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The Secret of Tony Robbins


The New York Times reveals the secret of Tony Robbins :: and that secret is … Tony Robbins is so awesome and he knows Mitt Romney and Barack Obama and everything! He invented life coaching!

People “live and die and breathe” for Tony Robbins :: giggles Andrew Ross Sorkin … it’s all highlarious good fun. But he understands that there are some skeptics out there who don’t think Tony Robbins is so fucking great … “maybe because they haven’t experienced it.”

Wow :: so hard-hitting … like kittens eating magic spaghetti off the top of a reading rainbow. I’m glad they bleeped the word “bullshit” twice :: swearing is bad … mkay?

According to The New York Times :: Tony Robbins is qualified to write a book about financial planning for the masses … because he’s life coach to hedge fund white guy John Tudor Jones. Tony has special access to life’s high achievers … and he passes their highly applicable secrets on to the rest of us {for a small to life ruining fee}.

A couple of years ago Tony Robbins was using the exact same :: “I wanted to help people get their retirements back after the crash” type line he uses here … to sell us on his special access to Frank Kern and The Syndicate … who Robbins labeled The New Money Masters.

The hollowed-out shell that is institutional journalism :: tells us that Tony Robbins has gone from pitchman to C-suite coach …


Here’s C-coach Tony Robbins not-pitching to his mailing list :: just yesterday …

Subject: A message directly from Tony to you

tony robbins pocket change


You know me well enough to know that when I want to learn something new, I seek out the very best in the world to teach me. I want to learn from the masters.

So when I wanted to diversify my portfolio by investing in today’s rebounding real estate market, I sought out the best investor and property expert on the planet. I flew to Las Vegas to get an exclusive 2-day training from a guy and his top student. I even brought my family with me to get in on the action. Six of us sat in the Wynn Hotel and I scribbled wildly in my journal and set fire to my laptop typing over 20 pages of notes and ideas. The strategies and principles these two guys presented to us simply blew my mind!

The guy even shared a real estate investment option that requires ZERO risk – not one dime – of your own money.

It was quickly crystal clear to me why this guy is the best of the best and today, and I am lucky to call him a dear, dear friend. He’s a multiple NY Times best-selling author, he’s been a property investor for over 25 years, he owns hundreds and hundreds of houses, and he’s America’s #1 real estate educator.

His name is Dean Graziosi, and I’m sending you this email today because Dean is hosting a rare LIVE ONLINE TRAINING WEBCAST on Tuesday, January 27th (the same kind of training Dean gave to me in that hotel room).

Even if you’ve never thought about real estate investing before today, I suggest you register today to learn more about this lucrative pathway to income. Remember: Income is our ultimate outcome.

Educate yourself. Learn how Dean’s teachings will open your eyes to a whole new stream of income and long-term financial security. I cannot overemphasize the importance of modeling the masters to turn decades into days.

If you have any interest in investing in real estate, if you want to reinvent yourself and your career, or if you simply want to learn how to confidently generate income from today’s profit-rich market (even without using your own money) don’t miss this rare FREE training session Dean is hosting LIVE on the 27th of January at 5:00 PST and 8:00 EST.

This is an educational opportunity you don’t want to miss. What’s more, Dean is hosting the online class with Matt Larson – his top student who helped train me!

Talk about a case study: Matt himself went from an unfulfilled, stressed-out mechanic, to a millionaire who paid taxes last year on $707,513 in income – all from real-estate!

Space is limited on this live webcast so don’t wait to secure your piece of the bandwidth. What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose!

Register now and tell Dean, Tony sent you!

Live with passion,


The financial/affiliate connection between Robbins and Graziosi is not disclosed … as is so clearly required. The income claim in this terrible marketing copy not properly disclaimed :: or even improperly disclaimed for fuck sake … there are NO disclaimers whatsoever … it’s just a personal message from my BFF Tony {which reads to me like it was written by Graziosi’s people}. The biggest operator in the “business” flagrantly ignores the rules … so there are no rules.

Dean Graziosi :: among about a thousand other scuzzy things … is a long time lead gen front for Utah’s boiler room industry. This is what that sounds like …

... changing Debbie's life ...

… but it’s okay :: because it’s only happening hundreds of thousands of times per year.

Robbins’ “financial planning” book was rather discredited {as unsound with a heavy dash of self-dealing} just a few days prior to the publication of this boot licking interview :: by a newspaper Andrew Ross Sorkin may have heard of … The New York Times. But Sorkin doesn’t read newspapers :: he just prints whatever puff fluff falls into his negligent lap … the basic MO of a modern journalist. Pretend to be serious :: but by no fucking means ever actually be serious … because that might make powerful people uncomfortable … and they might stop handing over pre-press-releases to be printed as news.

How does Tony Robbins get himself treated as a non-pitching non-scammer by the mainstream press :: while simultaneously shilling for the likes of Mike Koenigs :: Frank Kern :: Russell Brunson :: Jeff Walker :: Eben Pagan … and Dean Graziosi?

Robbins Kern Koenigs fakers

The New York Times should answer the call of their own pathetic clickbait headline … and discover the secret of Tony Robbins. I’d suggest starting that investigation by standing in front of a fucking mirror.

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