A Virus and a Plague


Tony Robbins is fucking toast.

No wait :: I mean :: I saw Tony Robbins on some fucking toast.  Yeah … that’s what I meant … I saw him on some toast.  Remember? It just happened!

I was trying to write a serious article about how the Canadian authorities are turning a blind eye to sickening perversions within their famed Royal Canadian Mounting Police … when I was rudely interrupted by some annoying code loop and a piece of apparitional toast.

I tried to be all cool about it because I’m a badass and everything … but the whole experience was terribly frightening for my fake secretary Debbie. “Shut your gushing geyser of a mouth Debbie!” :: I screamed at the top of my iron lungs … but it didn’t seem to calm her down at all.  So did I punch her? Yeah … I did … but I’m not proud of it. Do I condone bosses punching their fake secretaries? No I don’t … not publicly. It’s just that things are tense around here since the toast showed up.

This morning I rolled into my office {in the basement of my mother’s garage’s basement} and exclaimed :: “Debbie :: bring me my catheter!” :: as I do every morning.  But I found Debbie on the floor in the fetal position :: sobbing :: licking the carpet :: and mumbling incoherently about peanut-butter n’ jelly.  It seems that Debbie heard :: via Not-Doctor Kilstein’s real fake secretary Sandra :: that the apparitional virus is spreading.

Our friend @CosmicConnie is a miracle hater :: probably because …

“My life remained bereft of the type of miracle that draws bored reporters and long lines of desperate believers to one’s front door.”

So sad … it’s what we all secretly want. But … but …

“And then, and then… last night… Something Happened.

It was so wondrous that it shook my Whirled.

It made me re-examine my entire life.

It made me want to write one-sentence paragraphs.

Or even one-word paragraphs.


Wow sounds seriously.

Could it be {spoiler alert} apparitional Tony Robbins?


OMG it’s Tony Robbins!

OMG I’m doing the one-sentence paragraph thing too!


Now I’m starting to sympathize with Debbie :: this is freakish! Who can we blame? Obama? The Vietcong? Nancy Reagan?

Speaking of Nancy Reagan …

… Ronald Reagan was in The Young Doctors with Eddie Albert who was in The Big Picture with Kevin Bacon …

… bacon is not something that a hippie like @Duff would put on his biblically correct sandwich {classic segue!}.

Yet even this spiritual bread :: untoasted by the fires of sin :: has been stricken by the viral spectre

“At first I thought it was the Virgin Mary, her image sprouted forth just as the Wheat, and Barley, and beans, and lentils, and millet, and Spelt had been sprouted per God’s baking instructions. I thought of the possibilities–could this be a sign? Perhaps a sign that I should sell this sandwich on eBay and finally pay off my student loans?”

But God wants us to suffer with our student loans :: that’s why they can’t be written off in bankruptcy like 400 pairs of shoes and a Home Depot shopping spree. No :: what sprouted forth was distinctly non-virginal …

“OMG it’s Tony Robbins! His giant teeth are unmistakable.”

OMG it’s Tony Robbins! Or wait … he just said that.

“But what does it all mean?” :: I ask Debbie.  “NO CHEESE!! NO CHEESE!!” :: she screams insanely. “Take the rest of the day off Debbie :: you’ve earned it.” :: I pretend to say but don’t.

Interrupting DJ toast :: red Texas meat :: and vegetables on organic bible bread … many forms :: one ominous message. It seems that ALL of the stories and themes of this insane project can be expressed in the effigy of a single giant d-bag. One d-bag to rule them all.

Out here :: on the glorious interwebz :: the truth can spread just like the disease. The jackals know about the short distance between dissent and revolution … so they use fangs and tricks to repress … and they lose sleep over fake robots. The sheeple don’t know about the short distance … so they abide by horrors … and they lose hope in the possibility of change.

But change IS possible sheeple! New things make new things possible. The light of truth either improves :: or destroys :: the fictional structures built by men. Kinda feels like the lights are coming on …

>> bleep bloop

78 thoughts on “A Virus and a Plague”

    1. @Little Birdy, The banana hands reference was priceless. But the problem with that movie, it it tried to show ‘the teeth’ giving a shit about the sheep…that formula does not compute.
      He would never make it right – no need.

  1. I wonder what “bleep bloop” is up to this time…


    I’ve got tons of Tony Robbins material, the only thing that will kill it for me is if you come out and say something like “Tony was born a female” or “Tony is secretly a space goat”… or “Tony is actually dead, what you see is actually one of the ghosts from ‘Sixth Sense’ that escaped the hollywood set, that’s why it has such big teeth, it hasn’t adjusted yet. It needs more transformative NLP stuff”

  2. …I don’t get it. I’m sure there’s code in here, but I’m really not sure what Salty’s talking about yet.

  3. Hi. Who want’s to help me?

    1. I need to see Lanny Morton’s {aka Bob Proctor’s bitch} email blasts for the new money masters in Aug ’09. I’d also like to see Debbie DeAnelgo’s and the Gnome’s.

    2. Someone once {a very long time ago} tried to send me a file called MeetingWithFrankKernLaunch … but I wasn’t able to download it. If you’re still out there … or you know of this file … I very much want it.

    Please. Thank you.

    1. @Cosmic Connie ::

      I think it’s still a year early for that … unless maybe the Mayans were wrong when they didn’t predict a 2012 end to the world.

      1. @SD, Well, some lady who often chatted with spirit guides once told me that we would start seeing real signs of The End in 2009. Like me on Twitter (or you on this blog), the Good Lord apparently likes to play with his food before He eats it.

        1. @Cosmic Connie, I have it on good authority (the voices in my head) that the Rapture happened in 2009. All the pure and perfected and righteous believers were taken up to Heaven.

          Why didn’t you hear about this on the news? It’s not a massive cover-up, just that neither one of them had any friends so nobody noticed.

    2. @Cosmic Connie,

      I do think it may be a sign of the apocalypse. Apocalypse comes from the Greek: Ἀποκάλυψις Apokálypsis; “lifting of the veil” or “revelation”, or so sayz Wikipedia. Something is about to be revealed indeed! Praise Ezekiel (bread)!

  4. “But change IS possible sheeple! New things make new things possible.”

    I’m sure this will be voted down immediately!

    But this sounds just like the marketers claims that you spit venom at all through this blog.You tell everyone change is possible but I’ve yet to see one positive thing that is directed to helping people change and/or overcome their problem with these people. It’s all been directed negatively towards the frauds.

    That’s one thing I’ve never understood about this blog. Maybe someone smart can enlighten me. If all these people are bad and I’m not saying they aren’t —- but what is good?

    Why is it just one negative after another, not a spotlight of someone who is actually “doing it right” based on the judgement of almighty salty?

    Or would having something positive not be enough controversy to pull in more visitors.

    1. @Baribou ::

      “That’s one thing I’ve never understood about this blog.”

      How many other things would you say are on that list?

    2. @Baribou,

      Maybe someone smart can enlighten me. If all these people are bad and I’m not saying they aren’t —- but what is good?

      I would start with getting off your ass, and not looking to someone who has “marginal” success in one thing (and in the cases here, that suckcess is fraudulent representation of knowledge and suckcess). These frauds then think they can talk on any (and all) aspects of “business” (and I use that term loosely you Rockstar, you).

      ie: In one video Frank Kern Bankrupted a fictional new car dealership with his “theoretical (fucked up) CONstruct”. He decimated the value of the guys inventory. I’m still working on the “theoretical” receivership of that company. If only you could see little tiny Tim’s face (all doenations to the just like my piggy bank foundation accepted).

      If you don’t want to work hard, just pay me $5K, I’ll stroke your ego for a few weeks, and sell you some “theoretically CONstruct” utilizing newwage math, then, when all is said and done, I’ll tell you to take responsibility for your own actions (or lack thereof), when I CONvince you the BS I sold you, doesn’t work because you’re useless.

      Oh wait a minute something just hit me (it’s my wife she wants to use the computer….hold up deer and we’ll have some fawn)…sorry…wear was I?…oh yeah….or…..

      Work in the industry you are interested in, learn major aspects of that business (nice thing you’ll even earn money in the process), so when you approach a venture capitalist, you can tell them something more then….well I read a couple of Ebooks, took a couple of “rockstar” coarses, and consulted with my online Celery Numerologist (sea bitch…I know), and my numbers say now is the time (it doesn’t work…unless that “venture capitalist” is charging you to “give” you money for your idea…give me $500 and I will get someone to invest in your idea, or I will tell you NO……shout out dicey).

      Nuff said.


      1. Wooo I’m a prophet. My post was destroyed!

        Okay so anyways — Why is everyone here so destructive? I asked a simple question and it’s yet to be answered.But you guys jumped at any opportunity to be negative again!

        I run a successful business. I started it my last year of high school and it took off. At the same time I know I’m doing tons of stuff wrong, and with the right direction I can take it to the next level. Since I started right out of high school I have no business background and I believe my only strong point is a really good work ethic. I’ll outwork anyone.

        I’ll admit that I’ve probably spent $20k-$30k on products from the “syndicate”.. or people like them.. not sure who’s all involved. No I’m not bankrupt, and no I’m not in debt because of my purchases. The advice was extremely hit or miss. Probably took more away from their launches themselves more than anything else.

        It’s sorta like getting a lawyer for the first time. Or your first accountant. If you know nothing about Taxes or Law, you have no clue who or what you are hiring. Until you learn more about the subjects, hear from others about what they SHOULD be doing, or you get problems that shouldn’t be there from your hire.

        I found no one else out there that I could look to for information related to building and growing my business.

        So the question stills stands… Who are the good guys? Who are the people to watch for information about building or growing a business/marketing/etc.

        If the answer is no one —– then what should someone do to learn about business?

        For someone who has a successful business and is looking to grow, or get new ideas to grow their business – What should they do? (Or even someone who is just starting out, or anyone in between.)You can’t tell me that every business mogul just woke up one day with everything they needed to know.

        If this place’s stance is supposed to “help” the “sheeple” you have quite the opportunity to do so right now.

        Instead I’m sure this sheeple’s post will get downgraded again and everyone will post distasteful remarks about things that are indirectly related to the post.

        1. @Baribou,

          “For someone who has a successful business and is looking to grow, or get new ideas to grow their business – What should they do?”

          For starters, stop doing this:

          “I’ll admit that I’ve probably spent $20k-$30k on products from the “syndicate”.. or people like them..”

          Everything in those bullshit products you can get free on the internet or from the public library.

          Next, start respecting your own brain cells. Your brain is your friend, stop wasting its time reading bullshit info-products. Learn to think again. Observe, ask questions, become a creative thinker. Learn by trial and error like real humans do.

          I know you can do it.

        2. @Baribou, let me try to answer you without nasty remarks. It may be hard given where we are ;)

          I was “sheeple” (and I HATE that term for how it blames the victim). Tim Ferris’ book “The Four-Hour Work Week” introduced me to internet marketing. He claimed to sell “neutraceuticals” online while traveling. He calls it a “Muse.” Because I was in a bad place, I bought the lie. A few Google searches led me to Ken McCarthy, Dan Kennedy, and many more. I had some savings– not $20-$30K, more like $5K to spend. I decided to invest this in my business, which I was starting based on their models and methods.

          I spent it, went to a conference or two, joined a coaching program or two. Every time, I felt like this was the last thing I needed before it would all click.

          Why did I think that? Because I was vulnerable, hopeful, and truly desperate after a personal tragedy– biological and random– shredded my life and left me with some medical bills to pay. Could happen to anyone. And because all those guys build their marketing to play on *exactly* those fears and pains. In his overpriced copywriting course, Ken McCarthy puts it well, talking about all those bullets in those sales letters:

          “Bullets wound.”

          For him, a wound is a sale.

          Now, all these guys deserve our wrath because they’ve metastasized during the Great Recession. They tell us we can succeed if we get a Success Mindset! Create Your Own Reality! Find the Google Loophole for High-Speed Traffic! Make $11,397 in 3 days with my Product Launchpad! Use my Proven System (TM) that “…you can use right now to put more cash in your pocket…even in this economy! The Internet is proving to be a ‘safe harbor’ for thousands of Internet marketers who are not only holding steady in these tough times, but also growing their businesses.The fact is that if you know what you’re doing, there has never been a better time to be an Internet entrepreneur.” (quote from McCarthy’s page)

          Blah, blah, blah. Wish he’d answer this: “What is the basis for your claims about my likely earnings? Do you survey everyone who purchased the program? What documents can you show me to prove your claims are true before I give you any money?” (from the FTC’s bizopp scams site)

          Hey, Internet Marketer! Show me 100 verifiable people who went from my 0 to a living wage based on what you teach. Names, numbers, balance sheets.

          Now, I was stayed away from Kern & his pals, but I still got ripped off by McCarthy & his. He has a reputation for being ethical (even though he introduced the world to Stompernet and many others). BUT he markets mainly to people like I was– no idea how to run a business, or even where to start. That’s why he sells the “Smart Beginners’ Course.” Which will not tell you how to start a business. It basically says, “Get niche ideas from the magazine stand,” and “build a list!” Thanks, Ken. Drop by my beach house, we’ll have daiquiris. No, the one in Phuket, haha!

          If he focused exclusively on people with established businesses, and charged reasonable prices for his material, that would be one thing. But he and all the rest sell work-at-home dreams, the Four Hour Work Week (a flagrant lie), to people in dire straits with no experience and no real chance of building a successful business.

          And things get so distasteful around here because that’s how you feel when you realize you got conned. Sick & dirty. Maybe it’s a law of physics– “every action gets an equal and opposite reaction,” so a shameless con gets unmitigated fury from the person conned. Plus, it’s better than beating up on yourself. (I’m listening to that Cee Lo Green song right now, seems appropriate!)

          I hope that when each of these guys dies and goes to Hell, they feel the full combined force of the pain they have caused in the lives of their customers. That they fully understand how their actions made that pain manifest in our world.

          Now, the Droid outs them, but he cusses a lot. And he’s always negative– how can that help?

          The Droid’s kind of a dutch uncle.

          I doubt I would have slowly awakened without the Droid. Because I was in deep. All my friends & family knew I had this “business,” and I was hiding the fact that not only was I not making money, I was throwing it away on “coaching” and “mastermind clubs.” Reading Salty made me admit I was throwing good money after bad. It has been fairly humiliating to tell them my big plans failed, that they were built on bad advice I got from a PDF file that cost a hundred bucks. I look like an idiot.

          You ask, “Who are the good guys?” There are none.

          Well, maybe your local librarian, but even they have a lot of books on the shelves that are just salesletters for the coaching program– it’s where I got the Four Hour Work Week and a couple others…

          Besides, you already know how to succeed in business, you’ve done it already. For someone like me to learn business, I would do well to meet you and learn from you.

          For you to get better, drill down on the area where you want to improve and get some books, maybe a mentor from a local business networking event or a MeetUp or something. Though most of the business books I’ve read (including Seth Godin and anything about “Productivity”) are pretty boneheaded– all about feelgood stories and nothing about execution. I mean, I enjoyed reading “Made to Stick” but it’s never as easy as they make it sound. Maybe taking some biz classes at the local college would help, too, especially for big-picture stuff.

          Good luck to you– I earned my Master’s after seven years of post-high-school school, while my best friend (a successful businessman like you) started working right after our graduation. I have enormous respect for him and his success and hard work, and you sound like someone I would have the same respect for.

          1. @Slowly Waking, Wonderful comment, there. Great insights. You’re right – if the person asking who the good guys are can’t simply look in the mirror and move on, there are bigger battles happening in there. Not enough info products to salve that.
            Good to see you’ve made it out intact though – that is the hope others should take to heart. You can only stop their cycle by leaving it alone.

          2. @Slowly Waking,

            “You ask, “Who are the good guys?” There are none.”

            The above is just incorrect…however you certainly won’t find the “good guys” in the “Syndicate”.

            The reality is that first and foremost you have to have a business that is designed around offering real VALUE to people. That value can be a service or a product- but none of this “internet marketing” bullshit where you sell dreams of 1 hour work days with 7-figure paydays.

            I make a fulltime living selling products in consumer markets. I pride myself on thoroughly checking on the validity and quality of everything I sell. I get approached by all sorts of vendors who I refuse to deal with because they sell crap.

            There ARE courses out there that will help with ASPECTS of your business. Nothing will make you rich overnight or even in a few months.

            Wanna learn adwords? Check in with Perry Marshall. The guy actually gives good info and guarantees you’ll recoup your investment with him or you get a refund for much of his stuff. Additionally, he requires a certain business income level before you can take his programs. I asked for a refund once from him and had it within the hour. I feel pretty comfortable recommending him for PPC stuff (with the caveat that I don’t know every little thing he promotes or sells) but generally, I think he’s OK.

            Copywriting isn’t evil as long as it’s honest. Is it unethical to write copy about how your product is made to high standards in the USA by well-paid workers because you care? (while your competitors are in China) Is it wrong to point out your powerful guarantee? (as long as you really honor it) I don’t think so.

            Fortune 500s spend tons of money on research and copy- the difference is they typically know that dishonesty will get their balls handed to them.

            Don’t let the bullshit “internet marketing” syndicate crap sour you from making a REAL living.

            Find something you have a passion about and get to work- maybe that means selling acoustic guitars or interior design, but there are avenues out there for honest internet work.

            Generally speaking most of the “good guys” are too busy running a real business to sell “make money” crap but there are some gems out there if you can find their stuff.

            Overall, the MMO market is so acrid because of all the crap that goes on it it I can’t even imagine selling stuff to the people in it.

            Ask yourself, “what kind of VALUE can offer to people?”. That’s a good place to start.

            1. @Luke, I disagree with your stance, and I have no intention to fisk your response. I will say this, though:

              You wrote: “The above is just incorrect…however you certainly won’t find the ‘good guys’ in the “Syndicate.”

              No, it’s correct. No good guys online.

              You mention Perry Marshall? I was a customer and member of his Renaissance Club for some time. In fact, he was the first person online I gave money to. I remember worrying it was a scam.

              If “he requires a certain business income level before you can take his programs,” that’s new. I never ponied up $4000 for his 4-Day Intensive or whatever, but I gave him plenty of money I could have just flushed down the toilet.

              When I joined, his sales letters were all about how much money I would make, etc– the reason I worried it was a scam. I bought several of his products, including an autoresponder product and his Adwords book. They all have interesting tidbits. Maybe if Google hasn’t changed their AdWords policies again, you could use it to make some money– IF you already have a business, or IF you already have a mastery of copywriting, conversion, market research, and found a decent web person along the way. Maybe you can learn how to run a circus from an ebook.

              My main point is that there are no good guys online *because* they all market to newbies with big claims and sell products that can’t deliver. The Syndicate are the worst– and I offer a little credit to McCarthy & Marshall for having distanced themselves from that lot. But the difference between Kern/Stomper and McC/PM is just whether they pay affiliates, not whether they have a real, verifiable track record of taking people from 0 to a living wage.

              If you have a real business, caveat emptor. You’re used to sales pitches. Newbies aren’t. And newbies have zero chance of sorting it all out into a real, growing business with medium-term potential, providing the VALUE that’s such a cliche in bizopp self-help.

              Occasionally one person might strike gold with an online venture. There are also black swans.

              Now, Marshall did change his marketing to scare away newbies after I’d been in the Renn. Club for about six months. He published a letter from a frustrated woman who’d been failing at her online ventures. He told her newbies can’t really succeed. Then he said no product would help a newbie… EXCEPT this one, an “Internet Marketing Blueprint” by some of his friends.

              a-f-f-i-l-i-a-t-e c-o-m-m-i-s-s-i-o-n-!

              I bought it and learned how I could “read the magazine rack for niche ideas! Build a list!”

              Perry Marshall’s marketing is good enough that I actually like the guy. He’s a good writer with a distinctive voice. I would never again in a million years give him a dime, nor suggest to anyone reading this (most likely a wounded newbie wondering why they haven’t made money yet, not a business owner) they should either.

              After doing my time, I’ll say: I have tremendous respect for business people. It’s hard work. And like languages, it’s really hard if not impossible to teach someone how to do it.

        3. @Baribou, Well, usually what I do to get some new ideas I did not think of myself is look at totally unrelated industries on how they do their marketing.

          That said, you product IS your marketing in 99% of cases. You can hype it to the moon, but if your product sucks the venture won’t last. Why do you think the dbags constantly push new products? Because they suck! Look at any successful business that has staying power – the same bloody products with very few additions, but with plenty of improvements.

          For traffic – remember that giving value for links is always the easiest and quickest way to get them. You can spend more time and work spamming than to build something of value and get links naturally. Look at this blog – Salty gets links without having to spam the fuck out of the net. He gives value and gets links from some VERY high ranked sites.

          Some call it “link bait”, but it’s just something of value (either usable value that solves a problem or entertainment value).

          This is ALL you need, now get to it!

        4. @Baribou, My advice is find a really honest real-world businessman (i.e. one who sells something with real value that people need and want) – who will let you run ideas and questions by them. My reality-check is my brother-in-law. He had various small businesses for years, then gave it up for a well-paid job with benefits and now has a couple of patents and is working on another business idea.

          When I told him about the most commonly recommended method for building a list (offer a free report, e-book, etc.) he said, “If you get something in return, it isn’t free.” I said, “But it doesn’t cost any money.” And he said, “It doesn’t matter. Giving your name and e-mail address has real value to a business. So the report is an EXCHANGE for your information. That means it’s not free. You’re paying for it with your contact information.”

          Of course you can and should also rely on your own gut sense of what’s right– but these guys are experts at pushing psychological buttons to get you to suppress that queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach when you know you’ve just swallowed a line. Do your best to notice and nurture that feeling. Alarm bells should go off whenever you see anyone recommend a selling technique that isn’t strictly honest. Assume that any representations they have made in their offer to you is at least equally dishonest.

          A few psychological tricks to watch for:

          – Suggesting a price (‘a XXX value’, original price crossed off & much lower one offered).

          – Artificial scarcity or limited time offers. (These are designed to short-circuit your critical faculties. Just say no.)

          – Social proof (anything that suggests that lots of people are buying, or that particularly well-known or well-respected people are buying, or that the product is vouched for by an expert, or famous person.)

          Also be aware that one of the most common ways of selling affiliate products is setting up fake ‘review’ sites– so unless and until we get something akin to Consumer Reports for information products, don’t bother looking for an independent opinion on them on the web– you won’t find it.

          Good luck, and I hope this helps.

        5. See.. This is what I’m talking about! =)

          Thanks for the ideas and support everyone. I think it will help a lot of people out, including me.

          I noticed before I found this blog that the money spent on these products wasn’t productive. It took time to go through the course, and sit through the garbage they presented. Additionally the investment was not growing my business. I noticed it as more of a distraction than anything.

          But looking into it closer I noticed that my whole businesses growth came from my own thoughts and decisions, my own creativity. Maybe I modeled a few things from other people..etc — but I can’t contribute any of it to the $20k-$30k I spent with these magnificent guru’s.

          I strongly believe that I was just scared at that moment in my life, my business hit a plateau (if you can even call it that) and instead of looking to myself or analyzing the situation and finding an answer, I looked to outside sources.

          I hope that from sticking my head out on the chopping block someone else is able to learn from this.

        6. @Baribou,

          It’s a legit question. The reason I posted what I did in response is because I think you are asking the question of the wrong person/forum.

          SD is an anti-scam robot. Jason does not work as a professional internet marketer (as far as I know). This is why asking this question of SD/Jason is like asking the exterminator which animals make for great pets—wrong guy.

          If you ask around, people will tell you all sorts of opinions on which business strategies are best/which pets are best. Ultimately you have to synthesize this information for yourself, and try some things. Personally I prefer trying things that are free or low risk at first, which means avoiding overpriced marketing courses at all costs. Many businesses have little-to-no cost of entry, especially if you get a job working in the industry first (which is how most entrepreneurship takes place).

        7. @Baribou,

          Furthermore, this site is more like a vigilante justice/recovery group for victims of online scams. This is a much needed forum for venting, for uncovering shady information like the existence of business cartels in Internet Marketing, etc. You can only ask so much of this “community.” Anger is one of the first steps in recovering from abuse, and is very “positive” in the overall picture, even though it usually comes out as one big mess at first.

        8. @Baribou,
          Nicest comment on here so far. I just found the droid and am happy to report he is just producing the proof I was missing regarding the scammers. As for your questions, they are good ones.
          I have had lots of different work and succeeded moderately in many different areas of business. I am not wealthy, but I have lived a fairly interesting life and travelled a lot and been able to pursue my interests throughout my life so far.
          If you would like some free advice feel free to contact me. I am not planning to sell you anything by the way.
          I simply have come to a conclusion a while ago that the only thing that makes sense to me is to be as honest as I can be and try and surround myself with similar people. they seem to be few and far between, so if I can help a genuine person I am willing to do so.
          I have added my e-mail and web-site, not sure if these will get published, so here’s my e-mail filotto@gmail.
          And again…not gonna sell you anything at all, just chat and see if I can give you some good advice and who knows, maybe one day you can give me some too :)

    3. @Baribou,

      Let me help you…

      “The most important thing in communication is to hear what ISN’T being said.”

      – Tony Robbins

      1. @Duff,

        People pay actually someone a full-time average white collar salary to stick a finger in their ass?

      2. @Duff,
        The money from the “foundation” is used to buy tony’s books and tapes, at retail, in order to keep them in print. Then they are sent to prisons and old-people’s homes.

        It’s pretty slimy. People donate tens of thousands to this “foundation” during the programs – I have yet to hear of any concrete projects or any instance of it “helping” people beyond giving them a ticket to his own event.
        Tony, it turns out, is his own best customer.

  5. Who is in the picture?

    I see Frank Kern, Koenigs, Filsaime, Tony Robbins, but who are the two that are to the right of Frank Kern and who is on Tony Robbins left? How did a women get into the boys club?

    Just curious.

  6. Salty,

    I think it would be great if you could expose Trudeau and all the other scumbags involved in the ‘global information network’ which is in fact a scam mlm organisation capitalizing on people’s fear of the new world order conspiracy. They say that they reveal insider information that comes straight from the illuminatis, and that it’s either you enter the club or you’re dead. Absolutely disgusting. Yet those people claim to do good. I’d like to see those people drop in the middle of the sea, with sharks, and eaten slowly. They are not human. They can’t be.

    The thing I like about your blog is that you expose the truth, hence reach a good number of people, but you don’t benefit from it. For example, there is a big conspiracy going on beyond us, that controls every aspect of society. It’s really disturbing. Then they are people who expose this truth and how we are being manipulated. Lots of people go to their websites. They then sell their dvds, based on fear. I think of course of Alex Jones. Then him and all his guru friends will recommend a scam company that’s supposed to help people survive for this new world order era, that will, as they say, kill the majority of the population and establish a world slavery. So they tell you to join this 1000 dollars + 150 dollars a month membership site, that will ‘help you survive the mess’. Either join the club, or die. Those people are among the worse there are on earth. I love how you say no to all this crap and just expose those people as the piece of trash they really are. The Dorian Gray portrait was the very best analogy for this. Big smile, halo effect, but disgusting lying piece of shit inside.

    I’ll fight against those conspirators, the ones benefiting from those conspiracy theories, and those gurus till they stop influencing people to the point of making their life miserable.

    Join forces.

  7. Oh god… Mike Filsaime…

    By the way… I heard Eben Pagan A.K.A Debbie Deangelo bragging how he was interviewed by Tony Robbins.

    The Syndicate also pays Richard Branson to hang around with them to boost their already dubious credibility.

    They now have to hire male escorts for companionship… They did it with Bill Clinton & Bob Parson as well.

    I hope Bill degraded Debbie just like Monica.

  8. Tony Robbins Toast?

    I doubt it, and I doubt we will see the end of many of the people mentioned on this site.

    They’re not going to roll over and die and there are enough people that don’t want them to.

    Time will pass by as it always does… the novelty of the writing style of this blog will wear thin (already has for many people) and everyone will drift back to their corners.

    Some will go elsewhere, but there will always be another ‘crowd’ to satisfy the needs of those marketers who know what buttons to push and whether they are over priced, over marketed, or simply using Robert Cialdinis principles to the nth degree, they will be there taking the money and the people will be there giving it.

    Good luck on your mission SD

    1. @A Real Blogger, You might have a point, I am certainly not the one to disagree with you about human nature and their desire for immediate results (hell the dbags count on it), but this is about education of the sheeple – new visitors come here every day and if just 10% of them don’t fall into the trap then it’s Jason’s work done well.

      Now, if any of the dbags will actually answer for their dbag behaviour – that depends on the justice system (which itself is full of crooked dbags) which works like crap (purely political) in most countries. The VICTIMS of these people need to organise together (SD might want to build a section of this site just for networking between various scammer victims (by scammer name) to band together and file a class action or report to the government.

      But the most effective is the education – turning people away from dbags in question. The problem is Jason has started to write some weird posts lately, which turn me away quite frankly due to their non specific nature – not funny or educational. But hey, it’s his blog he can write whatever the hell he wants and who’s to say that it might not appeal to others more than it is starting to me.

      Cheers and all the best.

      1. @Bo, You make some good points, but don’t dismiss the “weird” posts. I suspect there is method to the little robot’s madness. Education *is* the key, in my opinion, but education does not always have to come in the form of straight investigative reporting. A spoonful of humor (cryptic as it may be, in some cases) helps the medicine go down.

        1. @Cosmic Connie, Hey Connie, we are in complete agreement that education through humour is the most powerful. I am just pointing out that in my opinion his recent ones are not funny or educational. But being a giant George Carlin fan I know what effective education through humour can do:

  9. If that big-toothed jerk starts showing up in my food here, you know the ZA is nigh. I’ll keep you posted, but so far, no sightings in the na’an or grilled goat.

    I am deeply disturbed, however, that you, CC, and Duff are all seeing the same ghostly images. Maybe you all drank the kool-aid and didn’t realize it? I sure hope not, but you know how devious the hustledorks can be.

    @Baribou – classic. My guess is you are friends with one or more of these, or just a sycophant, like “A Real Blogger” is. Hey @Real, what exactly is an un-real blog? Is that one in a umpteenth dimension somewhere?

    @_cartman_ good stuff, as always.

    1. @Dave, I didn’t drink Kool-Aid; I just ate mystically tainted meat. I think I now understand the purpose of this Miracle, which caused me so much suffering. I suffered so that others do not have to. I descended into Illness for a couple of hours, but on the third hour I rose from my Illness. I ascended into the Blogosphere and sitteth on the right hand… geez, this metaphor is kind of falling apart. Let me just leave you with this warning, Dave: If the face of the Big T shows up on the na’an or grilled goat, no matter how hungry you are, DO NOT EAT IT.

  10. Salty Cosmic Connie, Duff , stop teasing us poor readers, but then again, it must be torture for Tony Robbins et. al.

  11. Señor Droid,

    Until today, it had been a long time since I had a fit of “laughing out loud”. Thanks to this latest post, and Connie’s latest I might add, I am healed!

    Another miracle for the growing list.


      1. @Cosmic Connie,

        Oh, I’m glad, too. After two posts of toasts, I had been thoroughly prepped for the final ‘treatment’, and when I took my first look at the tempting cut of meat on your site, I burst out laughing for an extended period. The world’s a better place with blogs like yours and Salty’s.

        And, to those who don’t seem to get it:

        What is it about ‘sarcastic humor with a message’ that is so difficult to accept? Hell, it’s my favorite seasoning! And as for the profanity, there IS a way to end your having to put up with it:
        Take a fucking hike.


        1. @Dave Q., Sure, toast, dead meat etc. we get it. Connie’s expose was brilliant though, I especially liked the:

          “They assured me that there was no better way to Awaken the Giant Within than to consume an image of The Giant himself.

          I noticed that the steak tasted a little “off,” but I didn’t care; I was that famished.

          Back at home a few hours later, I bitterly regretted my choice to eat the miracle meat.”

          Powerful stuff.

  12. So what we have here is Crowd Control with a group of Sheeple who have found a new guru (SD) to follow and this is the way of the world and precisely why the money gurus will always continue to prosper

    1. @An Unreal Blogger, Looks like I touched a nerve :) Exactly the reaction I wanted.

      The real problem is to look within and save yourself!

      When you rely on other people to tell YOU what to do you’re up shit creek without a paddle.

      SD won’t save more than a handful if at all because those who weren’t sucked in are most likely the ones reading and commenting here.

      I have spent a penny on these shysters and never will because I used my OWN fucking brain

      1. @A Real Blogger,

        You’d be surprised how many have been turned around, especially from a few links to this blog from the likes of Aaron Wall and Michel Fortin…

        1. @Bo, the more the better, obviously.

          The sooner people take responsibility for their OWN actions the better because if you can’t help yourself there will be a never ending line of people who will help themselves to your money, here there and everywhere.

          This is just the tip of an ‘ever GROWING’ ice berg

          The more you help the helpless the more they lose… they MUST help themselves!

          We here know what’s going on and we know how to stop it happening to US.

          A few will be saved – most won’t

          The people here mentioned here are just the current selection of a LONG list of people throughout history and that are many more yet to fill their shoes.

          I’m sure dents will be made but the big picture is a freight train that NEVER stops

          1. @A Real Blogger, shit – a few problems in that last post but you get the message.. too many late nights :) read it fast and it makes sense

  13. Why is it that many of the guru supporters who comment here seem to automatically assume Salty’s readers somehow WORSHIP the Droid and BLINDLY FOLLOW his every robotic gesture without question? Projection, perhaps?

    I mean, it’s not like Salty’s some maaaaagical creature, like, umm, say, a certain pink unicorn who occasionally cropdusts us with sparkly rainbow farts. The free and open debate here is what makes the site interesting, unlike the goose-stepping non-dissent demanded on many other sites. Okay, the Droid’s funny and all, but it’s the give and take of most of the regular commenters–who are usually a pretty sharp bunch, even if (gasp!) they don’t always agree about everything–that really makes the site work, at least for me.

    The day it turns into pointless Droid worship is the day Li’l Pinko will cry his silvery tears of heartbreak and sorrow. Which, it turns out, are not healing at all, but actually some sort of nasty mercury-based isotope, resulting in an agonized, lingering death for every living thing in a three-block radius.

    1. @mojo, I know, right? I read this site all the time while plotting my escape. Now I come back for the gossip!

      Frank Kern is my Lindsey Lohan, Andy Jenkins my Sandra Bullock.

      It’s not like slowing down when I see a burning building means the flames have hypnotized me!

    1. @Steve Looser, Then bank robbers give “value?” Perfect name, btw. Go light up another one and stare at the sun.

  14. There are legitimate organizations out there to help real small business owners. SCORE for instance. Of course, I doubt they’re going to understand WTF someone peddling garbage “info products” is trying to accomplish, much less believe they are operating an actual business. The SBA and local Chambers of Commerce are good choices, too.

    There are people who succeed online. Of course, for the most part what they did was switch from a brick and mortar store front to a website. Other than that, they’ve got an actual business with real overhead behind the scenes.

    I’m pretty sure as consumers get more Internet savvy, the only ones making a long term living on info products will be real experts. You know, the guy who ran a circus for 20 years before he wrote his ebook on how to start and run your own circus. The ebook will only be a lead in to his coaching and consulting services. There won’t be many who need that sort of information, but they’ll need the expert’s in-depth, one on one attention to get things off the ground. A “mentor for hire” one could say.

  15. As if there weren’t enough fake miracles going around, here’s another one in the making. Joe “Mr. Fire” Vitale is crowdsourcing yet another work, apparently to complement an upcoming CD audio program on abundance. Via a series of blog posts, he is presenting ten “secrets” to abundance, and he has asked his readers to offer suggestions to help him refine the whole mess.

    So here’s a scintillating contributor named Steve:
    “Really, these are the 10 Commandments of Abundance, right? You could even make up a story, like they showed up in your mailbox one day engraved on heavy linen, and you’re not sure where they came from. Also, if you are going to use ‘Thou’, I really like the archaic ’shalt’ as well.”

    And here’s Joe:
    “Hi Steve. Good ideas. Thank you. – joe”


    Far be it from me to take a blame-the-victim stance, but really, you can’t always entirely blame the perp. And I’m pretty sure that if Joe’s blog posts on the 10 commandments of abundance eventually become a successful book, the “crowd” that helped him refine his wisdom won’t see a penny in royalties.

  16. That particular comment sounds like someone was messing with ol’ Joe, don’t you think? The comment sounded entirely tongue-in-cheek cynical to me, kind of “slipped in there” in the guise of helpfulness, and Joe took it at face value.

    But…the fact that Joe thought that was a good idea says it all. It’s funny and disturbing at the same time!

    Makes me (and others here, perhaps?) want to drop in and contribute some more slightly “plausible” but decidedly conscience-rattling “suggestions” for mr. full of himself.

    Joe is the human equivalent of a 1950s back-of-the-comic-book advertisement, with my apologies to Sea Monkeys.

    1. @Dale,
      Joe definitely was planting the suggestion that his followers tithe, Take a look at his answer to Tanya, hint, hint, nudge, nudge, ‘thithe to the person who inspires you.’

      1. @Stoic, Oh yeah, definitely, Joe’s got the messiah thing going on…or at least the cashbox part of it. Although, you’d think with the magical one-eyed paper dollies he hawks, people wouldn’t need Joe any more.

      2. @Stoic, @Dale, Y’all have Joe pegged. This exchange (immediately following the one with Steve) is quite revealing:

        Kelly wrote:
        “I have a friend who say this can be either in Time, Talent, or Treasure with the tithing what are your thoughts?”

        Joe replied:
        “Hi Kelly. Giving can be anything but if you want financial return, you need to give money. People often say ‘I give time and services’ as a cop-out for not giving money. Tithing refers to money. Giving can be anything but tithing refers to one thing: ten percent of all you receive. Thanks for letting me clarify.”

        That pretty much says it all.

        1. @Cosmic Connie, Unbelievable. that sounds like Joe has finally jumped the shark, but something tells me he has been jumping the shark for a long time.

          One thing that really clued me in about Joe is an incident where he made up a “hoax” to promote one of his books. Can’t recall the specifics offhand, but I do recall him bragging about it as though it were some sort of clever “accomplishment.”

          What I want to know is, where is the dividing line between “clever” and “dishonest?” I guess we could ask Joe, but I’m not sure he knows, or cares.

    2. @Dale, Whenever I read something completely inane such as that little exchange on Joe’s blog, my first thought — because I still retain some hope for the human race — is generally that it must be a parody or hoax, or someone just yanking Joe’s chain. Alas, the Joebots never fail to surprise me with evidence that they are in fact being serious.

      If Steve, the guy who suggested that Joe make up a story, really was just engaging in a little chain-yanking, then I tip my hat to him. (Or I would if I wore hats.) A more likely possibility, I think, is that Steve simply thought he was being creative and helping Joe add some punch to his product — suggesting that he take a little artistic license, as advertisers often do. Perhaps Steve thought that no one would really take that “engraved on linen” story seriously, so no harm done. OTOH, maybe he thought people really WOULD take it seriously, and it would make Joe’s “10 commandments of abundance” more marketable. And oh, my, that would be a feather in Steve’s cap (not that he would actually receive any financial rewards from Joe for his brilliant suggestion).

      In any case, as most of us know, New-Wage gurus have a tendency to take stories of miracles and revelations and such, and present them as the literal truth. But my real point in mentioning this incident is that people such as Joe don’t need any encouragement to make up stories.

      Also, @Dale, you’re spot-on with the comic book comparison. Here’s another comic-bookish product that Joe and his buddy Pat have been promoting for years. They just sent email blasts about it again recently:

      Naturally, if you Google “psychic demand scam” the top results will be sites that claim Psychic Demand is not a scam. Several of those sites lead back to the Pat-n-Joe Show.

      I’ve snarked about this plenty on my blog, and Pat has defended the product, saying that people really like it. Maybe they do, but how many of them have received exactly what they “demanded” of the universe as a result of using the product, the way the sales page promises they will?

      Give me Sea Monkeys any day.

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