The Business Inside of Maria Andros

The Reflection of Henry Blodget

Maria Andros is a Powerhouse Leader of Leadership :: and other various things :: such as … etc.

You thought she was scum? Because of that thing where you know how to read and sometimes do?

Well that’s why you’re not a powerhouse {whatever the fuck that is} leader of leadership getting yourself quoted in Business Insider :: a big fancy pants respected website …

15 Daily Habits Of Powerhouse Leaders

According to Cindy Ratzlaff :: the article’s distinguished author …

“Ever since the publication of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey, people been fascinated with the notion that there are some common traits, habits, rituals or routines that all successful people embrace.”

Yes :: that’s when it started … with Stephen R. Covey. Before that people were like :: “powerful people … meh … who cares?” :: but AfterCovey {AC} commenced a feeding frenzy of people selling people on the idea that they could teach other people to sell other people on the idea that maybe someone out there could answer the question about what exactly one needs to do to be successful … recipe book style.

Cindy Ratzlaff has herself a hunch that maybe there aren’t recipe book style habits that one can adopt to succeed. See :: different people are different :: that’s what we learned today on Sesame Street. There’s a hundred ways to skin a cat … if you seriously hate cats.

“In speaking with leaders in a wide variety of fields, I’ve come to realize that this is not entirely true.  The habits or routines followed by leaders are as diverse as are their talents.”

Good point Cindy :: a bit :: you know like I said :: Sesame Street :: but accurate. There aren’t any secrets to success. Most successful people have no idea why they’ve been successful. It can’t be patterned :: or modeled :: or predicted. Anyone who tells you they have the secrets to success is a liar :: and if they try to sell you those secrets they’re a con. So just try to be yourself. Try to find the things that you are :: and embrace them :: without regard for what others are doing … or have done. Maybe YOU are the one we have all been waiting for?

… or something.

Those were some points that might have followed the sesame-epiphany that Covey was just some bullshit that spawned some even worser bullshit :: but instead Cindy went with quoting “the habits” of fifteen “powerhouse leaders” … read them and apply them to your life! Unless your life is different from their lives :: in which case reading about their “habits” will be about as useful to you as a big bag of dicks. Still :: maybe you want a bag of dicks … some people do you know.

Maria wears her stupid on her sleeves :: even when she goes sleeveless :: it’s something all powerhouses can do. Here’s the quote in its full epic-in-a-bad-way glory …

Maria Andros, The Video Marketing Queen, creator of The Social Media Traffic Blueprint and The Video Conversion Formula.

“I think that the biggest key to my success has always been strengthening my intuition on a daily basis. I download ideas and get inspiration for the content of all my programs much like an artist does. Often it’s very easy to let our analytical minds take over and keep us stuck. I feel that the more we are in tune with our inner guidance, the more we can make the right decisions to move our businesses forward. For example before I partner with anyone, or create a new product, I listen, for if it’s a hell YES or not. If not, I do not proceed, as that will only have a impact down the road. I have learned the hard way in the past.  I practice listening to my inner voice and my gut and it’s almost always accurate. I highly recommend building this muscle as it can make a great difference in your results.  I think that some of the most successful people in business are very in tune with their intuition and this helps them to stay on track and moving forward.”

Yep :: glorious!

One would hope that an interview with Business Insider would end as soon as the phrase “strengthening my intuition on a daily basis” leaked out of someone’s mouth :: but alas … no. The Video Marketing Queen even got her frauducts mentioned.  Those frauducts were both $2000 {not including the massive backend upsells :: the masterminds :: and the selling seminars}. Both were sold to people who had no chance of achieving success by applying the supposed blueprint formulas. Maria herself has not succeeded. Maria’s frauducts are products of The Syndicate launch machine … and they are … without any shred of a doubt … scams.

Trust borrowing is an obsession level objective for the citizens of scam town. Getting mentioned in mainstream places :: with mainstream people :: is legitimizing … duh. It should be hard :: but it’s not. It’s easy :: and it’s getting easier. You can hear Syndicate windbag Andy Jenkins explaining to his various boyfriends how important it is to associate yourself with people and things who aren’t scammers :: here and here.  And here’s Andy sharing the cheesy stage at the Video Conversion Formula live event …

… Andy’s the one doing the impression of a fat man in skinny jeans … and Maria is the other one.  It’s kind of hard for me to tell them apart because they’re both half-lady monsters.  A few months later Maria was promoting Andy’s $2000 Video Boss frauduct …

the fastest way to start making “guru” quality videos that make you money by @AndyJenkins watch the video now!

… just in case the $2000 you spent on The Video Conversion Formula hadn’t led to any video conversions.

Maria Andros got “popular” on Twitter by follow spamming. Her account has 50,000+ followers :: most of them junk. If you don’t know how to follow spam :: you can read Perry {felon on parole} Belcher’s detailed instructions in my Frank Kern List Control Bonus {hurry … supplies are running out!}. If the part at the end about letting some girl do all the menial tasks while showing her pictures of cocks offends you … then maybe you shouldn’t cite to Maria Andros on your website.

Some sites on the Internets that were held out as being cool :: or new :: or different … aren’t.

The dream is that the Internet will bring transparency. Real :: honest to jeebus :: there’s a record of the shit you just did … transparency. But big beastly “new-school” blogs like Business Insider exhibit a Jurassic Age :: only size matters :: mentality. The editorial controls obviously don’t pass the laugh test :: the Maria A. Andros laugh test … one of the laughiest of all the laugh tests.

I hope Henry Blodget enjoys all them Internet monies when he gets the stupider-money buyout he’s obviously chasing.

Speaking of stupider-money buyouts :: here’s James Arthur Ray on the Huffington Post :: eleven motherfucking days before the triple homicide in Sedona :: and three motherfucking months after the death of Colleen Conaway

I realize it’s not going to be easy because for anything new to live, something first must die. But it doesn’t take long to realize that the death of the old is apparent all around us.

While some choose to hang onto the carcass of the past and fear death, I suggest we embrace the apparent death so new life may spring forth. We must allow the phoenix to rise from the ashes and like the Christian prophet stated, “Let the dead bury the dead.”

And in the sidebar a link to fellow Huffington Post blogger Ms. Elizabeth Warren :: a super important person in the fight against big fat liars. And the ads :: of course :: for mostly bullshit.

Be careful how you choose your neighbors!

Jeremy Johnson’s “Obama Grants Program” web scam did $350 million in consumer damage in just five years according to the FTC. Let’s all hold our breath :: plug our noses :: and guess where he tapped into that kind of traffic volume. Scammers don’t have traffic :: they buy it … and there are plenty of sellers currently pretending to be legit players because transparency is still a mirage … just like the web publishing business model.

Enjoy your Internet monies Arianna …

>> bleep bloop


45 thoughts on “The Business Inside of Maria Andros”

  1. Ohhh SNAP!

    Did Salty seriously just bring the battle to the doors of media ‘giants’? I mean, he’s right about the f’ing ads… scammers can’t build traffic all organic like (they love them some pesticides) because they nothing of value to share, and thus be spread about the masses who got that value and want to break off a piece.

    Instead the only way for them to operate is to pump tons of cash into google (despite the resurgence of ‘google slaps’), yahoo, facebook, and news site, blogs, and other media outlets to get the traffic necessary to get some ‘leads’ to feed their scavenging reps in good ole’ fashion phone swindling boiler rooms. This method of course causes a terrible amount of chargebacks, but that’s okay… These guys know how to pump and dump merchant accounts like roofies in the 80’s and marvel at how many people still ‘fall’ for it. Though I’m sure the ‘Jeremy Johnson thing’ is sending some shock waves through the tribe.

    I’m glad you bring this up Salty… Here’s my question… Remember when infomercials came out and TV networks had to ad ‘he views and opinions expressed in the show do not necessarily reflect those of XYZ corp and ABD Broadcasting” … When and in what form will the same restrictions be brought to these media outlets that are the -for the most part- the ONLY way for these vultures to thrive in today’s economy?

    What do you guys think? Should media outlets be held accountable to the actions and fraudulent behavior of their sugar daddy’s? If so, What are the mechanisms by which they should be held accountable?

    A company does need revenue to feed the system, but in no way should that revenue should be brought in by ‘blood-links’ (get it, like blood diamonds…? anyone see that movie?) … but my question is… HOW?

    1. @How Does This Happen?,

      The trouble is the dependencies–all media depend on the scammers for a good slice of their income which skews any loyalty to transparency if the bottom line is the end arbiter–which it is.
      It becomes like a giant shell game.
      Someone said there are only 3 ways to get traffic, buy it, borrow it or grow it.
      The scammers do the two first, by any means.
      Legit businesses do the slower and more solid third.

      1. @Stoic, Wrong. Sorry to disagree but…media is protected by a little document called the constitution. Cry out all day long that “the media” needs to be controlled and you play right into Big Brothers’ hands to start issuing laws to control the one thing that guarantees our freedom in this country.

        As for your statement that the scammers do the first two by any means and legit businesses do the third is also a problem. How do you explain major television and magazine and web ads from the likes of Apple, Sony, GM? ALL businesses buy traffic. And they borrow it with joint ventures.

        The point is that scammers are scammers. I would love to see them eliminated from print ads and some mechanism put in place holding publications and media responsible for the ads they run but then you make it harder for the press to publish.

        Personally? I’d like to see the media held responsible if, after hearing X complaints about an advertiser, they continue to run them. Then again — scammers would blast the media with complaints about competitors.

        It all boils down to can the scammers. Salty’s on the right track. Going after “the media” in the way you suggest just hands over more power to the greed mongers.

        1. @Poop Chute,

          No suggestion from me that anyone should go after the media.
          My comment was a general observation.
          Here in the UK we have very tight controls on ads— scammers being endlessly inventive get round them sometimes.

          Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, ie, prone to corruption, it is the really big lies, perpetrated in plain sight that go most unnoticed.

          Not being an IM’er I am not going to take you on about the traffic–except to say that mine was a general comment and Apple would not be the size it is if its product was fundamentally and unremittingly crap.

          You may not like Apple, I’m not a fan myself–but it does a good job of catering to its customers wants. And yes, its buys advertising.

  2. The more I think about this, the more it pisses me off. I have countless friends and family members who couldn’t pick Maria Andros out of a lineup. I found this blog a year ago by accident…and I wouldn’t know anything about any of these people if I hadn’t been in awe of SD’s writing skills.

    If the subject matter doesn’t apply to your life at all, you usually don’t seek it out.

    But my friends and family members do sign up for things and/or purchase things they feel will make their blogs and/or lives better and/or easier.

    I usually don’t roll with stupid people, so they will at least do some homework before making a decision. And what will they find? Maybe this ridiculous article in ‘Business Insider’, which doesn’t just mention Maria Andros…but legitimizes her as a ‘Powerhouse Leader’.

    I can hear it now, “Well, Business Insider says she’s awesome, and I’m pretty sure they know a lot more than you do.”

    Even a cursory search would have produced, at the very least, questionable information about Ms. Andros. Are there not enough actual ‘powerhouse leaders’ in the entire business world to quote for this stupid list? Maybe someone who is not a complete fraud…since you’re putting your reputation behind them and all.

    1. @what??,

      If it sounds too good to be true, it is. And If there is no transparency for what you are buying, don’t f’kin buy it.

      Just because some sad-bastard copywriter tells you it’s so, doesn’t mean it is.

      I learned the hard way from 2000-2008.

    2. @what??, Also, a quick search in address bar of the article reveals:
      14-success-secret-of-powerhouse-leaders–branding-2011-7 instead of 15, but in business probably it’s not knowing the numbers that counts really anyhow.

  3. “Anyone who tells you they have the secrets to success is a liar :: and if they try to sell you those secrets they’re a con.”

    That statement should be required reading for every student. Recite it after the pledge of allegiance every morning, and make sure it’s on the final exam.

  4. Are all the syndicate members liars? Ed Dale has plenty of supporters who claim to love him and trust him. But wasn’t he an Andros supporter? In fact, wasn’t he ‘involved’ with Andros at some point?

    1. @Steve,
      They might claim to love and trust him but in truth they are hoping that he will lead them to the promised land.
      If he only knew the way himself.

    1. @Unicorn Army,
      Paid for puff piece?

      Like the magazine that Vitale hoped to float, I think it was called ‘Success’ ????
      Whatever, it was just an excuse to give a selected circle of scammers a higher profile–doubtless for a price (these guys don’t move until the price is agreed)

      1. @Stoic, The unwittingly ironically named “Succeed” Magazine was actually a David Schirmer project, but he did feature Joe Vitale in a couple of issues. Schirmer+Vitale appeared at first to be a marriage made in heaven…
        …but alas, the love was apparently one-sided. Though Schirmer boasted about interviewing Joe and made it sound as if the two were good buds, Joe seemed to want to distance himself from Schirmer.

        Although Succeed magazine failed, that small detail didn’t stop Schirmer from trying to flog some life back into it; in April of this year he posted an ad on LinkedIn for an editor for the publication. The ad read, in part, “The Editor must be a personal development advocate and want to go on a [sic] amazing journey of personal growth with some of the most incredible minds of the 21st centery [sic]. The magazine has already featured The Secret Teachers Joe Vitale, Marci Shimoff, Bob Proctor, John De Martini and John Assaraf, personal development greats such as Tony Robbins and Depak [sic] Chopra, and buiness [sic] leaders such as Richard Branson.”

        Alas, the ad is no longer on Linkedin. And darn it, I was going to apply for the Editor spot. In any case, the Succeed site is still up on the Webz, though it doesn’t appear to have seen any new activity since some time in 2009.

        As for the articles in Succeed, I imagine that some of them were paid for by the subjects of the articles, and some were simply purchased from content farms.

        1. @Cosmic Connie,

          Had you landed the editor job, I have a funny feeling that you would have wound up paying Schirmer for the privilege, or at least underwriting the running costs.

  5. H’ere’s something I think must need to be said. Many people want to tell us that we should do what the gurus do and not do what they say, so I wanted to find out more about what ms. Andros does for being a big success and so far I have disccovered some good tips from her.

    Tip #1: Make a subdomain on LiveJournal to be a good marketer:

    It made me think it was her, because at the end of the livejournal post I can see the same email address as in her whois record:

    “Domain name:

    Administrative Contact:
    Andritsopoulos (”

    Tip #2: Sell things to make some extra power-house cash on live-journal but not eBay.

    Tip #3: Never be scared to send people to eBay feedback saying things like:

    “Obviously a fake as evidenced by lack of “L.A.M.B.” imprinted on drawstring end.”

    Tip #4: Post your email address onto a popular site maybe like the LiveJournal site for some reason – mabye for a way to capture email leads from the spam sent after email harvester go grab your address? I’m not sure about why to do that, but she did it, so it must be a good one, then.

    Tip #5: Always make sure that you use a powerhouse yahoo email address to boost up your credibility in a marketplace.

    It’s now that I am finally on my way to the top of success!!!

    1. @Jack, Good for you, Jack. The middle of success must have been very sad and not a good place to be when you are strengthening your intuition on a daily basis. I am glad you will the right things your way, and desire success.
      Your celery-like Powerhouse Androsity FormulaX is truly awesome – does it come in powerhouse pill form? I hope not, because something tells me it would definitely be a suppository.

  6. wait…

    “I practice listening to my inner voice and my gut and it’s almost always accurate. I highly recommend building this muscle as it can make a great difference in your results.”

    just had to read that part again and again, real slow.
    Is she suggesting to do sit-ups or crunches while you meditate?
    I keep trying to isolate the muscle for listening to my inner voice, but just end up crying.

  7. I cannot fathom for the life of me how Maria Andros was able to “fake it till she made it.” It actually happened pretty fast, too. I still remember her spamming on Myspace with DK and fat-head Jimmy Davis.

    I don’t want to sound sexist, but she had to bang some gurus to ascend so fast, right? She tries hard, but she is nowhere near the level that the syndicate is.

    Her writing is epic! Always makes me laugh :)

    1. @MJ ::

      She didn’t make it. If you “make it” :: faking it til you make it :: then you didn’t make it … you’re still just faking it … and you always will be faking it.

      Who she bangs isn’t relevant … there needs to be a ring of B-team people who think they’re about to be A-team … that ring needs to be about three times bigger than The Syndicate itself. Those people are the easiest to completely drain … and they’ll even do most of the work … and take most of the risks.

      So you haven’t made it as a faker until you’re keeping at least half the loot … me doubts Maria is swift enough to keep even 10% from the other :: less thick headed :: blood suckers.

  8. Thanks to Jenkins I found an archaic Andros video I forgot to counter on. So I countered. Say thanks to Andy, Andros.

    And speaking about swift…

    1. @_cartman_, Awesome video! That video really shows her to be a total moron. She says absolutely nothing, and then she says she hopes her video was “valuable.” LOL.

      1. @Martypants, Actually, he just enabled the “inherent ickiness” to stand out on its own…

  9. “Andy’s the one doing the impression of a fat man in skinny jeans … and Maria is the other one. It’s kind of hard for me to tell them apart because they’re both half-lady monsters.”


  10. “The Business Inside of Maria Andros” – a definite contender for blog post title of the year!

  11. I am her “friend” on farcebook and cannot stand how she posts all the time how she got hit on, men talked to her on a walk or she got picked up (perhaps they mistook her for a drag queen for sale?!)

    Thanks for the twitter spam info. I didn’t understand that. Makes sense. Now I know why she has so many followers on there. I’d rather tour a maximum security prison at night than listen to this mandrone.

    Also, Salty, I sent ya a picture she posted with the photog posting underneath “I did not give you permission to post this – take it down!” or something along those lines.

    We’ve talked before. Feel free to post it. I sent you a screen shot before she removed it (of course) I also cannot stand James Arthur Ray (almost hate him more than her- at least she hasn’t killed anyone (yet) Thanks for keeping me up to date on both the MANdros and JAR. The two should go get married as they’re two birds of a feather!

    MIG :)

    1. @Mandros is gross,

      There’s no shortage of her speaking about herself, for sure. She’s the “queen” of name dropping to try and sound important. I just cannot fathom how anyone could take her seriously. She’s not original and every time I see her videos, my facial expression is in the “wtf” configuration.

      Maybe Salty can make an appearance at her next event and roundhouse kick her in the shnoz. Then, he can proceed to show the audience some mad video editing skills.

      1. It’s clear that Maria Andros is the laughing stock of both the IM scam community and the anti-scam community. Everyone on both sides knows she is completely useless not making any money, that’s why when she appeared here she knew she had absolutely no chance of ever making it. Poor thing, her websites are probably the only thing she has to hold on to the fantasy. She’s probably been used up financially by the A-team syndicate mob rat pack. Didn’t Kilstein dupe her for a $30k sales letter? But then he isn’t A-team, not even C,D, more like Z-Team. LMAO serves her right.

    2. @Mandros is gross,

      The two should go get married as they’re two birds of a feather!

      She was married….the “separation” coincided with the pursuit of fraud…

      Many moons ago I was asked about the Croatian bimbecile’s [[Maria Bezjak]] husband [[Peter Andros]]…I made some calls to Miss Cleo, and scrubbed the Akashic jump drive….

      from the archives of April 2007….

      Peter Andros is the guy on the right….Maria Bezjak is the one on the left.


      Maybe Salty can make an appearance at her next event

      She keeps that information on the DL…every event she attended was kept secret until after the event took place…even the Dan Kennedy event she attended she kept secret until the event was over…

      That’s why none of her raving fans come…none of her celery like following know about it…it’s not that they don’t exist…it’s not..honest!

      1. @_cartman_, Well just look at her picture. You know what’s ironic? She’s trying to be part of the bullshit crowd, and yet, she’s overlooking the gold sitting right under her own nose. Or rather, her huge golden nose itself!

        Don’t you think a company like Black & Decker might be interested in licensing and reproducing her nose as a tool hook? Someone could easily hang a 3/4 horsepower drill from a hook shaped like that nose.

        It might be a little scary to look at, kind of like her long, horse-like face, but that nose could be perfect for hardware stores.

  12. Here we are, March 2012:

    Maria Andros has 57,445 Twitter “followers” (not to mention she herself is “following” 34,715)

    Yet, she has not tweeted anything since July 16, 2011.

    57,445 “followers” and not one single tweet in OVER 7 MONTHS!

    What does that say?

    That says she’s 100% bullshit.

    Case closed.

      1. @, Maybe she’s doing private one-on-one coaching, or even two-on-one coaching. Or maybe she’s training for the Kentucky Derby. Good luck to the rider.

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