Footprints on the Fire

... feet to the fire

People got burned at a Tony Robbins event :: it’s true of every Tony Robbins event … but this time some meat space flesh was involved … so I guess that makes it an official media story.

21 people treated for burns after firewalk at Tony Robbins appearance :: reported the San Jose Mercury News after the locally held event …

At least 21 people were treated for burn injuries after taking part in the crowning event of the first day of a Tony Robbins function downtown, including at least three who went to the hospital, a San Jose fire captain said.

The people who suffered various second- and third-degree burn injuries were among more than 6,000 who attended the motivational speaker’s event at the San Jose Convention Center called “Unleash the Power Within.”

Unleashing the power of hot coals … with your momma’s bare feet.

Attendees know :: because Tony Robbins told them so … that fire walking is all about mind-over-matter.

Guasch and Andrew Brenner, another fire walker, both said that the keys to not getting singed are faith and concentration.

“I did it before, didn’t get into the right state and got burned,” Brenner said. “I knew I wasn’t at my peak state. I didn’t take it as serious.”

You’ve got to be in your peak state :: seriously … except not really …

David Willey, a physics instructor at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown in Pennsylvania, has published a text and video on the physics of firewalking and stated that it “does not need a particular state of mind.”

“Rather, it is the short time of contact and the low thermal capacity and conductivity of the coals that is important,” he wrote. He added that ash that builds up on coals can provide further insulation.

Thermal capacity? :: conductivity? … nerd talk! As some lady told The New York Times

“It transformed people’s lives in a single night,” said Carolynn Graves, 50, a real estate agent from Toronto, who crossed the coals without injury. “It’s a metaphor for facing your fears and accomplishing your goals.”

Ms. Graves suggested that the people who burned their feet “were out of state,” a term that participants said meant having the proper mental attitude.

Ms. Graves knows physics like Tony Robbins knows psychology … not at all.

A participant told Gawker that it seemed like more than 21 of the thousands of participants suffered injuries …

Where was Tony Robbins during all of this? Before the firewalk, Kim said he related a story about a wannabe inspirational speaker who had tried to do a Tony Robbins-esque event in Hawaii. At the fraud’s firewalk — wouldn’t you know it — several people got badly burned.

She believes they used a recording of Robbins’ voice to congratulate those who completed the firewalk on a job well done.

“I didn’t see him at all,” she recalled. “He didn’t go through the fire first or anything.”

21st century gurus don’t like to mingle with the unkept masses … regular people and their regular talk are disruptive of the god delusion.

“They acted like it was a really minimal thing,” she said. “But there were multiple ambulances and a lot of paramedics treating people. There was a fire crew there treating people. They were acting like it was no big deal, but a ton of people got burned.”

And where was Tony Robbins after all this? Still too busy preening his fake smile to bother worrying about it one supposes. Robbins Research International issued a written statement …

“More than 6,000 attendees participated in the traditional fire walk across hot coals. We have been safely providing this experience for more than three decades, and always under the supervision of medical personnel.”

Okay maybe :: but this time numerous people had to be hospitalized … so what of it?

No comment … not even to The New York Times.

Mr. Robbins was not available for comment. A member of his staff explained that he rarely gives interviews except to “Piers Morgan Tonight” and the “Today” show.


Really? Because I have an interview he did with Mike Koenigs … there was more than one.

Sorry The New York Times … you just don’t have the same kind of clout as Digital Cafe TV. Did you know they had their own fake television set in a strip mall? Yeah :: and they even built a new one on top of the old one so now they have like two … and stuff. Here’s Mike Koenigs from not the “Today” show :: toasting the dawn of a new era {in strip mall fake television sets} …

… yeah I know :: fucking impressive.

The AP noted that Robbins notes on his website …

“His infomercials have continuously aired on average every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day somewhere in North America since their initial introduction in April 1989, the website says.”

… and that’s as close as anyone got to telling the real story … which has got fuck all to do with burned feet.

Tony Robbins is everywhere. He purchased people’s attention from the big media companies :: paid for by upselling impossible bullshit to victims on the backend … a dark and hazy land of phone calls and pressure sales tactics that TV executives can’t think too hard about while suckling at the infomercial money teat. Ignorance :: and negligence :: and intentional bad actions :: led to that purchased attention being offered back to the public as a proxy for actual accomplishment by those same media companies … and an evil false prophet was created.

Every 30 minutes :: 24/7 … since the fucking 80’s.

Personal transformative experiences can’t be industrialized :: and they can’t be fucking purchased … grow up America! But you know what can :: and has been … scaled to an industrial size {with a more unequal distribution of wealth than one might expect to find under some brutal tyrant}? The cult dynamic. The mind control and brainwashing techniques that we’ve learned from science :: selling :: culting :: wartime prison camps :: Nazis :: and the Red Chinese … all that shit scales.

bad things that scale + the internets = very scary

6000 people walking down 10+ lanes of hot coals for 90 minutes :: seems like a big bad … but it’s not the big number we should be worried about. Each one of the those 6000 people represents approximately 100 other people who were offered the opportunity to Unleash the Power Within in San Jose July 2012 and declined. Hundreds of thousands of sales messages constantly spammed across all mediums :: to the whole world … generating the contrivance of attention.

Tony Robbins will never stop telling you that the way to move forward with your life is to keep giving ever larger amounts of yourself and your life to Tony Robbins :: but he’ll never give it back … because he is a nothing and a nobody so he can’t. As shallow a god as ever there was.

With Oprah’s previous unicorn guru James Arthur Ray {himself a former Robbins Research International telemarketing employee} rotting in jail for killing people {an event upon which Oprah has still had no comment} :: she recently restamped her seal of approval on Tony Robbins … even Unleashing the Power Within and mind-over-matter firewalking. Shortly thereafter :: her fledgling cable network purchased the rights to NBC’s Robbins based “reality show” about an infomercial pitchman who changes real people’s lives using only the power of fake.

Not the “Today” show’s Mike Koenigs told Tony Robbins’ minions :: in an unwisely recorded meeting … that they should “do their part” and get tickets to the filming of that same “reality show” for members of Frank Kern’s Syndicate.

… The Syndicate / Tony Robbins joint scam product is still sold by Robbins with extraordinarily specific :: and very false :: claims. Talk of “touching the hem” :: and digging at people’s pain … did nothing to dissuade Robbins from forming the partnership … didn’t even make them flinch {“that’s perfect”}. He was warned about the “poisonous specter” that is me :: in 2009 … long before even I knew I was a big deal. But when I revealed the inner workings of The Syndicate :: Robbins didn’t care … knowing full well how the game is played … The New Money Masters remained available for purchase.

25 years :: and an almost unfathomable tech evolution revolution :: after his first infomercials hit the airwaves … Tony Robbins appeared in a whole new kind of video production. The Verge’s Scamworld article and associated movie referenced the Robbins/Syndicate association. A mini documentary featuring a fake god and a fake robot :: beamed out as if by magic for all the world to see …

Brought to you by :: wait for it … Tony Robbins.

Google :: meet the new boss … same as the old boss.

James Arthur Ray :: a Tony Robbins mimic … also inundated the media streams with unicornian sales messages. Early warnings of his evil :: like false claims :: dubious associations :: financially ruined lives :: broken hands :: broken arms :: bleeding eyes :: seizures :: suicides :: 911 calls :: and brain damage … weren’t enough to warn the media off of a pre-hyped source of public attention.

And worstest :: and scariest :: of all … it didn’t warn off victims … even those who had suffered directly at his hand.

This is Liz Neuman in 2008 after a James Ray fake sweat lodge that almost killed some of her friends …

… but she was thousands and thousands of manipulative mainstream sales messages too far in to see the danger for herself.

This is Liz Neuman in 2009 after a James Ray fake sweat lodge …

The burned feet are just the smoke … not the fire.

>> bleep bloop

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  1. Excellent as usual,@SD. I will be sharing and linking to this. And as many may know, today, July 25, is the 3-year anniversary of the death of Colleen Conaway at a James Arthur “Death” Ray event in San Diego.

    Coincidentally, it is also the opening day of the summer meeting of the Transformational Leadership Council (of Death), of which Death Ray was a founding member, though of course he is no longer a member. Even they don’t want convicted killers, apparently. They are meeting in the resort town of Whistler, BC, Canada.

    1. @Cosmic Connie,

      I am getting tired of these Con Artists on the internet, they are starting to corrupt good people with there get rich quick schemes. There is this blogger that I have followed for years now at and his mind has been taken over by the likes of Ryan Deiss that has been featured here. I tried getting him to open his eyes to see what he is really doing as can be seen in the comments of this post:

      Once you are taken in there is almost no escape, the guy had good potential to, he already had a legit online business before he turned to selling things like Business Blueprints, Social Media / Email Marketing and Kopywriting Courses. Then now he is making products with Ryan Deiss.

      1. @John,

        Frauducts are products people buy in the hopes of helping themselves but all they are really buying is a dream, 99% of the people will do nothing with the products and just buy into the next big thing.

        That “99% of the people will do nothing with the products” is the excuse given (by self-proclaimed experts) to justify the high failure rate. People don’t fail (in this “industry”) because they don’t do anything, they fail because the constructs they bought into are bullshit.

        1. @EthiopianCrackBaby,

          Exactly, that is why I was telling him to not make those things or else he will just be the same as the experts.

        2. @EthiopianCrackBaby,

          On second read, I noticed I worded what you quoted incorrectly and should have been “99% of the people will get nothing” from the products, still the main point of what I was trying to say should have got through and I hope the message wasn’t lost with him.

      2. @John, Yup, I noticed the same thing about Nevblog several months back and I stopped reading. Just goes to show you were / are right. He’s going to lose in the long run.

        They were giving pretty good advice. (Which was basically, if you want to start a business just freaking start a business and forget about the bull.)

        I saw App Sumo turning into a “guru advice hub” as well. I knew it was all down hill from there. It’s a shame because these guys actually had some good info to share, being that he and the other dude had actually started non scam businesses.

    2. @Cosmic Connie, Connie , There is no scam with any of the gurus . Their content works and is for real : Tony Robbins, Jeff Walker, Mike Koenigs particularly and so forth.

      Why are you out to get what works? You appear like communist that wants to prevent free trade of these amazing people. There are so many testimonials (forget about the way I went from no one and nothing to a few million dollars – making more than CEOs of my former parental company, just by blogging) but focus on the many celebrity testimonials of Tony Robbins and others.

  2. I’ve just written a post on my blog about Colleen’s death at the hands of James Ray. (Hope it’s ok if I post a link here.)

    It basically gathers together the information which Salty has written about here over the last few years.

    Ray is a walking demonstration of the amount of legal protection consumers have — i.e. next to nothing. As Ray shows, your guru can kill you, continue to charge you for groups you booked but can’t attend coz you’re dead, and will then escape the consequences by telling police you died because you didn’t want to live anymore.

    For those who don’t know, Ray killed three more people after Colleen, (cooked to death in a fake sweat lodge)and would have killed maybe another 5 or 6 if other participants hadn’t saved them. And he very nearly walked free without a conviction, or a jail term.

    As it is, when he gets out next year, his followers will be crowing that “he’s served his time”, and “has every right” to start torturing people again.

    Robbins is probably a bit smarter than Ray (not especially hard) and if Ray’s colleagues learned anything from him, it’s exactly how stupid and malicious you need to be before you’ll even get investigated. Robbins knows he can do a lot more than just burn a few feet before he’ll even have the slightest trouble.

    This fire walk coverage in the media will just be free advertising for him. And the people who criticize him are people who he doesn’t want at his groups anyway!

    — I’ve been a critic of Robbins for decades, but I didn’t have a clue about the business practices that Salty has been exposing here.

    1. @Yakaru, Nice work. I’ll be linking to your post too. And you’re right about how UN-seriously this firewalk fracas is being taken in general. (It was even the subject of the humorous Top 10 list on Letterman last night.) True, people didn’t die at this event, and true, the “top story” during the time the news was breaking was the mass murder in Aurora, Colorado. But most media people aren’t connecting the dots the way they could or should (no big surprise there), and I find that very frustrating.

      And I am still shaking my head over the fact that people are still even DOING firewalks. That is sooooo 1980s. Hundreds of thousands of people have done firewalks since Bobbins first made them trendy back in the days of mullets and big shoulder pads. And the world has not become a better place as a result… except maybe a better place for scammers. I am sure there are individuals who will insist that THEIR lives are better as a result of walking on hot coals, but what difference has it really made in the long run to anything but Bobbins’ fame and fortune?

      The skeptics have been debunking firewalking at least since the 1980s as well (this piece is dated July 2011, but look at the bibliography).
      …for all the good THAT has done.

      I think we have our work cut out for us at the Minions project.

      1. @SD, This piece was absolutely spot on. “Footprints On Fire” came to my mind when I first read the headline. I’m so glad you covered this news. Now we know Tony’s gotten away with it this long because…it’s pretty tough for someone to die from scalding their feet. Even to the thirdz deegreez. And that seems to be the trigger…if you hit it more than once…that finally springs the authoriteez into action.

        It’s good to be reminded of that connection…Tony sitting there grinning with Mike and Kern — the connection to the frauduct still being available on Tony’s site.

        Makes it a lot more sinister than simply some charred footseez.

        Can’t wait to see what you dig up tomorrow. You’ve become my favorite automatic assault weapon against this shit. Keep the trigger pulled.

      1. @Jack, Connie & SD,

        Thanks for the feedback.

        @Jack — The more one learns about Death Ray, the more one forgets, because the brain has only a certain percentage of its space devoted to recall of grotesquely insane ironic horror. And there are always new revelations pushing the old stuff out of the way. He was even telling his followers that Colleen’s body was only identified weeks later from her dental records. So according to his version, her grieving family doesn’t exist.

        How the fuck is it even possible to explain to people what this guy has done, when it’s a just an endless list of pathetic insanity and unspeakable horror? And when you take a step back from it, it looks even worse.

        At least it is now possible to end a blog post on Death Ray with a mugshot of an angry looking crim in a pink jumpsuit.

        Pity it wasn’t for longer, but jail time will mark him for life.

        1. @Yakaru,

          I understand that he has lodged an appeal–so this mess may get a re-run.

          1. @pigs trotters,

            Yep. I might be wrong, but I think this is the same appeal that he lodged shortly after being sentenced, then delayed after prosecutors lodged a cross appeal.


            If that IS the case, then I fully expect to see him delay it again soon, and then wheel it out again shortly before his release so everyone hears that he’s appealing. Then he will delay it again.

            I think he’d rather be sitting in jail that sitting in court biting his tongue while Sheila Polk explains to the world again what a hideous inhumane dickweed he is.

  3. Gosh… That’s all I can muster up after reading this article.

    I guess that makes me speechless?!

  4. Noooo! Bobbins’ isn’t still doing that bloody firewalk, is he?

    I recall reading about that in ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ or similar material back in early 2k. That’s when my first business started to go ‘Tits Up’ after getting into all this self-improvement nonsense, followed by investing a ton of hard-earned cash into Internet Marketing sh*te. I trashed it all in 2007 and things got back on track.


    Anyone reading this that believes they can out-think their imagined ‘issues’ by continuously buying and reading self-improvement products STOP! There is sod all wrong with you and ‘Thinking’ is the problem. Burn all your self-improvement materials TODAY!

    And if you believe you need any skills or training for your business you can get it all for $zero online. You don’t have to pay for anything online! F*ck the ‘gurus’ like they try to f*ck you. FeedUrBrain, Minthrea, Torrents, Usenet Newsgroups plus a myriad of other sources. But only if you really need it. Unfortunately most IM and business products are of very low quality hence why you get it for free and if its PANTS, delete it!

    All the best.

  5. Always knew that Tony Robins was a dick – ever since the first time I heard his stuff. Fake, full of shit, stinking dick.

  6. I thought Tony Robbins’ best work was in Shallow Hal, with his huge banana hands and whatnot. I have a feeling that in next 18 months, when people die at a Tony Robbins event, we are going to be the only people pointing out that the death spiral started at this event.

  7. “Ms. Graves knows physics like Tony Robbins knows psychology … not at all.”

    Pissed myself….

    So good…..

    At least Tony is hedging his bet you see. JAR went all in and now he’s serving time for murder. Tony however makes sure his clients (victims) live even if they are scarred for life. But who needs to know anything when you have the power of (dis)belief!

  8. “You see money and corn chowder are connected, and they feed back to each other.”

  9. You’re a good writer, @SD.

    The article is Epic. And depressing. Thankfully it is not epically depressing.

    Personal transformative experiences can’t be industrialized :: and they can’t be fucking purchased …

    That’s a good point. That should be obvious, but it isn’t. Maybe this is because Tony and people like Tony have been hammering the opposite {seductive} idea into our heads since the 80s?


    It seems that most of the TV scamming happens in the U.S.A. I also notice a number of scamers come from Australia. I’ve never been there. I wonder–does anyone know if Australian TV is wholly ad supported the way American TV is?

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  10. I’m not the only one burned by fire. Odd, I wasn’t hoping for company in this corner of namesakeness.

    I’ve read Robbins books. Of course, I read them decades ago when acid wash jeans, blue sparkly eyeshadow, and Aquanet hairstyles were as popular as Tony was. We’ve all moved on from such spectacles. Except Tony.

    None of the firewalkers, firespeakers, or fire-wannabe-ers are doing very well financially these days. Of course, that means that they’re going all out trying to get more money with events, frauducts, and exclusive opportunities to watch them make fools of themselves.

  11. Oh I had a huge laugh at this. I just knew you were going to do this! This is classic brain washing.
    “You were out of state, therefor you were burned!” Bitch please! I supposed fire has nothing to do with it.

    Thanks for the enlightened post.

  12. Robbins is an interesting character, very, very odd.

    He learned first from Jim Rohn, then got his big break when he learned NLP (i.e. hypnosis). So you could say that he’s a master conversational hypnotist.

    But what does he deliver exactly in his seminars? Why people go there?

    Here it is:

    He delivers a manufactured change of state provoked by hypnosis: a high.

    This is provoked through a mix of suggestions and a lot of jumping up and down. Fire walking is also part of this technique.

    Then, IMO, it gets really pernicious. Robbins suggests that the secret of success in life is to be able to be in “peak state” at all times.

    But how do you get this “peak state”? — you guessed . . . just go back to another Robbins seminar.

    So this creates a perpetual loop that feeds (the money) back to Tony. You have to understand that Robbins charges truly extravagant prices for the seminars (where he’s actually there).

    This is similar to how a cult functions. With a psycho-physical dependence and a lie (success=peak state).

    And when of course, you’re life doesn’t miraculously becomes better; if you dare raise your voice you will be told that you’re negative and that’s why you’re not succeeding (same loop with “the Secret” devotees)

    But there’s a BIG catch here. It’s so happened that part of my job is to interview really successful people—the best in the world. Are they in “peak state” all the time? Absolutely not. Like any normal humans, they have doubts—but they keep moving on despite them. They plow through the darkness. Even he they feel awful doing it. That’s their secret.

    And this is the biggest fallacy of self-help as a whole. This idea that you need to “think positively” in order to success. Total B.S. Doubts are actually important—critical thinking is key.

    . . .

    I remember, one time, I met this guy who was part of Tony’s “elite membership program” i.e. giving away something like $50,000 to travel with Tony around the world. I remember how crazy he was. He sounded like a complete cult-freak with glassy eyes and all. But it gets better . . .

    A friend of mind went for a dinner date with this guy and he pulled on my friend a classic Tony Robbins show when he pretended that it was my friend’s birthday at the restaurant and invited everyone to sing along when the cake arrived.

    My friend was completely weirded out. (again, a manufactured—i.e. false—change of state attempt)

    The guy kept saying “isn’t it wonderful? Isn’t it something we’ll remember all our life?” Totally weird.

    This was actually a direct copy of something Robbins did and describe in one of his books. So this guy paid $50,000 yearly to become a Robbins’ clone. He paid to act just like Tony.

    And that, my friends, is … very sad.

    P.S.: One last pearl. There’s an old video footage of Robbins when he was starting out the fire walking. He had the attendees repeat “cool moss! cool moss!” Because it’s “all in the mind,” right? Maybe not.

      1. @zipnar,

        Erasure Technique to get rid of bad memories(Robbins) = Running the Engram(Dianetics/Scientology)

        Collapsing an Anchor(Robbins) = Clearing an Engram(Dianetics/Scientology)

        Link An Anchor(Robbins) = Keying-In An Engram(Dianetics/Scientology)

        Swish Pattern to replace bad habits(Robbins) = Valence Shift(Dianetics/Scientology)

        The reason the patterns are so similar is because L. Ron Hubbard as well as Robbins and other NLP practitioners are working from the same source;

        Battle For the Mind: A Phsyiology of Conversion And Brainwashing – William Sargent

    1. @Wide Eyes,

      And when of course, you’re life doesn’t miraculously becomes better; if you dare raise your voice you will be told that you’re negative and that’s why you’re not succeeding (same loop with “the Secret” devotees)

      Same loop with the Internet Marketing gurus

      1. @Sundog,

        Well Tony does himself belong to another rip-off cult, guru-ed by the Kalki Bhagawan–and even donated land in Fiji to the great One’s bulging coffers.

    2. I’m in peak state for about 30 seconds a day. When I’m lying horizontal with the missus! :-)

      Apologies for the image!

  13. Great one. Never understood why ppl r so impressed with such a cheap circus act like walking on coles .
    Keep fighting those evil men for us all

  14. Whelp… you see here, whatcha buncha people goin bat-shit crazy over a few roasted piggies.

    Thems feet deserves tah be torched I tellzya! ‘swhat they get fer parading about like a bunch of cockamamie peacocks with a death wish.

    They’d prolly believe Pabst Blue Ribbon is a real beer as long as ol’ big-tooth told ’em.

    Shit, I may loves me some pers0nal development… but ol’ sausage fingers’d have to promise me a case a keystone light on the other side befer I’d fancy a stroll ‘cross a 10 foot barbecue pit.

    Speekin of bar b q’s… Droid… when we gunn grills us up some gnome?

    You slow cook that little fuk’r just right – an that whacko meat’ll just fall right off the bone.

    Slow-Roasted Sociopath, Comin’ Right Up!


    1. @Yup…, not ‘for Droid and us gets our hands on that juicy, fat Harlan Kilstein. Love me sum deep fried psychopath with a side of ‘taters.

  15. It will be interesting to see if this event puts a real dent into the Tony Robbins machinery. This guy has reinvented himself, saying the same thing in different ways, for the past 30-years.

    I read one of his books years ago. Actually, I started reading but never finished. It was too “deep” for me, I guess? About five years ago, a friend of mine gave me a series of CD’s they bought from him for $200 and asked me to listen to them.

    I did. Once again, this was the same thing (with different labels) that’s been preached, published and promoted by self-help gurus for the past 100 years. This kind of thing really is like a religion for some people. And when what they buy into doesn’t work for them, they blame themselves for not “doing it right.” They keep on investing in this stuff like some people do with buying lottery tickets – looking for the winning combination.

    I think their needs to be an AA-type support group for people needing to detox from self-help gurus (and gurus in general). There needs to be more “Droid’s” out there and more sites telling people what they (probably) don’t want to hear. From MLM to Internet Marketing, Biz Ops and Self Help Gurus, it’s a friggin’ jungle out there!

    1. @Jim, exactly! A sanity detox. There’s a happy medium between being insane about self help and down in the dumps all the time. You’ve just got to put one step in front of one another in order to succeed.

    1. @Doctor Mario …

      And here’s why walking over hot coals can burn your feet.

      “Not the right state” indeed!

      Stupid 19th century magic tricks — “Look mom :: Enlightenment!”

      N00bs. Thanks a lot school, I feel like every 9th grader should have learned this uber-basic physics, and yet still Tony Robbin-em-blind still can sell this “change of state” balogna-pot-pie for big bucks. Ahhh … cults.

      1. @Doctor Mario :: Here’s another funny one from Skeptic mag’s Michael Shermer … it is funny because there are a bunch of stupid-ass self-improvement dorks talking about how fire-walking “works” (then some science about how it actually *works*).

        1. @Doctor Mario :: Watching it again, that last one is funny … but also kind of sad. I’m sure there are 1000’s of people just like Catherine Johnson who’s livelihood & psychological independence has been ruined by cult brainwashing techniques like this. Sad … She seems so sweet :-/

          Try fire-napping on those coals, and see how your “state” protects you. Or what about walking across some 1000 degree metal … it will work the same, right???

          Fuck you Tony Robbins! (and you too Tolly Burkan!)

          I hope you burn in a pit of fire – or at least smoldering coals – for all eternity.

          1. @Doctor Mario,

            What is the obsession with everyone else’s beliefs, that these guru have? Worry about your own f’kin beliefs.

            Just remembered why, money!

    2. @Doctor Mario, Nice share, Doc! I love Penn and Teller. I actually see a tiny tiny slice of their particular brand of debunking bullshit with humor in SD…when the light hits just just right. And he’s not pissed. Ok. Not that often or that much but…same general direction.

  16. Can’t find the blog post that talked about it, but here’s a disturbing account by Erin Pavlina, ex-wife of Steve Pavlina, talking about burning her feet at a Tony Robbins event: (As I remember the blog post he was basically laughing at her burning her feet while he came away unscathed. Real nice guy. He left her and his two kids when he wanted to ‘explore’ polyamory.)

    Foot burning, it seems, has been a feature of Tony Robbins events from the start.

  17. It never ends; A continuous cycle of everyone promoting/endorsing everyone else. All of them greasing each other’s palms. So many people cite Tony as the man who changed their lives. Frank Kern comes to mind. He’s told the story about how his life was in the shitter but then started listening to Tony’s stuff an WHAMO! his life turned around and he became super-skilled at lying and selling magic beans. This lead to great success and millions in the bank but it was all Tony…
    It’s no wonder people fall for this this shit. Sometimes it’s greed, often times it’s desperation. People want solutions; they want answers. They don’t trust themselves enough to just go for it. They value safety. They need someone who has cleared the path to show them the way. But when you hear all these “successful” people saying that they owe it all to Tony, it’s easy to buy into it. They trust Tony because he’s smart and he really, really cares about your success. He has all the answers. Now he also has all your money.

  18. I’ve been to a Phoney Robbins event and when I asked people what they learned, all I got was a blank stare. They had no idea what they learned over the past 3 days.

    It’s a bunch of stuff that makes logical sense when Phoney draws the conclusions for you, what you don’t know is those conclusions aren’t logical. “You must be in state to be successful…you weren’t successful so you must not be in state” (Or maybe being pumped up isn’t a replacement for actually doing something)

    I saw some recording of Death Ray and was amazed at how he literally spoke for 6 hours and said nothing. It was a thing of beauty that as scummy as he is you’ve got to admire it. (Kind of like when you take a shit so big it tops your personal best and you need to take a picture of it to show to everyone, and no matter how disgusted they are they have to admit that’s the biggest shit they’ve ever seen and BRAVO to you for pushing it out in one piece)

    1. @McShiggity, I have to tell you — it’s REALLY difficult laughing that hard and retching a little at the same time. Funny!

      1. @Head Honcho, @McShiggity

        You mean I’m *not* the only person who does this?

        *swoons with relief*

  19. The reason Frank Kern is full of air (read: full of shit) is cause he is marketing ways on how to do marketing and trying to make a living on that. Frank Kern never really had a real business, but instead always used his bullshit to multiply it into even more bulshit and teaching other people how to do the same. So there is no product flow or anything like that, just bullshit that multiplies itself into even more bullshit.

  20. Bill Clinton + Tony Robbins FOREVER!

    He likes the big lesson from mr. Robbins Brownson “you have choices in every circumstance”.

    It was that I wanted to post this before now, but it’s been busy for me yelling at all the starving children in the world hunger videos to make better choices!

    1. @Jack, See – this is why these guys can sneak their way in. Because it IS true that you have choices in every circumstances. But it is not true that thinking a certain way or reaching a certain state will get you anything except a lighter wallet. They take a small kernel of wisdom, misapply it and extend it to whatever seems fit.

      1. @LisaSimpson, You still have choices about what to think about and what kind of interpretation you put on your circumstances, even when those circumstances are unimagineably bad. That was Viktor Frankl’s great insight in Nazi concentration camp. Since he didn’t catch typhus or get sent straight to the gas chambers this helped him survive the enormous psychological burden that also killed a lot of victims (sometimes long after the events- the suicide rate for survivors was terribly high.)

        But as Jack’s very funny comment indicates most people DON’T have choices about their actual circumstances. It’s possible thinking about things differently will help you survive- but if the kids don’t get food or the concentration camp victim gets sent to the gas it won’t. Which is to say unless they get lucky.

        1. @Wanderlost,

          “Your potential is limited only by social status, class, education, human prejudice, laws of physics, financial constraints, time and space, basic economic principles, and the random whims of other people more powerful than you.”

          ….lifted from this watchable parody, ‘The Blatantly Obvious’:

          1. @pigs trotters,

            Somebody should invite them over for an chat. This was almost straight out of the SD Extended Lexicon™:

            You know the word success? I like to break that up into two smaller words:

            ‘Suck’ and ‘cess’. You have to ‘suck’ the ‘cess’ out of life.

            Sounds about right.

  21. I read about this on Onion News. Though it was a joke.

    Oh well…

    It’s pretty sad actually. You got people in vulnerable “believe in any shit” mode and you tell them they can walk on fire. You don’t tell them “stop spending money you don’t have for useless Full HD tvs or spot eating that junk that will kill you when you’re in your 50’s”.

    You tell them “walk over the fire because your mindset will protect you”. Because, if it really happens, those people are indoctrinated to the shit you will offer them from now on.

    If it doesn’t – oh well. They weren’t in “state”. Yea, they didn’t had mana to cast their protection from fire spell!!1

    Btw in my country there are people who do the same thing (firewalking), as ancient cultural custom. Those train to do this, they prepare everything and they do certainly do not advice to try this at home.

    Unlike TR.

    1. @Meh, Ooooh! Oooooh! IMMEDIATE puns about walking on fire come to mind but…yeah. What the hell. It would be fun to watch 6,000 people walk in Mr. Fire!

      1. @Head Honcho,

        Don’t you mean it would be fun to watch 6,000 people walk ON Joe “Mr. Fire” Vitale?

        I’d like to see that. I’d like to see Joe “Mr. Fire” lay down on the floor at the next Tony Robbins event, wearing his best Hawaian shirt, as Tony Robbins introduces the crowd to this new and safer alternative to the “Fire Walk”. I would pay to be there. I would pay to walk across “Mr. Fire”.

        1. @Meh, The tiniest of typos…can change the whole meaning. If there was a way they could walk IN him it would be fun…but you got what I meant exactly.

    2. @Meh, I think probably because it somehow involves mr. Fire’s name somehow even in the most remote and then unflattering way he probably is very excited about hearing about it. Joe is very excited about when mr. Robbins somehow might possibly have referred to him.

  22. Horrible people with horrible fake smiles manage to do stuff like pursuade thousands of people to burn their feet. Life is truly stranger than fiction – quite aside from the ‘marketing’ aka evil sinister brainwashing that needs to go on in order to get things like this to happen.

    10/10 as usual @SD.

    10/10 for all the commentators – i.e. huge thumbs up and no thumbs down needed anywhere at all – which is a huge result, and not as usual. Can it be that finally this site is getting through to the brains of Trolls? And turning them into non-Trolls? One can only hope.

  23. Yup, you too can survive sweat lodges and walk on fire, if you have enough blind faith to hand over hundreds, thousands to a smiling freakish giant!

    I’ll stick to handling live rattlesnakes, thank you…

    1. @Fubsy, seriously? You handle live rattlesnakes…dude, think about turning this into a seminar…you could make a killing!

  24. what is most interesting to me is that Tony is using pre-recorded seminar content, even though the guy brags about how he can talk for hours and hours. well, I guess that’s not quite accurate either…apparently congruency is just another stupid word that high-school drop-out doochebags use to try to impress people. I was at the design your destiny program and he was doing the same thing – long sessions with the lights out and it was a recording of him, then he comes back at the end before the lights came up, and he pretended he was talking the entire time. The sound quality was so different, it was so obvious, yet there were people who thought he was on stage the whole time. I felt really ripped-off…

    1. @seminarjunkie, Wow…that’s enlightening. More so than attending, apparently. Who knew he was actually Tony Vanilli?

  25. Heavens to Betsy …what a crotch-ache this must be for Tony!

    Burnt feet on the fire walk can only lead to bad publicity and lots of QUESTIONS about what’s going on at these seminars. Tony and company aren’t saying a word about it. Only sticking to their carefully scripted sound bites, reinforcing the fire walk has been done safely for 30 years.

    But unanswered questions won’t go away, will they? Over 30 years, how many people have needed medical attention after doing the fire walk at a Robbins event?

    People want answers. They want to know the truth. Some investigative reporter will stay with this story and keep sniffin’ around, kind of the way my rat turd son Harlan Kilstein sniffs around the garbage can looking for ho-ho crumbs.

    That investigative reporter will eventually find someone within the TR camp who wants to talk. Someone who has seen the mind manipulation and persuasion techniques that go on at these seminars to sell the attendees on ‘the dream’ that they can have anything they want…as long as they do what TR tells them. That someone who wants to talk already knows all too well the NLP and hypnosis methods used at the introductory weekend seminar to persuade people to sign up for the next seminar at $10,000 each.

    And that same someone who feels a persistent tugging inside, their conscience nagging at them to come forward and let someone know that the up-selling doesn’t end there. That people who sign up for the $10,000 seminar (to learn advanced life mastery skills) will be up-sold AGAIN to an even more expensive seminar and coaching program at $25,000? $40,0000? $50,000 per person? ‘How high is high?’

    Wouldn’t it be refreshing if Tony and his team focused their efforts on following up with people who attend the first seminar and measured the results those people got as a direct result of attending the seminar, rather than trying to sell those people more seminars?

    Why isn’t there follow-up?

    Why doesn’t Robbins Research International scientifically measure the actual results seminar attendees achieve 6 months, one year, five years after attending one of their weekend seminars (that cost $695 per person and up)?

    Do attendees of this entry-level seminar benefit in any measurable way? Or is the real purpose of this seminar simply to ‘cast a wide net’ and find people who can be sold increasingly more expensive seminars and coaching programs?

    If Tony has been conducting this weekend seminar for 30 years plus, with hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of people having attended over three decades, where is the scientific measurement of results attendees achieved?

    What exactly are the AVERAGE results? I’m not talking about a tiny fraction of the people who achieved ‘breakthrough results’ that are featured as ‘success stories’ on the infomercials. If you take any very large group of people (a few hundred thousand, for example) you will find a small percentage who achieved big goals: they found the woman or man of their dreams and are blissfully happy, they made a million dollars, they lost 150 pounds, they started a successful business, etc. A small percentage of ANY large group of people will achieve something significant – without going to a motivational seminar.

    So what is the difference in results of those who did go to a Tony Robbins weekend seminar? What is the AVERAGE improvement in the quality of their relationships, their over-all happiness, finding their dream job or business, becoming financially independent?

    Why don’t we hear about AVERAGE, or TYPICAL, or EXPECTED results from a person who spends $695 (or more) and 3 days of their live attending an entry-level Tony Robbins seminar?

    My guess is because Robbins Research International does not spend any resources on follow-up to scientifically measure results…because what they may find out does not support the promises they make.

    Instead, they spend resources on trying to sell attendees more seminars at ever-increasing prices.

    What does that say about their real motivation? Are they REALLY interested in helping people? Or are they just out to make more money be selling people more programs?

    Oh crap, speaking of a crotch-ache, I just heard the front door open. That means my rat turd son Harlan Ass-Stain is home from his afternoon ‘brainstorming session’ with his ‘mastermind group’. They meet every Sunday at the Boca Raton Dunkin’ Donuts where they come up with ‘great ideas’ for how to get rich quick, but actually they just get fat quickly by eating about a dozen donuts each. Schlubby’s latest pipe dream is a theme park for internet marketer wannabes called ‘Kern World’. Oh boy….

    1. @Mother Kilstein, The beauty of “self-help,” especially the kind Robbins and so many others “teach,” is that they keep it *unmeasurable.* Tell someone “give me $10,000 and I’ll make you feel better, more powerful, and show you how to accomplish more with your life.” If they bite (and this is where the real machine is put to work, of course — finding people who *will* bite), they’re not about to admit it didn’t work later. It would make them look like fools. So they instead have every reason to look around them and their lives and find anything that will back up their internal belief that they got what they paid for. Even if it’s just “Wow! Right after that event I got a letter saying I could be the next Publishers Clearinghouse winner! Thank you, Tony!”

      Good con men know psychology. People tend to justify what they’ve spent money on so they don’t feel they made a stupid decision. It takes a *lot* to shove them off that fence and get them to see they did indeed stupidly throw away the money they could have used to pay rent, feed their families, etc. Con men also know the more than can take you for the less likely you ever are to willingly admit later that you were taken. And they play on it to the hilt.

    1. @Somebody,

      Ok. I looked at it. Immediately, I see a picture of Oprah Winfrey walking on hot coals with Tony Robbins standing next to her.

      Did that occur at the recent firewalk controversy? ’cause if not, then that’s what we might call a misleading photo.

      The rest of the article carries on with boring long-ness about how awesome Tony Robbins is. Apparently, according to Marianne Schnall, Tony talked to her on the phone to say how he was upset about how the event was characterized.

      Of course, if Tony is correct–if the media got it wrong, then yeah it makes sense that he’d be upset.

      I mean all he has going for him is his reputation as a motivational something-or-other. Oh yeah, and an Island.

      Yeah, so the negative publicity has circulated for a few days now and any small temporary bump-up in traffic it might have created has died down so now I guess it’s time to “set the record straight”. I.e.–push out some pablum counter-spin about how fire-walks are the bees knees and Tony Robbins is the best thing to happen to America since forever.

      Because, ya know, nothing says “I’m empowered!” like walking over a bed of hot coals… and possibly receiving blisters… and then blaming the blisters not on the blatantly obvious I-just-walked-on-hot-coals but rather on the far more elusive {secret} fake-truth that I-wasnt-quite-in-the-zone.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @Wyrd,

        I find it weird that Tony Robs-em would go to some no-name HuffPo blogger to clear his name rather than a more widely read news source like The New York Times (which reported that he rarely talks to the media other than The Today Show and Piers Morgan). A mis-step by his PR team? Or is someone worried about withstanding the glare of media scrutiny?

        1. I submit that even if the injury reports were exaggerated — and if so, yes, shame on the media — it is an equal or even more egregious exaggeration to claim that Tony Robbins created anything close to a true “breakthrough” in the lives of the millions of people who have paid good money to participate in his firewalks and other events over the years. We would be much better served if everyone used a “wary, discerning eye” (as the author of the HuffPost piece put it) when it comes to the multi-billion dollar selfish-help industry and its over-hyped, over-paid gurus.

      2. @Wyrd, @Wyrd,

        “Ok. I looked at it. Immediately, I see a picture of Oprah Winfrey walking on hot coals with Tony Robbins standing next to her.

        Did that occur at the recent firewalk controversy? ’cause if not, then that’s what we might call a misleading photo.”

        I wasn’t sure about if you knew about it or not, but maybe we can setstraight Huffington’s “set-the-record-straight” post with the actual picture-proof of that top photo:

        Nov 08, 2011:

    2. @Somebody :: Ah yes, clearly an unbiased and sober voice of reason on the topic…

      Dammit, why doesn’t anybody talk about the science of why people do/don’t get burned!?

      There’s nothing magical or mystical or hypnotical or state-specific about it.

      The soles of your feet are terrible conductors. As are loose charcoal briquettes from smoldering wood. No heat conduction = no burns. 9th grade physics yo!

      Bantering over whether people did get burned or did not get burned is like arguing whether the poison in the Kool Aid was cyanide or ricin… Who fucking cares!?

      The people are getting brainwashed! And robbed!

      Of course the media is over-sensational … I wish it would just be about the actual sensational story here, rather than some stupid physics:fail bologna.


      What will it take? A bunch of people to die at a Tony Robbins event?

      Oh wait, even that didn’t get much more than a few sound-bites… Which altogether probably amounted to less than the amount the same sound-biters were dry humping that very same selfish-help guru/ homicider.

    3. @Somebody ::

      Hey tweedledumb :: I’m pretty sure I said …

      … and that’s as close as anyone got to telling the real story … which has got fuck all to do with burned feet.”

      … so don’t “sheep” me.

      I thought all those stories were weak sensationalist crap.

      Although nothing like the crap that is Huffington Post …

      Tony Robbins explains the idea behind his partnership with HuffPost Living and our new special section, Breakthrough: The Power Of Crisis.

      Another thing Tony Robbins learned from L. Ron Hubbard :: the power of sucking off shallow and vein celebrities.

      1. @SD,

        “… and that’s as close as anyone got to telling the real story … which has got fuck all to do with burned feet.”

        Maybe it’s what Vanessa Howell meant when she demanded to abc:

        “+ABC News please be more responsible in your reporting.”

        But also it could maybe be maybe not that, too.

        1. @Jack, Alexey Krasnoriadt replied to ms. Howell:

          “This was a great event. I didn’t hear any screams of agony, only the victory roar of people conquering their fears.”

          It reminds me of from my childhood when my parents made me take accordion lessons. Then when all the kids at school laughed at me my parents said “Jack, They weren’t laughing at you…they were applauding you!”

      2. @SD, I made the mention about the non-disclosed relationship at in ms. Schnall’s comments and it was good that I got to witness it being made public for an hour or so, but now they took it away.

      3. @SD, Yeah, okay there Salty – however you want to spin it.

        It’s pretty ironic that you mention “the cult dynamic” when that’s exactly what you’re cultivating here. Your cult is no different than theirs, it’s just pushing a different agenda.

        So go ahead and call me names and keep feeding your people what they expect. Those of us who haven’t been brainwashed by your crap (or the other side’s) will continue to look at both sides of the argument objectively.

        1. @Somebody,

          I’m trying to look at this objectively. Here’s what I’m seeing:

          The Mercury News article quotes pro-Robbins participants, anti-Robbins bystanders, and the ostensibly neutral fire captain, to whom all the EMTs and paramedics likely report. The fire captain said 21 people were treated for burns and three people went to the hospital. I imagine he would be the person who would know exactly how many people were treated and how many were either taken to the hospital by ambulance or expressed their intent to go to the hospital in their own cars.

          The New York Times quotes pro-Robbins participants, a Robbins insider, a police spokesperson, and the Mercury News article. The insider says the firewalk is not without risk.

          HuffPo – evidently more prestigious than the NYT – gets Robbins himself, some insiders with medical training, and pro-Robbins participants. Where is the anti-Robbins opinion? It’s not a balanced article.

          Why haven’t any of these reporters talked to the EMTs and paramedics? Surely they can confirm or deny the injuries the fire captain claimed.

        2. @Somebody,

          See @Lanna’s comment above for an example of what objectivity looks like.

          Sometimes I try to be objective. Sometimes I don’t care.

          But simply throwing out a link to an article that has a bias that’s in 180 deg opposition to some other articles isn’t the same as being “objective”.

          Also–those original articles that @SD used clippings of, yeah they were very flimsy. And that’s too bad. Because if they had not been so flimsy, then maybe they could have got down deep to the real issues.

          Like the part about how Anthony “Tony” Robbins has been scamming people and selling them false hope for at least 29 years. (Wikipedia says “In 1983, Robbins learned to firewalk from Tolly Burkan”. [1])

          And then the other sick part about how, despite all that scammitude, still to this day, he is well-respected by many and has no problem getting someone with connections to Oprah to write a glowing article for him at the Huffington Post.

          That’s pretty f*ed up right there.

          Objectivity is great and stuff. But maybe sometimes people say
          “be more objective” when what they might really mean is
          “be more circumspect–don’t say bad things about that person/place/thing that I like because it’s causing me cognitive dissonance and it’s owie in my skull-brain.”

          Or perhaps I am mistaken. *shrug*

          Furry cows moo and decompress.

    4. @Somebody, (or anybody, really)… I’d love to see a real investigative piece written about Robbins’ bio claims…what on earth could he have been “advising” Mother Teresa or Margaret Thatcher about? Are Nelson Mandela and Gorbachev really devotees of his? I have a sneaking suspicion that he’s fluffed up these association!

  26. If you look closely enough you will see that there’s a very small “666” on the back of Tony Robbins’ neck, just under the hair line.

  27. I was in San Jose 2012 at this event. What a bunch of BS! Tony Robbins keeps getting richer at the expense of us little people willing to spend 100’s or 1000’s on a ticket to watch him & his prearranged audience members present their little skit. I left after realizing how many in the audience would’ve drank Tony’s koolaid without even a question. I went back Friday and goit my refund processed. What a joke he is! Wake up people!

  28. Here is what Marie Forleo, another scam artist and a great friend of Tony Robbins, has recently sent to her subscribers. Remember her from her slutty dances with Laura Roeder, wiggling her tush to sell her course? After Tony Robbins now she’s promoting Eben Pagan. It’s about time Salty uncovers the doings of the Forleo gal who’s another shameless unicorn seller. And she charges 2000 bucks for her unicorns!

    Hi …….. !

    If you have a message, teaching or expertise that you want to offer to the world in the form of information products like audio training, DVDs, coaching programs, etc., then you’re gonna LOVE this.

    If not, no worries. Delete this message as you probably won’t find this worth your time :)

    Since you’re still reading . . .

    Here’s the scoop:

    You’re invited to a live teleclass I’m holding this Friday to interview my dear friend, and one of the brightest marketing teachers I’ve ever met, Eben Pagan.

    Eben was one of the first people who believed in me when I was first starting my business as a life coach. He’s been a friend and mentor for over a decade plus he’s one of the BEST teachers I’ve ever met when it comes to marketing and packaging information.

    I’m pumped to interview him this Friday at 2pm EST/ 11am PST if you want to listen in.
    Here’s what you’ll learn:

    How to create best-selling information products (he’s grown a $25M company!!)

    How to organize your content and ideas so that they’re easily understood, and so they have high perceived value

    Why some information products sell better than others, and the types of topics that work best when selling information (it’s important to get this right!)

    If you want to join me on this live call and have access to the replay, click here.

    As you know, I do NOT endorse many people or their programs. But when I’ve personally tested and used something and it’s that good, it’s my responsibility to let you know!

    One last thing…

    Whether you join me for the call or not, you have to go check out Eben’s free video training on creating info products while it’s still up.

    Pay special attention in video #1 about “emotional needs” – this is really the thing that I see separates the people who make an impact from those who struggle with their teaching.

    I’m a proud affiliate of Eben and his training. He gets my full endorsement as I know the deep level of care, training and attention he gives to his customers.

    If you do nothing else but check out his free videos and listen to our free call, it will dramatically increase your ability to effectively communicate your message and make the impact in the world you are meant to make.

    This is some of the most valuable training on this topic I’ve ever seen, but it won’t be around long so please scoop it up and use it to grow your business and get your message out to more people.

    Hope to “see you” on Friday’s call!



  29. I did a firewalk in 1992 (right around the time when I figured that firewalks’ 15 minutes of fame were just about up – wrong!). It was fun, it was cool. It was really clear that it didn’t burn because of the ashes on top of the coals and because it was a short walk. So it was fun. That’s all. It didn’t change my life. It didn’t make me rich. It didn’t do shit – except that in business training courses where they do warm-up exercises like “Tell everyone something about yourself that will surprise them” I say “I walked on fire”.

    Literally – that’s all it has meant to me. It’s a crock of shit. Just like the board-breaking helps you “break through your fears”. It’s all a crock of shit. And to anyone who is tempted to pour thousands of dollars and years of time into these shysters, repeat after me: “If this shit worked, EVERYONE would be doing it”.

  30. What a bunch of total ignorance on this site

    I actually was at this event, unlike the body man. Over 6,000 people successfully did this event without getting burned. Nobody went to the hospital. Total BS.

    One person who happened upon the event (was not an attendee) called the San Jose News and made shit up about what was going on.

    News cycle grabbed, replicated, and people believe. Never question the MSM and their total lack of investigation.

    All BS!!! No mention of the organizations that actually bothered to retract-

    1. @You Rock! ::

      Fox & Friends got it wrong? Shocker.

      But it wasn’t their story to get wrong :: they just retweeted it without doing any reporting … like every other stupid thing on that stupid show.

      And my story is about how this story isn’t a real story … so I guess you can shove your “ignorance” in a sack.

      But :: I just noticed that the San Jose Mercury News story has been taken down …

      … without a word … which seems quite dubious to me.

      1. @SD,

        Yeah…that would be the same Fox News that was first to call the election for OBummer last night…

        How Dubious!

        Article up….article down…. it can fit the profile.

        It’s called “Framing the situation”

        I learned that from TR….

        Guess it wasn’t all BS….

  31. Oh, wow. I always knew Tony Robbins was a BS artist and a fraud, but I think this is the first time I have realized he is actually literal scum. Human filth, with zero redeeming value. And if Tony Robbins, the original shit-eating grinner of the bunch is lower than galvanized cat shit, what does that make the rest of them? Holy fuck, what a world we live in. I’ve always known it was a totally sociopathic hellhole, but the trick is to give up all hope and still get out of bed. It becomes more puzzling each day as to how that is possible.

    1. @Nat, I could not have put it better. Robbins is worthless grifter-scum who profits from exploiting peoples insecurities and there need to try and make their lives a little better.

      He’s a pure narcissist and would be robbing pensioners of their life-savings if he hadn’t landed this mega-scam.

      But what has he achieved in his life? Money from lies and creating more misery for people. Some legacy!

      BTW, I don’t think Benny Hinn is any better. Thoughts?

  32. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. Anthony Robbins is coming to the UK in May to burn peoples feet AGAIN!

    “Friday – Step 1
    Turn fear into power

    The Firewalk Experience
    On day 1, you will learn how to annihilate your fears. You’ll have the opportunity to walk across a bed of hot coals between 700 and 1,100 degrees Celsius, and in doing so, you’ll understand that there is absolutely nothing you cannot overcome.”

    …& get them financially burnt as part of the deal! Or marvellous pricing reductions and bargain seating concepts?…


    – Admission to 3.5 days event
    – Seating in Gold section
    – Fire-walking experience
    – Course material
    – Name badge & wristband

    Usual Price £1,495 per ticket NOW £ 995.00


    – Admission to 3.5 days event
    – Seating in VIP section
    – Fire-walking experience
    – Course material
    – Name badge & wristband

    Usual Price £1,995 per ticket NOW £ 1,295.00


    – Admission to 3.5 days event
    – Seating in exclusive Diamond section
    – Fire-walking experience
    – Advance entry into main room daily
    – Exclusive briefing with Tony
    – One meal supplied on Saturday, Sunday & Monday
    – Fast track registration
    – Course material
    – Name badge & wristband

    Usual Price £2,995 per ticket NOW £ 1,895.00


    – Seating in First 4 Rows
    – Admission to 3.5 days event
    – Seating in exclusive Solitaire section
    – Fire-walking experience
    – Advance entry into main room daily
    – Exclusive briefing with Tony
    – One meal supplied on Saturday, Sunday & Monday
    – Fast track registration
    – Course material
    – Name badge & wristband

    Usual Price £3,995 per ticket NOW £2,995 ”

      1. @Lanna,

        Thanks – I was not aware. Pretty bad.

        …and from the picture the ‘Crew’ is one big group (now fully subscribed!).

        The other side of the Crew role, I believe, is as unpaid extras (- who will feel they have a bargain to be able to attend the event for free -) to cheer on Robbins and gee up the crowd.

        One slick/sick con that runs and runs.

    1. @Random stuff,

      I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. Anthony Robbins is coming to the UK in May to burn peoples feet AGAIN!

      I didn’t know about it either. And that fire crew thing is worth some shuddering.

      But I can believe it. Scammers are like the terminator–they never stop. They never change. They just keep doing the same thing for as long as they live.

      Speaking of scammers-gotta-scam and coming-to-an-area-near-you (in this case near me)

      John Edward, aka the Biggest Douche in the Universe, will be in Kansas City (where I live) next month. -sad-face-

      1. @Wyrd,

        South Park is good & sorry to hear that even Kansas city is not sacred as far as scammers are concerned.

        Hopefully South Park do one on Tony Robbins (if they have not already) – he is ideal material.

  33. Tony Robbins, best friend of James Arthur Ray, Frank Kern, plus probably other murderers, fraudsters and low life, is exploiting the misery of returning traumatised soldiers…

    This Memorial Day, as we remember the heroes who have fought and died for our freedom, it’s also important to honor the veterans and modern-day heroes who have fought, and continue to fight. Plus, in your honor, we will donate 1 copy of the Ultimate Edge to the Wounded Warrior Project when you buy 1 as a gift or for yourself.

    And the US Army already has this to contend with…

    …and Robbins is there to help… make it worse. I have seen references to people feeling suicidal after having been through the Robbins sessions & when they get down from the artificial and purposeless high. I do hope every last one has nevertheless survived Robbins’s help, but am in no way sure.

    Does the US Army condone this criminal’s ‘assistance’? It beats me.


    Tony Robbins is very very deeply involve with the cult ONENESS mouvement where the leaders have declare
    themselves to be incarnations of God bigger tan Budha better than Jesus …it is a fact that Tony as put together programs of brainwashing for the cult …..he is very very close to the leader Kalki Bhagavan and his wife Amma that are worship by ten of thousands of people ….But if you such on the internet for picture of Kalki Bhagavan and ToNy Robbins ….THERE ARE NONE …for Tony knows that this would not be seen kindly by some of the thousands that trow their money at him ..He is possibly worshipping in private Kalki Bhagavan as a incarnation of God …the oneness mouvement use widely his name ….but no picture of him and the scam guru and the scam motivators ……but they are making each other more and more money

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