Tony Robbins and The Syndicate

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Tony Robbins has been foisting his useless frauducts on our society for a quarter of a century. The uncredentialed :: uneducated :: unimaginable bastard pretends to be a “motivator” and “positive thinker” … but those are just words for self-obsessed dumb dumbs. The reality is that Tony Robbins is an aggressive salesman. That is all. Yes :: he is hella good at it … but that’s not a fucking compliment.

He has an island :: you have bills you can’t pay.  That’s the Tony Robbins experience {if you’re lucky}.

Last year Tony Robbins produced a frauduct with the Internet Marketing Syndicate :: my least favorite group of assholes :: called The New Money Masters Series.  It’s still being sold on Robbins’ website …

“If you want more stability, excitement or fulfillment than your current financial situation allows, then you’re going to find real benefit in “The New Money Masters,” a program I developed for transforming your life, finances and business.

This program is a monthly series of DVDs, CDs and booklets that I’m especially passionate about bringing to you.

In this program, I introduce you to a handful of people who came from humble beginnings, like I did, and went on to generate insane amounts of wealth while helping others along the way.”

He’ll “introduce” you to them for $67 per month … but if you want to know about the cartel … and the fraud … and the boiler rooms … and all the other seedy fucking bullshit that these wanks have to pull just to make far less than they report … then that’s gonna be extra.

Tony interviews {mostly} Syndicate members {and a token women brought in by special request} about how they got ahead in life {by talking about how they got ahead in life … natch!}. $67 is a lot to pay for one interview with a d-bag talking about the only thing the d-bag ever talks about anyway … his own self.  But still more money suction was planned for later with a live event … and a lame moviemercial … neither of which actually happened. Ha ha suckers!!

Here are Mike Koenigs own financial projections for the Robbins/Syndicate joint {which were likely pitched to Robbins} …

… he’s stupidly optimistic … and/or just stupid.

The millions of dollars contained within these projections are YOUR monies people! The Syndicate offers your blood to Robbins … for favors … and commissions.  Just another skin to the same lie they sell you over and over.

“But Tony Robbins didn’t know who he was dealing with … he’s innocent!” :: says you  … because you are dumb … and wrong.

OMG :: of course he knew!  The product is about how you can make massive money on the Internet :: and now! :: without much work :: and without any qualifications. As an added bonus … the worse the financial times … the better these “ideas” will work. To support these preposterous claims is offered the income claims of the masters of fake income claims. “Frank Kern made $23 million in 24 hours” … and I swallowed Wyoming.

So yeah … he knew.

But I know how much y’all hate to accept the logic of the obvious … so I guess you’ll need to hear a recording of a meeting between Mike Koenigs and people from Robbins Research International where all the gory details are laid bare.  Good fucking thing then that I happen to have just that!!

{How does that feel Mike? Ha! Suck it!}

The meeting went down around this time last year.  Items discussed include …

— the syndicate
— the droid
— making people miserable
— the lack of women
— the B-team
— the NBC show

It lasted for 36 minutes :: the remix is 7 minutes.  Full copies have been sent to various parties for further comment and analysis in the days to follow :: which seemed to cause an outbreak of unseemly apparitions.

Tony Robbins has known {and been worried} about this fake robot blog for more than a year {longer than most of you} :: yet that bullshit Syndicate frauduct is still being offered for sale on his site. He called them his “friends” and “mentors” … said they “changed his business.” Are they? Did they? Or has his business always been about making his giant mouth say whatever needed to be said to part you from your fucking money?

You can’t get rich on the Internet :: and Tony Robbins has an island …

Where’s your Messiah now, Flanders?

>> bleep bloop

UPDATE :: The full file courtesy of a little help from our friend @_cartman_ …

Mike Koenigs Tony Robbins Girl Chat

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  1. Wait, so even though his products have impacted people’s lives and made them so much better in many different ways, you’re all posting so many hate comments and agreements to this post concluding that Tony and the likes of Tony are scammers?

    You’re either in denial of the results, or you’re just angry :)

    Get real. Even if his “salespitch” is done that way, do look at the end result and intentions.

    Stop living in reaction people!

    1. @Khaled,

      Even if Tony was the greatest “peak performance coach” ever, that wouldn’t excuse him from using deceptive tactics and outright lies in his marketing.

      If I complain about a turd in a punch bowl, I’m not in denial of the punch. I just don’t want to drink it.

    2. @Khaled, What exactly does that last phrase mean,”Stop living in reaction?” If you are a SESL,Speaker of English as a Second Language, then I understand your mis-use of the word reaction. However, if this is a phrase you learned from people like Robbins and Syndicate,then you are perpetuating the dangerous,even deadly, mind control and scamming techniques which are examined in this blog.

      Language has parameters that are agreed upon by its speakers. It is a social phenomenon in which even its dialects, or slang, routinely adhere to rules and social constructs. Linguistic capacity is hard-wired into the human brain. From birth we begin to learn about assinging value to morphological and phonological items. This is how humans have survived socially; via communication.

      When individuals or groups begin to assign new meanings to words and phrases, new forms of understanding or misunderstanding emerge. Sometimes the reassignment of language is valuable, as it was for African American slaves whose contrived words allowed them to arrange secret meetings for the purpose of worship,marriages,entertainment,and to plan escapes.

      On the other hand, dangerous forms of linguistic reassignment exist in cult and LGAT groups, wherein leaders meticulously utilize techniques for the sole purpose of programming followers to suspend what they know to be “true” about a word or phrase, thereby incorporating it into their lives. Individuals who attend seminars or trainings, often feel embarassed to ask for clarification aloud, however, there are always the loyal followers available to whisper “explanations of the invented language” which makes it strangely credible to those who want to fit in.

      Unfortunately,it is at this point;when one surrenders a millions-of-years-old human quality known as language, that an individual opens oneself to further programming and “brainwashing”.

  2. Mike’s company scammed me! I can give you the entire story. Not only do they not answer there emails they continue to charge me. They are deliberatly being assholes. I will send you all the details

  3. @Hal,I do like the salty droids delivery on internet marketing con men. But I do not like the fact that he hides behind an Avatar.

    1. @Alex, Is it true suddenly now?? Was there a name change for Jason Jones since 2009 when everybody aleady knew he was SD?

      Was mr. Wall’s interview with Jason Jones of our imaginings?

      It sometimes is hard for me to read about somethings but I found the info on the top menu bar of a site now called the Salty Droid.

      1. @Jack, Hi Jack, I’m thinking maybe it would be better to call that “MENU” bar up there at the top something else because some people might think if they click on something called “MENU” they might end up with some pork and beans, maybe. I’ve been thinking about that for about an hour.

        1. @Luther, I wanted to tell about it being the place of the golden easy-money-online directions hidden direct-right in plain sight, but I didn’t know about if it was OK to say it yet.

  4. Info contained in video above is quite shocking; I am very surprised because I have been following these guys for quite some time. The pdf above doesnt mean anything because it doesnt have any type of letter head so anyone could of made it so I can not even take that into consideration. Im not saying you are wrong with the advice on this site.

    However, I find it amusing that I dont see here is the fact that you are a attorney yourself. Yet you fail to put any of your money hungry colleagues on here. You know the (“lawyers sharks who swim among us”) who make all the laws, take our liberties away from us in the process! Lable us with the laws that they make, force us to higher a attorney because they made the laws so complex that we can not possibly defend ourselves and fill their own pockets with mass amounts of money. Who are the crooks here? Just because you do it legally doent make it moral.

    Half the scum bag lawyers lie in court anyway, I have had it happen in my own divorce case and lost my children because of these scumbags trying to get the upper hand in the process. If lawyers cant lable you one way they try to lable you with a mental health professinal. They must win anyway the can without the regaurd of having the best interest for the children. You call that moral??? I dont think so.

    If you are going to write and blog about one then write about the other. I highly dought you will post anything negative about any attorney. Of course you cat do that. But you sit here a talk shit about someone else?? Thats an attorney for you hiding behind the law, like always. So lets see if you have THE BALLS to post this one with a proper repy.

      1. @SD,

        I didn’t mean anything to be directed in a negative way toward you SD. I was just making a statement in general about the comments you provide herein and without the comments of having any about attorneys. However, it does sound to me that you have an agenda out to get all the people you dis on here.

        The mindsets of the rich go by a different set of rules they create or can print there own money via: intellectual property. In my opinion this is what they are doing as I do myself. However, their tactics in how they go about selling then can and should be a little more ethical. That being said.
        Good luck to you SD

        If you are a person that has a blog or website like this, you must accept feedback to come back in a way that you may not like and to tell someone to go suck themselves for I think a acceptable comment is childish.
        I didn’t know you were no longer an attorney. Why?

        1. @Dogg ::

          Yeah I’ll try to toughen up … and I’ll try to stop being such a fucking child.

          Good advice :: thanks dog … good luck with your suckcessfulness.

          Best Wishes,


          PS :: Go suck yourself!

        2. @Dogg,

          Also…if you’re a person who reads a blog like this, you must accept that you’ll have to read. And the more you read…the more questions will be answered.

          Plus…it’s hilarious, right??

    1. @Dogg,

      This has been a fun vocabulary lesson for me! I learned three new words!


      Before you go suck yourself, can you please provide usage guidelines for me for the following:
      higher (as a verb – I understand its use as an adjective and adverb.)
      cat (as an auxiliary verb – I understand its use as a noun and standard verb.)


    2. @Dogg, I’m sorry you lost your kids and spent a bunch of money on lawyers, Dogg, but Salty has always called out the scumbag lawyers who protect scam artists.

      It sound to me, though, like you’re very upset to find out that Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, and their friends aren’t who you thought they were and aren’t ever going to help you find a better life. We all go through that, at the beginning. It gets better with time and you learn new ways to motivate and improve yourself.

      1. @Sundog,

        It gets better with time and you learn new ways to motivate and improve yourself.

        “I am the captain of my fate,
        I am the master of my soul. ”
        – William Earnest Henley, 1875

          1. @Hippo,

            Not surprising. Just like New Agers participate in full-blown cultural appropriation and spiritual materialism of various authentic traditions, any piece of wisdom can be twisted and spun to meet any self-serving desire.

            It seems to be a founding principle of the “take responsibility for yourself” type of manipulative marketing being perpetuated by the targets of this blog.

      1. @Garry Crystal, That first article had me thinking, “that was bogus” (although the grinning “hey look at me with Tony” pic greatly reduced the sympathy). Then after reading the second article, I was thinking, “they deserve each other.”

        1. @Bob, For some reason I doubt that will be a framed one taking pride of place over his mantlepiece. Maybe on a dartboard.

  5. I am so thankful, once again, to his royal Droidness and to whoever his extraordinarily awesome sources are. I wish NBC would air this instead of promoting Tony Rob-’ems.

    I’m embarrassed to admit that I actually purchased a Rob-em course, with the caveat that I could return it if not satisfied. As I understood the Guthy-Renker infomercial, the cost was around $350-$395 – don’t recall the exact price.

    I want to qualify this purchase – I was looking for something to help pull myself out of a chronically (medication resistant) depressed state. We aren’t all chasing unicorns. And for those who do chase unicorns, it still doesn’t give anyone the right to mislead you and to rob you of your financial resources and your self-esteem.

    I received the package, only to find that the $350 or so payment was only the FIRST payment for the Rob-’ems frauduct. I think technically the infomercial got by because of a statement to the effect of (to paraphrase)”…you can try it for 30 days for only $350 (or whatever)…”.

    Pretty sleazy and sneaky, huh? You can try it, but if you want to buy it, it costs a whole lot more. I don’t recall the cost, but it was over $1000, maybe way over. So I learned.

    And I listened, anyway. Surprise. There was nothing motivating or inspiring about this guy. And I returned the frauduct.

    I wish NBC and Oprah and whoever else has put a spotlight on Rob-’ems would eat a little crow and shine a spotlight on this stuff.

    Mr. Droid, the icing on the cake is to hear Koenigs in all his slimy glory. Not only is he happy to fuck us over, he’s happy to do his slimy friends, too. Koenigs should be the canary in the coal mine. Right before it explodes.

    1. @I wantz 2B rich,

      BTW – while it isn’t the FTC, I was so pissed after I read this entry and thread that I emailed Oprah’s producers and told them they should do their job and check out the people they promote. I doubt a one of them has the brass to tell the big O that she’s rubbing elbows with slime, but they can’t say they haven’t been given the opportunity to read Salty’s article, to watch the video, to exercise a lil’ due diligence with Kern and Koenigs, and to look at the big picture – that Rob-’em’s is a slime doggy and that he hangs out with slime doggies.

      Hope all creatures of the genuine canine persuasion will indulge me and not take it personally – our four legged friends are honest, loyal, and love people, unlike the aforementioned reptilians.

      Anyone else want to start emailing the producers of shows that promote these people? I think I’ll email NBC, too.

      1. @I wantz 2B rich, Problem is…Oprah is selling the same New Age Snake Oil…to garner a larger audience and marketshare… and she promotes all the Snake Oil Sellers… Like “The Secret” bunch…

        Why don’t the sheeple get it? Why are they so willing to go to slaughter?

        1. @macdealybob,

          Honestly, I believe that she can be very convincing. If people want to believe – and hell, look at all those people from The Secret selling their special brand of Kool-aid. Some were also very convincing. And some of us are more susceptible to being drawn into that line of thinking.

          I wish more people knew. Seeing the associations has me convinced that she’s covered in slime, too. It isn’t just that one “Oh shit” wipes out all those attaboys. She’s hanging out with too many bad actors.

          The best thing we can do is spread the word…

          1. @I wantz 2B rich,

            On the plus side, Oprah is hurting for viewers for that OWN Network of hers. Discovery Channel invested millions but there have been few takers for craptastic offerings like “Super Soul Sunday” (pseudo spirituality with the likes of Wayne Dyer), “Oprah’s Lifeclass” (Life coaching by Oprah) and “Oprah’s Master Class” (celebs take their turn at dishing out their personal brand of chicken soup), I doubt Tony Robbins is going to do much to hike up ratings over there. Oprah cozing up to the gurus is a desperate bid for content to fill 24 hours of TV time. It’s a lot harder than filling up one hour of afternoon time 5 days a week!

    2. @I wantz 2B rich,

      And for those who do chase unicorns, it still doesn’t give anyone the right to mislead you and to rob you of your financial resources and your self-esteem.

      I just want to scream that at the trolls around here. We all have the right to spend our money however we want – even on optimistic tripe. That doesn’t give anyone consent to commit financial fraud against us, to use cult brainwashing tactics on us, or – as is usually the case – to brainwash us into conflating our self-worth with our self-help spending.

      I can’t promote this enough:

  6. I paid into this…and gullible me thought it was all real…and Tony Robbins is a master at NLP, and specifically a technique called anchoring—that is why he sells so well

    anyway, thanks for the blog!

    1. @scott, I’d venture to say that the majority of people who read and/or comment on The Droid have been gullibilized (a derivative of cannibalism – if one is open to these ideas – even briefly – IM predators hone in for the kill against their fellow human beings). If visitors here haven’t been taken advantage of, they know someone who has, or they’ve nearly succumbed to a pitch themselves, or at the very least, have read a sad story about someone who has.

      The more I hang around here, the more I realize I was gullibilized even pre-internet days, thanks to infomercials, sucker lists, and boiler rooms. Look at the bright side: it isn’t the NLP. You were targeted. It’s a rehearsed, practiced con. You’ve discovered The Droid. You’re in good company here. If you are afraid you’re going to relapse and buy into something again, just mention it here, and any number of people will gladly smack you back into reality.

  7. For anyone interested, Tony Robbins will be on CNN tonight at 10pm EST (GMT -5) for a one-on-one interview to answer “hard-hitting” “real” questions. I no longer have cable TV, so I’ll have to pass.

  8. Unbelievable
    Wake up America you are being scammed
    And all of the rest of the world is falling for these scams as well

  9. Thanks for posting this. I was scammed and appreciate that this may prevent others from being taken too.

  10. Hey, D-scammer can’t you hear your paget ringing in the video around 3:20

    Nice job Salty…Never tought Robbins would to that…

    Holy shit man ! an Attorney…

    Kick some ass while saving your ass…how good to be attorney.

    5 * Keep it up.

    I found the money master when I was beggin ing…I could have lost myself
    the more I learned about IM and programmation and market strategy, the more
    they didn’t seem plausible.

    Just wow !!! The way you kick Deiss ‘s ass with perpetual traffic for mula

    You are my new internet Vendetta hero, hehehe !!!

  11. Tony robbins is like alot of these Get Rich Quick Gurus, he has a great gift of gab. Like William McCorkle, Donald Lapre and Carlton Sheets, Robbins can charm the pants off a snake. The best laugh I had was when he gave a motivational speech to a bunch of NBA Professional Athletes. They listened to a guy 6’5″ who had no physical ability, never played professional sports and whose only claim to fame was selling motivational tapes. Only the young,or persons with little self-esteem could be motivated by this buffoon. As a former Marine I laughed at his antics and knew he was a good talker who had done nothing real in life but take people’s money. He never got any of mine….Hahahahahahahahaha

    1. @George W,

      You can laugh even harder when reading how he earned a black belt in something like one year…through sheer will power and positive thinking. And, no doubt, a couple of mil.

  12. Very interesting. Koenig seems like an obvious coke head and for a long time I gave him the benefit of the doubt because of his association with Frank Sousa, whom I always considered a good and decent person.

    Frank though portrays himself as a good Christian, which I admire and respect, but Frank essentially blew his cover with his congratulations of Mike Filsaime for his recent engagement.

    That’s right, congratulations Mike for leaving your wife and your family so you can marry your slut assistant and live the dream life in La Jolla. I hope the former Mrs. Filsaime, a woman too attractive to have ever wasted time with that little goof, cleans up financially. But for the children, what a shame. Just another selfish loser motivated by a 4.5 inch ding-dong.

  13. Though there are some valid points in this case, what it really boils down to is this:
    Ignorance of the people is not an excuse. Ultimately, every single person that pays for TR’s products has a choice. They don’t HAVE to buy it.

    Maybe if you placed your time and focus on the things that you want from life, you would get them also. Information is priceless and a completely subjective matter. If somebody finds value in something, then they’re willing to pay for it. Our culture today is completely brainwashed though and not many actually know what they hell they really want from this thing called Life.

    1. Nope – ThatGuy – not quite right

      The whole MO (modus operandi) of TR (Tony Robbins) is to brainwash using NPL, group hypnotism, or whatever group or individual mind control mechanism works, so that people think they are deciding using their own free will, but the reality is that they have been mugged, conned and abused out of their money – due to being brainwashed (and/or simply lied to).

      The whole idea of TR marketing is to REMOVE an individual’s freedom of choice.

      Also part of the approach is getting loads of grifters and shills to plug his products in order to get big commissions for themselves, but not tell the victims who they evangelize so wholeheartedly to, so that the victims pay $thousands for group brainwashing sessions comprised of valueless pap: not realizing that every person they spoke to was a shill of TR.

      Of course, if the victims knew the truth of the mechanisms behind TR, and that the guy is nothing but a life long con-man and super salesman that operates parasitically on whoever is unfortunate enough to fall into his traps: then of course there would be freedom of choice, and they would NOT buy TR products

      TR is a con man, loves other con men, has no principles or values – just wants to spend his life making himself richer, and other people poorer – both spiritually and financially.

      I am sorry the various posts by SD have failed to make the above points abundantly clear to you – and I hope this comment helps you understand a bit better.


  14. I know several relatives who’ve spent thousands on Tony Robbins seminars and have nothing to show for it but burnt feet. These are “smart” business people and yet they get suckered into this nonsense. Tony Robbins and all the “internet marketing clones” need to be exposed for the frauds they are. More sites like this need to propagate. Thank you Salty Droid for your efforts in bringing these psychos down.

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