in a positive way.”

Did you say not complicated? That’s good enough for CNN. They know conditions are bad out there :: people are struggling :: people are unemployed :: maybe it’s time we all became Hidden Millionaires™ instead.

{cue CNN suckage}

So according to CNN Anthony Morrison is an expert on starting small businesses during hard times. But according to Anthony :: Anthony Morrison is so much more than that …

Anthony Morrison: A Successful Businessman and a Great Human Being

Anthony Morrison’s honesty and very clean way of seeing the world is easy to spot when you see him. You can tell on the tone of his voice, that Anthony Morrison is a person that does not see excuses or obstacles when a problem must be solved.”

He’s clean ::  he’s white :: he’s old enough to drink :: he’s a great human being :: and the point is … buy this fucking book and it will change your life!

… or something.

But not really :: because the book has nothing to do with it.  The book sales probably don’t even cover the cost of airing the infomercials … and whatever is in the book is just pointless because Anthony Morrison doesn’t make money on the Internet so he can’t tell you how to do so. The book is a lead generation tool that feeds sad people into boiler rooms :: mostly Mark Shurtleff approved Utah boiler rooms.

There are boiler rooms all over the country.  They call themselves “coaching floors” :: and two of them {Russell Brunson’s Dot Com Secrets Dot Com and John Paul Raygoza’s PushTraffic} have been previously profiled here. No matter the area of the country :: or the name of the lead generator … the basic objective of all boiler rooms is the same.  Find out how much credit is available on the victim’s credit card … take ALL of it … and then defend against refunds and chargebacks by any means necessary {to include threats :: lies :: crooked banks :: and crooked lawyers}.

___________, This is _____________ calling from Anthony Morrison’s office. (Pause) I’m calling regarding the Advertising Profits from Home book that you purchased.

Anthony assigned me to a few files this week, I wanted to get in touch with you and get an idea as to what you’d like to accomplish with this package before you get too far into it (or even open it), and then we can teach you how the package applies to you.

Begins the boiler room sales script for the Anthony Morrison account :: an account generating enough leads to occupy at least three life-sucking phone rooms full-time.

It ends like this …

(Don’t thank them for their time, get them to thank you for your time)

In between :: the salesman probes the victim for personal details :: gets enough credit card information to make sure they’re worth the time :: and sets them up for the closer whose lies will be much more aggressive and manipulative.

Here’s the opening script in one of the meanest plays ever written …

… read it and weep :: literally :: as you think about the fact that the majority of the thousands and thousands of victims are people over 65 … and/or people made vulnerable by unfortunate twists of fate.

See … Anthony will be doing a new infomercial soon :: and he needs him some impressive new case studies … that’s why this rare opportunity to work directly with Anthony himself has come up …

Now, what I do is go through and qualify a few people that get to work with Anthony Morrison and his group of experts over the next 6 months one-on-one, that way we KNOW they’re doing the right things to run a business, because we’re helping them, and in return we get a success story that we can use to promote what we do. Do you follow that? Do you see the benefit in working with an expert side by side as opposed to tackling this thing on your own? (Ask find out questions get them to say an expert is the next best thing to sliced bread)

“Experts” are the next best thing to sliced bread.

It’s funny you should mention that … because expert breads are expensive. It takes money to make money … know what I mean Jean? Of course not your money … that would just be foolish.  Write that down Jean. Can I call you Jean? Write down … “spending your own money would be foolish” Jean. Write that down on a piece of paper right now Jean … because it’s important that you start doing the things that I say. Write that down too Jean … NO DON’T! This is all 100% your choice naturally Jean. But you just told me about some of the problems your son has been having with illness Jean … so I want you to write down “OPM” Jean … Other People’s Money.  That’s gonna be our success key for being able to afford those medical treatments. OPM is our only hope Jean :: yours :: mine … and the little baby Jesus.

In fact, what most of our students will do is designate their highest limit card for their business — like a 10-15k card. Not that they’re going to ever use that much credit-they probably won’t. But it just gives them more options to run a business than say a $1000 card would. Do you follow that? What kinds of limits have they granted you here?

Hold on just a second here Jean while I snort some cocaine. Cocaine is expensive Jean … write that down. Well I guess you already know how expensive drugs can be what with your son’s leukemia and what not. Anywayz while I’m getting amped :: you go and get your credit card statements so we can talk about what the numbers are … and how nice it will feel to finally get those suckers paid off.

I think I have a pretty good idea where you are now, but let’s shift gears and talk about where you’d like to be. If we were to work with you at this level, what are you looking to accomplish here? What’s going to make a Success Story to you? (Click your mute switch and keep quiet while they talk) “I’m here, I’m just writing…. Go ahead….”

Find more pain if needed spend time here (everyone has pain it’s your job to find it).

The lead generator finds the vulnerable :: the salesman finds the specific pains :: and the closer presents the fraudduct as the solution to those pains … conveniently priced at the victims OPM maximum.

They’re selling the end of fear :: and freedom from dreadful uncertainty. But they produce nothing but so much sorrow and suffering that our continued disregard becomes the primary horror.

>> bleep bloop

183 thoughts on “Anthony Morrison’s Television Internets”

  1. Well, for goodness sakes. Just look at that angel face. That boy looks just like my favorite nephew, Arthur. Except my Arthur, bless him, isn’t some son of a bitch, bastard, motherfucker, shithead, douchbag, rip off con artist. I’ll be telling all the ladies in our sewing circle about him tomorrow. And if that isn’t enough, there’s always the loudspeaker at Friday’s square dance.

    1. @Madge Crikey, You are a superstar in my book, lady! LOVE your comments.

      @SD — I concur with the others. Where do you GET this stuff? VERY nice!

      I saw this infomercial a while ago and flipped to another channel in about 30 seconds cause I never heard of the kid. I only watched for as long as I did because Canfield was on there.

      I can’t imagine why that guy does this shit when he’s made LOADS of money off of legitimate books. I know — some of them are debatable but it was originally, before he went off the deep end, just a feel-good book of platitudes people liked to buy for friends and stuff.

      ANYWAY — GREAT Job again, Salty. Love this stuff. The more the better.

      @Ryan Healy — I agree whole-heartedly. There has never been a boiler room phone operation I’ve seen that cares one iota about truth, value, human rights or dignity…it’s just get the sale by whatever means possible for as much as possible — NEXT!

      1. @Poop Chute ::

        If the book thing was still making them LOADS of money they wouldn’t be whoring themselves out thrice a week. Easy money is easily spent.

        There’s not very much money in books anyway. One good year scamming is like ten good years writing “books” …

    2. Well, thanks for that, Poop and Zila. I can be your grandma Zila. Being your grandma means you get to help me with the dishes. LRL. That’s a joke by the way, and the computer abbreviation for it is L.R.L. (Laughing Really Loud). But you probably already knew that.

      Sorry for not replying sooner but the letter “A” on my computer’s keyboard broke, and the repair fella said I’d have to replace the whole keyboard. Just for that one broken letter, can you believe that? They wanted $16 for one, too. I thought about just living without that one key, but a lot of my favorite words have an “A” in them, like Jam, Damn, Ham (Ham’s Mr. Crikey’s favorite sandwich and also my brother’s nickname).

      So I decided to go ahead and use some of my bingo winnings to get me a new keyboard. The “A” key works pretty good on it, too. See for yourself: AAAAAAAAA.

    1. @Brett Burky ::

      Except for the part where I keep getting it right … and the highlarious jokes … and the not wearing pants … etc

      1. @SD,

        “Except for the part where I keep getting it right…” Truer (and funnier) words were never spoken :))

    1. @Rafael Marquez, Did you notice how the reporter was not really buying Morrison’s advice?

      At the end, he says, “Some people may not think it’s practical, but when it gets this bad, you have to, sort of, turn to what you like best and try to make some money from there.”

      Ha! And he was looking down as he said it — didn’t want to make eye-contact with Morrison anymore.


      1. @Ryan Healy ::

        Yeah … the talking head looks down at his cards and it says “Hidden Millionaire” … it’s right in the middle of the financial collapse … and he has a quick think about beating his head into the desk until he passes out.

        He could have tried this ::

        I don’t have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad. It’s a depression. Everybody’s out of work or scared of losing their job. The dollar buys a nickel’s worth, banks are going bust, shopkeepers keep a gun under the counter. Punks are running wild in the street and there’s nobody anywhere who seems to know what to do, and there’s no end to it. We know the air is unfit to breathe and our food is unfit to eat, and we sit watching our TV’s while some local newscaster tells us that today we had fifteen homicides and sixty-three violent crimes, as if that’s the way it’s supposed to be. We know things are bad – worse than bad. They’re crazy. It’s like everything everywhere is going crazy, so we don’t go out anymore. We sit in the house, and slowly the world we are living in is getting smaller, and all we say is, ‘Please, at least leave us alone in our living rooms. Let me have my toaster and my TV and my steel-belted radials and I won’t say anything. Just leave us alone.’ Well, I’m not gonna leave you alone. I want you to get mad! I don’t want you to protest. I don’t want you to riot – I don’t want you to write to your congressman because I wouldn’t know what to tell you to write. I don’t know what to do about the depression and the inflation and the Russians and the crime in the street. All I know is that first you’ve got to get mad. You’ve got to say, ‘I’m a HUMAN BEING, God damn it! My life has VALUE!’ So I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell, ‘I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!’ I want you to get up right now, sit up, go to your windows, open them and stick your head out and yell – ‘I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!’ Things have got to change. But first, you’ve gotta get mad!… You’ve got to say, ‘I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!’ Then we’ll figure out what to do about the depression and the inflation and the oil crisis. But first get up out of your chairs, open the window, stick your head out, and yell, and say it: “I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!”

        1. @SD,

          Howard Beale from 1976, ‘Network’—everything changes but everything stays the same.

        2. @SD,

          That was a great speech. And a really, really weird movie.

          Furry cows moo and decompress.

        3. I guess you have seen that man on the Network from 1976 or maybe more recently the film Zeitgeist from 2007 if you have not seen the latter of the two please do, it is available online and is really a must see. But please watch with an open mind and do not base the whole film just on the first part, which is about religion. This first part only last about 30 min. And I know it is a somewhat touchy subject to a lot of people out there, But beleive me this film is correct. I have been reserching several religions, begining with the Holy Bible, and I have found this film to be 100% factual on all accounts long before it was ever made. But I also found out that if you try to tell people the truth about it that only a few, well educated will listen and actually beleive, while most will get very defensive, argue, won’t listen and some will even want to fight, like you just told them that their mother sells blowjobs at the trailor park down the street on the weekend to make ens meet. But the rest of the film is about what is happening around you today made unaware to the general public. And all of America needs to at least if nothing else PLEASE WATCH THIS FILM ALL OF IT “ZEITGEIST” Google it it is free to watch….my best to you all (“All, all hear my call. Be ready to rise on demand and destroy the evil plan of the power hungry wicked man!!!!!”)

  2. I’ve never had a good experience with a boiler room.

    And I’ve spoken with a few.

    Even paid for a few way-over-priced programs back in my early 20s when I was what they call a “hyper responder.”

    After a couple similar (bad) experiences, I caught on to what they were doing.

    These scripts rely on building small commitments in the beginning so that it’s difficult to say “no” in the end.

    If you agree in the beginning, you can’t say “no” later without contradicting yourself and making yourself look bad. So pride gets the best of most people.


  3. Thanks for sharing that script. Now I can run my own fraud and be the next feature on saltydroid, while making lots of ca$h at the expense of innocent suckers. I’m a SD fan.. can’t help it! :p

    Reminds me of Mike Glaspie & Loral Langemeier among those who use this same strategy exactly. The Internet Marketing Center (IMC) use it too… they still do. They were a good business once when they were led by the late Corey Rudl, now one CEO after the other, they fell into disgrace.

    1. @Mark M,

      PS: One quick way of dealing with such callers is to ask one question:

      If this makes people so rich why are you working at a shitty job where you have to make cold calls? Your strategies must really suck balls!!!

      Second question: What website or business have you set up yourself?

      For this they could answer as : I am not authorized to say!

      Then you say: Cool so I am offering you a chance to make your business known while giving me evidence for what you are representing AND YOU CAN’T do that even if I myself allow you to endorse your stuff??

      Third strategy: LIE (like they do) about your income bracket. Make them believe that you can shell out like $200,000 just like you’d drink a glass of water. It will make sure you won’t get sucked in. You’ll get cursed and called names, but they won’t get a penny.

      Fourth, but urgently: Cancel your credit card. The one you used to buy the first product that upsells you… they can charge it for wasting their time!

      Last. If possible record your phone calls. They do record them without your authorization and at the point when you tell them that you WON’T give them the money because you lied about how much you can afford, they might actually tell you that you’ve been recorded.

      Then put that recording on youtube and make it viral. Even pay for a press release to drive traffic to it if you don’t mind spending for one!

      1. @Mark M,

        “If this makes people so rich why are you working at a shitty job where you have to make cold calls?”

        The respondse: “It’s a good job because I get to speak to many nice senior citizens and make $50,000/month to $20,000,000/year at the same time.”


        “Hey, how are you Jim, the first thing I want to do is to grab a pen, I want you to
        write my name down. (Now I have control. I’m already telling you what to do).”

      1. @JCanfield,

        Call them up? Why bother? They will call themselves :D

        I liked the idea of reading their script if you want a quick laugh, but I’m a Mediterranean guy and our ideal kind of humor is when you make the shithead think that you are collaborating, waste his time, make him feel like he’s got control and then take the carpet from underneath his feet at the last second.

        If you can waste the time of the “Senior Consultant” too, then it’s even better. Fucking with them slowly, may be less hilarious but ticking them off is priceless. At least in my humble view.

  4. Didn’t he say in the Hansen infomercial that he doesn’t or didn’t sell anything? — and on CNN he says he made his fortune selling automobile parts?

    And speaking of Mark Victor Hansen (and Jack Canfield), the only way they ever got rich is by stealing other people’s words and ideas, and also, by getting people to send in their personal stories so that they could make them into “Chicken Soup” books and make fortunes on them — while the “real” writers of the books, the people sending in their stories, got NOTHING! I know several people who sent in stories and are featured in the various books, and they naively think they are so fortunate for being in them that I have always hesitated to tell them that these sharks made a “killing” on their writing, while all they got is their name and/or stories in print — hardly a great payoff.

    I really hope some of these so called “clean cut” and revered snakes like Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield and others like them finally get what’s coming to them and people find out just how phoney and useless they really are!

    1. @Bonnie, You nailed it. While the “Chicken Soup” series is by far the most successful of the story collection genre, this method of “writing books” seems to be S.O.P. for many New-Wage gurus. Some of Joe “Mr. Fire” Vitale’s more recent books, for instance, have a catchy title and a basic hook, with some of his own re-recycled material as a framework, and the rest of the book devoted to testimonials and personal stories from selected minions.

      I guess it’s nice work if you can get it. Actually writing a book all by oneself is kind of labor-intensive, in my experience. The more work New-Wage gurus can get other people to do for them, the more time they have to find new ways to rake in still more money. It’s exploitation, pure and simple.

      The truth, however, is that many people really do think it’s quite a status-y thing to have their story in a published book that is associated with a “big name.” But the reality is that few of these folks will ever get any return except for dubious bragging rights. Presumably they are going into the venture with eyes open, because most publishers/authors of these books have contributors sign a waiver stating that they don’t expect any monetary compensation. Even so, I think it’s exploitation when the nominal authors of the works are as hugely successful as Canfield and Hansen.

    1. @JCanfield,

      Is Jack Canfraud the owner of that copyrighted stuff? There’s no copyright notice on it.

      I’m sure the original pitch has been infringed upon way too often. This is an old strategy J which many have imitated and still are. I doubt anyone can claim to own it and be believed.

    2. @JCanfield, LOL, don’t you mean “copy written” material? Or do you mean “copyrighted?” Seriously, though, I think we all know that the real Jack Canfield would never lower himself to actually write to Salty’s blog.

    3. @JCanfield ::

      Please file your complaints with my fake secretary Debbie :: she’ll get to them ASAP … time allowing … etc

  5. Another good job, Salty. I’m glad you are nailing this little s.o.b. Last summer I watched the last ten minutes or so of an infomercial with him and his buddy Mock Victor Hamstrung, and it seemed so blatantly obvious to me, even as I watched the infomercial, that Morrison’s “books” were nothing more than portals to aggressive upselling. Subsequent casual Googling confirmed this.

    Good for you for obtaining and publishing a link to the boiler room script, which is probably pretty standard for these operations.

    And shame, shame, shame on CNN (again). I know they have to fill 24 hours with SOMETHING, but does it have to be crap like that?

    BTW, one of many poor pieces of advice in Morrison’s formula for suckcess is that in order to become wealthy you have to sell people what they NEED, not what they WANT. Obviously the real message there is that you should look for opportunities to take advantage of people’s desperation. (The mention of people’s automotive needs following a hurricane kinda gave it away for me.)

    But apart from that, the truth is that many folks have become very, very rich selling what people WANT. Take the entire entertainment industry, for example… and the luxury goods and services industries… and for that matter, much of the stuff on which most of us spend our discretionary income, such as it is.

    1. @Cosmic Connie, Yeah, the part about selling what people need stood out as particularly bad advice. Generally speaking, people put off buying things that are strictly needed (like dental work), but will pay a lot for things they want (like vacations).

      I suppose it’s best to sell things people both need and want (like cars – although that’s not a business I’d want to be in).


  6. Also why does a “millionaire” like Anthony Morrison have such a disgusting haircut and half shaved face?

    He looks like a homeless guy someone put in tie and shirt.

  7. SPECIAL NOTE :: attn :: Professional Marketing International …

    Hi boys.

    How’s your day going so far?

    Guess who’s coming to dinner?

    Talk soon …

      1. @Ryan Healy ::

        That’s them … they just made a new friend.

        Unfortunately :: I’m not accepting donations right now … because they really love to give in support of justice.

        *cough* Mark Shurtleff *cough*

    1. @Taco,

      I hardly see the connection, or the reason for posting that here — maybe it’s just me.

      1. @Tipjar, “Going bald” is up for debate, even among brothers.

        But I probably will go bald. My dad began balding in his early 20s, so the fact that I’ve kept my hair past age 25 is a big victory for me.

        Massive nose – check! That’s the way genetics work.

        As far as the last part… you must have never gotten that talk about “the birds and the bees.” Babies aren’t conceived through osmosis, you know. ;-)


    1. @Jack,

      Oh, I hope Mr Mark Victor Hansen gets the book thrown at him (along with his squeeky “un”clean pal Jack Canfield) and they go to jail for a long, long time, plus get sued for everything they have from people who they have defrauded or deceived in the past! Maybe they can room with ol’ James Arthur Ray! Yup.

  8. Since reading your blog, Salty, I’ve been put off completely by any home biz opp, MLM, or any business packages. Been pitched by all kinds of wonderful, exciting and totally amazing sounding programs. They all sound great, but when you look just a little further, you realize it’s all rehashed, regurgitated maggotry and tomfoolery, designed to do only one thing: Suck your finances dry, until you shrivel up into a sad pile of misery – left to die. (James Arthur Ray)
    Thanks for putting the goods out for everyone to see. They all preach about transparency…

  9. Seriously are there ANY people on the Secret movie who are honest?

    That entire production has been an absolute disgrace on society and those in it have been exposed as the very worst in our society – predatory, money hungry, narcissists who saw a fabulous opportunity to get rich really quick and shove in pieces just how they has fleeced them. The type you want your kids to stay a very long ways a way from.

    I believe their demise and the exposes of their activities is only just starting. The honest have had enough!

    1. @soso, “Seriously are there ANY people on the Secret movie who are honest?”

      Honesty and integrity were apparently not on the list of criteria for Rhonda Byrne when creating The Secret. Rather, it seemed that commercial success and visibility in the New-Wage/selfish-help/McSpirituality were the main requirements. After all, a large chunk of the interviews for the DVD took place at a meeting of the Training Liars Club… I mean the Transformational Leadership Council (TLC)… where many of the leading blights of the industry were gathered in one place. Speaking of which, the TLC will convene in Tucson AZ from July 27-31.

      1. @Cosmic Connie,

        Perhaps they can pay an homage to their founding erstwhile member’s scene of final revelation by visiting the circle of firestones that is all that is left of the sweat-tent at Angel Valley.

        A few minutes contemplation, of the “there but for the grace of god…….” kind will probably inspire a whole new raft of ideas for the next generation of frauducts, coming to a venue near you, soon.

    2. @soso,

      The short answer is NO.

      Anyone who tells you that the Universe is there to be your servant is lying to you, therefore dishonest or highly detached from reality.

      I do believe that what you focus on you do get, and that your mind will start noticing opportunities about it which you would not have noticed had you not focused on it.

      Think of when one buys a new car, what does he or she start noticing? More cars similar to his/her than what he ever noticed!
      This applies especially to women when they buy a new dress or bag!

      It’s normal… and you don’t need any “secret” to succeed. You just need knowledge and an ability to notice and be prepared for opportunities.

      Besides, isn’t it obvious that The Secret was an infomercial to get you to spend money on these people’s useless crap?

        1. @Stoic,

          I have to quote Bob Proctor here, since I do agree about one thing he preaches: Most people would rather die than think!

    3. @soso, I think Neale Donald Walsch is one of the good guys. Funny enough there isn’t much footage of him in The Secret – funny that ;0)

      From what I can tell Walsch isn’t part of the circle jerk. Plus his books ‘Conversations with God’ are most entertaining in my humble opinion (FWIW I’m NOT religious!).

      Also I think the old scientist nicknamed ‘Quantum Man’ (think that’s the right name?) seems legit. I.e. An enthusiastic scientist who isn’t selling any biz opp crap.

      There probably are a couple more sane well adjusted peeps on there. Just can’t recall who else is in it ATM. Plus had to turn it off before it finished in fear of being sick all over myself, the sofa & my gf.

      Peace x

  10. CNN proved time after time to either neglect their research or just don’t care what they advertise. They keep repeating the mistake of taking young scammers and delivering them to public awareness.

    Just take a look at this one:

    This guy, Adam Horwitz is one of the most vicious people in the internet marketing industry. He has launched product after product, faking his statistics and continuously partnered with the lowest-living creatures in the industry (That pull money off customers, to get checks from Clickbank).

    It’s just unbelievable if you ask me.

    1. @CNN-Are-Assholes, Did you know about that product launches get to have an “All Star Cast” now? Because I saw that America Doesn’t Have To Get Back To Work Anymore because the America people can get to learn about Fast Cash Commissions soon, but maybe not star in the cast of the profit-people like the real-not-real

      “All Star Cast:

      Starring: Anthony Morrison
      Directed by: Tim Donovan
      Written By: Kevin Rogers and Ben Johnson
      Graphic Design: Michael Kim”
      [see mynote1 at bottom-of-comment]

      I already learned too much already, because mr. Morrison told me that:

      “We know that the paid actor in the fake living room videos have runtheir course. The market is responding to real again… and this software allows them to do exactly what they want most: tap into streams of free traffic that actually converts.

      [see mynote2 at bottom-of-comment]

      It finally looks like maybe mr. Morrison is playing his cards straighter-now because of what he decided to tell to the affiliates from Fastcash Commissions:

      It’s too exciting for me to see Adam & Anthony together now because they can super-multiply the-their raving-fans-base so fast with using cash commissions:

      “You’ve seen my ability to create gigantic lists of raving fan buyers, and you already know that the Mobile Monopoly team has done the same…”

      It finally looks like maybe mr. Morrison is playing his cards straighter-now because of what he decided to tell to the affiliates from Fastcash Commissions:

      It’s too exciting for me to see Adam & Anthony together now because they can super-multiply the-their raving-fans-base so fast with using cash commissions:

      “You’ve seen my ability to create gigantic lists of raving fan buyers, and you already know that the Mobile Monopoly team has done the same…
      [see mynote3 so close below, now]

      mynote1: wtf???
      mynote2: wtf???
      mynote3: wtf???

        1. @Jack,

          Did you say “James Malinchak” three times in front of a mirror? That would explain it – you now have Bigteeth’s curse, so everything you write will be repetitious and incomprehensible.

          The only known cure: Take a baseball bat made of pure silver and hit Mark Victor Hanson in the nuts with it.

          1. @Clark, OK. I think I know about how to find him because I saw his testimonial on 90% of the books at Barnes & Noble so goods for finding somebody that knows him around here.

  11. guys, anyone can get on CNN or Fox Business or Bloomberg as an “expert” for a fee of around $7,000-$10,000 depending on which PR agency or syndicated show you go through……..

  12. Cosmic, the error with you and other extremists on this site is viewing everything as a dicotomy: “bad vs good”, “god vs devil”, “terrorists vs US”.

    You also err in generalize what you think is right.

    There are honest LOA teachers like Fred Dodson and Neale Walsch.

    1. @Aristoletes Italia, LOA isn’t anything “new.” It’s simply “positive thinking” or “positive expectation” repackaged, so people will pay once more for something they already have. It would be like someone renaming your old Ford a “New Chevy” and re-selling it to you again, for the price of the “new” explanation. ANYBODY selling the “new explanation” is suspect.

    2. @Aristoletes Italia, If you think I am an “extremist” and that I am incapable of perceiving shades of gray, then you are obviously not familiar with my work.

      As for the two “honest” teachers you mention:
      I am quite familiar with Neale Donald Walsch, who made his fortune having imaginary conversations with God. I guess we’ll just have to take his word for it that he’s best buds with the Big Guy, but just between you and me, Neale seems just as arrogant and egotistical as most other New-Wage rock stars.

      Oh, and occasionally Neale may have an ethical lapse, though nothing deliberate, of course!

      Now, I confess that I am not familiar with Fred Dodson, but casual Googling led me to a site that started out with this jumbled verbiage:

      “The Reality Creation Course teaches the power of concentrated imagination and aligned action. Imagination summons new realities and action midwifes the new energy into physical form. You will learn the important life skills of high concentration on mental images and how to intensify your Imagination for better results. You will also learn how to intensify your determination and power of belief on a 1-10 scale from ‘weak belief’ to ‘total conviction’. This is the type of belief that will literally ‘move mountains’. You will learn how to correctly apply the much talked about (but rarely experienced) ‘law of attraction’ by matching your own energy-field with the reality you wish to manifest. You will practice deploying magnetized and energized thought-forms, learn how to find your true hearts desire beneath surface-layer desires and rest within their vortexes and how to shift the context and viewpoint from which you approach the world, coming from happiness rather than expecting it from the external. You will begin understanding the difference between ‘acting-as-if’ and ‘massive action towards’ and know when to apply which towards your goals and dreams.”

      That was pretty much all I needed to read. To me it’s not even a question of whether or not Fred Dodson is “honest.” He lost me at “thought-forms” and “energy-fields” — standard New-Wage guru snark fodder. Maybe I’ll get around to snarking at length about him someday, but I have other fish to fry right now. Thanks for the heads-up, though.

    3. @Aristoletes Italia,

      Aristotle, come back when you’ve learned how to do joined up thinking, you are just boring right now.

  13. You know “boiler rooms” have been around for like a 100 years, right? You’re acting surprised and jeared by it. They’ve been around for so long because they work, plain and simple.

    1. @Kann, But what the difference is and what is being pointed out here is about that they are now more than ever infiltrating what pose as the “mainstream”, “respectable”, businesses.

    2. Satan’s spawn has reared his ugly head in his ongoing worship of the dark side. Sociopaths like “Kann” are the reason the world needs law enforcement and prisons. Perhaps he has already seen the inside of a prison.

    3. @Pat, I mean @Kann, No one here has said or implied that the boiler-room business model is new, nor has anyone argued that it doesn’t “work.” But longevity and effectiveness are not synonymous with “ethical.”

    4. @Kann,

      Even my bank is sending out warning letters about boiler rooms, things must be bad when that happens.

  14. Connie, what’s wrong with Conversations with God?

    It’s a story.

    When someone tell you a story, not just in a piece of paper, do you think that It happened as It was told?

    The self-help industry has lots of stories… from Think and Grow Rich to Rich Dad Poor Dad, It’s all about engineering and shaping a story.

    You also are not considering the entertainment value that this stuff provide.

    That’s why I called you guys extremists: you don’t see that even “evil” IM guru guys fill a void in people’s life: they want to be led, told what to do, want to laugh, want to experience emotions and surpises, want to love and be loved, want to belong, want to give away personal responsability, etc.

    The ‘gurus’ are just asking for money, not robing, not torturing.

    “I make my money by supplying a public demand. If I break the law, my customers who number hundreds of the best people in Chicago, are as guilty as I am. The only difference is that I sell and they buy. Everybody calls me a racketeer. I call myself a businessman.”
    -Al Capone

    1. @Aristoletes Italia, They’re not “asking” for money…they’re “conning” people out of it.

      Have ever read a blog which is called the Salty Droid? Maybe you can read it & then make a comment.

    2. @Aristoletes Italia, As I said, you’re not familiar with my work. On many occasions, I’ve noted that at best the selfish-help industry is expensive entertainment (or infotainment, as the case may be). By expensive, I mean that it can be monetarily or emotionally expensive, or both. In many cases it is unwitting entertainment — as in providing fodder for snarkers and satirists — but it’s entertainment nonetheless.

      But sometimes there are more serious problems. As @Jack noted, many of the gurus con people out of money in one way or another. Then it’s not just harmless entertainment anymore. On occasion people’s health is ruined and in the worst cases they lose their lives. That’s not very entertaining.

      I also think you are overlooking a very important point about fiction versus nonfiction. The vast majority, though not all, of the selfish-help/McSpirituality gurus present their “stories” as true experiences that really happened to them. (One notable exception is James Redfield, whose atrociously written mid-1990s opus “Celestine Prophecy” was marketed as fiction but became an international New-Wage/McSpirituality bestseller, spawning classes, study groups, and a host of ancillary materials as well as a couple of sequels. Redfield is still in demand at the Gullibalooza events — New-Wage expos and conferences and the like.)

      Neal Walsch marketed his conversations with God as having really taken place. In the formulaic New-Wage way he claims that he was skeptical and resistant at the beginning (“was this REALLY God?”) but then he decides it WAS God, and he kept on churning out the books. And he became a rock star in the industry, with thousands apparently looking to him as a conduit for wisdom from the Almighty. (In one of his more recent works he tells us how to be Happier Than God.)

      I could go on and on with examples of gurus in what I like to call the “imaginary friends” segment of the New-Wage industry alone. Besides Walsch with his version of God, there’s Abrascam-Hicks with the group of disembodied entities that have made Jerry and Esther very, very, VERY rich. There’s Gary Renard with the Ascended Masters he first met in his living room. There’s Vladimir Megre with his naked, blond, and preternaturally wise Russian babe Anastasia, whom he supposedly met in the deep woods of Siberia. There’s Gary Douglas, who first received the “wisdom” that became Access Consciousness from the very late Russian madman Rasputin, along with some other disembodied entities.

      All of these people have framed their works around stories that they market as TRUE. The “true” angle, I imagine, is what gets most people hooked. In other words, the originators of these stories are basing their entire businesses on a fabrication that they market as the truth.

      Yeah, it’s an old, old tradition. And yeah, there’s entertainment value in these stories. And yeah, the selfish-help/McSpirituality material often speaks to basic human needs.

      But that doesn’t mean it’s not a big fat con.

      And by the way, the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” backstory — also marketed as the honest truth — has also, in the years since the book was first introduced, been exposed as mostly lies, exaggerations, and half-truths. Naturally, that hasn’t kept the author from raking in the bucks.

      And unfortunately, Salty’s exposure of folks such as Mark Victor Hansen and Anthony Morrison (who, come to think of it, look a lot like Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy in that photo above) probably won’t stop this or similar scams. Desperate people will continue to throw their money at these “entertaining” storytellers.

      1. @Cosmic Connie,

        “And by the way, the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” backstory — also marketed as the honest truth — has also, in the years since the book was first introduced, been exposed as mostly lies, exaggerations, and half-truths. Naturally, that hasn’t kept the author from raking in the bucks.”.


        It’s about 28,500+ words about the nonsense-of-Kiyosaki (and some good and interesting comments about PBS that likes to support too many of the charlatan’s and hucksters).

        & some scary quotations from The 48 Laws of Power:

        “Law 27 – PLAY ON PEOPLE’S NEED TO BELIEVE TO CREATE A CULTLIKE FOLLOWING. Judgment – People have an overwhelming desire to believe in something. Become the focal point of such desire by offering them a cause, a new faith to follow. Keep your words vague but full of promise; emphasize enthusiasm over rationality and clear thinking.

        Give your new disciples rituals to perform, ask them to make sacrifices on your behalf. In the absence of organized religion and grand causes, your new belief system will bring you untold power.” (p. 215)

        Law 32—Play to People’s Fantasies. “The truth is often avoided because it is ugly and unpleasant. Never appeal to truth and reality unless you are prepared for the anger that comes from disenchantment. Life is so harsh and distressing that people who can manufacture romance or conjure up fantasy are like oases in the desert: Everyone flocks to them. There is great power in tapping into the fantasies of the masses.”

        You can see all the laws at

          1. The biggest scam is the american dream.

            The greatest pyramid scheme is social security.

            Gurus exist because you and me and all the people in the “society” (we say society as something out there, outside of us) are in need of national therapy.

            1. @Aristoletes Italia,

              Good luck with that analysis Aristotle, now what are you going to do about it?
              Wait for a national saviour to come and liberate us all?

              I have just what you need if you come to my revival tent next Sunday.

            2. @Stoic, that’s the very problem we are in.

              We see “THEM” as evil and we don’t admit that we are evil too.

              We refuse to accept personality accountability for what happens “OUT THERE” in “SOCIETY”.

              You, me, Salty, Tony, we are all part of the same humanity.

              The famous stoic, Seneca said that some people waste too much time worrying about what other people think of them.

              You bet that Salty droid is probably a topic of conversation of those gurus, but they are living their life to the fullest… as the stoics preached.

            3. @Aristoletes Italia,

              Stoics didn’t preach–real practical pragmatic practice was the backbone of their belief system.

              They sure didn’t flog rubbish on the internet and pretend it was magic from the gods.

    3. @Aristoletes Italia, One other point about the “harmlessness” of “storytelling”…

      In my previous comment I was so focused on the “imaginary friends” genre (Walsch and company) that I neglected to mention the host of scammers who, though not claiming to receive wisdom from disembodied entities or Ascended Masters, nevertheless use lies and exaggerations to market their frauducts and flopportunities. This theme emerges again and again on Salty’s blog. It is, you could say, the central theme.

      Very often these scammers use selective or totally fabricated autobiographical anecdotes — some version of a rags-to-riches story, with the stated lesson being, “If I could do it, you can too!” Several New-Wage/motivational gurus claim to have once been homeless, for example. In most cases everything they talk about happened so long ago that the details of their “homelessness” are often difficult or impossible to substantiate.

      However, many of these “storytellers” also brag about their present lives in ways that CAN be verified or shown to be false. They just can’t seem to help themselves. They lie about or exaggerate details about their lavish lifestyles, and they lie about their earnings and the performance of their companies. All of these lies, of course, are calculated to inspire hopeful or desperate people to give them money. Again, the hook is, “If I could do it, you can too!” And that’s often a lie on more than one level, for not only are any good results not easily repeatable, but very often those results are a lie in the first place.

      And in my opinion, a tiny disclaimer line occasionally running along the bottom of the screen during an Anthony Morrison infomercial (to name but one relevant example) does not make the deception any less despicable.

      1. @Cosmic Connie, so what’s the point on criticizing this guys? You won’t wake up people anyway!

        What you guys get out of this?

        I mean, guys like Louis Theroux… at least they are earning something:

        Hehe… look specialy for the Marshall Sylver part! =D

        1. @Aristoletes Italia, Perhaps some people will be “awakened” by reading a critical blog post, at least in the sense of being prompted to think twice before throwing their money away.

          What do we get out of it? you ask. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I find snarking to be very entertaining for me, and apparently my snarking has entertained others as well. Also, I hear fairly frequently from people who say one of my posts has helped them in some way. I have no doubt that Salty hears from grateful people all the time.

          I also occasionally earn money from this activity, though of course not on the same level as, say, the Chicken Soup perps.

          And what do *you* get out of speaking up for the hustledorks?

          1. @Cosmic Connie, by critcizing the gurus you get popularity, status and perhaps money.

            It’s like the fish that’s behind the shark, waiting the shark bit his food, so you get a few morsels.

            More sells. The more you criticize these guys, the more power they get.

            Bad publicity is still publicity.

            1. @Aristoletes Italia,

              Of course, because we’re all using our real names and/or pitching some product.

              OH WAIT..

          2. @Cosmic Connie,
            I think Aristotle doesn’t give a toss about what the other gurus get out of it, he is only concerned with rationlising his own darkside activities any way he can.

  15. Uncle Ralph, where Law of Attraction started?

    Before “The Secret”, there was “The Strangest Secret” by Nightingale. Before Nightingale there was Napoleon Hill, before Hill, The “New Thought” Movement and on and on.

    The Bible talks about it.

    Way before the Bible caveman made drawings in the walls, a magic ritual design to improve the hunting.

    What’s wrong in selling information about it, even though It’s not new?

    1. @Aristoletes Italia, You are missing my point. The modern day “buy me” proucts are all repackagings of something very basic, that is already out there. It is being presented as something “new” to get money out of you. It is not simply “selling information.” It is an intentional, deceptive representation. When someone takes something that is simple common knowledge, and claims it as a new invention of their own, then they are being deceptive.

      Many people go from paying for one repackaging of the same thing to another, because of the repackaging alone. Just look at “internet marketing” as an example.

      Perhaps I can offer you some “information” about a special secret I call “The Podatric Technology Connectivity Solution,” or T.P.T.C.S. It is only $50 for a limited time. You may know this secret better as, “How to tie your shoes.”

    2. @Aristoletes Italia,

      If it would be advertised this way, no problem with me. But instead it’s assumed that:

      1) The information is either new or arranged in a more sensible manner.
      2) The information is provably true.
      3) The information is practical and applicable to my specific problem, such as “If you’re looking for long-term investments, pick an industry you know, ignore minor short-term losses/gains and base your decisions on Graham-style evaluation”, and unlike “If you’re looking for money, talk to an invisible spirit in the sky and he’ll give it to you if you think fuzzy feelings for long enough”.

      That’s practically not the case anywhere. The “New thought movement” is a bowl full of pseudoscience, Nightingale (openly!) created the strangest secret as a tool to motivate Holiday Magic’s salespeople and Hill was broke at the end of his life, which is not the best advertisement for s.o. who’s claiming to have found the secret of success. And don’t get me started on the Bible.

      1. @Clark, have you ever watched or went to some Dan Kennedy seminars?

        He openly tells how It is. He was the first one I saw that mentioned that Hill was broke in the end of his life in the “Wealth Attraction for Entrepreuners Seminar”.

        He even recommends Eric Hoffers magnum opus: “The True Believer”.

        The same book that was also recommended by Dick Sutphen in the vintage classical article from the Internet Book of Shadows, Mind Control Techniques.

        By the way, Dick is himself a good example of a larger than life new age personality, who also, probably, consulted with Dan Kennedy.

        1. @Aristoletes Italia,

          Dick Sutphen is full of bullshit. As is all new thought and New Age stuff. Not only that, New Age is the new version of Nazism that is bent on persecuting Christianity instead of Judaism (although you’re bound to find antisemitism too, if you listen to Jordan Maxwell and Mike Tsarian). They even make unproven historical claims to prove their points.

          I am familiar with Ericcsonian Hypnosis & NLP but when a guy claims that he and his wife were married in another life, that subliminal messages work, that his wife has automatic writing and channeling abilities, that you can develop psychic abilities by listening to some of his hypnotic tapes… man… you’d be insane to take him seriously.

          And BTW… From my point of view he even doesn’t know how to do hypnosis at all. I’ve got 3 of his tapes and remember, I’m a certified hypnotherapist and NLP Licensed Practitioner myself, so I know what I’m talking about.

          You my friend, are caught in a cloud of bullshit so thick that can’t even distinguish what’s fable from matter of fact.

          Oh, and I know my Bible too. I assure you that the Bible doesn’t talk about Law of Attraction in any way shape or form. Unless of course one is to take phrases out of context. I’ve debated this over and over so again I am sure of it. I’ve been an idiot new ager myself too so I know all about LOA and believe me… not in the Bible or QUaran or Eightfold Path, or Upanishads… it’s nowhere in sacred texts.

          Cavemen drew animals to improve hunting? How do you know? Did you ask them? That is only speculation based on the fact that some were found attacked by stones and drawn wounded but any honest anthropologist will tell you that we don’t know why.

          Even if they believed what you claim, it doesn’t mean they were right. Stop believing what conmen sold you and get back to the Newtonian world. We love you… you’re welcome here! :)

          1. @Mark M, I prefer the Eisteinian world than the Newtonian world.

            Speaking for the caveman you can read people like Eric Hoffer and Joseph Campbell about how caveman made drawings in their cave as a magical act.

            The rain dance was also a work of sympathetic magic made by the ancients.

            LOA is nothing than a simplified version of magic. Or magicK with the K, if you may.

            In the Bible “LOA” if you call it, is present in lots of passages, for example:

            Mattew 7:7

            New International Version (©1984)
            “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

            Some of our founding fathers like Ben Franklin were into Astrology too.

            By the way, I`m not confusing Astrology and occult with the everyday horoscope in celeb magazines or the local newspaper.

            I agree that Dick’s products may not be that legit. Simply because he manufacture his new personality to begin with. He planned to sell to that hungry market of new agers and modified his appearance accordingly. That is, in a way, what Frank Kern did with his whole “surfer persona”. He is what his clientele wants to be. To the point that even Andy Jenkins dyed his hair blonde.

            Freud explains.

            1. @Aristoletes Italia,
              You’re well hooked Aristotle, as hooked as Lee Kuan by believing what is written by similarly hooked people as indisputable fact. Like i said, try some joined up thinking–you may get lucky and find an opinion of your own that is at least as bizarre as any of those ‘authorities’ you quote.
              Then you can sell it on the internet as the latest wheeze from on high.

            2. @Aristoletes Italia,

              The Einsteinian world as you call it has long been proven wrong. I think you mean quantum world. The problem is that it is based on mathematical models but IT IS NOT SCIENCE.

              Mathematically I can prove to you that there is a correlation between the movement of the stars and the Dow Jones but correlation doesn’t mean causality or relationship!

              Science deals with the observable and repeatable. Quantum physics in NOT.

              It’s the same problem with astrology. You can show a coincidence between world events and star positions but assuming that one is causing the other is naive and against logic. I guess you know who Aristotle was; ask him about logic!!!

              People are of course ignorance of this idea that “correlation doesn’t mean causality or relationship” so you get nutcases like Dr. John Hagelin stating that due to meditation the Dow Jones went up (never mind that whenever that happens employment goes down), or that less accidents happened (like there’s an actual way of quantifying that objectively).

              As I said, I was a New Ager idiot so I followed this stuff. But one can’t keep believing such stuff when one ACTUALLY LEARNS TO THINK. Are you a seeker of truth? Then learn to THINK! It’s your only hope.

              Your quote from Matthew is not hard evidence about law of attraction in the Bible in any way. It could equally be telling the disciples to “just take action” or “to be persistent”.
              It becomes evident that what is being taught here is persistence when you compare that verse with Luke 18:1-8 which teaches persistence not attraction. Teaching from the same source would contain consistency and similarity of theme/message.

              It is like claiming that Job 3:25 is related to LOA
              “What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me.”

              It say that what he feared came. It doesn’t say that it came BECAUSE OF the fear!

              You see LOA in the Bible only if you are wearing the LOA tinted glasses.

              Oh and MagiK. Stay away from that stuff. You like me have probably seen it work so I won’t argue about that but take a friendly warning. I lost count of the number of people that were driven crazy, miserable or committed suicide after dabbling in it. You seem like a nice guy, I don’t want anything of that sort to happen to you (or anyone).

        2. @Aristoletes Italia,

          True, and that’s probably why so many of Kennedy’s students aren’t quite friends with the law…and me, for that matter.

          If you read his biography, it’s pretty easy to see that Kennedy isn’t quite as fond of people as the next guy, so his obsession with scamming (i.e., his book on the topic) becomes a bit more understandable.

          This shouldn’t make one think that these actions are laudable just because one of the grandfathers of the industry explained how they worked, but that everybody has to decide for themselves what to do, what to respect, and what to publicly object to.

          Honestly, I kinda like it this way. I don’t appreciate somebody spoon-feeding me my moral categories as if I were listening to some neocon radio show; I make my own decisions and “Be oblivious and/or passive about unethical business operations” hasn’t been one of them so far.

  16. Uncle, still, why is it bad to rehash? The person can give his own interpretation to the already told old method and maybe give a new understanding to people.

    Every year a new model of car is launched. Nobody trashes the automobile industry for this.

    Apple does the same stuff, but a bit more cult-marketing aggresive, heh.

    1. @Aristoletes Italia, Actually, people *do* trash the auto industry all the time (and the makers of other manufactured goods, for that matter) for giving us more of the same-old same-old. For decades people have been griping, in one way or another, about issues such as planned obsolescence, about overpriced and often essentially useless upgrades, and most of all, about the constant pressure marketers put on consumers to buy, buy, buy the latest, greatest model or gadget, which is very often not much of an improvement on the previous year’s model or gadget. (And of course there have been quality issues for years with U.S. auto manufacturers — issues that are finally being addressed by the manufacturers.)

      The difference between a car or an Apple product and, say, a New-Wage “business opportunity” or LOA infoproduct, is that the car or the Apple product generally has a clearly demonstrable utility. Also, since technology is in fact changing rapidly, in some cases the “next generation” really is an improvement over the previous one.

      Moreover, despite the many layers of seductive messaging in automobile or Apple commercials, the manufacturers aren’t *literally* promising that buying the product will make you rich or happy — at least not in the sense that the sellers of selfish-help products are making those promises.

    2. @Aristoletes Italia, auto manufacturers don’t claim their product will get you to the moon and back. All these get-rich-quick scammers are making false claims. Doesn’t really matter if their “product” is rehashed or original – they are in the business of deceiving people. Marketing is about creating a desire for products. Deception is not marketing, it’s just deception.

      1. @Unicorn Army,

        Evil does not exist in deception itself, but rather in the user and uses.

        Human beings will invest time and energy with those who can benefit them the most, now or sometime in the future. The giver always benefits equally or more than the recipients

        We should lend a hand to ambitious and capable individuals for the sake of self-preservation.

        Through service, you will increase your value to others.

        1. @Aristoletes Italia,

          Now I know why you use Italia as a second name. Your thought process mimics Machiavelli and Mussolini.

          What you are describing when you say… (quoting)”Evil does not exist in deception itself, but rather in the user and uses.

          Human beings will invest time and energy with those who can benefit them the most, now or sometime in the future. The giver always benefits equally or more than the recipients ” (end quote)

          … that’s called FASCISM, which is related to elitism, nepotism and corporatism and guess what?

          It is disliked because it works only for a select few. It could only be created in a country famous for mafia and andrangeta. Basically you are advocating the approach that goes: Oppress the masses so that the few get fatter than they need to be. It’s SICK! Period!

          Mind you I love Italy. I’m actually partly Italian myself. What I don’t like is the above mentioned, sick philosophies it has produces.

          All people are talented. All people are to be helped and supported if they are honest. Those that are not, should be neutered. It’s dishonesty that ruins mankind, not lack of talent.

          There is NO race against others for self preservation. That kind of thinking comes from the theory of evolution, central to Fascism, Nazism, Communism. Evolution, while being scientifically unproved, unprovable, not accounted for and yet responsible for more murders in the 20th century than all wars combined in the previous 19 centuries. All because it creates these unfair political systems.

          What there really is, is called greed to the point of dishonesty. Those that are greedy are the ones that must be weakened.

          1. @Mark M, trust me, US of A is not that far from Italy and Germany in those years.

            The same tatics that they used, they still use.

            But you americans are to FREE to see the truth. Your freedom is an illusion.

            1. @Aristoletes Italia,

              I agee with that. America is not free from fascism.

              But my point is that you are advocating it, pehpas without realizing it.

    3. @Aristoletes Italia,

      Aristotle, you ain’t selling cars and you sure ain’t Apple. You are selling bupkiss.

  17. I remember getting called by one of these guys. I sometimes buy the teaser products from these guru types to check out their back end. Usually sucks, both product- and marketing-wise, but if you’re somewhat masochistic, it’s a lot of fun. I once got a guy to tell me that yes, his pitch was full of lies, but it converted the best! Good times. Anyway, the conversation:

    “So, are you familiar with using credit cards [for your business]?”
    “May I ask how many cards you’re currently using?”
    “About 5-7, depends how broad you define ‘currently'”
    “And what would that limit on these cards be?”
    “That’s irrelevant.”
    “(silence)…[some weird nonsense about how important it is to know how much I can “invest” in my future]”
    “(facepalm)…You invest money you own. You don’t go ‘Gee, I’ll borrow money for LIBOR plus 11% to put in my home-made soap selling website.'”
    “So you’re only paying 11% in interest? I gotta say, I have some experience with banks and that’s pretty cheap!”
    (He apparently doesn’t know what LIBOR is, yet he’s “experienced” with banks – I’m half laughing, half pissed I didn’t say bps to confuse him further)
    “That’s not exactly it. Let me put it this way: If you’re considering 11% cheap, you’ll probably consider trailer parks luxury housing.”
    (Read following sentence with absurdly exaggerated emphases) “Listen, if you’re UNWILLING to INVEST in YOUR future, this program is NOT going to work out for YOU. I’ve seen millions of people work with this approach and if you don’t believe i…”
    “Well, (putting on trollface) maybe that’s why I run a real business and you’re stuck in a shitty cold-selling job.” (Hang up)

    I was just getting started back then, but it still felt pretty great. I’m kinda sorry for the guy looking back, however you gotta be kind of a dick to do these jobs anyway, so I’ll just call it Karma.


    1. @Clark, Obviously the quizzing about credit-card limits is s.o.p. with the boiler room operations, including Joe Vitale’s “Miracles Coaching” scheme, which is currently being handled by Utah’s Prosper Learning. Not long ago Jonathan Timar, the In The Limelight blogger, confronted Joe about what he, Jonathan, thought were high-pressure tactics from the Miracles Coaching crew.

      This portion of Joe’s response to Jonathan is classic: “I apologize if you felt you were being ‘high pressured’ into our program. We often find it to be a fine line between encouraging people to make a change that they need to in their life and being ‘too pushy’. I hope you can understand.”

      Yeah, I think we understand pretty well.

    1. @LALALA, Thanks for that link! **HOLY CRAP** this guy Anthony Morrison is a major hustler. Even WORSE than I imagined from reading Salty’s post, which really made him look bad to begin with! Wow. If there ever was a need for the FTC, this is it!

  18. Of course we can also find the obligatory “children’s charity”:

    “We expect 2009 to be an even bigger year for the Christmas For Kids program. This year I have had the privelage of meeting people around the country such as Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup Author), Dean Graziosi (Real Estate Expert, Author), Sharon Lechter (Author Three Feet From Gold) and so many others. I plan to utilize my connections and newfound friendships with these leading people to really expand our program.

    They are all seasoned in business and charitable giving. I really think I can personally learn so much from each one of them and in turn ill make this program an even bigger success.. which means we will help more kids!”

    “Anyway I sponsored 5 kids from Childhaven in Seattle, Washington and my girlfriends parents sponsored 15! This allowed us to take care of 20 kids who no doubt have had some rough times in their lives.”

    Hmm. I wonder what led them to such rough-times, mr. Morrison?

    1. @Jack, How do you like this picture:

      Apparently, Adrian must be Anthony’s brother. Adrian also wants to show you how he “made 34k in 10 days!” after you give him your email here:

      Anthony’s automotive parts business address comes up in google as being located in a house. Imagine that. Adrian’s web site is registered to the same address, and a search also shows a couple of other, much older folks living there, perhaps their PARENTS?! That is obviously the sign of SUPER success! (Maybe he got his boiler room experience while repairing the family boiler.)

      Check the comments below for even more interesting linkages. It seems Anthony has had his hands in a number of different pots…so let us all keep on digging, shall we?

    1. Morrison says in that ad offering to sell his “profitable” business that he is “starting medical school in August” (of 2004)…hilarious. By now he must be a brain surgeon AND a shyster! LOL

      But it gets even better!

      Just take that phone number he gave in the ad and google it, and you get even MORE dirt. Lots more to uncover if you go through the listings:

      This guy is one helluva piece of work!

      1. @Frank,

        He’s got balls I’ll give him that!

        His pops’ obviously has money, I reckon he’s backing him or even he’s the face for his pops’ company/dream.

        1. @Juice, Yeah, there may be something more to this story. It just has too many legs, and the business/home address looks to be occupied by a couple of much older adults as well, according to an online search.

    2. @Juice, HA! And check out this ultra profitable business now… oh wait… the site’s down. Crazy! I’da thunk an outright success like that would still be alive and going… or at least have a re-direct. Nope.


    3. @Juice, Here’s the funniest part of that forum post.

      First, he claims this:

      “This business has a full ecommerce store setup with everything the new owner needs to start making $6,000 a month profit.”

      So it sounds as if the business is NOT making $6K profit a month, but the new owner COULD start making that much at some point.

      Then, he says this:

      “I have ALL information needed to show the profits and sales for the business. In 4 months we have done $160k in sales and made $24k in profit.”

      So which is it?

      Was $6K in profit IN FACT earned or only POTENTIALLY earned?

      And why the insistence that you have “ALL information needed to show the profits” of the business?

      No sane business person would ever consider buying a business without proof of revenue and profit. It goes without saying that you’d have proof of your claims.

      Most damning evidence of all… and are both parked domains. No business there. Not even redirected to another web site.

      Which means the business ultimately failed under Morrison’s guidance or his successor’s.

      1. @Ryan Healy,

        Offtopic, but reminded me of a hilarious biz-op: You could make up to $11,000* a month! In fact, the seller made over $22,000* in just 60 days, get started now yadayada.

        What was it? Exclusive rights to a christmas decorations supply store model, and guess which 60 days he used for his numbers. Sold right afterwards, too, I wonder why.

        *Numbers made up, don’t remember originals.

      2. @Ryan Healy,

        Having been in e-commerce since 2000 myself I know how tough it is without financial backing and the statistics are there to prove how many e-commerce sites struggle to turn a profit until year 3 on (if they make it that far at all). Small businesses especially seem to hit a plateaux at which point they need investment to get to the next level.

        My point here is why BS publicly like Anthony Morrison did and does? Who actually claims in one of the videos i watched yesterday that the CoolBluePerformance website made him a million dollars and got his poor old pops out of debt. Maybe a Million Lira, but certainly not dollars.

        I’d put my house on it that he folded the website wil losses and quit with his tail between his legs and ran to daddy for help.

        As stated previously I think this guy will be the face for his dads company. It happend in the UK with some younger guys and what happened? They fell out with daddy, got bored and quit.

        Lets see what happens if he doesn’t bend over far enough for Frank Kern and his bum-boys.

        P.S. For whoever is still interested, I bought Frank Kerns book a few months back, to see if he’s as good as he claims, “I’m the highest paid copywriter online” said Frank in his Facebook ads.

        How the F@*k does he know? He’s never even asked how much I earn for starters, let alone some of the better copywriters online. My opinion: SD is 10 times better than Frank Kern at copy, Frank uses words like Weird and Strange to sell an ebook about a hungarian teapot – Boooooooring!

        RIP Anthony Morrison’s Bollox and Frank Kerns Bollox copy!

        1. @Juice, I actually owned a substantial ecommerce biz for years (revenues in the millions). It does take money to make money, and usually more than people expect. I was buying massive quantities of physical goods and had a lot of cash tied up. You can’t compete with everyone else (honestly, that is) without plenty of cash. Otherwise, you are not in a business you can defend and scale. Most “low investment” businesses have too few barriers to entry to be contenders for the big time.

          This guy, however, was doing DROP SHIPPING, which is very difficult to make money at consistently, long term. And the headaches are enormous (extra delays, mis-shipped goods, mistakes beyond your control, etc.). It’s a logistical nightmare. You’ll NEVER earn an “A” rating at the BBB, which in turn further hurts your sales! The fact that someone is drop shipping also tells you what their resources probably are (not good). The margins are WAY thinner, and without cash and quantity buys, you just can’t get sufficient margins. Forget about “boot strapping.”

          Any fool can “get into” drop shipping, but it’s the large suppliers that win, not the sellers. There’s always some idiot who thinks selling for 10% over the already lousy drop ship pricing is a viable way to beat the competition, but that just forces everyone else to do the same. Pretty soon, none of the drop shippers are making money. That kills that “drop shipping” segment. Almost always, drop shipping is a dumb way to go into business. Anybody who claims to be an exception will not be claiming that indefinitely.

          The bottom line is that this guy was trying to sell a shaky “business” built on nothing, and it was worth exactly that: nothing. What a con!

          1. @Larry, Some good points Larry and for anyone interested in ecommerce (and I mean real products with real value not some bullshit info product or downloadable mp3 file, which is also ecommerce if money is exchanged online), its not all doom and gloom, but it is tough and needs real balls and real money to succeed.

            My take on drop shipping. It can come with headaches like Larry says, including the need to chase orders for customers and such like, you effectively become a relay between your customer and supplier which is not good, in house shipping gives you full control. So drop shipping is all about asking good questions and selecting a supplier based on the answers, however much of this comes down to experience.

            But as they say “Bought Experience is the Best Experience”.

            What you can do is tap into a supplier/distributor that already has a shipping/delivery channel and the majority of these will already drop ship for no extra charge. I worked with some superb suppliers who drop shipped for me at no cost (approx 30-40 suppliers) so they are out there, if you ask.

            Now, the drop ship/fulfilment charges would typically wipe your GP down to close to zero when its through a specialist or sole drop ship company or fulfilment house I believe they are called in the US. Built purposely to make margin on the product, the shipping and the handling.

            So the difference here is the latter (in my experience) are essentially marketing companies simply selling a range of products to make money on the product + handling + shipping and the former (the distributor often slash retailer) actually sell the goods first for profit and do as they are called, distribute at a realistic price and make a few quid (I’m in the UK) on the shipping.

            Both options sound similar but there is a subtle yet important difference to understand, which ultimately equals more money and less hassle for you the end retailer.

            So as Larry says beware of these drop ship companies set up only since the net was born and designed purely to make insane margins on product, shipping and handling. You’ll know when you find one of these companies, they normally sell a massive range of sh*te products like coffee machines, watches and iPod cases and don’t specialise in one particular category of products.

            All the best

  19. ***** MORE *****

    Here is an interesting inquiry in Yahoo Questions from someone who’s GRANDPARENT went to one of their “seminars,” and the person responding did a great job researching, too:

    That should give you an idea of the target “mark,” and it is just as SD predicted in his post!

    The link shown for the corporate lookup has changed though. The new one is:

    If you click on the “Officers and Directors” link, a new name comes into play: J. ROGER MORRISON, listed as “Treasurer, Secretary, Director” with Anthony Morrison being “President, Director.” I believe that Roger may be Anthony’s father.

  20. I watched a dateline special last night about Nigerian Scamming operations.

    They set up a face to face meeting with one of them that was operating out of the United States. They had taken this lady for 200,000.

    In the end the guy got like 2 years in jail … doesn’t seem like the punishment fits the crime. He should have gotten way more than that. Plus he will probably get out and just start scamming again.

    I didn’t know where to throw this comment but I think it relates here because what many of these guys are doing is essentially the same thing.

    Frustrating that all the different punishments for different crimes in different jurisdictions (state, federal, etc) carry such different punishment.

    1. @Long Time Reader, I guess this is good a place as any to mention last night’s Dateline special. I watched it too and thought about this blog. What’s even worse than the short sentence for the scammer is that they didn’t catch all of the guy’s accomplices. So I’m sure the scam is still going in his absence, as are countless similar operations.

      And while we’re on the topic, below is a link to an article about the HUGE collection of scams behind those ubiquitous “tiny belly” online animated ads. The FTC is on to some of these people, but since so many different companies are involved, and since so many other scammers in unrelated companies are using the same formula, the Feds are barely making a dent in the activity.

      I have little doubt that a bit of digging behind some of the participating companies would reveal some names that are quite familiar to readers of this blog.

    2. @Long Time Reader, LOL… you are comparing Nigerian fraud scams with business.

      Good apples to oranges comparision!

      1. @Aristoletes Italia, why do I receive thumbs down from anonymous people?

        Talk about group think mentality here!

        You may close your wallets to scammers, but at least OPEN your minds to opinions different than yours.

        You don’t have to BUY MY SHIT if you don’t WANT TO.

        1. @Aristoletes Italia, Perhaps instead of lamenting feedback (and it is feedback, anonymous or not), you should consider that your currently embraced perspective may be less than compatible with the world in which you live? And given that, perhaps you should consider the old adage: “When In Rome…”

        2. @Aristoletes Italia,
          No love for you here Aristotle, in fact we’re all intending LOA style that you drown in your YOUR SHIT, or your bath or whatever.

          Metaphorically speaking, of course, for the peaceable amongst us.

        3. @Aristoletes Italia, @Aristoletes Italia, You’re far from the first and probably won’t be the last to come on to this forum swinging your individualist/contrarian sword, perhaps with big dreams of slashing through the “group mentality” and giving all of us members of Salty’s “cult” a good dose of “reality.” That “reality” comes in the form not only of opinions we’ve all heard before, but of history lessons (and skewed interpretations of history) that hash over material with which most of us are already very familiar. Then you can smugly label anyone who disagrees with you and/or gives your comments a thumbs-down as a closed-minded cult member who fears opinions that aren’t in sync with the party line here. It’s a pattern that I think most of us who have been on any online forum for any length of time have seen many times before.

          Regarding your opinions on this forum, I suspect that neither the opinions nor the information you’ve shared here are new to most of us. That doesn’t mean I think that people who hold such opinions shouldn’t be allowed to have their say — they should, of course — but they also shouldn’t be surprised when people disagree, treat them like a troll, or question their motives.

          As for your motives, maybe you just like to argue. It could be that you have some financial or emotional stake in some of the people or groups or schemes that critical bloggers such as Salty write about. Perhaps things are slow out there in Portugal and you’re bored. In any case, you really don’t have much cause for complaint about having your comments voted down. I get negative votes here all the time, though I suspect most are from people who share your opinions rather than from those who hold to the “group mentality.” And that brings me to another point: everyone gets a vote here, with the exception of some real trolls who apparently get themselves banned or severely restricted. There are simply more participants here who agree with Salty’s p.o.v. than disagree.

          1. @Cosmic Connie, It’s not Portugal, It’s Brazil.

            I am in no way, shape or form affiliated with any of the people mentioned in that blog since It’s beginning.

            I am just in favor of freedom of speech and diversity of opinion.

            But okay, I got the lesson, from now on I’ll just observe.

      2. @Aristoletes Italia,

        It’s kind of the same thing … these are just scams wearing a “business costume.”

  21. I just heard that quote I had to post it here:

    ‘When you are skinning your customers, you should leave some skin on to heal, so that you can skin them again.’

    – Nikita Khrushchev

    1. @Aristoletes Italia,

      Marshal Zhukov, who could not only out-think but also out-perform Khrushchev and all his cronies, said:

      “If they attack, we will defend. If they do not attack until winter comes, then we will and will tear them to shreds!”

    2. @Aristoletes Italia ::

      And to quote myself {who I prefer to Khrushchev} :: fuck off loser!

      Can you believe I let you spew all this stupid shit all weekend?

      It’s like it rained idiot in here and now everything is all musty smelling.

  22. Salty,
    People are hard-wired to learn to do almost anything and “success” can and does leave clues.


    The idea that anyone or even most people can be successful in any kind of business, what to say a “turn key/no brainer” business is certainly a con, shuck and scam.

    Even assuming that any of these biz-ops had the potential for working(which I don’t assume at all), I can tell you from experience that running a business takes focus, devotion, constant monitoring, team work, dedication, and commitment.

    And you can’t buy those qualities/traits for any price. Some people can learn to train them in, and some people who already have them can learn to hone them better having some good models to follow.

    But getting them from a course on the Internet? Or assuming that you don’t need them because the biz-op runs itself whilst you sleep?

    No way…


    1. @Ross Jeffries ::

      … and also you left out luck.

      … timing … placement … connections … quality of the competition … yada yada

      More than 50% is always out of your control … nothing that comes in a box … or a book … or a “coaching” program … or a university … can ever make up for the fact that it’s a chaotic and unpredictable world in which the only guarantee is death.

    2. @Ross Jeffries,

      True. And even the methods that did work years ago – direct linking, aff. marketing w/ nothing but a boring landing page – got professionalized quickly enough to send opportunity seekers looking for the next fix. Hansen/Vitale just pick up scrap after it all broke down to sell to the absolute newbies.

      Now it’s local- and social media marketing, give it 2-3 years and that’ll be overtaken by serious competitors and Koenigs’ boyz will have to look for something else. Maybe you should send the guy one of your books, so he’d screw that assistant of his and leave us the hell alone.

  23. I found somebody who can finally tell us and show us some more details abou t what mr. Morrison tells people to do:

    I like that at 5:00 – 5:30 in the video she talks about man who says making landing pages is so much work, but she can prove he is wrong, because I found the landing pages she made. And they must be the top-notch ones, too, because she says she went to the mr. Morrison live events and got to meet Anthony Morrison. Here are the ones she and some person named Mike made:

    Some of the things I found out about making landing pages from studying up onto their examples are these things:

    From these two below I learned that you better not be too wordy on your landing pages:

    From the two you see right here below I learned about getting in good with your hosting company by letting them make money from your parked pages:

    From these below I decided you better not disclose your affiliate links on the landing pages you made:

    Also about the credit-cardreviews one I decided it’s good to have a good eye for design and it could be good to find a professional artist, designer, or maybe even a photography place which could be either Lisa Lafrance Photography or a different one maybe.

    But if you can’t make the landing pages or do the design, then probably it’s OK to get some one-on-one coaching or maybe just do the coaching yourself, too:

    And the site is where I learned about that I should do single-optin when I signed up for her newsletter and also I can’t find the address in the email she sent me so I can send her a thank you note, because
    it didn’t go to her $900,000 house I found some other places.

    1. Lisa …

      I just said your name.

      Think about it …

      Lisa …


      Make all those pages go away pronto.

  24. One thing we need to remember about boiler rooms maybe is that it’s a way of Getting America Back 2 Work where we can find
    …mr. Morrison being interviewed on Fox 9 News
    …anthony with Paula Abdul, from American Idol
    …anthony with Bob Proctor
    …anthony with Richard Branson
    …many testimonials mentioning specific dollar amounts so mr. Morrison can get in good with the FTC, such as:

    “First Paycheck: Over $2,000 For 3 Weeks!” from a mr. Steve “B.” (but I don’t know if that’s his real last name for sure).

    “Within a week I made around $250. I’m on my fourth week now and I should be around $500 or more for this week.” from a mr. Dan Miller

    “I make a six-figure income, and was able to pay for my first house in cash with the money I’ve made.” from a Justin “K.” (again, I think he’s using a pseudo-surname there).

    He is the pride of Mississipi he is:

    1. @Jack, Hi Jack. It’s good to see Anthony Morrison giving specific dollar figures that people can expect to receive after giving Anthony the specific dollar figure he asks them for.

      I was thinking that maybe the federal budget deficit problem could be solved if everyone working for the FTC signed up for Anthony’s program, and then they put all that big money in the U.S. treasury.

      Maybe Anthony could have his boiler room call all the people at the FTC and let them know the U.S. government could get rich very fast if they all signed up for the program. But the FTC will have to act fast or they will miss the opportunity, probably.

    1. @Jack, Hi Jack. I couldn’t see your video. I think Salty may be using the stealth video plugin. Do you know what this week’s secret access combination is? If you do, put it in a comment and change the first number to a 7 in case it falls into the wrong hands. If the first number is already a 7, just change it to a different 7. Thanks.

      1. @Luther, Hi Luther, at first I thought maybe it was because I was trying to do the split-testing of the comments and left some of the variables too empty.

        But then I thought about the stealth video plugin and maybe thought you were right, but when I changed the 7 to 柒 like you told me about the URL wouldn’t work at all anymore.

        But I made some solutions so people can see the pride of Mississipi on Mississipi news television right here below: is one way (remove plus signs)
        & then maybe also:

        but that last one might be the stealth video plugin/#7(柒) problem.

  25. Anthony Morrison is a a “pitch-man” for Dean Graziosi. The way it works
    is this. Dean puts up all the money for the infomercial, sends all the leads to a sales floor in Utah and pays this kid very little.

    This Dean Graziosi Scam has been happening for years. First with his Motor Millions then with his real estate investing scams… he is a complete joke. I attended his Edge event and it was quite obvious he has very little experience in real estate. He is going into other niches because the real estate market is dead. Enter Anthony Morrison.


  26. I’ve never seen this Anthony guy before, but I feel like trolling for a minute.

    You all really should do something better with your time. I’m sure his shit sucks, but really, did he burn you all that bad?

    You cats should use your internet skills and apply them to Anthony’s Advertising Profits Home! Then you could be rich like Anthony and then you guys can best friends. HA

    1. @Anthony Fake Morrison,

      Jeebus… Mark Victor Hansen must love him some pedo-stubble on his boi-toys.

      For those of you who forget, this is the Bastard from the “Scamming Two Debbie’s” post.

      My rage for this guy is infinite. I wish I could dip his scrotum in liquid nitrogen, and kick it. Like the end scene of Demolition Man. But I’m sounding too much like a Bond villain at this point.

      This is more shitty than the members of the combined. (I only post the link cause I want it to be fucking assassinated). Although, they’ll probably being JV’ing the fuck out of this.

      I for seriously don’t even know what can be done to combat this type of shit. So I’m posting here. In a vain attempt someone will see it.

      Anthony Morrison Scam SEO. Anthony Morrison Scam SEO. Anthony Morrison Scam SEO. Anthony Morrison Scam SEO. Anthony Morrison Scam SEO.

      Or some shit…. I’m getting drunk and going to sleep.


  27. There are major businesses that people start a career with. Ask youself do they make large money from the start. No they start make effort learn and over time they make more. The top people will make more for various reasons usually through learning training more effort and focused determination. I say your very uneducated if you think it can be done any other way thats legal.

    1. @,

      I can see how you would arrive at that conclusion after reading about Debbie. Debbie is certainly uneducated in the ways of the Internet. And Anthony Morrison promises lots of money, fast.

      But many of the scams covered on this site only promise supplemental income or a more enjoyable way to earn your income, and many of the people who begin believing are quite educated. Usually they get caught up in the lure of easy Internet monies when they are having some sort of personal crisis.

      Commenter @Slowly Waking said he was lured in after the “one-two-three punch” of a breakup, sudden unemployment, and a natural disaster. Health problems led commenter @Dr Geek, a medical doctor, to begin subscribing to scammers’ lists and – if I recall correctly – purchase a few $7 e-books. @What the what sampled some free seminars after quitting her successful but miserable career as a lawyer. Both this site and The Verge’s “Scamworld” article have touched on the story of lawyer Richard Joseph, who was scammed out of $20,000 while he was in the hospital.

      Education will not protect you from these con artists.

    2. @Anonymous, Can you tell me more about the “learning training” so I can stop my uneducation and start make effort learn?

  28. I went to one of these “boiler rooms” and got boiled for $1500.00. The marketing and landing page software was worse than Godaddy’s website builder, and, using Morrison’s technique, I only spent money and made very, very little. I learned that others were having the same failure.

    So, I did some studying, created my own system and it has done me very well. I now try to help people avoid such rip-off artists and learn how to really make money online for themselves.

    A word of caution: Watch out for his brother, Adrian, who is following in his big brother’s sly footsteps.

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