+3 Open Wounds

Guru Gangrene

Plus three years ago :: I didn’t find out about the death of Colleen Conaway until it was too late to stop the deaths of James Shore … Liz Neuman … and Kirby Brown. It hurts to think about how different things might have been if I’d have noticed sooner … if I’d have seen Jason Moffatt’s friend Greg Hartle’s tweet about the end of Colleen … or if someone would have whispered to me about Death Ray’s silencing of Andy Grant’s attempt to talk about his trauma at watching Colleen die while himself struggling with the demon of suicide.

Me now is different than me then :: so much stronger :: better connected :: better informed … me hopes I’d hear about this now … right? Before it was too late … right?

It’s hard to keep secrets from The Salty Droid in Scamworld :: and me now would like to believe that I would hear about death one in time to stop deaths two … three … and four. But it’s not true … I fucking know it’s not true.

People are getting scammed to death :: and it’s going unreported … and unnoticed. It’s buried so deep that it’s beyond the vison even of those most devoted to seeing.

That’s not good enough.

We could do better … by doing ANYTHING at all.

Anywayz :: after deaths two … three … and four … I did find out about death one … backwards. Colleen’s story :: once exposed :: changed the arc of events for James Arthur Ray … like it would have if exposed in July 2009. The majority of the archetypal compassionate James Ray victims were unable to suffer the story of a tragic death ignored.

Three years to the day of that tragic death :: almost to the hour :: Jason had this conversation with Colleen’s sister Lynn Graham about the passing of Colleen … and the passing of time …

The civil case against James Arthur Ray for his role in the death of Colleen Conaway is finally underway :: paperwork flying all over the place … idiot badguys being deposed. Sheila Polk couldn’t force James Arthur Ray to testify :: because of that pesky little American Constitution … but Bob Magnanini faces no such restrictions … and if they don’t settle … rotting piece of shit James Arthur Ray will have to fire up his “needs 8th grade” brain and answer for himself and his actions {or lack thereof}.

If you know something about what happened to Colleen :: it’s not too late … it’s not too late to help give this still grieving family a sense of closure … or the gods willing … of justice. Ping me at the email below … and I’ll make sure your info gets where it needs to get. Don’t want your name involved because you fear retribution? Nobody understands that better than me … so don’t tell me your name.

When I first spoke with Lynn I was a much feared nobody :: I told her that I wasn’t a reporter … that I wasn’t going to type out this story and then walk away looking for the next dead body. I’m here to fight this fight … however fucking long it takes. Three years later and I’m a much bigger deal :: I’ve got readers and followers and {introducing} a pretty kickass illustrator. Same promise :: I’m here to fight this fight … however fucking long it takes. Gonna use all that we’ve become to help with this important case :: gonna have all that and a bag of chips waiting for James Arthur Ray when he exits the Arizona penal system … 25 years too early.

>> bleep bloop

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  1. Thank you once again Salty for never letting this rest … I hear your regrets but I (we) all celebrate your Scamworld Master’s Degree and doing all you can do… which is a damn sight better than anybody else.

    “Gonna use all that we’ve become to help with this important case :: gonna have all that and a bag of chips waiting for James Arthur Ray when he exits the Arizona penal system … 25 years too early.”

    Hell yes. Here’s hoping for justice for Colleen. And for scambag JAR.

  2. Judge Darrow’s sentence and final comments were the most inexcusable case of blaming the victims in this whole story. Telling them that as educated people they should have known better, and then letting him serve out an already shamefully light sentence “concurrently” (i.e. two thirds reduction for no reason at all). Lynne had the right word for it in the interview.

    At least there was some jail time though. And there’s also an awful lot of information on the public record – sworn testimony, police investigation records – that explain very clearly exactly what kind of business Death Ray is running. His supporters will try and wave all that away, but it’s as undeniable as anything can be.

    I know that the public campaign against Death Ray will keep going for at least as long as he does. There is so much wrong with this monster that attacking him attacks the whole sick and deadly industry. It’s up to us to make sure that some good comes of this horrible situation.

  3. Dont ch’yall think it’s a tidily bit creepy that there James Ray loved the idea of death… An lo and behold he ATTRACTED it to him! Checkmate athiests! Well… To the people around him, at least. Maybe teh universe just has bad aim?

    Hey universe… You got the wrong folk!

    Maybe we can all attract a little justice… Bad aim er not… Imma update mah dream board.

  4. Another reason you’re one of my heroes, @SD: your insistence on keeping Colleen’s memory alive, while working so hard to finally get some justice for her and her family. And you’re right: a kickass illustrator. Death Ray never looked so good.

      1. @Cosmic Connie,

        Re the video: I can’t tell. I want to hope that they have good motives but if so then they need a new video. That one seems to be making the sweat lodge deaths into modern myth and trying to make a buck at the same time. ick.

      2. @Cosmic Connie,

        They seem to have understood a few things about Ray, but little to nothing about the others involved. It must be a very gray legal area, depicting real identities fictitiously on stage.

        And by emphasizing the “dangerous charismatic guru authority cult mind control stuff” they lose some essential and much more important elements – the extent of his lying, and his incredible stupidity, for example.

      3. @Cosmic Connie,

        Edinburgh Fringe is allied to the more well known comedy Festival–so it will be ‘cutting edge’ and ‘thought-provoking’ in the manner of most performance art. So no obvious conclusions will be drawn for the audience, on the assumption that those individuals are capable of drawing their own.
        Its more subtle than a propaganda exercise and they will essentially be preaching to the choir as no-one with an interest in attending would be in the market for the crass tripe that Death Ray and his brethren peddle.

        It might still be tripe but in that case it should be subtle and complicated tripe with no pressure on the audience to buy
        into the tripe.

        Some of us like a bit of performance art, if its subtle, complicated and funny as well that is a bonus.

        1. @pigs trotters,

          Just in case I have offended anyone by mentioning humour in this sober post, the best art, like the best comedy is also anarchic, pointed and scorching social comment.

          1. @pigs trotters, Yes, I think I am able to understand the appeal of performance art, and certainly I understand the value of humor as scathing social comment. :-) Wyrd and Yakaru brought up some of the issues that had me wondering about this project, but I will reserve judgment about it till I know more. I just wanted to make others aware of it.

      4. @Cosmic Connie ::

        Looked at the cast list … I don’t think the non-JAR characters are real names. And the death lodge was quite a public happening. So I don’t think it seems like exploitation … seems interesting. You watch it inside of pretend sweat lodge without heat … if only Ray had done his fake sweat lodge like that.

        I’m not going to go to Scotland to see it though :: I hear it’s shite there …

        1. @SD,

          I read the character descriptions a few months ago when they were advertising for actors. They seemed to sum up Death Ray pretty well – mentioned suppressed violence or something like that. But I thought the descriptions for the characters were a bit glib and tending towards making them appear overly gullible. The page seems to have been taken down…

          Generally it looked better than I expected, and certainly not a hatchet job. As a piece of theater, I wish them luck with it – it’s an unusual and challenging topic.

          And I’m not going there either. I’ve also had enough of being colonized by the English.

        2. @SD,

          It’s “shite” if you have the lives of those inTrainspotting, just as Baltimore is “shite” if you have the lives of the street kids from The Wire. For the middle classes? I suspect it’s much the same wherever you are in the Western world. That certainly was the case when I worked in NZ…

          I’m planning to be in Edinburgh for a bit of The Festival & Fringe – I’ll try to see this & shall report back, if that might be of interest?

            1. @SD,

              Right, ticket’s purchased and I’m off to Hearts on Fire tonight. If I don’t post in the next few days, it might’ve been *too* realistic…

            2. @SD,

              Pictures proved tricky. I’ll email what I’ve got…but it’s not much.

              I thought the performance was pretty much spot on. Listening to fellow attendees talk about it on the way down the stairs, I heard “terrifying” used by a few people, along with “really unsettling”.

              It was staged in the top floor of the India Buildings in Edinburgh, and we were greeted by “Grace”, JAR’s assistant who wished us luck on our “journey to become a Spiritual Warrior”. We then went into a room made to look very much like the inside of the sweat lodge with seats around the side. We were welcomed again inside, with any latecomers or people talking stared down. The lights went down, and when they came up “James” was in our midst.

              I don’t want to give too much away (or bore you with the detailed description I ended up writing) but the characters were very well drawn – fundamentally likeable and good people seeking meaning caught up in the maelstrom of JAR’s cult of personality with varying degrees of infatuation with the man. Crucially, these characters were people you could identify with – these were no blind acolytes, they were smart and caring people who were searching for something more, and who had had the misfortune to chance upon JAR in their search. It was easy enough to see myself in the irreverent family man, and I was nearly distracted buy how much one of the other characters reminded me of one of my friends.

              “James” himself was terrifying – capriciously changing from charm to cruelty, at times supremely indifferent to the breakthroughs his actions had instigated if they didn’t serve his immediate needs.

              The lodge was less a part of the production than we might have been led to believe – yes we were sitting in a reconstruction of it, but this was more to create the correct atmosphere as it was a claustrophobic space when the audience and participants were shoehorned in with “James” and his Ego…and when you could feel “James'” breath on your face as he asked if you were “ready to play Full-On?”.

              The scenes in the lodge were undoubtedly well done, as was the aftermath…and the ending was even more chilling than than which had gone before, although I don’t want to give too much away about that.

              I think the production did the most difficult of things and managed an accurate representation of an horrific event – and it knew exactly where to lay the blame.

    1. @Cosmic Connie,

      Although the Edinburgh Fringe is huge, it’s still a fringe festival, so I doubt anyone is making much money on this – especially after they pay to have a replica “sweat lodge” constructed.

      The incident was pretty heavily publicized. I think it’s good to invite people to explore the psycho-social dynamics of LGAT events like this. We like to think that we are too smart or too skeptical or too assertive to let ourselves cook to death; hopefully this will dispel those notions. At the same time, what if it’s too realistic? I understand the Stanford prison experiment, but I don’t want to attend a Stanford prison experiment audience-participation dinner theater experience. I hope there is some post-show discussion and a licensed counseling professional available for distraught audience members.

      I didn’t see the character descriptions, but I agree with @Yakaru that they are painting the participants as “overly gullible.” They call them “devotees” in the boilerplate in all the marketing materials. Not to say James Arthur Ray wasn’t using cult-leader tactics, but “devotees” makes me think of the sort of cult where members quit their lives and move into the cult center or compound. Where their family members know they’ve joined a cult.

      As Lynn says, it’s like Colleen went on vacation. She went to a seminar for business owners. From what I’ve read, the same is true for James, Liz and Kirby. People attended the “Spiritual Warrior” retreat and tried to complete the sweat lodge for the same reasons people go bungee jumping or visit the Taj Mahal or golf at St. Andrews: to say they’ve done it, to prove to themselves they can do it, and because it’s said to be transformational.

      1. @Lanna,

        I lived for a while in a kind of spiritual community on a farm property in Australia for a while. Occasionally someone would show up and then disappear into the forest for a “vision quest” – alone without food or (depending on the weather) water for 48 hours or something. Obviously, they’d prepared themselves for it, chosen their time, probably had an idea of what kind of thing they were likely to encounter within themselves etc. — They were prepared.

        Death Ray suddenly sprung such a vision quest on people unexpectedly. When they came back from it he stuck them in his deadly heat tent.

        I doubt very much that the theater group, for all their possibly good intentions will do that kind of thing to get their audience into the right head space. !!!

        1. @Yakaru,

          There’s not much desert in Scotland…but I suppose they *could* abandon their audience in the desolate wasteland of Sighthill (or most of Lanarkshire, for that matter)…but that would seem unlikely – they probably wouldn’t want to be held responsible for the consequences of such actions.

          1. @Dr Geek,

            I’d do a vision quest in Scotland before I’d do anything with Death Ray. Even if the only visions I’d get would be of rain, a few sheep and the odd mountain goat. (My roots are Scottish BTW, in case anyone thinks I’m being racist or geographist or something.)

            I guess the main danger I see is that there’s no way anyone could recreate anything like the heat tent that death ray cooked up. And will they have him being sprinkled with water and lying with his head outside? Will they let people piss on the floor? Will they spray insecticide around to keep Louis Li happy? Will they have Death Ray refusing to use the cell phone in his pocket to call 911?

            And all that stuff?

            If it was my decision, I’d get them to do a role play where Ray sits in the dock and tries to answer Sheila Polk’s questions. The audience gets to be the jury. I’d pay for that! I’d go to every show!

            1. @Yakaru,

              Indeed ;-) – although a vision quest in the areas I mentioned comes at a high risk of robbery and/or personal injury, it’s still far preferable to cozying up to Death Ray. At least Scottish Neds don’t pretend to have your interests at heart when lightening your wallet.

              With regard to your (more serious) reservations about the play, I’m going to reserve judgement. The Fringe has a reputation for “edgy” performances, and people have pissed on the stage before (Jane Horrocks {Little Voice & “Bubble” the hapless secretary from Absolutely Fabulous famously pee’d live on stage as part of her portrayal of Lady MacBeth, during the “Out, out, damnèd spot” sleep walking scene).

              I’m going to try to head along to see what it’s like, so I’ll let you know. I might even take notes (although they’ll be disappointed if they end up waiting for the review to be published ;-)

            2. @Dr Geek,

              And at least the above mentioned Scottish Neds won’t then take me to court afterwards and try and destroy my reputation.

              …Okay, well if they really are going to let people pee on stage, then I guess I’ll have to retract my comment!

              And as I say, I wish them luck. It’s just that it took the investigators a long while to believe what the evidence was telling them, and after three years of following this and reading swathes of evidence and watching many hours of trial footage, I am STILL discovering things about Ray that make my jaw drop.

              If they can manage to bring a fraction of that across, they’ll have succeeded.

      2. @Lanna,

        I understand the Stanford prison experiment, but I don’t want to attend a Stanford prison experiment audience-participation dinner theater experience. I hope there is some post-show discussion and a licensed counseling professional available for distraught audience members.

        When I originally commented on this after having seen the trailer/teaser, that’s what I thought they had in mind.

        I mean I misunderstood (’cause it was like 2am, I was tired, etc) and I thought that, rather than putting on a play about Death Ray’s Sweat Lodge Murder-By-Indifference Event at a remote location, I thought they were going to just run their own sweat lodge in the middle of nowhere while describing in grisly detail how three people died just recently under very similar circumstances. That’s where the “ick” and the accusation of exploitation came from.

        So, my bad on that.

  5. Wow.

    I only found out about James Ray and his evil after he was convicted from the sweat lodge thing. But I never would have known at all if not for the Salty Droid.

    I am sorry Colleen died.

    The intentional obfuscation and truth hiding that J Ray embarked on should be criminal. But civil is far better than nothing.

    My (very amateur) understanding of how civil works has me hoping that the lax standards of evidence will help Coleen’s family’s lawyer. Also James is not guaranteed to have an attorney. He or one of his will have to pay or find someone willing to work for free or else he’ll just have to proceed lawyer-less (“appearing pro se”).

  6. Hey SD looks like you’ve found yourself a nice illustrator, and I must say, He/She has a knack for capturing a likeness! You should formally introduce them to the community sometime!

    I wonder if that’s what ol’ J.A.R. sees when he stumbles in front of reflective surfaces.

  7. Does anybody know if any of the families of the sweat lodge victims are also planning on taking JAR to civil court?

    1. @Holy Sh-,

      There have already been numerous (I think a couple of dozen) civil cases. I got the impression a few were settled out of court. I remember after the trial when he was claiming indigency, he included settlements in civil cases in his expenses – only to be informed by the prosecutors that they already knew his insurance had paid it all.

      That’s according my memory, anyway.

  8. I think this blog is a scam.
    Jason is just building a list of readers and then he is gonna sell up on some anti scam program .
    I can feel in my bones!

    1. @Jake ::

      You must have bought your bones from one of Don Lapre’s tiny classified ads.

      If I was going to sell out and become a scammer :: you fucking idiot … then I wouldn’t sell an anti-scam program. “You can’t do it” … is not the sort of message that moves unreasonable units at unreasonable prices.

      “They couldn’t do it :: by I did … and now you can too!”

      … is how this could be dark-side-monetized.

      You be watching out for that and make sure to leave a trolly lil’ comment when it happens.

  9. I hope to God that Colleen gets the justice she deserves. For James Ray to be free among regular humans is insanity. He is a disgusting human who is willing to sacrifice lives to better his financial standing. I LOVE you Colleen, you were such a special person, you did not deserve to die at the hand of this foul monster James Arthur Ray. The day that Oprah, the promoter of the Secret, and these disgusting scumbags, come forward and take responsibility will NEVER come – they don’t have to, they’re Hollywood, and showbiz protects the most disgusting humans on the planet.

    I hope these animals are exposed, prosecuted, and locked up.

    Colleen, prayers your way honey. You are a special woman, and I’m giving you the respect you deserve.


  10. Hi JJ

    I have been reading your blog for a long time I have felt compelled to comment a few times but I have held back. You pretty well cover things and not a lot I could say.

    I do want to say this. None of us can change what has happened, the important thing is that we have our eyes open and hopefully can stand against things better should there but God forbid a next time. I am sorry you have had people threaten you but when you stand against things as you do it is I suppose to be expected as sad as it is. anyhow you have a good heart and seem to be a champion of the underdog which in this world is really neat. Sure I don’t agree with some of the phrasing you use LOL but I appreciate where you are coming from and for people who see no hope you are a light to them, anyhow I wish you well and I have taken a step by revealing myself but if you can do it why not me.
    be well man I support you

    1. @WD Mino,

      I suspect the only way anything good can come of your big reveal is if it’s some kind of cry for help and you’re begging to be shown that you’re part of the very problem Salty describes so well.

      A quick search of your name shows that you frequent the Warrior Forum, claim to teach people to be an “IM Juggernaut” or a “Traffic Juggernaut”, sell a “Money Magnet Toolkit”, and you’re an “award winning product creator… on a mission to change the online world one product at a time”.

      Look, I understand, I really do, I made $50k+ in the online space a number of years ago but spent nearly 3 times that trying to learn all the secrets. All I learned was that if you have something good that genuinely creates value in people’s lives, the Internet can be used as a channel to connect with prospective customers.

      But if you’re selling in the IM space, like I was and you are now, you’ve no way of knowing what effect you’re having on the lives of others. Being part of a sick machine, the only way to profit is to go deeper into the machine and bring others with you. It’s nothing more than a nasty pyramid of information and the majority are the financial losers who finance the lifestyles of the sickest in the marketplace.

  11. @ Anonymous,

    You are right I am in this. I started out back in 08 and really had a hard time, I absorbed all sorts of “training” and began to plug away at things, The money magnet toolkit was first called wd’s desktop wondertool, but when I sold it on my own it only sold a few copies, so someone came along and suggested I change the name and relaunch it with their help so it became the money magnet toolkit. I have nothing to hide concerning myself :)

    You missed my vintage juggernaut which is a solid strategy on how to sell old toys and the like. but a search also reveals I have never scammed anyone, ever so maybe I am not part of the problem but I am part of something that is really not good.

    All I wanted/ want to do is help people and take care of my family, I can’t do a lot in the physical world but I seem to be able to do some things online. I mean I am 36 and spent most of my life on mental disability so I try my best to do what I can. The im juggernaut is about creating products that are good using actual research sites like factbites and others,that I learned in my trying, a juggernaut is just an unstoppable force and if you are persistent that is what you become much like here:) I am not on a cry for help but I am known by some and saying I support JJ wouldn’t look good to some of them but it is what it is.

    However, if you imply I am part of the problem, I may be, I don’t really know I mean the things I have observed and witnessed since my time online is rather scary to be honest, I use the award winning product creator, yup, I won an award called wso of the week where my product was actually selected for it’s quality, not it’s sales numbers because LOL I didn’t have that many sales.blackhatters gave it a great review too:)

    All it was was a software shell that had all the tools anyone would use online, but you are right I am in the im space I say on a mission to change the world one product at a time, it is on my blog, for sure, have you seen the kind of stuff brought out on a daily basis? Yikes! I mean I may not make a big dollar online but at least if you buy something from me I stand behind it , handle all my support and have developed a small but solid reputation amongst my customers, the trouble Mark is that I too had to learn and when you “learn” you quickly find out the only way to get ahead is to have people join forces with you and I for one needed all the help I could get

    glad I could address this for you, feel free to check me out further I am an open book, you missed the part about me being a convict or ex I should say I went down for robbery at 19, I have nothing to hide maybe that’s the difference.
    be well

    1. @WD Mino,

      Hey, I totally respect your honesty and that you’ve nothing to hide… I just found your full story too… quite some journey!

      I like the way you say maybe you’re not part of the problem, but also maybe not part of something good. That’s something I’ve always tried to come to terms with, that there are good people in this marketplace but due to the overall nature of the machine they’re part of something bad. Perhaps that could even be applied to society as a whole.

      I consulted with a number of so called online gurus and the thing that made me scared was, like you, the fact that the only way to get ahead is by doing joint ventures. And you have to start doing them with people at your own level and then work your way up as you’ve got more to bring to the table. That situation is going to increase further in the future do to advertising costs increasing etc.

      But is that a ‘real’ situation?? In normal business, if you’ve a product to sell you can find ways to distribute it, but in this ‘frauduct’ world you nearly have no choice except for JVs. And that leads to the syndicate and boiler rooms etc.

      I found your Vintage Juggernaut PDF… You call it a $50 a day system that anyone can follow. If anyone could follow it then wouldn’t you be better building a real business in that market rather than teaching others your secrets? I think you’re more than capable of building a real business, as I think I am too, but when we spend too much time at places like the WF it becomes too tempting to follow others and sell IM infoproducts!

      Anyway, thanks for sharing, I think it’s all part of doing long term good around here.


      1. @Mark,

        Sorry JJ I didn’t mean for this to become an off topic thing.

        Mark I hung out at the forum for a while but I don’t frequent it too often anymore.

        I don’t have any secrets I mean the secret is hard work perseverance and a never give up attitude, find what works and scale it up but the reality is I am trying to get away from all the stuff I have learned I actually just started to learn vb.net programming. Offline or online all you do is present an offer to the public, I won’t get in to a lot on here Mark but you can email me my name a at gmail and I would be happy to discuss anything with you


        1. @WD Mino,

          Lol I suspect one’s level of happiness might be inversely proportional to time spent there!

          Good luck with everything :)

  12. I am heart broken that no one did anything. You can hear the pain on her voice. No one helped her. How? Why? It almost seems that someone paid for it to go away? It doesn’t make sense! My heart goes out to the families of the victims of this monster. I actually wanted to do his seminars because Oprah spoons feeds you the cyanide with sugar and unicorn farts.

    I am terrified and heartbroken. And I work for Satan!

  13. Thanks for keeping the conversation alive. And I’m extra appreciative for your Youtube video, Scamworld.


    I’ll be heavily promoting this one. What? Without affiliate airmile points? Err, yep. What an eye opener! I’ve been scammed (oh so horribly scammed) by the B team. Proliferate like cute rabid bunnies on speed, I tell ya!

    1. @Britt ::

      Thanks … it’s actually The Verge’s video though. Jason is just the voice … and the person most likely to get murdered.

      Good times.

  14. Salty, is it just me or are you running out of shit to write about? I have a fat list of scammers, some of which I’ve emailed to you without a response. Are there laws against you writing about some of these guys who aren’t technically doing anything illegal, but who still love stupid people’s money?
    Just curios, as this James Arthur Ray shit is seriously old as is Tony Robbins. Why not start from the bottom up and prevent the younger guys from spreading the stupid?

    1. @Jake,

      Sounds to me like you’ve already found the niche for your new blog! Seriously — I really encourage you to get started on it right away.

      1. @Yakaru, I would, but I’m not willing to sacrifice my online identity for an “anti” blog. The only way I would do it is if I were a lawyer like jason for my profession but I’m a communications major/wordpress freak/ graphic designer and I actually get hired by actual people who need actual shit done and I don’t want my name attached to something that makes me look awkward. It’s not exactly my job to call these guys out.

        1. @Jake ::

          So you’re not qualified to do what I do … but you are qualified to tell me how to do what I do?

          Don’t answer that question if it’s going to interrupt you fucking off.

          1. @SD
            I think the readers of any blog/publication should be able to express their opinion of the content.
            As far as being a legal professional, which you are, no I am not qualified to tell you what to do.
            As far as my fucking off, well..this is awkward.

            1. @Jake ::

              Yeah :: you can express your opinions … but that doesn’t mean that they’re going to be worth more than a sack of warm donkey shit {hint: they’re not}.

        2. @Jake,

          If you’re not in a position to speak out publicly, how about doing it privately. Why not email Salty with the information you’ve got?

            1. @Jake ::

              Start at :: they’re ALL scammers … and you pointing at this one or that one without a factual basis or relevant perspective is fucking meaningless to me.

              1. @jake ::

                Yep … that might be my next article.

                If you don’t fight to the finish … no one will respect you as a fighter. Stop scamming :: else me … forever. That’s how it works … cause I can’t do um all. If you kill people :: then you can expect the best of me forever … them’s the rules. If the FTC had that same rule … there wouldn’t be many more dead people.

                PS: So incomediary scammed you? Because they are obvious bullshit …


                … obvious.

    2. @Jake,

      Suggestion: try asking all that again but this time don’t carelessly victim blame (referring to the scammed as “stupid people”) and don’t trivialize a situation where someone died and the matter was never properly investigated by calling it “old news”.

      As for Tony, well he’s still scamming isn’t he? The footprints thing was the pseudo-news of the moment, and everyone was talking about it.

      Had @SD not done a story on it he would’ve caught flak for that too.

      Actually it seems like no matter what he does our what he writes, somebody inevitably gets mad.

      Today it just happened to be you.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

    1. @Jake,

      Your posts are coming across as intentionally inflammatory.

      When someone does that, there’s always a reason. The most common ones that occur to me are:
      1) a person is upset or mad
      2) a person is trying to emotionally manipulate the other person
      3) a person is trying to bait the other person into saying or doing things that will make them look bad

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

  15. @sd
    No not me personally, just came across it, noticed lots of hype/traffic meaning lots of loss hope. Thought you might be interested, you’re clearly not, this is your blog, what you say goes, that’s how the world works.

    1. @Jake ::

      Okay yeah :: USELESS … so do finish fucking off.

      Did you notice how this post was about dead people and their families … a family who Jason is clearly close too?

      If you have anything else to offer about for what :: and for whom :: I should sacrifice my life and time … why don’t you text it to my fake secretary Debbie … she loves smelly turds like you.

        1. I feel for anyone who has been scammed especially families of those, believe me. That’s why I was talking about other types of scammers. You’re not interested in my opinion. That’s Ok.

          1. @Jake,

            He might have been interested in your opinion. If you had been nice or polite or engaged in Basic Human Decency.

            It’s not cool to write or talk with callous disregard for someone who died.

            It’s not cool to go on and on about how @SD needs to produce “content”. Salty might be a {fake} robot, but Jason is a squishy human with feelings and stuff.

            Why am I bothering to explain this to you? (I ask myself.)

            *** Answering Objections In Advance *** (an important lesson from Selling 101)
            * Yes, @Jake, you were callous.
            * No I’m not going to get into a point-by-point discussion of exactly how and when you were. I’m going to have to leave that as “an exercise for the reader.” Life’s too short. And there’s still people here with open, bleeding wounds.

            Furry cows moo and decompress.

  16. Hey Salty—

    I’m not sure switching to illustrations is a good idea.

    The pictures you’ve used before and altered were very powerful as they tainted the image of the actual person you were talking about (and we know these guys are obsessed with their fake image). In a google search, if they appear—they would make you want to click (that’s how I found the droid in the first place— a twisted picture of Kern got my attention).

    For example, this image—I did not recognized it was JAR at all—and I don’t think it carries the horror of what actually happened. Could be a cover for any indie comic book… And I don’t think JAR would mind it as much . . . cute cartoon? Who cares. Twisted, real picture? Ouch! It hurts!

    The other problem with caricatures is that they imply “parody” “humor” etc. Obviously, this site is not about making jokes—but exposing thugs.

    To give you an example, when you posted the picture of Stephen Pierce showing his nipple or the images of Eben Pagan’s burning man look—it’s raw and real. That’s why it’s so powerful. An illustration rendering of these would have carried much less weight.

    I’m not saying the illustration is not good. I’m asking: Is it effective here?

    Food for thoughts

    1. @wide eyes ::

      I’ll take that as a compliment.

      But no way I’m “switching” to illustrations :: just having some illustrations … because it’s fun … and this is a horrible place that needs fun.

      1. @SD,

        bah! fun is horribly overrated. <> I’ll cast a vote for the inclusion of illustrations, along with your other fine parodies.

        Keep up the mighty fine work,

    1. @mian

      A “Vick Strizheus” shows up as an affiliate for Bob Proctor for Bob’s “Six Minutes to Success”. He’s right next to a “Vic Johnson”. I’m not sure why there’s the confusion in spellings, but given not-common-ness of the name “Strizheus” I’m thinking that’s your guy never-mind how “Vic” is spelled.
      saltydroid link: proctor-vs-morton-six-minute-lawsuits/

      Vic Strizheus’s web page looks like standard IM scammer fair to me. It’s flashier than some, that’s about all.

      If he has shown up on Frank Kern’s list control then presumably he’s been an affiliate for him too. Evil-by-proxy, whee.

      Basically, Vic is a salesman. It’s just that what he’s selling has nothing inside it. But the nothing is so cleverly disguised as a something that it’s hard for people who buy it to notice that they just bought a pile of empty promises.

      The most successful scams are the ones where the person who is scammed does not realize that, that’s what happened.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

    2. @mian, The Vic Strizheus man with high traffic ideas made something he called “Global Success Club” to train people how to get high traffic, but it seems like it became too much of a failure-club, because I see he shut it off here:

      Even the newly suckered empower-scam-people found out about themselves being perviously suckered by mr. Strizheus:

  17. Hi SD!! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. New job and old computer problems but now I have a new laptop…! This is an excellent thread about Colleen. Very needed and hopefully, the investigation will go forward soon. Great comments except for the distraction by Jake. No shortage of trolls.

    I just found this article on the news: another sociopathic Oprah guest who was not properly vetted.Like James Ray he was advising people, but with a medical degree. I heard the OWN network isn’t doing so well. Maybe she’ll just retire and go away for good! Hope this link works. If not, it’s on today’s Google page. http://news.google.com/news/url?ct2=us%2F2_0_s_1_1_a&sa=t&usg=AFQjCNHbpAf-szWRaLi64LUu7MYwPzxIeA&cid=26389738889400&url=http%3A%2F%2Fabcnews.go.com%2FUS%2Fwaterboarding-charges-delaware-doctor-tortured-young-daughter%2Fstory%3Fid%3D16967762&ei=GTYkUIDMOqX9iQKtPw&rt=HOMEPAGE&vm=STANDARD&bvm=section&did=-734524039207437272&sid=en_us-n

  18. …and jamesray.com is still up.

    FTC: Surely there is something that can be done here?

    SD – does the FTC do interviews?

    1. @Random stuff,

      It would be great if the FTC were saying “Surely there is something that can be done here?”. But they don’t seem to do that very much.

        1. @Random stuff,

          He’s still tweeting too, occasionally. And some of them have spelling mistakes, so they definitely come from him personally — unless he’s employing office staff now with 8th grade literacy as well!

          1. @Yakaru, Amazing. US felons being allowed use of smart phones or PCs or both?! Is it a constitutional right for jail birds to be allowed to tweet? You have to laugh or cry. Otherwise – its a real possibility that he employed a kindred 8th grader to tweet on his behalf for the duration.

            1. @, He gives the orders to his brother Jon who does it so illiteracy is evidently a family trait :)

            2. @Yakaru,
              That sounds highly feasible, LOL! Judging by Jon’s less & less frequent posts on behalf of JAR on his Facebook page, I guess there’s currently nothing to sell or skite about, no Woo-Hoo Bradys, no sushi to Photoshop, no Appeal dates to trumpet … Jon’s posted JAR’s prison address a few times so all the “fans” can continue to shore up his ego by sending him letters, gifts and last month with the wonderful rider “as well as other methods of assistance” … Jon will no doubt give out the offshore bank account number “if you email him personally”.

              But I ask you, even the most die-hard fan has to be a tad insulted to read “James apologizes for not being able to respond to more letters, his resources are extremely limited” so they won’t even get the courtesy of a badly written reply. Strictly One Way Traffic as usual, you to him, although stamps are SO expensive these days, aren’t they, and he’s s-o-o-o very busy doing nothing in there except watch his REAL face emerge from under all that now defunct Botox & surgical tweaking. Just wants to keep his mailing list up to date. Duh!!

              And belated thanks for keeping us on top of all this over the past 3 years, by the way, Yakaru – you too, Salty:) I’m sure there’ve been many grateful lurkers out here. How satisfying it would be if & when, a month before his current release date, he finally gets nailed for his shameful behaviour re Colleen & has to turn right around, rinse & repeat … only longer …

            3. @So Over JAR,


              I was thinking of sending him a “care package” of all those things the police found in his bags — some steroids, human growth hormones, herpes meds, and all that stuff.

            4. @ Yakaru,

              Oh Yakaru, please reconsider. Think of (Dorian Grey’s attic portrait?) all us disappointed ones who are so looking forward to seeing the truly care-ravaged face and form of Death Ray at his next public appearance.

            5. @pigs trotters,

              Ok, you’ve convinced me. But I’m afraid he’ll probably be able to get herpes creme from the prison doc and probably some new choppers too. Maybe I’ll send him a copy of Harmonic Wealth and some fliers for Bob Proctor’s seminars instead.

    1. @Dr Geek
      I also wouldn’t mind hearing more. I live in the US. Is unlikely I’m ever going to see the production.

      Anyway the “spoilers” thing doesn’t feel the same when you already know how the “based on a true story” part ended.

      1. @Wyrd, @Yakaru,

        Don’t worry Gents, more will be forthcoming in a little while – just working out how best to do the production justice – it was incredibly powerful.

      1. @Dr Frank,

        Yeah, I’ve read that review…and I can’t say I agree. While I don’t know as much about theatre as that reviewer, I’m happy to wager (largely as a result of time spent on this site) that I know an awful lot more about JAR and the events in Sedona than the reviewer does. I’ve also read a few critical reviews which talk about the events being “highly dramatised”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Huge swathes of Hearts on Fire is verbatim – quotes from JAR and others who were there…and if anything, it underplays the exploitation that went on – the $250 ponchos are a throwaway line.

        Yes, there’s not a huge amount of character development – but the characters who die closely match the actual victims. The production (rightly, in my opinion) focuses on making it clear these are people we know…they’re not some blind acolytes. And, from the way “James” castigates the “inner circle” member who has the temerity to stray from his instructions, it’s sadly all too easy to see how Colleen Conaway could have been driven to that most violent act against herself (something which the production doesn’t touch on – I’m not certain the writer was even aware of this event, which makes it all the more impressive).

        I’m working on a more comprehensive review, so more will be available as soon as I work out how best to communicate it.

        1. @Dr Geek ::


          Theatre review is a thing :: and I guess somebody’s got to do it … I know shit about it so I won’t comment on it.

          But :: from my perspective … this is an important story that mainstream outlets have massive incentives to ignore as they profit from its maliciousness.

          Criticizing anyone making an effort to express the story’s important themes … seems impossible to me.

        2. @Dr Geek, @SD

          No criticism from me towards anyone who makes the effort to tell such an important story… and it certainly doesn’t sound to me like this reviewer is trivializing the facts.

          I just got the impression that the play might fail as a piece of theatre, i.e. in capturing the hearts & minds of those audience members who come into the theatre with no prior knowledge – or emotional investment – in the whole sorry JAR saga.

          That’s as far as I’ll go because I’m not a reviewer and I live on the other side of the planet and have the neither the spare loot nor the time to see it. And frankly I’d love for this reviewer to be a lone voice… but his opinions do sound reasonable enough. To someone who hasn’t seen it, that is. I just look forward to hearing more about it.

  19. Hey Salty and all…
    I just went back a re-read all you’ve published about Colleen. It’s astonishing and heartbreaking. This interview has really put all of your entire blog “project” into real perspective. Thank you for the humanity, not to mention some damn good, world-class journalism.

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  21. Regarding 3+ Open Wounds (2 August 2012)
    I wasn’t at the Creating Absolute Wealth that Colleen was at. I cannot say what really happened to her, but from the reports of her nature, her family and her behavior, I find it hard to believe that she had some kind of internal mental rupture that would cause her to jump all on her own without some kind of trauma.

    One problem with looking for a teacher is that you never know what you get until you are there and with James he makes sure you pay up front. If you think you are getting the smiley guy in The Secret…guess again. James can be brutal to people. I doubt that Colleen would have expected that and from her background, I doubt that she would be prepared to deal with it.

    What her family needs to do is to get the video recordings of the event she attended. If James claims he doesn’t have them, I bet the people who filmed it would have a copy. I would also get the videos of Creating Absolute Wealth in 2007. The last day is priceless.

      1. @Anon,

        I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s been tried, and I’m sure they were destroyed or hidden. Ray deleted four days worth of tweets immediately after Colleen’s death, and had already spoken to his lawyers long before the police were involved.


        Ray always either videoed or audiotaped his events. The standard waiver that participants have to sign includes agreeing to allow photos, video & audio of themselves to be used in any way that Ray wants.

        I think the audio of his deadly event in Arizona a few months after Colleen’s death that was an important element in getting him locked up. His attorneys fought hard to get it excluded, but their efforts were ultimately sunk by that very clause in the waiver. They claimed that the audio was “private” but given that the participants had been expected to sign away their privacy, (and that the tape was made by a professional outsider), their argument collapsed.

        Had the San Diego police investigated Colleen’s death properly and got hold of the tapes from that event, Ray would probably have been sitting in the dock rather than cooking people to death a few months later.

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